Anyone actually own or use VR like, for reals?

Anyone actually own or use VR like, for reals?

If so, what is your platform and what do you use it for?

Anyone try VR porn at all?

Is it just a meme?

Porn is what keeps me using it. I hope you like weeb games though since western devs seem to be taking their sweet time and will probably have bullshit where you have to pay to fuck a different girl.

How is it? Can you not go back to regular porn after?

I'm curious if it will be a revolution, or a meme.

It's already lost traction except in porn, it'll die as soon as new meme comes out (I'm expecting a 4K HDR 120hz 40"+ in the next 2 years)
It's just too inconvenient to make a stand against normal screens

google cardboard

it's kind of a meme

I used it once and it's cool but I never used it since

First time is mind blowing but you get used to it. First time I loaded up PlayClub I actually felt like I was raping a girl. It was actually really freaky. Same think with killing people in that GTA V mod. Shit is really immersive.

But not really, I fap too much to bother putting it on every time. There's games that I feel like I'd never play except for it being in VR though.

Once VR is higher rez, faster, 100% wireless, and 30% the price, do you think it will hit mainstream?

What setup do you have? List the VR and computer specs pls

Had a Rift but sold it way early on when they were going for 3x the retail. I kept the Vive.

Had a 290x until recently which will play most of everything ok but I got a 1080 like a week ago. I'd say if you plan to do nothing but VR then go Nvidia since Unreal seems to be in bed with them right now and probably almost half the content is on UE4. Unity is the other half which will run on nearly anything decent.

It's 1080p on dual 3-inch screens, what resolution are you hoping for? It's 100% fast enough, VR generally needs super-fps to be even tolerable so wireless is currently out of the question
Cheaper might make it popular but really it hasn't had a hardware limit, it's just the convenience issue that makes people stop using it. People don't want to be blind to the world for hours at a time just so they can change their pov angle and get 3D on a basic screen, plus it's basically limited to first person games
It's a great thing but there's no way in hell it'll get even a fraction as popular as screens
But outside of convenience, it is pretty awesome, you can just get lost in your gaymen forever

I tried a rift about 1.5 years ago at a developer's conference and it was incredible. Though there were a ton of wires and I could only stand on a small 3x3ft platform. The line to test the Vive was a 2 hour wait. Is the Vive that much better?

How far behind is wireless technology? How many years before it's completely wireless? Gear VR is...

Was it with the Touch controllers? Right now that's the major thing that separates the Rift and Vive. Other is room scale and the Rift can technically do room scale like the Vive but it requires more setup since you need USB extenders.

If you're trying to choose between the Rift and Vive I'd say it depends how much space you have to dedicate for VR. The Vive has more tracking area and a longer cable.

I'd say 2 years optimistically and 5 years tops. There's already wireless transmitters that work right now for the Vive, they just cost thousands atm.

Wireless has always had delay, it got bigger and bigger with how much data it can handle at once but it's ultimately never gonna be super responsive
I hope it becomes good enough for gaymen on a high-fps double1080p display but I really really really doubt that

OK, then what about smartphones getting to the point where they can compete with Vive/Rift?

I've never used Gear VR. How much shittier is it than the dedicated VR shit? I mean I can imagine considering we're talking about a full desktop PC vs a Galaxy S7, but in reality when we're talking about typical use like gimmicky games and porn?

>no way in hell it'll get even a fraction as popular as screens

It will, it'll be 10 years or so but soon light field HMDs will have screens with pixel density enough to work as a TV replacement and be light enough to not worry about comfort.

Smartphones will always be limited by computational power. Same story it has always been.

Biggest limit now is no positional tracking which is major. VR doesn't even feel like VR without that. Carmack has given hints that they probably already have working prototypes with it though.

It's just a money-grab from phone manufacturers that thought "hey! VR is just an angle sensing, high resolution, fucking tiny screen strapped to your head right? Let's just do that!"


Just make the 1080p's closer to your eyeholes