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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of March 2016

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>Shill your Xiaomi
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Fuck it

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amazon.com/iPhone-Spigen-EXTREME-Protection-Kick-Stand/dp/B013TKO0CG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474152784&sr=8-2&keywords=spigen tough armor iphone 6s plus

>If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

>Canada, Fido Network (stuck with a 2GB for $40 Bring-Your-Own Device plan, which I don't mind)

Wanted Features (listed as most important to least)
>multitasking is decent/as smooth as the Nexus 5 (previous phone, was perfect in terms of speed)
>heat management is good (doesn't get too hot / result in not being able to charge)
>battery lasts at least 3.5 hrs SOT
>speakers are a 7/10

>$500 CAD

>preferably not smaller than a Nexus 5

(Also, should I buy a used Nexus 5? My old one powerbutton-looped and RIP)

How does google do such a good job of keeping their leaks when iphone models are known months ago?

quick clarification:
>multitasking is decent - ie browsing Facebook + Spotify OR shitposting on Clover + playing podcasts on Google Play
^^ my usual day

>Fell for the samshit meme
>"upgraded" from my chink honor 7
>S7 lags and runs hot since buying it yesterday with constent crashes via the samsung account software

What the fuck Cred Forums i though samshits were spose to be good???

nice heauheauweiii shill

not even shilling

i'm actually annoyed

should i install a vanilla android 6.0?

Or redmeme note 3 pro if u wanna save some money

people actually give a shit about the iphone

Can't decide between the Axon 7 or the One Plus 3.

Axon 7 has great audio, micro sd slot

One Plus 3 has bootloader

I've heard that if you try rooting your axon 7 it voids the warranty so I'm leaning towards the One Plus 3.

It's time to replace my Nexus 5. Should I get a Nexus 6P or an IPhone SE?


axon 7 devs are going to provide a way to unlock bootloader, but in case you're impatient


>let down by samsung
>afraid to buy v20 because bootloops
>would buy op3 but no updates
>htc 10 is too expensive considering what you're getting

pixel is my last hope. if that sucks too I'm just gonna say fuck it and buy a 6s. I'm really sad that it's come to this

Is the z3 a good phone?
I read the z3+ is trashy in the battery compartment and Franky I don't want Android 7.0 with the "improvements" to encryption.
Trying to find it cheap in AU.

Canada fag here, on MTS.

All I need is web browsing, texts and calls to run very smooth.

Oneplusx would handle this, right? Also anyone have confirmation on how the Canada bands run? Thanks!

Wait for the new Nexus, will be out in a month


mts is only on band 4 so i say get rn3p. you can go cheaper though. my favorite phone for canada is the n910w8

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro here on Official CM13.
Ask me anything.

Based on your options, it seems like you value performance, updates, camera and battery life. I say wait for the Pixel and if that lets you down get a 6s

hey guys is glyde a good used phone provider. Thinking of buying a phone from them otherwise give me a good one.

SE if you can't wait. Otherwise wait for the Pixel to release and weigh your options again.

I'd wait for a month until the new nexus / pixel phones hit. then decide.

Any complications with unlocking the bootloader? What about the fingerprint sensor etc, have you noticed any glitches?

I ordered RN3P two days ago, I really hope that CM won't be causing problems cause I couldn't stand the fucking MIUI.

Whats is the best rom for S7?

the touchwiz is awful.

>the touchwiz is awful.
okay you gay homo iphone shill just give it up. get to licking those dicks again, you aren't man enough for android


you seem hostile isn't this a thread to ask for advice?

It's obvious you're shilling for iphone by trying to pin that old fucking touchwiz meme on the new S7. Are you in line for your icuck 7 phone right now and are just shilling for some side cash?

anyone use a Redmi Note 3 in the U.S.?

can you get data? if so, what network?

Didn't want to make a whole thread for this, but can anyone recommend a good Reddit app?

I used RedReader Beta for a while but it's stopped working for me as of late.

Dude i got an S7 2 days ago and it lags when i type and is very warm are all samsungs so garbage?

i'm coming from an LG G4

Is the 5S outdated?

I want to get into ios and shit mostly because of the screen size and to feel what is like to use this os but i don't really want to waste too much money


I'm considering buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, but I'm having some doubts. My house has a tin roof and brick walls which has given me bad reception on my current chinkphone. I gotta go outside to send/receive texts and for calls. Wasn't a problem with my original galaxy phone. Is it worth the risk to pull the trigger on this? The kate version supports all the bands I need (Australia). Maybe I should save up for a new galaxy phone again.

>Frequency checker

I have one, for 150€ it's not a bad buy. It's a good e-reader too.

Any torrent and file manager recommendations?

I don't want to install utorrent because it's a botnet.
Also ES File Explorer is fucking garbage now with this Analyze bullshit.

Since the SE came out it kinda is, the 7 might be the last nail in the coffin

a se is 200 dollars in my area, i black list checked it and made him make sure its not sim locked.

64gb or 16gb? 16gb is worthless my man.

16gb but 200 bucks isn't bad right? There really isn't a difference right, its still super fast faster then the 5s?

Is it? I'm going through hell with 4gb on android, i fell like 16 is kinda minimum today

For $200 that isn't bad at all. But as a daily driver, maybe not. It depends on if you use the camera or not. The SE can record 4k video, 1080p 60fps Live Photos, which all take a lot of space. If this doesn't matter to you and you stream your music, then by all means save a ton of cash with the $200 deal.

Depends on your reason for going through hell. If it's because of the above, where you can't really create any media then you'll still go through hell on 16gb, albeit at a slightly later date.

There are no roms for the s7 because exynos cpu. Enjoy your touchjizz.

I've been using Reddit is Fun for a long time now and it works great.

i was thinking of ordering this chinkphone. leco lemax 2 from gearbest. amazing specs for dirt fucking cheap. now how do i request they dont load it with malware and crap or do i have to root it when i get it?

you could check ebay or something so you don't have to buy it from the website itself. does the phone come from china directly, or is it a online us retailer?


where do you live? In europe you could buy it from honorbuy. they ship directly from europe.

then try ebay or swappa or a good retailer, or even amazon.

>only got my 5x in February
>want to upgrade to the Pixel

>no headphone jack

comes with adaptor.

Currently using an IPhone 6 and I can't handle Itunes anymore because I mainly use it to listen to music, so I'm looking for a new Android Smartphone with following specs:

>SD Card Slot with at least 64 GB support
>Custom ROM Support (cyanogenmod) or cyanogen os
>Probably as big as an Iphone 6s, my IPhone 6 is slightly too big
>Music transfer via USB Cable, please not another proprietary Itunes crap.
>Hardware Keys for skipping/pausing music or support for earpod keys
>A headphone jack
>Removable Battery (Not that important but would be nice)

Does such Phone exist in the fragmented Android world? The Lenovo K5 comes pretty close but it has no official cyanogenmod support and only support 32 GB max on SD Cards.

I'd say the htc 10, but it's a tad too big for you maybe. And I have honestly no idea which phone supports hardware keys for skipping / pausing music and so on. I know that the marshal london smartphone exists. No idea if that's what you are looking for.

Axon 7 has ongoing CM development right now, but it's not in a usable state. It has great dual front speakers, 64gb + microSD slot, and music transfer like any android. It's as big as the 6s+, 5.5 inch screen 1440p AMOLED. No removeable battery.
No dedicated hardware buttons for muisic, which I can't honestly think of a phone that does have this.

If you're listening to music i'd recommend not getting a budget phone as sound quality will be obviously noticeable.

Axon 7 is kitted out pretty well in the audio department desu, depending on your definition of a budget phone. It's $400.


Any quirks in flashing the ROM?

>Honor 6 doesn't work with Metro


sorry for shitty delay.
unlocking bl:
- download global stable firmware (the one you can fastboot) & download mi flash tool & adb files & unlocked emmc_appsboot.mbn
- extract global stable firmware into folder
- copy emmc_appsboot.mbn into miui-firmware/images/ (it will replace the old one)
- now boot phone into edl mode (just vol down and power then plug USB cable in - led will blink red constantly if your in edl)
- open mi flash, point it to the miui-firmware
- click flash (everything will be erased, even internal storage, so backup stuff to sdcard/PC)
- after its done press and hold vol & power down while booting for 15 seconds to reboot back into fastboot
- open adb folder, should have fastboot shit aswell, open CMD in folder as admin
- fastboot oem unlock-go
- wait for device to unlock (device will reboot and show a mi logo with a progress bar)
- once progress bar goes away, your unlocked.
- press vol down & power for 15s to reboot to fastboot again
- flash twrp
- vol up and power to boot to twrp
- flash cm13-firmware.zip
- flash cm13-date.zip & pico-open-gapps.zip
- reboot and done.

If you want to wait 1-2 weeks and unlock "officially" then apply for bootloader unlock code and wait for 1-2 weeks and unlock with the official tool, if you don't want to wait, do it the way I said above (on XDA for rn3p there are plenty of guides if mine isn't good enough here)

CM13 ROM review:
- smoother than miui
- battery lasts the same amount of time
- more free ram
- stock Android feel
- everything works now, camera is on par with miui and you can even record 1080p slow mo which you couldn't do in miui
- fp works faster than miui (im serious)
- everything works faster and better and the entire system is way less bloated.

Literally everything works great, and the Indians have Cm14 working but it's quite buggy, but in 1-2 months it should become official and stable.

>>tfw you have to wait for the phone to come (xperia x)

Does someone know a android app that works like jdownloader and downloads all pics from a link in full res not only thumbnails?

iphone SE needs replacing with the 7

Good rom to replace touchwiz?

Getting sick of this lag.

That would depend on the site you want.

>If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

>US, T-Mobile

Wanted Features (listed as most important to least)
>good well-documented support for rooting/flashing/etc
>enough battery to last a day
>better camera than a first-gen moto g (XT1045)
>front-facing speakers would be nice
>expandable storage is a MUST (no OP3 unfortunately)

5.5 inches or smaller

Great phone, lackluster camera

Yeah, I already applied for the unlocking privilege. It felt really fucking ridiculous. Thanks for your answer

I'm looking for a phone for my mother.

What she needs: good camera, at least 5" screen.

What she wants: long battery life, removable battery,physical buttons are nice addition.

Country: Poland, carrier doesn't matter because I'll won't buy it straight from them(it is always a bit more expensive)

Budget 1k-2k PLN.

Pls stop jacking up the price

used s4/s5? Put cm on it and it's still a good phone imo.

Something new preferably. Used phone as a gift doesn't sound so nice.

Just let it sink that my mum still uses Sony Ericsson arc neo v. And it is in perfect condition.

his mother deserves better

>Sony Ericsson
>perfect condition

so between 250 euros and 450 euros? There aren't many phones with removable battery left, sadly. The lg flagships have shitty batterylife and bootloops.

I don't know about the lg g5 tho, that one should be in the pricecategory you are looking at maybe? But it doesn't have long batterylife either..

Get a new s5?

holy fuck the tension. that shit is gonna blow

I know. It amazes me.

Every phone salesman was always amazed by the sight too.

I expect to compromise a bit, especially in this price bracket. I was seriously considering new op3 - it costs 1,8k PLN.

Guys, the fuck do I do when XDA Forums move so slow and nobody seems interested in chiming in on why my phone is having a shit fit?

yeah, the removable battery is the biggest problem honestly. There are pretty good phones out there but they don't have a removable battery, which sucks.

Nearly the half of stuff has torrents and the app doesnt work anymore for me...


>If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

UK, O2 (prepaid), whatsapp, 80€, 4-5".

I don't have a smartphone and was thinking about buying the "Blackview A5 3G". It's cheap, comes with Android 6, has a replaceable battery and a smaller screen for my feminine hands.

Just waned to know if someone knows of a similar budget phone in that price range that may have some minor better specs..

iPhone 7 Plus.

plz no bully

>quad core cortex a7
>2gb ram
>16 emmc
>720p screen
>nice camera
160$ in my country

Unfortunately ZTE doesn't have a great track record of making great phones at most the axon pro was more of an alternarive "premium phone with its attention focused on audio" There is also issues with the software features and camera of the axon 7. And I don't believe that their quality audio output plus their SD card slot can really do that justice.

I'd buy it if it isn't too big.

That's true, but since that guy has a hard-on for audio, it's probably his best bet short of an HTC phone which also suck ass in their own way for more $.

If you're in France I'm interested in buying your 5x.

No get a K5 note instead.

Just get an iphone

nobody is suggesting anything because its a lagfest and unfixable.

Nova Launcher that shit.

buy another phone

Country: US
Provider: Sprint
Budget: $350
Requirements: Whatsapp, FB etc, moderate gayming, Reading books (Bigger screen preferred as I have bigger hands)

What should I buy? Im planning to wait till Oct 4th when the Pixel is released and buy 6P, but will the fall in prices be immediate? I wanted to buy One Plus 3 but its costing over my budget. So considering One Plus 2 too.

>putting a launcher will magically erase all touchwizz shit
never change /spg/, you are nothing but retarded Chinese shill. You even make xda look decents at your side

I've never used a Samsung mobile before so excuse me but I thought Nova launcher would at least erase the lag?

5 inch
K5 note is bout 350$ tho

Touchwiz is the samsung rom. You can't remove the lag of touchwiz by installing a launcher, touchwiz is still there and still laggin'.

IIRC we only saw a big immediate drop with Nexus 6, might continue though.

Fingerprint scanner is still a meme.

It's actually not. I find it really useful on the UMi Super where it's located on the rear, which in my opinion is the optimal position for it.

I don't understand why manufacturers are obsessed with putting it on the home button. I'd find this awkward to use

Getting a 6p. What are the worse and best things about it? I heard the front facing speakers suck, and that the DAC produces weak audio. Is that true?

why do people prefer nexus when there are better phones like oneplus 3 etc.

Get rid of QuickPic man, its adware. Go for LeafPic beta instead.

Support from directly Google/stability and all around a better product. No shoddy cheap Chinese components.

Your Fingerprint may not work on CM13 if it's one of the later models with the Goodix sensor. Mine had that sensor, so I had to buy the original sensor for 10 bucks and put it in myself. Works great now.

Fuck TouchWiz, stop making us Android users look bad you cunt. Nothing about him says that he is an iShill you hostile fuck.

Anything I should consider before getting a zuk z2?

Yeah their software is bad. Older Samsung phones could be unlocked, and rommed, however I have no clue about the S7, and Ive heard you can't.

Been using Reddit Is Fun for four years now, I highly recommend it.

OnePlus 3, and Axon 7 are good contenders, but it depends on what exactly you are looking for in your phone.

haha, meme meme funny as hell dude. My sides have splitten in two.

My dad complains about his shitty 2011 samsung budget lagdroid all the time so I'm thinking of gifting him the Redmeme Note 3 Pro for his upcoming birthday.

As far as I can tell, all he wants is a facebook/watsapp machine with a good camera.

I've never bought a chinkphone and I'm still using my trusty Moto X, is this a good idea for a 60 year old normie or are there better ideas. I live in Spain btw.

Anyone can confirm that T-Mobile 4G works on Redmi Note 3 Chinkphone?


$600 HTC 10 vs $400 OnePlus 3? I'm torn. On one hand, the HTC 10 is flat out the better device, it's equal to or better than the OnePlus 3 in almost every differing aspect. On the other hand, do I care $200 worth about a MicroSD card, slightly more ideal size, upgrading from a 1920x1080 screen, having a beefier phone, and not getting stuck with AMOLED?

What are your opinions on the two? They both let me root, both seem to have some Cyanogenmod support going on, with the OnePlus being officially supported, so it seems like I've got a chance at a vanilla Android UI rather than some custom bullshit. The OnePlus has 2GB more RAM, is that something that I should care about, or is that equivalent to
>2012, buying 16gb of RAM
And how's the OnePlus screen? I heard it was shit.

I dunno. What do you guys think of the two?

Fucking Apple and their low production. I was too hyped to get a new phone but the entire country I live in got less than 10 7Plus models.

UMi Plus/Max/Super or the Redmi Note 3.

Does the Redmi Note 3 Pro look gaudy?

they probably did this to create an artificial hype for their phones. That way people think the phone sells better than it actually would.

What are you talking about? Why would Apple of all companies need to create hype? They are losing money. Right now they have to deliver preorders and because of this, non-preorder customers can't get any phones. They don't need to act like they are hype, they are hype.

no problem, enjoy your rn3p.

did you not read my reply? fp works flawlessly and to some extent even faster than MIUI

Am I the only one who "doesn't trust" buying OnePlus phones? It just seems dodgy all the way through. OP3 seems like a perfect phone price/quality, but I don't know man. Doesn't feel good.

Just so yoy know, all android phones have support for any sd card size. If they list the phone as only supporting 32gb then it doesn't do exfat and you'll have to mkfs.vfst bigger cards. You won't be able to store files larger than 4gb but apart from that it's fine.

paging action bronson

No sorry, what does fp stand for?

Ah thx but I prefer something with 5".


thanks mate could not for the life of me decipher it even though it was so obvious

I wanted a phone with a physical keyboard but with a decent sized display and android 4.4+. I am in italy and I would be using vodafone.

The two options I found were the Gionee W909 and the BlackBerry Priv. Now, honestly I am interested in the gionee, it's heavier but it's more compact and I like that, but having to buy from China worries me. Aliexpress should protect me yadda yadda, but the seller on Aliexpress (aliexpress.com/store/125787?spm=2114.10010108.0.25.0sYKQV Chine Phone Center) has only 94% positive feedback.
Also, for some reason, I can't find this phone on other sites, which kinda worries me as well.

Ask a guy with OnePlus 3 since release anything!

>Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410
>13MP frontal
175€ in my country worth or shit?

Cool.... shame it's not 1080p

looking for a ~£150 phone with an iphone-tier camera that isnt chinkshit and is readily available in the UK since I need it p quickly

any good options? I know very little about non-chinkshit

Doze works great. Recently got a 5X and only lost 3% while I was sleeping.


>Philippines, Unlocked

Wanted Features
>Battery Life


>4inch to 5inch

I have an samsung galaxy core i8260 with a broken screen (as in it doesn't react to touch anymore). Should i try to repair it for 30 EUR or buy a new phone for around 250 EUR? It does what i need it to do (it used to at least), so if i can get another year or two out of it that would be nice.

Since i assume that you will tell me to buy a new phone:
Netherlands, KPN prepaid.

>Wanted Features (listed as most important to least)
It should last for at least 3 years before i get a new phone.
Preferably not samsung.

around 250 EUR.

About the same as my previous phone.

I should put this out neatly like the other, better posters


>wanted features
camera > battery > not chinkshit

~£150 britdollars

dont care desu

am I a fucking failure or is this an ok first smartphone?

>ubuntu phone
We got him, guys! He fell for the meme!

How do I find out if it has the Goodix sensor?

Just ordered the last zuk z2 in stock. Did I fuck up?

can you explain why it's a meme?

Think about it.
Ubuntu on a mobile device. It's a neat concept. But it's not really going to be practical. You're probably better off getting Android, or hell, maybe even iOS.

lg v20? doesnt have removable buttons tho and the screen may be too big.

Is the Nexus 5X 32GB still a good buy for ~260EUR, or can someone give me a suggestion for something else in this price range?

Wanted features that I'd like to see in my next phone:
- Won't fall apart after 3 years of usage

i meant physical buttons. fuck

I have the Nexus 5X. My only complaint would probably be the battery life - not that it's bad or anything, it's just average, and I only really get a single day's use out of it.

What xiaomeme should i get, if any?
I have around a 200 dollar budget, and I don't want a phablet as they're to big, so the note 3's off the table unless theres some other reason to get it over the other phones.

I use boost mobile, if I absolutely have to I'm willing to switch service providers as long as its a decent price. So any xiaomis work on boost, and if so, which one should I get?

Redmi 3 nigga.

bought a 5 from the 6p, nothing really new beside 240fps recording and nougat. But the phone is really great. I'd wait, then consider the 6p if the Pixel is shit

Gotchu familia, will it work with boost? Also what should I do with is as soon as I get it, I hear theres alot of bloatware or some shit you gotta remove, is that true? And where so you suggest I order from?

And thanks user

the only flaw is the battery, 3 hours of on-screen time

slow as shit and trash

anyone else waiting for whatever reason? note 7 pride drop, pixel reveal/release, black friday... my moto Cred Forums is really slowing the fuck down but it seems silly to buy a new phone in september (current year)

speakers are great. using it with xiaomeme pistons the sound is better than with the Nexus 5 and chink shit

4G only if you're in the US.
It's pretty good, there's hardly any bloatware, which can easily be removed.

Also should I go for the 3 pro, or 3s? I can order something today but just wanna make sure it will in amurica and on my carrier.

I've been an android user for the past couple of years, and i've never had an IPhone. I'm thinking of buying a 5s since my S4 which i had for three years stopped working. I can only afford a 5s at the moment or another android phone (S5, Note 3 etc..). What do you guys think, Is it worth getting a 5s now or is it too "out dated" compared to my other options ?

Go for an SE

>would buy op3 but no updates
What? Just install CM and you'll get updates for years.

Is 5x for $200 a good price?
Someone is selling it in CL near me.

Thanks familia

You can get a 5X from Google, new, for $200.

Depends what your budget is.
Get either 3, or 3s.


$200 with Fi.
Just get it for 1 month then cancel your plan.

I'm using a 5S at the moment, updated to IOS 10 yesterday. Still pretty fast.

>4-5 inch
damn, now i know why so many flips become trannies
you're basically a sissy girl user

So I'm on Verizon and have a note edge I'm looking for an upgrade that's not samshit cause I'm pretty tired of touchwiz. I want a new flagship phone, the HTC 10 is nice and I like hardware buttons, the lg v20 is taking its sweet time to release, Moto z force is neat and snap on battery packs are an interesting idea, and lastly the note 7 has basically everything I want except for thermo nuclear meltdowns and like I mentioned touchwiz sucks

Tl;dr user wants a new Verizon superphone

Obligatory i love this phone post.

Honestly really pleased with this phone for the price i paid, and now theyre even fucking cheaper. Like 180 american dollars wtf

xiaomi has no4g

yes it does, i get 4g here in europe. just not in my house because i live in a signal deadzone, but HSPA+ is fast enough for most shit

Just did my research, my service provider sprint/boost doesn't support xiaomi. I live in US and am willing to switch service providers unless there's another dank phone you guys would recommended which boost supports.

What service providers do you guys use, where do you live, how much do you pay for what, and would you recommended it?

my plan in eur00p

>Also ES File Explorer is fucking garbage now with this Analyze bullshit.
ES has been confirmed for botnet long ago. Why are you still using it?

Does someone know a android app that works like jdownloader and downloads all pics from a link in full res not only thumbnails? Tumblr Panda etc.

Rest assured that HTC will somehow manage to fuck up the Pixels.


basically looking for a readily available version of one of these, if such a phone exists

If your phone has an Exynos processor, then you're stuck with TouchWizz forever.

check dmesg?

Are there any reasons for buying a Blackberry anno 2016?

>logging in on phone with my number
>logging in on computer with my number
>have permission

what the FUCK

Looking for a good gamepad, just downloaded don't starve and I hate the on screen buttons.

anyone have a nexus 6p for about a year now?, whats the battery like? Is it that much better than the 5x?

S7 Edge or 7 Plus guys?

Depends if money is an issue, if not, just go for the 7 plus.

How are indoor photos?

They're both elite phones, pick based on Android vs iOS

bomb vs not bomb

So my Huawei p8 is getting old, and I'm looking at the 5x/6p but wait for the pixel.

People say : wait for the pixel and if it's shit get a 6p. However I see absolutely no possibility for the pixels to be shit. It's stock which won't be a major software change, so it will be for sure good software. The specs will be better than last year, there won't be the 2 gb ram problem. The only issue i can see is the design, but it's only leaks, plus it might be the design that grow on you, plus for me design is minor, especially considering i'll put a case on it.

So what could go wrong?

flash chink dev rom

make sure your device is showing up on micloud

It is showing up and I don't know where the chink dev rom is for the international edition (kate)

Seriously don't think there is a chink dev.

I'm on global dev

any good chinkphone with amazing battery life?

Is Z3C still worth it or should I get Z5C?

How does the Le Max 2 hold up with all the fingerprint scanner bug stuff that's been going around?

Apparently it breaks really quickly because of the processor

Anyways, I'm looking for a chinkphone with a nice camera, preferably with a high res display to match. Don't really care much else or how much it costs, as long as it had 64gb of memory and decent other specs

So if I have a Goodix sensor and install CM there's no way of making the fingerprint sensor work?

does this guide apply for the 'international special edition KATE' ???

Any thoughts on the Sony Xperia X Compact?

I've got a redmeme with an unlocked boot loader
I've tried flashing CM13 & Resurrection Remix but both have gotten stuck at the boot animation
I plugged it in last night & it ran the CM 13 animation the the whole time

What did I do wrong?

Nexus 6 Nougat OTA when

So are Sony phones any good?

It's really kinda dumb putting it in the rear. Your only using it once to unlock your phone, putting it in the back only adds to the clutter and now you need additional hole for your case.

Works for me fine in NYC

Never, get fucked faggot

>Apparently my "Kernel" needs to be updated in order for the WiFi to work on my stock Galaxy S4
>Fucking guide reads so fucking cryptic, I've no clue what that is.

>And how's the OnePlus screen? I heard it was shit.
Unless if you're using an eye piece to look at your phone then it shouldn't matter

Apparently never

DP5 works well enough though

What should i do?
Repair my shitty phone for 30 EUR.
Buy a moto g4 for 186 EUR.
Buy a moto g4 play for 169 EUR.

moto g4 on amazon for $99
wipe and install stock rom to get rid of ads

I just got a free Redmi 1s. Is there a decided bloat free ROM to put on this phone? I've been doing some research on XDA and other sites to try and decide.

>Oneplus 2 sold out again.

As soon as my phone breaks.

>B uying OnePlus' Windows Vista

Should I install Nougat on my Redmeme Note 3?


Anyone know if they are restocking or just pushing OP3?

Same boat here. I want to believe.

Please bear with me, I have no clue about phones.
My Moto G 2nd Gen is starting to feel like complete shit, I already got rid of all apps that could run in the background and slow it down but it still feels like shit.
Should I get the OnePlus 3 (price seems a bit steep to me) or the redmi note 3 pro (3GB, Qualcomm 650 variant)?
How is the camera on the redmi? Can I play stuff like hearthstone on it? Will the battery explode in my hand or does it have weird software/issues with the OS?
Thanks if anyone is willing to help me, phones are so confusing to me.

So I got me a HTC 10 now. Great phone, especially for listening to music and watching videos on.

Battery doesn't seem to last as well as my Moto X Play did though.
From 90% to 17% in a day (about 10 hours) and I only listened to about 1 hour music and watched 1hr 30 mins worth of video at work. Putting it on the max battery saver in between.

Thinking about upgrading my Moto X Style to the iPhpne 7 plus in the future. Is it worth it? There's a few things holding me back..

>No clover
>Jailbreak might not come out at required time
>No modded Spotify
>No YouTube background play + YouTube AdBlock
>No modded Kik

What's wrong with iTunes? It's literally the best music management software around.

how do you like the chink botnet?

Is the OnePlus 2 worth getting for 399 CDN? I'm coming from a Galaxy S2.

I want to buy the same phone, not sure whether I should buy it from a seller on amazon or a chink site (gearbest) though....

Try to look for a lower price, but its a big upgrade form the S2.

I've got a Oneplus One and it's been bretty gud for 2.5 years
The original ROM was alright but I switched to OxygenOS and it is SILKY SMOOTH
the features and build quality are absolutely tits

Only complaints is that I burn through the battery in like 2.5 hours playing pokego

Is there an app that can call someone at a predetermined time?

I want to call myself from a 2nd cell phone when I'm at a date, to make it look like I have friends who actually call me

Nobody has friends that actually call them. They all use whatsapp.

WhatsApp is proprietary and owned by Facebook

I just broke my OnePlus One, a phone I've been happy with for about 2-3 years.
Is there any phone you can recommend that is also fast, has 64gb storage and good 4g coverage? Preferably also one that doesn't take 3-4 weeks to import to Europe.

Redmeme if 4G isn't a huge deal
Moto G4/Play or Honor 5x if you want a phone sub 200

Solid Explorer wavy

sold mine m8. do it now before the pixel comes out or you'll get even less moolah for it.

same plan to buy the 6p

I'm ashamed my ancestry is from there. Glad I live in Canada.

Like others have said, battery is shit.
Build quality is fine.
ROMs are great on it.
It is a live hand grenade at times. Heat management is actually garbage on it. Even my temporary BLU shit Amazon phone is cooler under pressure.

>Redmi 3 Note / Note Pro
Does anyone actually own this in Canada? Or, at least in North America?
I've never bought a chinkphone before and I want to hear that it's worth the price of ~$220 Canadian / ~170 USD.
I am so browsing Facebook + Spotify OR shitposting on Clover + playing podcasts on Google Play are my daily tasks aside from Calendar / Google Keep.

5x owners:

I just bought 1 for my mommy, and there's a persistent notification for nougat OTA.

Will it mess with her phone? Did you have issues? She couldn't care less about new feats, but if it improves the perf i'll update it.

You can root the HTC 10 on VZW, if that matters to you. V20 is still an unknown. The Moto Zs seem hit or miss to me, thin as fuck but decent battery life, but clunky mods and probably locked to hell.

should I get me a p9 lite?

I know that feel. They should have gone with a slightly deeper body and gone with 3200mah to crank out just another 30-45 minutes out of it.

Why doesn't any of the billion dollar companies who make smart phones release one that's got 100% free as in freedom software?

also is there anything similar with a better camera that is non-chink?

When will they release something about the new Pixel?
If it's not by the end of the week I'll go and buy a different phone. Can't wait forever.

4th of October. For sale 20th.

I'm in the same boat but i'll wait, since I'm looking at the 5x but bothered by it's ram and future proofing. There is no way the sailfish is worse, and i have enough cash. But I'm impatient, I want the stuff now

So.. more than a whole month then?
Do they know anything about the price, I heard it was going to be $500+

I just had my old phone shatter in my hands, so it's time for a new one, don't want more chink shit but don't want to be a month without a phone. I just want that phone now.

Don't expect budget. Pixel means they're going big. 32GB Pixel XL will most likely be $650. Which leaves the 32GB Pixel at $500.

Your phone shattered while in your hand?

Chink shit general.

It cracked in my pocket I think, and when I took it out and touched the glass it shattered even more.

HI /spg/

I'm trying to wipe my old phone, but I'm hearing slightly different things on how to do that.

Is it sufficient enough to do a factory reset after encrypting the phone?

Should I go the extra mile and flash to a factory image?

samsungs have great cameras but the rest of the phones is shit

well you get a lot of bang for the buck

OP3's screen really IS shit.

Is it just its pixel density or the colours?

Where do you get those prices from?
When they released the Nexus it was not more than $500 I think

Your reading comprehension is shit. It's not a nexus. Nexus stands for budget. Pixel stands for iPhone-esque brand recognition.

Fucking die, thick faggot.

It's made by the same faggots.
Also they stop the budget line and open this one so I assumed they'd continue the budget line under this name.
Go back to being mad at your other boards.

>They stopped the budget line
>Created a whole new persona
>"lelz i assume they continue"
Holy crap balls you're fucking dumb 5/7 rekt lolz.

>Made by the same faggots
No, it isn't. You asked me where I got the prices from, it's by actually following the news. You ask for what's going on, then try and fucking deny it? What's wrong with you, you fucking retard.

Apples stock is in the shitter. They need the hype

Any Xiaomi Mi5 or leeco le2 users from Canada/Northamerica?
How is the GPS lock? I need something on that price point ~200 but with decent GPS lock

GF broke her phone and needs a replacement--is the $400 6s 64GB the sweet spot for the iPhone? Also open to Android phones as long as they're around $200 or less and come with or support a vanilla or near-vanilla Android ROM.


For iPhone, SE is the sweet spot. Android phone around $200 is the Moto G, might be too big for her tiny fagotty hands.

Just get her the iPhone.

>SE is the sweet spot
K but can I find a 64gb SE for less than $400? Because the 64GB 6s is currently 400 at Target

Unless I'm creating a quick IP-Tracing GUI in Visual Basic to know where the actualy Hillbilly fuck you are, how the fuck do you expect me to factually know these things.
Fucking check the same target and get whichever is cheapest, goddamn retard.

How about you actually read my post and take the information into account when making your reply, Prandeep?

An android who doesn't lag?

Anything non-chink. Also means non-Samshit.

You might actually be clinically retarded.

maybe wait for android 8.0

stop being an edgy 15-year-old already

What's /spg/'s opinion on the freetel musashi? it seems like a decent flip smartphone

Every android phone made after 2013, and isn't samsung.

6p is the only one that comes to mind.

Honestly, if performance is what you're after just buy a 6s. No one expects Android to be a to tier performer. People buy android for features

Should I just get it over with and buy the OP3?
Any good reasons not to?

My phone is rooted but boost won't give me the MSL so I can edit some of the data programming settings. Where in the Android filesystem can I find these settings to change manually via adb or otherwise?

After months of daily use, are the performance the same as the first day? Do you think it will be officially upgraded for at least 3 years?

Bump for this, i have more or less the same doubts

some fag on r/android made a chart showing how big the pixel phones will be (based on what we know right now)

Any good deals or promotions for the oneplus 3 currently? In the market for a new phone and it looks pretty good for the price.

>Pixel is 5"

I sure as fuck hope so. Unless it's a fablet it should not go over 5".

Manlet detected.
Pixel XL will be 5.5", which is golden for double app in N.

Yup, the 5x for example is too big for me. I have high hopes for the regular pixel.

The best thing would be a sub 500 Euro pricetag for the 32gb version.

So there's one phone that fits each of us coming out. It's fine having gigantic phones at 5.5"+ but I dislike when they try making 5.2" or 5.3" as just regular phones. It's not big and it's not small, it's just uncomfortable.

>5x for example is too big for me
how tall are you? are you a woman?

Should be 5.7 but I'll take it. If the bezels are that small I'm very happy despite the ugly back. Liking the size of the smaller model as well. So as long as performance is elite, battery life is alright, and the camera is at least as good as the 6p, I'll get it.

185cm and no. I simply don't like big phones.

Considering CAD prices, should I buy a used OP3 with a free cheap clear case, 3 months/12 months of manu warranty used, with all original accessories for $500?

With taxes, an OP3 would cost ~$580.

Thanks, I think I'll take the plunge and order it from gearbest, with import tax it should be

New is better m8.

the oneplus 3 isn't available in any brick+mortar stores is it? It's an online online product, correct?

>ordering from gearbest, shipping from China is free
>ordering from honorbuy, shipping from a warehouse in Europe is 40€
What the fuck is this shit? I would have liked to not wait a month for delivery but I'll go the full chink route then and order it from China to make it as cheap as possible.

For real? I thought Google said they were pushing the OTAs for the 6 and 9 "in the coming weeks."

Have an RN3P with WIND. No issues whatsoever.

Thanks for responding.
Mind telling me when you got it, what site you got it from and what did you do once you received it? Like, did you have to update the ROM or do any immediate rooting/fixes as soon as you got it? Any problems since you've owned it?

I'm really hesitant on buying it overseas but it seems like a promising cheap phone.

I can get the Nexus 5 32gb in Canada for $125 CAD. Used of course.

Worth it? I only shitpost and listen to music desu

Also, should I get the global version or will I be fine with the standard one?

Flud is good for torrenting. dont know about file managers

>S7 lags
>Note 7 explodes
>LG V20 costs a fortune
>HTC 10 also costs a fortune
>Nexus 6P is a joke durability-wise
>Axon 7's UI sucks and is nowhere to be found
Why is it so hard to find a werking phone with 1440p display? Pixel is my last hope even though it will also cost a gorillion euros.

Bump, I'm fuckin dyin over here

buy the 6p then. Should see a decent pricedrop once the new models hit the market.

If its in nice condition that price is pretty good tbqh famalam

the z5 compact is the phone you are looking for, its even smaller than your current iphone 6 and has sd card support. it also has front facing speakers

iPhone 7


Yeah it's the one I'm mostly leaning towards. This durability test video really dropped my jaw, probably gonna need a case made of pillows to protect this thing.


So I didn't?

That durability test was surprising. I actually thought the 6P's screen has been doing pretty well with scratches and haven't had any damage to it yet after a year or so of using it. I've got a screen protector and case though, I guess it's more required than I thought.

Should I get an iPhone 7

Touchjizz IS awful you fucking retard.

HT17 Pro.

No such thing. Moto G4 closest you'll get.

X5 Max Pro.

3s is better. check willmyphonework first.

None of them supports all bands, they're really no designed to work in the U.S

K6000 Pro.

Wait a few days for the Le 3 Pro, it has crazy specs.

Probably forgot to flash firmware.

Camera is shit on the RN3P.

Order from Flosmall or topone, both have EU customs protection.

No one here has that phone. you'll be the scapegoat.

what country is that

Just got a iPhone 6S 64gb unlocked for around $500, pretty much mint with a year of apple care.

Should I get a phone case or fuck it?

Also is a screen protector still worth it? It came with a glass one applied but i'm not sure if it should just peel that shit off.

Coming from note 4 with muh gorilla glass.

How's the LG G4

*iPhone 6s plus, I am not a manlet

>Why is it so hard to find a werking phone with 1440p display?

that's good to know, where i live the se goes around 675 bucks and the 5s it's around ~300

Get a case. Those all aluminum builds will send that shock right into the screen and shatter it. Keep the glass protector on, they're great and feel just like the regular screen. That's one of the perks of iphones, the fact that you can find tempered glass screen protectors that aren't absolute chinese dogshit.

amazon.com/iPhone-Spigen-EXTREME-Protection-Kick-Stand/dp/B013TKO0CG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474152784&sr=8-2&keywords=spigen tough armor iphone 6s plus
Decent case with a kickstand.

am I fucked? cause I wiped everything & did it the proper way but it's still stuck there


>no headphone jack

Bump limit
New thread here:

Forgot this phone, but already said it.

if you browse Cred Forums a lot you will hate the iphone because of the lack of webm support

Just hunt an Axon 7. CM13\14 is coming and it's the best of those.

i updated my moms n5x last week and she didnt notice any changes

they all do.

yes best flagship of 2016. nothing even comes close.

HTC 10, LG V20 and Moto Z are better phones than the iPhone 7.

they are slower, with worst cameras and with bootloop

the v20 isnt even out yet.