Apple Hate Thread

ITT: we hate on Apple

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What have I become? My sweetest friend.




I love my 3GS



The mac and iphone ecosystem is very comfy.


Who here was glorious Sun to Apple convert after oracle bought Sun?

I hate Apple.

Put the handcuffs on me please!!!



How can people still buy into this shit?



Marketing, keeping up with the Joneses, and not knowing any better.

But I guess at least they're hassle free for the most part for people with zero critical thinking skills.


I'm all for shitting on Apple but really, stuff from early 2000's?

>that asian bitch wondering what the fuck that asshole is doing

ITT: teenagers


don't die on me
i need this

Ha, freshmen.
2 years later, mostly empty room with mostly Windows laptops and like 1-2 miserable mac users.

>destroys a dell

u w0t m8




I have made a terrible mistake

I'd like to see this tough guy try that on a thinkpad.

i think they had to be specially designed



>apple design prior to 2000's is fucking dogshit trash
>under jobs again, design gets more appealing
>jobs dies in 2011, apple slowly goes pear-shaped resulting in more dogshit trash

makes ya think


>Cred Forums
>original or creative memes.

Apple invented Something Happened.

I think fanboyism from both sides is pretty moronic to be honest. It's a fucking phone, just meant to take calls and browse the internet, use whatever you want.

this kid needs a good smack, i'm talking a real bell ringer

why was he doing this? is this a recent vid?


genius. takes listening to shit to a whole other level


just when you think summer is over


>i think they had to be specially designed

nope, just pass special testing.

What am I looking at? ada with vxworks? and ported Solaris/Motif applications to Debian?

What is an imbecel?


Same. I thought we were finally rid of crash override.

I don't even know who he was, saved this shit from somewhere here on Cred Forums

Where's piss phone been recently?


Only Apple haters manage to be more pathetic than Apple users.

more things made under the multinational apple umbrella

"hater" I... hate... this fucking word. fuck off

I don't hate apple but I do enjoy making fun of them


>more pathetic than Apple users.

That's an impossibility.

What class do you need a laptop anyways?

I can type fast but write faster. Plus with chemistry and calculus you really can't type out formulas and equations.

>I do enjoy making fun of them

watta qt

It's pen, not a stylus.

Not really. Apple users dont give a fuck about you.

And yet youre here in an internet meme forum posting meme pictures trying to fill the void in your life.


A laptop is good to bring to the bullshit liberal arts classes that you have to take.

>Not really. Apple users dont give a fuck about you.
Yeah, that's why you're on here damage controlling and desperately replying to every post that strikes a nerve.

Cant these poorfags stop talking about us for even a second? lmao




I'll just leave this here

Nice projection.

I was just trying to help you understand what the real situation is. Hopefully you will take some time to take a good look at your life.



Gee, thanks for the advice Doctor Retardo

You are welcome

Another advice, delete your Cred Forums picture folder. This is childish.

Sure thang, doc





I like this guy

this thread is pathetic.

Here's (You)

What's new?

gets me every time


Why the butthurt?



Is this /redditors/ first time on Cred Forums?

Pic somewhat related


Wow... Fucking moron... NEVER suck a dick for ANYTHING
Subhuman scum has no pride
Why is this kid crying?

What is he hitting it with?

Applefags deserve nothing less than death.

Every iPhone 7 user must be killed in the streets.



not an ifag but don't you think that's just a little harsh user, i mean, who will serve you coffee and burgers ?

I'd be willing to learn Spanish in exchange for ridding the world of Apple users.

Really hope you're being sarcastic

This. CS is full of pajeets who you can't understand anyway so why bother? Sometimes they don't even give a shit about grades.

Hell, I have a senior level class where tests are 30% of the grade. The other 70% is a project where we have to make a website which does a update/delete/insert in mysql. That's literally it. And of course, the teacher is fresh off the boat.




That with the donation cardboard.
>Can't afford food
>Buys the newest iPhone
Goddamn iFags

>adding captions to the gaijin 4koma thing

Yeah, I totally couldn't tell how they were feeling, I definitely needed that text.
>FB filename

I'll just leave this here.

It's the computers they use in space

Hint: they aren't Macs

It's actually a pencil

A $99 pencil

This is painful to look at



could be using some jets and jet fuel right now in that pic.


Do those just not handle a lot of weight or was it an ambulocetus?

>make up

Doesn't he mean she?

still waiting for that photo to be posted

I don't understand why there's so much Apple hate on Cred Forums.
They make decent phones and tablets


At least Star Wars fans had tents.

Don't listen to LGBTATEAWTFBBQ's.
Just because you put lipstick on a boy it doesn't mean he becomes a girl.

>They make decent phones and tablets
They really don't.


Why? Why even bring that or any electronic to a store?

>They really don't.
they do


Why would a boy put on lipstick?


Must've never been in a coffee shop in America. That's good.

Because he's an Apple user



I don't drink coffee.

Even if I did, I wouldn't stay around to use my laptop. Working at home is more comfortable. Now if they had free refills.


Lol her face makes the whole picture so great

I can tell that guy's probably a faggot, but I don't see anyone who'd fuck that guy. Disgusting.


dear christ, what the holy fuck




Hipster levels off the charts





the only humane thing to do is put these poor people out of their suffering. it's just sad

It's impressive how they can take both stances, and still somehow be wrong on both of them.


I'm not a violent, or angry person. butI want to put a bullet through this guys head. Jesus Christ. It's not just because of the mac, look at his goddamn attire.


Seriously, a hat inside. Come on.






You do realize he's talking about the makeup brand MAC right?

Not that I care, they share the same market.



>our work is so important we had to lug our imac straight down to starbucks and start immediately



Here's the thing: it wasn't just enough they paraded their macbooks in starbucks for social signalling purposes, no. Everyone in starbucks has a macbook. Now the only way to get attention and generate a dopamine hit is to take the whole damn iMac in with you. These people really do need to show off to get a hit.



What's next? I'm waiting for someone with dual displays.


Repeat it with Marshmallow and iOS 10. Not hating, just curious.


Jobs dies and Apple goes to shit.

Is this shit common amongst US people?

>"off the shelf PC hardware"
>implying soccer mom best buy shittops can even compare
They did us a favor.

Shit inside of a shiny package is still shit

>implying implications

The guy Fawkes mask on the shelf cracks me up everytime


>mfw he hits the battery and the entire thing explodes
>mfw no face because I'M BATMAN

liking this guy


This is coming from someone who probably worships apple's dick.

>Also obligatory anime shitpost
Kill yourself

You realize he's using an iPhone right?

>anime shitpost

Nigger, fuck you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anime pictures attached to your posts. Having an anime picture next to your post doesn't invalidate it.

Who the fuck made you people hate anime? Jesus.

Macfag here. I don't really care what OS other people use.


Weeb pls go


If I saw a parent letting an autistic child get a tattoo like that, I'd call CPS.

See pic related. I used to own an iPhone and iPad but mostly because my parents bought it for me as gifts. If you want to do something else beside talk/text and play angry birds on a tablet/phone then stay away from apple.


Can someone do something like this for the presidential candidates? Would be funny as kek.

Holy fuck I had no idea how common the "I'm too poor to afford a home but too stupid to spend what little money I have left wisely" thing was.

You had one Job,apple
And he died

Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to Starbucks tomorrow.

>Who the fuck made you people hate anime? Jesus.

Probably because of people like you having a bipolar reaction to anyone not liking something you fantasize over

>he bought literally every revision since Jobs returned in 1999
Meh I just upgrade what I have.

Sent from my 2012 Macbook Pro with 16gb RAM and 512gb SSD


aaaaaaaaaaaaaa& v&

Seattle fag here. Starbucks is the shittiest coffee you'll ever drink. Go to your local roaster and grab a cup there.

hacking you now and reporting to the facebooks

In terms of muh specs, then yeah Macs are shit against the competition. That being said, I was talking about the half assed shit that suburban moms eat by the mouthful at Best Buy. Think $299.99 Today's Special Value HP JizzBook E9300 where some idiot chink fucked up the micro soldering so much it explodes a week later. Apple, from what I've seen and experienced, has at least somewhat better quality control. And this is good for those people.

>Apple, from what I've seen and experienced, has at least somewhat better quality control
Good joke.

If I was a true Macfag, I would have just bought a new Macbook in Rose Gold when Yosemite came out and ate all my RAM.

For applefags, there is no financial barrier, only how much you can show off dat Appel logo and how often your remind people your message was "Sent from my iPhone".

Seattle fag here. Coffee is the shittiest drink you'll ever drink. Go to your local tap and grab a cup there. We got the cleanest water in the US.

What do you expect when they rape their shit multiple times a day?

>be me
>work for university IT dept as student worker
>humanities prof comes into the shop with her university issued MBP
>boss is out so I check her in (boss normally handles Macs since he has a bunch of old Apple certs)
>turn it on
>display is smashed from the inside out
>confront prof about it
>"oh no I just closed it last night"
>continue to question about it
>"well I did drop it, but it didn't sound like it landed that hard"
>continue to question
>"well I think my car keys were on the floor too"
>tell prof to leave it overnight
>tell boss
>boss assigns prof a used Dell Latitude with Windows 7
>prof throws a fit
>head of IT tells prof to GTFO and threatens to bill the humanities division the full sale price of both laptops
>never hear complaints again
>fast forward a year
>exchange Latitude laptop for new MBP (humanities dept paid for it as a part of their upgrade cycle)
>Latitude laptop is pristine and looks cleaner than when we issued it

Normies just need to learn how to take care of their tech rather than having other people do it for them.

I don't hate Apple, they made some good things for tech community. I hate applefags with their ape-tier ability to think and analyse.

Can't say it's common but I have seen it once or twice myself.

>there is no financial barrier
Well I guess I'm not a true applefag since I can't afford to drop $1500+ on new Apple products every year. At this point, though, I'm just waiting for them to fuck up the MBP line like they did with everything else. The 2012 MBP is literally the last MBP with Steve Jobs's trademark craftsmanship.

Also, the new Airpods are total shit. Not going near those.






bump for interest


>She's paying ;)

how come that didn't reach meme status like "inside is yellow :)" did?

>Get first laptop around Y2K. It's not compatible with anything, and it's basically a glorified DVD player with Internet and a fun talking feature

>Get an iTouch b/c... hey, it's been like 9 years... maybe they've changed.
>>Need an update to the OS a couple months later. Even willing to pay $10 for it
>>Need a new one because the firmware is out of date few months after that.
FUCK YOU... (didn't buy a new one. It's now a rock in my desk)

>Get an iPod CLASSIC for HS graduation, be end of the world 2012
>>It's still good, but mostly useless, because my fucking flip phone stores all my music, and I don't actually usually WATCH stuff that isn't on the internet
>>Long story short: It's fine, but it was ultimately a waste of $$$

Never buying Apple ever again. Already 4 years sober.

Dude, you're getting a ding!


>This thread
I'll leave this here

Someone do this

Talk about drones

makes you wanna kick him in the bowl cut

it's what happens when imbeciles don't learn how to spell and rely on their phone to transliterate their gibberish.

Haters gonna hate

apple users aren't studying chemistry or calculus. they're doing Cultural Sensitivity and Gay Black Lesbian Poets with Asperger's


i first ran into an Apple fundamentalist in about 1996. he brought a stack of apple gear into a workshop where we were renovating PCs and spent two hours loudly ridiculing us while trying to set up his equipment. he couldn't get any of it running, and eventually left.

what made it bizarre was that he seemed to be in read-only mode. if you contradicted him he just talked over you slightly louder.

What about wired headphones to listen to music?
And listening to music whilst charging?

>Apple users dont give a fuck about you.

I guess you haven't seen all the fags going full sour grapes after the release of the iKek 7

> I act like I'm better than you
... because I know that it drives you crazy. You are a source of constant hilarity.
Why my actions (real or imaginary) should have any bearing on your mental/emotional stability is beyond me. But they obviously do.
Rage on, little boy. Rage on.

>You are a source of constant hilarity.

The irony


that's just retarded, famalamadindong

>Apple suk!!11 xDDDD Look at my old shitty faggot laptop riced with anime girl and le haxorr terminal everywhere. I'm so much better than you

>single mothers

Not even once.

>crash override gets triggered


>tfw getting a se for 200 dollars

suck it

I have a 64gb 6. It was free. Apple fags suck

>tfw was dumb enough at age 15 to listen to an older internet friend who worshiped appleshit
>bought an ibook or whatever it was called
>completely incapable of power use, weighed a lead ton, crashed constantly (that fucking pinwheel)
>tfw even dumbshit 15 year old me noped out


>poorfag thread

It's been about a year since I got my first Apple product and I'm already embracing the cloud jew.
JFMSU, How did it come to this

>The wireless Apple™ AirPlug™, feel the vibe!
>Only 199$

1 2 3 4? Dont even need to read, just sad

Oh, you're lost? That way my dear:

>720p vs 1440p
>samshit with touchjizz
>not waiting for the new nexus with stock android
This is useless.

I'm curious as to whether they have an SSD or HDD? Would the HDD be fucked up by 0 gravity?

With that in consideration, the iShit got fucking destroyed.

if that was in my country 4 local niggers would kick his ass and stole his apple shit and no one would give a fuck