Now that apple has single handedly killed the aux connector on phones...

Now that apple has single handedly killed the aux connector on phones, will we start seeing a larger push towards superior wireless technology or will it just be the same old shit with an adapter?

Currently using bluedio wiress earphones and they're pretty good, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to completely switch to wireless soon.


>killed the aux connector on phones


Dozens of people! DOZENS!

People are literally camping in front of the Apple Store to be among the first to get it, don't be an ignorant android fanboy, other brands are already copying apple, and when Samsung does it next year the 3.5mm connector will truly start to die off.


Some people are idiots. Some people will still maintain connectivity with other hardware and taste. Sorry if you're lonely and felt the need to prune a TPG thread.

Maybe the rest of the industry will follow Apple's lead, but with an open standard like USB type C. Personally, I think that'd be ok. Phones would start having two USB type C ports, so you could do even more with peripherals when you weren't listening to music like connect two flash drives to copy data from one to the other or charge it while a flash drive is connected or attach a camera flash that's USB type C while you have a battery case on the phone etc etc.

I doubt anyone would go with 2 usb type c if they're going to start removing ports. It's easier to include a cheap adapter because people will buy it anyways

Maybe most phones would only have a single USB type C port, but "enthusiast" tier devices would mostly have two.

Why remove one port to add another? Just doesn't make sense to me

>Wanting to spend half your waking hours charging your shit


USB ports are thinner and require less space inside the case. So we could have thinner phones without 3.5mm jack.

Maybe it'd be more tolerateable if companies started adapting that wireless charging thing. Imanige dumping all your gear into a bowl for the night and picking them up fully charged in the morning.

But with the iPhone 7 it wasn't about being thinner, it was about fitting a bigger battery in without making the phone thicker iirc.

2bh I fucking hate the thin phone meme.

I could be speaking out my ass here, but wouldn't it be easy to just make a smaller aux port? It's just metal transferring signal, it can be much smaller than 3.5mm.

There are 2.5mm already but they not very common. We could switch to that but the reason we kept 3.5mm is because it was widely used.

If you're going to be forced to use an adapter, why waste money on implementing an extra port for it?

Well, Apple owns Beats and has their own agenda to sell a fuck ton of wireless bullshit, or so I've heard.

I love lossless audio, and this presents a problem since wireless has inferior audio quality I believe.


Wireless doesn't have inferior sound quality unless you want perfect lossless Audio.

For mp3 it's on par with wired from my experience. For people that prefer FLAC, it's definitely an issue but hopefully this will push the industry towards lossless wireless audio.

100 year old phone jack sent to /dev/null because Apple had the courage to think different. How will the non Beats industry recover?

HiFi will never be done. The LG V20 just released with multiple DAC's inside.

59.99 dongle

Don't forget Ale


People still live there?