Do you buy new ink cartridges/toners or do you refill?

Do you buy new ink cartridges/toners or do you refill?

How reliable is refilling?

Do you even own a printer?

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I just buy a whole new printer, usually by the time its run out of ink its already 2 or so years old because I hardly ever use them

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I bought a brother laser printer,
literally costs $20 in toner/a metric tonne of paper

also familia
HP injket

I use a brother hl 2120 iirc, it's been 2 years and I haven't changed the toner or anything yet. It just werks.

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I just buy a new printer honestly. Ink is way too expensive and when you think about it, it's not efficient as just buying a new printer. I've bought 4 new ones so far. I use the simple little printers and they last me a very long time so my case varies.

If however you have those bigass printers that have their own stand, then well you're fucked as it is so why do you care.

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The problem with today's technology is that it cannot accurately read how much ink or toner is left in the cartridge, especially for toners.

It's a estimated number and then it will tell you it's out of toner and to change it. For Toners, you can actually tape a certain part of it so the printer cannot read it and that will bypass the function that tells you it is empty. You can get like 500-1000 more pages out of the toner cartridge like this.

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> How reliable is refilling?
There are printers and CISS add-ons designed for that, so...

On other printers, it depends.