Hey Cred Forums, quick question. I found an antenna coming out of a box near my home. It looks sketchy as fuck...

Hey Cred Forums, quick question. I found an antenna coming out of a box near my home. It looks sketchy as fuck. Anyone know what it is?

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how much cp have you been downloading?

Looks like a DVB-T TV antenna.

if theres a camera, "accidentally" kick it over walking
if there isn't, cut it and boobytrap whatever the fuck that metal box it, start butting lead near the walls, low frequency sound proofing, seal the windows, security cameras outside doors and wait until the men in black take you away with body bags.

The usual amount for a Cred Forums lurker. Why do you ask?

What is that box? Is it for phone lines?
If it is, someone could easily splice a line and use something like that to make anonymous calls.
Can you open it up, OP? More pics?

I checked around the box itself. Other than the antenna, wire, and packaging tape holding the wire down, everything looks legit. Box was locked too. It's not close enough to my house that I'm worried it's for me, but it's in my neighborhood and I don't like it at all.

Only pic, sorry. Tried opening it. Locked tight. I think it's a telephone wire box or something. It's right in front of the neighborhood entrance. Maybe cable? Isn't everything underground nowadays?

what country do you live in? could be some autismo trying to intercept some sort of signal, but it looks digital.

'Murica. Are there even any other countries worth living in?

if it is a telephone device, it would be underground or nonexistent, I can't think of any reason what this could serve? water/natural gas don't have this, electricity transformers are sealed off with fencing.

No, but seriously USA.

Ikr? It's sketchy looking as fuck. The only thing it could be for is telephones or maybe cable right?

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These are access posts for underground telephone wires, someone is trying to leech off the telephone signal.

>maybe cable
>using wireless for CABLE
You must be on to something.

Well it's an antenna. As for what it's doing, you'd need 10 times more information than your retarded ass thought to gather.

That's a WWAN antenna. ATMs around here use them too either when they don't have a dial-up/broadband connection, or as a backup.

More than likely, the box has something in it that the company needs to control/automate remotely and the WWAN connection is either a backhaul, fail-over, or it's a non-connected item (like a POTS switch or something) and thats their way into it.

Source: I service ATMs in high-risk neighborhoods. 80k a year, my Concealed carry permit/training is paid for, half my carry pistol was paid for, insurance is legit as fuck, and new body armor every 6 months. No attempted muggings/robberies in the last 11 months.

You sound like a real mall ninja.

its a subdivision so idk where the power to the antenna is going to.

these boxes don't have electricity.

Do you happen to also have extra plates to stop multiple .338 lapuas?

Phone lines have /some/ power.
Probably powered by something else, though.
If it's malicious.. probably a battery or something.

looks like an RTL SDR

Assuming the information was even able to be gathered. There's nothing else on or near the box. What do you want me to do, get bolt cutters and open her up?

i don't know how the phone company is letting this autismo tumor dangle from their subdivision boxes, I don't think it can serve any residential purpose.

Maybe consider what the fuck is around it. What is it near?

>What do you want me to do, get bolt cutters and open her up?
>he can't pick a lock

>using wireless for CABLE
Maybe a fucking leech, you unoriginal normie

temperature alarm

Jesus Christ you fucking newfag this is a roleplay board retard. People find technical issues and come here to present them as own to get a discussion going, Just how autistic are you?

That's not how it works.

Correction, you don't know how to do it that way
>inb4 how do i do it then
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Another box for the street lights I believe or for the subdivision lights. Its in the backround of the pic. Thats it

Well, there's one semi-believable answer. At least not everyone here is a retarded autist.

So it's a traffic light controller. There, you found your answer. These are commonly synchronized with over the internet.

it probably is a temperature probe. but i don't know what you are expecting from mentally retarded autists who cannot function in society.

Why have two boxes for that? That makes no sense.

>I know about x! Ha YOU don't?
>I'm not going to tell you until you tell me!
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Same temps and humidity here so idk why its there. All other resources were tapped man, at least I got an answer here.

I never asked for help Tyrone

Finders keepers!

Well, we can't see the humidity box, the wire is not that thick, and an antenna can be connected to a whole shitlist of things.

>gets called out for making up a story from some picture saved off the internet

holy shit kid, stay in school

it provides wireless access to whatever hardware is in that box
like for example PLC that controls whatever

Thanks guys. Getting some good answers and keks out of this thread.

>have a role play board where we all pretend complete strangers problems are our own so that you can have a conversation for the first time in months
>he is the autistic one
yea ok.


thats really vauge. which post is right i know

Well, this is looking dead. Thanks all. I'm willing to believe it's the humidity temp control thing and put it to rest.

It is an autism detector, reports anyone who is autistic enough to look behind a utility box.

They dont leave that shit sitting on the ground. Its glued to the side at the very least..
whatever that is doesnt belong. Take it and watch who shows up to fix it.

I also wondered about that. Wouldn't you put an antenna higher up than ground level?

thats a general purpose antenna, that is often used for gsm/umts. could be anything connected to it.

call 3-1-1 and tell them to look into that box (and take pics)

You can do that? I wouldn't know who to call about it but 3-1-1?

>Wouldn't you put an antenna higher up t
its not wifi, with that kind of range it doesnt matter all that much. Think cellphone.
And they would probably just leave it inside the box.. really how often do you just see antennas laying on the side walk or dangling from power lines. You dong.

Also about the image post of the "weather sensor", notice the antenna that looks just like yours, is screwed into it. That means its detachable, which means its probably sold by a third party, which sells to other people. So its probably for sale on ebay right now for $3. Literally anything or nothing could be on the other end.

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Redundancy, smartass.

Ya I had already pointed that out to him after he posted that shit.

go and cut it, wait around or from far and see who goes and touches the box. If it is something related to the phone company you'll see some van of the dudes doing maintenance, they will say something along the lines of "damn niggers they cut the cable" put a new one and be on their way, if not you'll some sketchy niggers with guns going about it.

Damn. Kinda wish I didn't work tomorrow, or I would definitely do that. I really want to know what the fuck it is.

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What if he smashes it? Or do we just pretend it's aliens and go to bed?

Break it and see who shows up to fix it.

Use a game camera on a nearby tree.

Get a wideband SDR, clip it on to that nigger and see if it's transmitting anything.

Wear jeans, boots, reflective vest and no one will ask any questions.

have a star sticker for your chart

Now I'm gonna have to get some of these to stick to things just to freak people out...

glue them to peoples cars and see how long it takes them to notice

If you stuck that to my car in an attempt of humour, youd need that glue to stick your teeth back in.

internet "of things" electricity monitor for some utility company


pick the lock or use bolt cutters. you're not a true hacker if you can't do either of those

i was electrician for two years, that's a GSM antenna used for remote configuring/diagnostics

That antenna was not fitted by anybody legitimately associated with that cab, it's hidden and the cable is held down with tape.

I worked with radio pirates back in the day and this is exactly what this pic reminded me of, shitty low key install.

Obtain keys to the box through various methods, install link to keep your studio away from your transmitter. That way the authorities or rival pirates can only take your rig or midpoint and not your studio.

I'm not saying this is radio pirates but it's definitely not legit either.

As other posters have said, we would cut the cable and hide out to see who comes to repair it. Then decide if we'd kick their ass or run away because they looked scarey.

I don't know jack shit about electronics but this was my first thought I once applied for a job at a company who manufacture does (for tapping data about electricity, water, gas, etc.), so at least knew they exist

Try cutting it and observe whether anyone comes back to see what has happened.

hide a small cam around pointed at it
cut cord
wait till someone comes
realize it´s nsa
realize they know you consume cheese pizza

No, he's right. The guy doing property damage for a shit prank is the one who's edgy.

>Details about Magnetic Base GSM GPRS Network Signal Antenna 7dBi 900/1800 MHz New
>Magnetic Base GSM GPRS Network Signal Antenna
>Magnetic Base

temperature alarm that communicates with weather balloons?

I bet it's HAARP.



Are you guys fucking kidding me? It's an access point for someone(not a legit access point for a telco or something. How do I know? Because that's a 20 dollar antenna. NO telco would install the antenna to an access point on the outside of a box unprotected. Are you guys fucking kidding me? A temperature probe?
Think about it
What do these companies(telco) fare about? MONEY!!! There is a high chance that this will get stolen and that's how anyone with half a brain could deduce it's a hack.

(maybe not access point, could be monitoring something nearby as well)

gats don't take .338 lapuas tho.