Cred Forums Retro Thread

>no retro thread for an entire week
Let's fix that

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No one cares.

don't listen to him, I care, in fact I care so much I posted this

>upvotes the thread anyway
gee for someone who doesn't care you sure are buttblasted

>tfw i want to get some retro computers but i have no use for them and no nostalgia for them because im 19

nice triple reflection selfie.

Those computers are older than you kid.

Nice setup. I've got a PLUS/4 and a Toshiba T3100. Unfortunately, no way to connect the PLUS/4 to a TV.

I have a SD2IEC however I have no way to connect it to my PLUS/4 also.

do it while it's still cheap
making old shit useful again is a really good learning tool desu

>you have to be a grandpa to enjoy nice things
justin may be a fag but his core point is sound, smug nostalgiatards really are cancer

>P4's are so rare in my country for the 478 socket they might as well not exist.

welp. being on this celeron is killing me.
It must be better being american at least there is something for retro fags
I hate e-waste people now.

How old does it have to be to be retro ?

if pajeet isn't trying to convince you to buy it at least twice a day it qualifies desu

Probably most machines pre-90s, when each player was still doing their own thing. Before the industry slimmed down Macs, IBM clones, and Amiga users protesting they're not dead yet.

Check Craigslist to see if someone's selling some old 8-bit machine, hopefully not as a collectible. Then read up all you can on it, on the internet and the local university library; chances are they have a bunch of old books.

> (You)
I live in the middle of fuckall. There are no computers at all for sale on craigslist here.

Yeah. I live in somewhat less than fuckall, and the only old computer I can find on CL is a boxed Atari 400 with a "vintage" price tag ... don't get an Atari 400, its keyboard is hell.

I won't say eBay as I imagine prices may be higher ... unless someone knows what old machines sells for reasonably cheap there (I don't look so I don't know) ... And since you can virtually get any computer there, you might not know where to start or what you absolutely need to get it running.

Next step, troll yard sales and church rummage sales, thrift stores not part of the big chains (ie Goodwill.) Or just post to CL you're a kid who wants to try out some old computer. Maybe some sympathetic oldfag might even give you their childhood machine for cheap if not free.

>Video of an old IBM XT

>You should open it up and take a picture of the motherboard, RAM, etc. CPU would be a nice giveaway too. It probably has an 8080, pretty common processor from the 80's.
>Could also be 6502 or Z80 but that looks like a more expensive computer. Keep me updated.

It's not hard to find old hardware at all if you even bother actually looking, of course you won't find anything if you just go on CL for 5min every day.

Bumping with retro shitboxes




Nigga's out of his mind

I'm pretty sure it was just bait.

is it worth anything? ive got 3 floppies here, one a copy of windows 98, the simpsons arcade game and a blank one, would they work on it or are they the wrong size?
also what kind of adapter do I need to hood up a usb keyboard and vga monitor to run diagnostics?

>is it worth anything?
In the shape it's in, not really, just give it away, someone might get some parts from it.
If you truly are interested in it, Google is your friend for figuring everything out, good luck.


>hasn't been for a week
They probably formed a private BBS circlejerk and there was an exodus. Haha you weren't invited! although you could take that as a note that you are still not beyond salvation

That's because you have fallen for the meme and it's fighting with your common sense of being able to see that the old useless garbage is shit

this is what happens if you actually try to get into it even if you are legitimate in trying to talk to them, it's just "im older than u". I was into old tech 5 years ago but it's literally impossible to find any forum that is actually still dedicated and it hasn't turned into electronic version of "kids nowadays". This isn't about some supposed "interest" but just about trying to make some internet circlejerk.

Answer will always be whatever the poster had around him when he was a teen. Of course if you want to fit in around here then it has to be so old it doesn't work

Craigslist is for things that people think have worth, and they're inevitably going to look up prices and find out that hipsters/luddites will pay for it. Best bet is garage sales from disconnected boomers who think they are clever for not using the internet and asking them nonchalantly for their friends, if they have any old shit. Just remember that you'll have to endure 20-30 minutes of old people stories and condescending garbage about how they think they're better than you... which is exactly the behavior you're going to copy and end up here unless you're just doing this to try to flip it.

>>no retro thread for an entire week
We threw the last one out in the trash. I thought we were done with this old shit.

>Answer will always be whatever the poster had around him when he was a teen.
no according to /vr/ it's pre-1995 because anything newer is just a bunch of shitposting kids because they want to discuss something other than trashy 8 bits and their shit games

usenet fags are super vocal with their eternal september circlejerking and their answer is going to be 80s shit, for example. You won't believe this because this thread is small and won't show it, and you shouldn't look it up in the archives because it's a waste of your time, but when we have enough people on retro threads it self-segregates into 10 year and sometimes 5 year groups if there are enough people as they all claim that their particular act of not letting anything new in their lives past their made up date is better than doing so for any other date even though they admit in that very idea that they don't know what any of that other stuff is. Fun to watch.

btw, while /vr/ is complete shit as well, it's perfectly fine to be into games or media because you can just take it and slap it on an emulator for free and actually enjoy it. When you get into deprecated hardware, you don't actually DO anything with it, it's just to jerk off. And they pay hundreds to get this shit.

>that their particular act of not letting anything new in their lives past their made up date
the system im posting from right now is literally only a few weeks old desu

> it's perfectly fine to be into games
old games are shit though, underdeveloped and ugly as sin, at least on the old thrift store hardware you're getting a physical experience and some novelty with it, with emulators all you're doing is squandering your hardware on garbage that people only like because they had nothing else

Haha, fuck off :^)


Damn nice, I'm jelly as fuck user

64 running GEOS? Nice. I would love to do a daily driver challenge with that thing.

Many thanks, much appreciated.

Yes! Off a bootleg GEOS floppy made in the 80's.


Seriously, where do I find sexy little things like pic related? eBay is of no use. I have plenty of old Latitudes, but I am still memepad-less, and I would like to fix that. Would /tpg/ know better?

>would /tpg/ know better
They are very friendly there too they have always helped me no matter how stupid my question was

very good general I rate 9/10

Thank you, user. Will do.

Sorry, too funny.

I miss my old machines ;_;
Had lots of Apple devices before people even knew that Apple existed. I didn't even get the money, my dad sold them.

Feels bad man

Those feels.


Man, MX-80 and clones where epic.



Fuck yeah

>not posting real retro pr0n

>no retro thread for an entire week
The threads from a few weeks ago where awesome

here this is kinda old:
have some OC

Aw shit nigga, is that a terminal?


Fucking nice

I really think it's high time for Commodore, Amiga and old-apple shit to definitely die.

>he forgot speccy
>everyone always forgets speccy

Why? We have to remember our roots. Old computers are far more interesting than the homogenized normalfaggotry of today.

They are already dead, it's just vocal hipsters who think they're interesting but secretly just are doing this because they hate everyone.

Serious question, does anyone actually JUST like old tech? Not "like old tech, and by the way, here's some stupid opinion on everything else". There is no old tech forum that is JUST into old tech because hating on everyone else is what this really is all about.

>We have to remember our roots
we don't

>not finding old coumputers cool

>tfw modern servers aren't this aesthetic

The only thing that comes close is the IBM Mainframes. but the new ones are undetectable by radar

Damn that's such a beautiful machine.

>slow, old garbage that business threw out
>most of this shit is found in dumpsters on a workday
>half of them don't work due to age even after "muh reliability"
>can't do anything on them
>can't find the media to install any new software because it's all gone and all media is so old that nobody ever made a modern way to put it on the old shit
>missing one part means its over because nobody ever bothered to make an adapter
>emulators are a thousand times better and you can get any software/game you want working 1000 times better and faster with no shitty scanlines on a portable laptop

>instead ignore all this shit and just keep posting pictures of your dead finds and jerk off
this is why we call it a meme

Thoughts on ProDOS 2.4? Just got it for my Apple //e, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

>filename: terminal-lynx

Gonna say yes.

Why am I not surprised the tripfaggot has a name like "Justin"?

it's an XT clone but in a really bad shape. You'll need an 8bit ISA video card and an XT keyboard. Just open it up and post pictures of the hardware

the correct term is namefag


I'm 28 but i'm so glad I grew up with older brothers. I have fantastic memories from that piece of shit.

>this is why we call it a meme

No, This is why you're underage.

got a problem with nostalgia, faggot?

If it weren't for those dinosaurs, we wouldn't even have cellphones, not to mention a functional economy

yeah, now let's see you present those same arguments to classic car enthusiasts.

I would not present them to classic cars or antique gun owners because they are still capable of getting you there or killing someone and effectively still getting the job done. The need has not changed so much that you would have to go out of your way to make it work. Your average pictured example in retro tech threads, even if it has homebrew software for a web browser, can't even render the pages because the hardware requirement can't make it work. Forget arguably bloated flash video, we're just talking about javascript and page rendering. end result is that you can't access 99% of websites which is why most of these "fans" just say the web is cancer anyway, because they can't render it. hilarious to watch. Cartoon character behavior.

I do because it's cancer when you don't actually use the hardware or play the game in 10+ years and just go on your memories which you always only remember the good parts. Best example that you can easily see is to go on any earthbound forum, and 99% of the posts are "huh, I only remembered the game this way" and the entire site's content is pictures of the game with massive walls of text as a caption, this is their way to mis-remember the game the way they want. Also done with pokemon. I'm bringing up games because they aren't old hardware, so you can acceptably hate them in the confines of this thread. I find this group therapy anti-think where everybody remembers the game wrong in their own way positively and absolutely fascinating.

Either way, the circlejerk threads have died down. Somebody must have made a private BBS/etc circlejerk. Seen this happen about 3-5 times depending on size and this will be the next.

Hi, namefag.

It may be surprising to learn, but just about 0 of us in /retro/ use our machines we post in these threads as our daily drivers. They are mainly used for hobbyism and historical preservation.

Also, unsurprisingly, it seems you don't know how to participate in threads without bumping them. Or, you could simply hide the thread, add "retro" to your filters, and stop worrying about shit that doesn't affect you.




What if you wanted to play pokemon blue on a gameboy?


>when your ploy worked and Justin kept the thread bumped for you

Seriously, how is it that triggered namefags/tripfags always forget that sage exists?

Even i'm a c64 fag but i love Speccy, very sturdy machine.

C64 was superior in sound but broke (and breaks) so easily, especially the first version.


>tfw fluffy 80's hairstyles will never return

fucking shit man

I need some help.

I don't know much about old video sources, but I have a PLUS/4 and a ZVM 121 terminal display. The terminal display accepts composite video it looks like (it just says video in, and has a knob for 40 or 80 char width.) Does anyone know where I can find a cable which would allow me to hook the PLUS/4 up to this nice display? It works!

should work with it as long as you're using the din->composite and not the composite-looking jack on it that's for RF modulators

Is that david braben OBE!?

Toshiba Satellites - L to R -
T2100 (Win 3.11)
410 CDT (Win 95)
430 CDT (Win 95)
IBM 380D (Win 95) on top of SMC monitor w/ Composite in (Yellow)
Old as shit Mac Classic, new USB mac clicky keyboard

Just started collecting recycles that still boot


Hey OP, what's the computer on the right? Thanks!


Fuck off, go out or do something if you're that bored and desperate for attention.

Beautiful man

Anyone here ever code your own OS to run on these? Or any code in general?

OS? I haven't really had the need to, I have done a kernel for fun when I was younger.
But I have done a few drivers in ASM for some old machines.


That's basically what the guy mentioned in this post did:

Thoughts on ProDOS 2.4? Just got it for my Apple //e, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

He wrote his own update to ProDOS, which hadn't seen an update since 1993.

That's basically what the guy mentioned in this post did:

He wrote his own update to ProDOS, which hadn't seen an update since 1993.

That's neat. I've done a similar thing with my monochrome Apple Monitor II and an HDMI to composite dongle. I really like the orange tint. What screen is that?

Look what I just found!

Gonna try it latter.

There's also Flapple, Flappy Bird for the Apple ][!

That's real awesome.
I have yet to find a Apple II, quite hard in Europe.

Oh God, 8-bit memes

>Thoughts on ProDOS 2.4? Just got it for my Apple //e, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.
Why did you delete that?

Because they only know plebbit and think names are required





That Voodoo 2 is as close to our year then the IBM PC is to it.


>feigning sexual arousal at pictures of hardware
Please reconsider.

Real nice user, keep going!

They do make my boipussi moist

>not fapping to retro hardware
it's like Cred Forums fags fap to GPUs, but just the granny version of it


You could also just makeshift a cable, get an jack that fits the monitor (or try a newer TV) and just push the wires into the right holes in the Plus/4, temporary solution if you don't have a DIN jack.

eyy, i have a 380ED running windows 98
battery is still good too, can go for about 2 hours
ive got a PCMCIA to lan card, a 64mb ram stick and a bunch of floppies coming in the mail soon
im gonna shitpost with it, 1.44mb of memes at a time

You could probably kill someone with that, nice home defence weapon, does it require a weapons license?

nope, totally legal for open carry too, even in illinois of all places
it weights 7.5 pounds, almost as much as my G40, at 8.9 pounds

Fucking lethal, nice

jesus christ, is that a cash register or a laptop

technically with a PCMCIA card reader it can be both


3 series are the definition of thiccpad
which is kind of ironic since the 7 series is supposed to be the feature-packed DTR line

most of the really retro stuff is too old to even find in a dumpster (also computers are getting recycled more now)
>no shitty scanlines
holy shit are you missing the point
the scanlines make it real and authentic, that's part of the experience and part of the charm
>whatever grandpa
yeah, sure, I'm approaching the ripe old age of 28 and just got a new computer, what do I know about current-day technology and its appeal?

also, you can't emulate old keyboards and buttons and lights

Why are you unironicaly repling to shitposter justin?

I don't usually hang out on Cred Forums, I don't know who the town shitposters are.

Got it. Enjoy your stay, ignore those faggots.


each time we have this thread, it's asked what makes an authentic piece and within minutes the argument boils down to "muh feels" because you cannot disprove a feeling you're pretending to have. Over the last 10 years, I've seen anti-emulator and retrocunts insist about this "feel" or "charm", yet they can never attempt to describe what that is. That's because there is no such thing and it's being used as a cop-out. It is worth nothing that the other group of people that inject feelings into technology is SJWs. Hilarious to watch when your psuedo-kind uses an emulator that can also curve the screen and do scanlines but you still have some made up problem with it, because this isn't about some supposed interest or appreciation but pretending to be old and better than everyone else.

You must remember in your sad persuits to pretend to be the "oldfag" and making me out to be the raving lunatic in the corner of the thread, that this thread itself is the raving lunatic in the corner for the board, since you're being hipsters and refusing to go on /vr/ where this thing is a daily post and fight everyone because that is the secret real reason besides pretending to like old tech. Even at ages as low as 20 I've seen autism when it comes to kids not understanding what a floppy disk is and then flipping out like old grandmas would with typewriters. We've tried many times but you simply can't get into old tech without bringing up age and being snooty. Like it or not the circlejerk iteration is dead this time, it will slow down to 2-3 weeks per thread.

Fuck off.

Nah man play an N64 game on an N64 (real cart, repro, flash cart, doesn't matter) then do the same on PC.

Its a god damn mess on PC as soon as you stray from the 10 "hits" on the console.

Real hardware is better.

He's been shitposting for ages, no point in trying to argue with him, he's out to ruin threads.


Fucking nice

Ahead of it's time

Monochrome phosphor screens are the best


found this mouse from 1998 at a thrift store with its original shrink wrap on

This reminded me.

I have this neat thing, came with box, driver floppy and Serial-PS/2 adapter.

>Magic Trackpad before Apple made one
>Apple fags on suicide watch

>Mac instead of GS

dun goofed

Welp, that's enough internet for one day.


Wrong board

Fuck off :^)

>using smiley with a carat nose

even with some stripped down embedded/POS windows build not availble to plebs that woudl still take 5 minutes to boot and the battery wouldnt last that long...

No thanks

Nice but windows taskbar uined it for me :(

No more than a dozen seconds with a CF ATA card and RAM upgrade, even with WinXP.
Change the cells in the battery with modern ones and it's good to go for hours.

>spelling caret as carat

Yes. Correct. But obsolete ram costs $ and so do CF adapters and ? 16850's ?

I got a broken 256gb mac air for free. Replaced the magsafe board and charger for AU $50. I am happy. That will end up costing you more. Hope it makes you happy too.

This is a retro thread, we don't use those thing for daily drivers. Also, beefing up that 240X would be nowhere as close as $37.

>I got a broken 256gb mac air for free.
How long are you going to repeat that? Real nice, I got a 2008 MacBook Pro once for 50€ because the hard drive was bust and the seller was clueless. Still, I don't use it for a daily driver.

Personal little jetengine, nice

Because i no longer get back pain from carring my old Dell latitude around. literally changed my life.

You guys here need to be more upfront. If you are putting CF and SSD's and ram and new bateries into these things fine. But anytime i see an old machine i cringe. Even just an old dell d630 i got running for friend with 512mb of ram and non PAE 1.6ghz cpu felt like having parkinsons just trying to run XFCE for christ sake. I could even imagine spending money and time to make the battery last more than 5 minutes.

I like old hardware and its cool seeing some of this stuff. But at most the really old stff are just running terminal and i am just triggered sometimes about how bad things used to be...

Retro tech... Look what I bought one hour ago.

Oh shit, that's awesome, I love constructor kits!

From what year is that from?


I couldn't find a year but I guess around 1915.

You could build a Eiffel Tower and it would be almost the same age as the real one, kek

So I finally got the MVS into completely playable shape this Thursday.

Next step is to make it not be a table covering mess of wires and replacing the arcade PSU with a PicoPSU. Thinking about ether trimming down the wires to needed length and sticking it to a sheet of plastic or using a case, ether a 3D printed one or just modifying something to fit it.

Oh fuck dude, nice

You only need one from.

Because I meant to only copy the link from my previous post, but I accidentally copied the body as well.

That's the post.

Maybe... There are some pricetags with Mark (Mk). It was used between 1871 and 1923. The Eiffel tower was built 1887 till 1889.


>within minutes the argument boils down to "muh feels"
but what's wrong with that though justin?
emotion is an integral part of us as humans
sometimes we like things because they invoke certain emotions, memories, or simply feel nice and appeal to the eye, because we aren't robots who operate based on cold hard logic
it's the same reason you like to waste your 980 ti's power playing shitty children's games from the '90s at 4K instead of doing something constructive like CAD, folding or "scientific" computing
or the same reason you're sitting here bitching about "muh feels" things like fps and resolution that nobody who would want old shit clearly gives a fuck about and aren't integral to gameplay or software usage
or the same reason you're constantly baiting these threads because you feel excluded from a "circlejerk" for some reason but really desperately want to be a part of it

you know, why don't you just kill yourself? everything is shit and the soil could do with more nutrients, ahmed would also probably love to put your gaming shitbox to real use since you obviously aren't doing anything useful with it

it's also hilarious how often you use the word "pretend", like it makes the projection so obvious it hurts, because people here rarely say shit you can't literally just go look up on wikipedia or a shitbox database, or deduce with basic common sense

>he gets back pain from a few pounds
Go to a doctor dude, holy shit. And learn to use a computer while you're at it, Pentium III and even Pentium II hardware are capable of far more than just "running terminal"

My 600E with NT4 gets about 3 hours of battery life, boots in about a minute (who gives a fuck about boot times anyway when suspend exists) and has no trouble running office, visio, photoshop, and a game here and there.


That's harsh, even for Cred Forums's standards.
I like it.


Bumping for interests

Waiting on a SLI ribbon...

Mitsubishi guy? I still want one of those, too bad I can't be arsed to ship one from the UK for obvious reasons.

What's your onboard chipset for 2D anyway?

ATI Rage Pro

Nice, sounds way better than the Virge on my 3dfx box.


Bumping with drawing accessories.

I still can't believe how thick that is, even for its time

That pen in the case on the top right looks really strange, user.


I think its one of those new eco friendly ones bud

>I still want one of those, too bad I can't be arsed to ship one from the UK for obvious reasons.
You want what?

>you will never have an excuse to use an old thicc laptop

I had my fair share of using them back in the day.

A Mitsubishi/Apricot shitbox, they have a pretty nice look to them

That's a great idea for a purse design

Or those big plastic bags.

>not using eLinks

sage hasn't worked since 2011-12

Thanks for reminding me.

Instead of believing everybody, why don't you try it?

I saw a tv like that on the side of the road today, figured it would look dumb on my desk..

feels bad man, shouldve grabbed it

I have that mouse, it's nice

There are lot of TV's that look like that, most are crap.

>you know, why don't you just kill yourself? everything is shit and the soil could do with more nutrients


Yeah but I'm young and dumb, I don't know any better

>Instead of believing everybody, why don't you try it?

I use it, I just like spreading misinformation makes me feel good




I want to hook up a trs model 100 "laptop" to a serial port to display a shell. Anyone know if I will run into any issues? How can I set it up to use 40 cols on nix?


i have a problem

Is that problem called "space"?
I can't remember seeing that Dell before.

Does anyone know if the TR-80 floppy drive is compatible with the Coco3 computer? Or the best option for getting software from the web to it? I would like to program Assembly on it but I don't want to buy some kind of Assembly Compiler Game Slot Card OR really use a floppy drive for that matter. Ideally I would be happy making my own worm-drive/ Serial port connector and using it as a teletype but I don't even know if that is possible because their might be some kind of weird Bit rate difference.

Does anyone atleast know if Trash-80's are compatible with Coco3's? In general I mean..


That's a good question not many people know the answer to

that and i can't stop collecting

>i can't stop collecting
Don't fight it, let it consume you, it's a beautiful way to go

Posting my computah.

Well fuck, someone has a all-in-keyboard computer fetish


i never said i'd stop tho. i'd gladly die from it.

Amstrad, Amiga and Atari used to rule the personal computers over here, IBM PCs were mostly used in enterprises, and most of these computers were destroyed ages ago.
Heck, I even worked in one of those disassembling centers, destroyed some perfectly fine Next Cubes and SPARC Stations, along with hundreds of high-end CRTs.

>Next Cubes and SPARC Stations
Holy shit, it's like working on death row, except you're executing innocents

>tfw NeXT only made about ~50,000 systems total, all models
>tfw there's probably maybe ~2,000 left if that, probably closer to only 1,000 due to mass enterprise fleet disposal
>tfw they'll all be gone or bricked by 2040 outside of maybe a handful of well maintained collections
and they wonder why we all turn into disgusting hoarders

Sad truth

I savaged what I could, saving some nice Sony PVMs and antiques calculators from that that center. It's still haunting me. I had boxes of computers and screens straight from Afghanistan to break down, it was awesomely built and a pain in the ass to disassemble.
Also stumbled on a lot of CP, since we were also to dispose of the nearby courts archives.

Dang, well yeah, guess you couldn't just take what you wanted, it had to be disposed.

i worked at Staedtler for about 12 years. this "pen" in this box was a present for marriage i got from a coworker.


>playing a pirated copy of Alley Cat

i need to take a look at the c64 version a have. but i think it's also pirated... is there a proper way to get the original copy?

Don't think so anymore, I only have a bootleg from days gone past and this one is off the internet.

Bumping with what I scored this weekend. Whole Hitachi HiFi setup was 15€, Walkman and Discman were 5 and 3

Neato, from some shop like Goodwill?


I did 3 yard sales yesterday, scored everything in the second one.
I also got a Razer Onza tournament for 5€, beats buying new batteries for a regular 360 controller.


no minidisc player you dun goofed

Haven't seen one in a yard sale in ages. Same for Laserdiscs and any vidya pre-PSX

Old p4's have there good sides too they run programs without bugs but as most in /retro/ have said the best is to get your gruppy mitts on 80's to early 90's because its rare.

I'm thinking on getting the c64 C and c16A as i've seem them near twice now.

Your worng a 'bout a few points
emulators don't support all games
emulators are a arse to setup
for example my celeron can run all the games that support 2.5 1.44inch floppy but will not support 5 1/4 inch floppy well or drivers well etc.

Not everyone wants to use a USB because where is the fun in that?

Unlike /retro/ i like using my old machines to test programs on old hareware systems
its why i built my current box

and also unlike /retro/ i think early first gen p4's should be /retro/ as there alsomost impossable to find in good repair or just on sale anywhere
can find p4's in dumpsters because everything is recycled here in nz now..
and if you do find one its overpriced to the hills

I don't have the space like these anons I might just not go full retro and get something a bit more modern just to play DVD movies but then i lose out on floppy disks and its making me mad.
My skylake build has none of these features and we forget just how many features old machines support

I can't find even one that hasn't be modded in one way or another or even working.

>i think early first gen p4's should be /retro/ as there alsomost impossable to find
Not here though, if I open up a local site and go to the computer section and select used and old, price lower to highest, I get a dozen P4's for 0.10€ each.

Just saying. Different for you.

>Not here though, if I open up a local site and go to the computer section and select used and old, price lower to highest, I get a dozen P4's for 0.10€ each.

jelly af.

I've been hunting for 478 socket p4's for a long time i need one from 2.0Ghz model

I was trying to get a even older Socket 423 but they are all damaged :/



>Unfortunately, no way to connect the PLUS/4 to a TV.

It uses the same video port as the C64, just get a cable off ebay to Composite or SCART.

>I have a SD2IEC however I have no way to connect it to my PLUS/4 also.

Again, it uses the same serial port as the C64, to power it, you just need connect a cable to the +5 on the cassette port. Easy.

According to /vr/ rules, anything pre-2000. But nothing made after 2000 will ever be considered "retro".

>They are already dead

If it still works, it's not by definition dead.

i got a dp 1.42ghz g4 at a thrift store for $10
bad psu tho

Nice, always found the DP PowerMacs interesting.


>Asus M5A97

I have the same motherboard.

Wish I still had my original iPhone

it is time for what?

love the monitor, why are the z and they keys switched?

You mean the German QWERTZ keyboard ?

i just realized after iposted lol. awesome nonetheless

Why would you post a bomb

Someone picked up this little qt for me at a thrift store today for $2, haven't gotten home yet to check it out.

Now how the fuck do I get software on it...

thats not the original


Might be the original iPhone that he owned, vs the *original* iPhone.

Infrared, somehow.


Via the PCMCIA slot?

I'm not at home so I don't have mine handy, But yea, I think IrDA is another possible option.

It's funny that you grab for "autism" as an insult because your entire post was a textbook case. "I cannot understand emotions unless you pedantically explain them to me in words". Literal, non-meme autism.

Yeah, but you have to transfer the PC Card memory driver to it before it will work. Or you could use a

Is $29 alright for a working IBM T21? Would be my first memepad, purely for shits and giggles.


>not using linemode browser

Stop asking about prices if they are pocket cash, it's not like it's $300 that you should post a picture and ask if it's worth it.

I play this on my Apple II boxes, it's fun to show to friends... If I had any.

It's not a problem yet.

CRT on the right?

LaCie Electron Blue 19 IV


not him, but Cred Forums gave me some awareness of what autism entails that I think I actually have it, took a self assessment test and it rated me as borderline aspie.

which explains when the prosecutor told me i was the most literal person he had ever met.

Why is #Cred Forumsretro dead on Rizon?

>tfw bought a g4 for $20 when I was in middle school
>tfw got home and mom made me recycle it because "why would you want that piece of junk?"
Why would you remind me, user?

>mom made me
So, you bought it and your mom still made you trash it?
What kind of fucked up families are there?

Is that you?

It's pretty much "it's my house, so if I don't like something it has to go" even though it was in my room at the time. It might be worth mentioning that she hasn't had a job since highschool.
No but that still makes me fucking furious to this day


All for a 25 year old pocket computer of dubious utility the day it hit the market. If you're really concerned about doing stuff with an old machine, you'd at least pick up a proper laptop.

I have poured shitloads of cash into some of my machines. It's a hobby.


Pic related. Apparently one of the worlds first PC's.

How did it plug in?

By telepathy and fingers

>tfw when DVD is retro.
desu VHS was better anyway. Could tape all my favourite shows.
Anyone else have writing squeezed onto their video so that it could fit over the rewrites?


PCMCIA -> Compact Flash is the easiest route I believe. Please do take care of the hinges. If it seems too tight, look up a tutorial to loosen it, otherwise the case will break.

I want to get a retro computer, and mod some really great hardware inside, plus overclock with a decent cooling setup going.

One of the options I was going to do is take out all the CRT parts, and replace it with a small LCD. Then use the empty space to make a custom mount for mobo and HDDs.

Does this sound cool at all? The few people I've told about this didn't think so at all, but meh it seems like it would be a fun thing to do.

Nice digits.

As long as you are enjoying yourself, go for it.

Could be cool. But please use a dead machine, don't kill a working classic.


Cool clock Ahmed

You would pretty much get shot if you would take that out in public.

>old tech is made to last, and made in the usa (you can still find TVs from the 50s even today)
>new tech can't even last a decade, let alone 3 years, and made in china
Why did it all happen?

>and made in the usa

>my Commodore; Made in Japan
>my Amiga; Made in Ireland
>my XT clone; Made in Korea
>my Quadra; Made in Malaysia

>none of them made in china
>all of them built to last

Not only USA. It was made in first world countries in general. USA, GB, Germany, France, Japan. It was produced in high quality standards and had it's price. Now everything has to be cheap to bring it to the masses. this results in throw away products made of cheap materials with low quality standards assembled in 3rd world countries.

The quality of some of the old stuff is amazing.

Any computer older than a Core2Duo belongs in a landfill

I had a chat with another user on there not too long ago. But yes, it's mostly dead.

Any shitposting faggot belongs in a landfill :^)

>you know, why don't you just kill yourself? everything is shit and the soil could do with more nutrients


is this the memberberries thread?

I don't even...

No. It is just a hobby. Get over yourself.

You still can have high quality computers. Look for workstation series, way costlier but also way higher quality standards. They are made to be reliable and to get things done, not to be cheap enough to find it's way in every neets moms home.

Guess that's why "consumer" grade things back then where such high quality too, they weren't for everyone.

That's it. When the C64 came out, in Germany it's price was about 750€. Compared by purchasing power it would be around 1400€ nowadays. That's not a price tag for the masses.

When Falcon 030 released, I decided to buy a car instead. Stupid me.

Whoopty Fuckin' Doo, a Falcon030 would be a treasure to have right now.

My retro (not very old, but definitely pre-2000) machines (some might remember me as a tripfag):

Green Machine (late 1999 machine)
>Athlon Classic @ 550 MHz
>AOpen Slot A motherboard, 5 PCI, 1 ISA, 1 AGP 4x
>ATI Rage 128 Pro 32MB
>512 Megs of RAM
>Windows 2000, 98 SE, various Linux

Compaq Armada M700
>Pentium II 366 MHz
>192 MB of RAM
>ATI Rage Mobility P
>Windows 2000, 98, XP, Puppy Linux

I would like something older but there's nothing on craigslist where I live. There are some really old computers sitting in this one guy's office at work though. He has one computer running 98 and another with 2000 in addition to his Windows 7 computer.

>definitely pre-2000
>late 1999 machine
Barely dodged a bullet there

Nice anyways, stick a Voodoo 2 into the Athlon.

The CPU was actually manufactured late 1999. I think the machine might have been built by 2000 though, but all the parts are pre-Y2K.

Voodoo cards are really expensive though. If I did go for one, I would try the Voodoo3. I run NT 4 on both machines as well, but it needs third party drivers for good USB support.

That was a nice thread guys

>Philips Computer monitor 80
My negroe!

>various Linux
Do usb mass storage work when using linux?

That's freaking awesome, more?

Me can haz terminal?



Kind of late for that, aint it, mate?