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What's wrong with that, OP?

Most SSDs are like that, specially lower capacity ones. Even the 2TB Evos don't use the whole 2.5" casing

They have msata /m.2 ssds too. Why make something larger then it should be?

You're paying per chip.
Buy a 3.5" 2TB SSD if you want to fill up your slots with your non-utility-maximizing bullshit.

OP is simply stupid

Empty space they could have made it with more silicon and capacity in the green chip.

>tfw shopping m.2s and its nothing but a sea of shit drives
>tfw a m.2 ssd had worse performance than a mechanical hdd from the sata 2 era

New ssds are like that, shit shrinks quick. Compare that to a samsung 830.

>pay for X GBs of space
>receive x GBs of space

There are price brackets for a reason, +1tb ones use the entire space

>receive X GBs of space*

use PCI nignog

It is more cost effective to shrink NAND chips than it is to add more NAND chips so that's what they do. The only reason they would add more NAND chips is to increase the space significantly.

why would I do such a thing?

If they are only shrinking the nand chips and not improving them at all, then to increase the space significantly isnt then only reason to add more nand chips. The other and most important reason to add more nand chips would be to increase the storage capacity.

>pay for X GBs of space
>receive X-50 GBs of space

>If they are only shrinking the nand chips and not improving them at all
They are improving them ya dipshit.

He only said shrinking them. I'm just stating facts.
Notice the if statement, you have no argument here. You are only making yourself look stupid.
If you cant into if statements, then you really need to gtfo Cred Forums

Why not? Is there some marketing reason I'm just not seeing?

2.5 is a standard form factor. Makes it easier to cram them into a case.

You mean
>pay for X GB of space
>receive X GiB of space

What brand/model is that?

Not sure if trolling

How else are you going to get your ssd to fit in a standard case but to use an adapter?

Or are you complaining that ssd technology is getting too small? Fuck miniaturisation right? I liked the days when a 1GB hdd was as big as a modern day 1TB

the speed, of course.

Then why not just use m.2 or even pci. Its not like a any ssd under $5,000 is going to have a read/write faster than sataIII specs



>or even pci.
they sell PCI cards with SSDs just on them, you know. they also sell ones that you can plug m.2 form factor into.

Holy shit, corporate shills literally grasping at straws at this point!

I honestly can't wait for capitalism to die.

>Majority of the price comes from the IC's
>Rather than make a new form factor they just allow for empty space
>The cost of an SSD that would actually have a PCB that could fill that thing would be drastically more expensive.

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>oy vey! the enclosure uses too much plastic!
>how can we save 2 pennies at the cost of sacrificing all accidental water damage protection?

what the fuck, my solid state drives don't look like those at all
they look like pic related
what kind of solid state drives are these? these little squares?
i thought all solid state drives looked like my pic
(shows 2 examples)

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What? What I posted are solid state drives, idk what the fuck OP is posting, some weird big flash stick

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They're both solid state drives you fucking retard, and so are these
>inb4 pretending to be retarded

Water damage?
On a disc?
You what?


>samsung #2

I don't know what he is on about but I hate those eco friendly pieces of shit cases.

why can't they cut the length in half? the 2 screws should be enough stabilization

>capacity in the green chip
Cred Forums on technology ladies and gentlemen

Honestly they could have been good if they didn't put garbage latches on them. I have no problem with them trying to save plastic, but why did they fuck the latch so much?

It doesn't matter now obviously, this is ancient history

To fit industry standard mounting bays.

The m.SATA and M.2 formats were created specifically for SSDs to save space, 2.5" SSDs are still around to fit existing computers.

Wat. You know there are m.2 SATA and m.2 PCI SSD's? The PCI variants will be much faster than SATA.

NVME drives are under $2k for PCI and 2.5" form factors (which will need a cable and adapter to m.2 or PCI) and are insanely fast to the point where your speed limit becomes the very NAND itself. Something like upwards of 15x faster vs regular SATA SSDs.
This is going to be good when they get PCM or some alternate working.

>Wow, what are those porr-people drives xd ? I've never seen them efore?!?!?!?! XXDdddd

Can someone explain why there are those Micron chips on this Intel SSD?

Controllers could be made by Micron. Micron is quite a big manufacturer.

What the fuck? Are those lead weights?

so it can be easily mounted in a harddrive bay

Brass m8, but same idea. Makes it feel more substantial. Beats do the same thing.