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ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xxbox 360 power cable.TRS0&_nkw=xbox 360 power cable&_sacat=0

I'm Reading Lammel's book on Networking in preparating for the CCNA.
What else should I study?

Serious question. Is i5 6400/6500 with intel hd530 good enough for browsing and watching high quality cartoons and movies on a 1440p monitor?

>Also try running sfc /scannow from a command line to try and repair any damaged system files that may be related to the problem.
Okay so I just got done with this, and the log file it pointed me to only mentioned three files being corrupted;

What are these? Are they important to running windows?

Every instance said something along the lines of
>Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:94{47}]"\??\C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB"\[l:22{11}]"msdatl3.dll"; source file in store is also corrupted

How fucked am I, or are these files unimportant? Google isn't very helpful but then again, I'm not very versed in this stuff.

How do I get okular to autoscroll like atril does? Can it even be done?

Is Wire legit or is it a confirmed NSA honeypot?

Try running the windows repair tools that come with windows disk or iso image.

This seems like it's getting out of hand consider I'm still sure this is a graphics card problem.

I just want to know if those three files are important or not before proceeding with anything else.

According to google shift + up/down works. Press it again to increase speed.

I used Odom's books, Bryant's udemy course & boson practice exam.

are google spreadsheet's calculations done client or server side?

ok I'm thinking of buying a iPhone se locally yes yes I know its a iPhone but its 200 bucks the guy is selling it for, but it says its activation ready on this but when I called sprint, they said its already registered is the mobile network provider being stupid or is swappa stupid

Return the phone Jamal

i didn't steal the phone desu, i want to buy it, is it activated or not. i have an iPhone 4 i want a huge upgrade and 200 dollars for a se is not bad at all.

Yes, this problem likely has something to do with your graphics card, but if it were strictly a hardware issue then we wouldn't be messing with settings at all. It's difficult to determine which files have an impact on what, and how they might be relating to your problem. In general it's a bad idea to leave any system files broken. Try running sfc from inside safe mode. Otherwise since your source files are also corrupted you would need to use this


You could just try doing a system restore instead, if you have one far enough back. Or try the other troubleshooting steps first.

Yes. For non-gaming, modern intel integrated is actually pretty good.

So the family fridge broke last night, and I'm currently heating up a cup of queso from Moe's yesterday or the previous day.
I tried heating up that same cup of queso yesterday and just forgot about it, since I used the toaster oven and already started eating with an unheated queso.

Is my 1-2 day old queso still good if it's properly heated, or should I throw everything in the trash?

>Try running sfc from inside safe mode.
That's what I did. I can literally only do anything on my computer in safemode, unless I uninstall my graphics card driver.

Theoretically yes

I figured. You probably want to try things in this order

1. System restore

2. Hard uninstall and redownload drivers

3. Disable extra msconfig services

4. Repair system files

5. Memory test

I have a shared hosting web service that I keep my website on.

I want to use my server space to backup my files privately. Is there a way I can create a space in web root using cpanel that I can make a shortcut to in Windows and just drag files into it?

Help me out Cred Forums which brand should I go for?

You'll kill all the bacteria in it, but their waste is still there. Then it becomes a matter of how fast and how hard they were living it up in your queso.

Is CCNA exam really that difficult?
How far down the networking rabbit hole does it go in terms of theory or technical questions?

>I have a shared hosting web service that I keep my website on.

Move. Seriously, you'll never stop running into limitations on shitty shared services.

I have lag spikes in many games (tried the usual stuff, vsync etc.) and i want to profile the cause. Looking for a good tool to profile disk I/O, memory, GPU, CPU etc. togetherwith fps so i can overlay the fps drops with other graphs. I know i have seen screenshots of similar tools, but my google fu fails me.

Move to what? Its just a little portfolio website, I don't need a whole server

I have a barebones/core Debian+LXDE machine in font of me and am stuck at the screen resolution
is there a gui package or programm for that the not so well versed can use later on too ?
there is something I'm missing but I can't figure out what
lxrandr only shows a 800x600 res but it should show well more....
appreciate any input thanks

Wait is the new Lammle book out already? I was told it wasn't out until late september early october.

MSI Afterburner? I haven't used it in a very long time, but I remember it being good for this. You can also log things to a file IIRC, if you don't want it on top of your game.

Just curious, how much RAM do you have? SSD or HDD? In my experience lag/slowdown spikes are either hitting 90%+ of RAM usage, or the game just loading new data from disk.

It hasn't even been three weeks since I got this laptop and now I see this announcement. Should I switch out?

I'm going to sell my used laptop by posting an ad online. Any tips on what to include in the description? What makes good photos?

I was thinking of providing a small written description and catchy specs at the top like i7, 8gb, ssd, etc. because non tech people might want to buy it. Is this the right way to go about it?

Whats the name of that program/website where you upload a picture and it creates a "vector" of it for you.
Everyone seems to use this for anime from what I rememeber, and Google isn't helping me for once.

Photo of it actually running, model number, and catchy specs to taste.

Thanks mate. Do you think people would care about the original box? I think I know where it is, but I'll have to do some digging.

I just did a clean windows reinstall on my laptop, bought a new hard drive.

I appear to be missing some drivers though, because I can't change the display resolution or connect using Ethernet. I can connect using the internal wifi fine though.

How can I figure out what drivers I am missing? And where do I get them? When I go to the manufacturers website it just lists ALL THESE DRIVERS and I'm pretty sure I don't need all 5 chipsets installed.

Probably doesn't matter but it won't hurt and you might as well get rid of it.

pics of the keyboard
for fucks sake
I'm tired of getting a semen encrusted pastry

Start off with the lan drivers so you can get the ethernet working. Depending on what version of windows you are on, the remaining drivers may be installed through windows update

Was having driver issues, decided to do reinstall of windows. It blue screened half way through, with IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal error. Now it crashes on start up. Any ideas?

Manufacturers website should have them. Narrow down the selection with your model number and then it should give a list of drivers with descriptions of what they're for.

Give us a link or at least model number if you cant undestand it.

Try the repair software on the disk/ISO. If that doesnt work then you'll need to install it again.

>LED fan

What are some good android browsers with an UI like dolphin and functions of chrome/lightning?
I don't like the UI on lightning/chrome and dolphin has privacy issues I've heard
Everytime I google I get the same results: chrome, Firefox, opera, etc

You mean waifu2x?

The answer is simple OP. They are lacking an engineer, someone who actually does shit.

Any time I try to install again it crashes at the same spot. I get the advance options after it blue screens several times but it always crashes during those too.

Haven't really tried it to be honest. I'll give it A go

Should I do a double degree in Economics and Computer Science?
Or am I wasting my time?

Economics is probably a waste of time at least.

So what do you think would be a good coupling degree with computer science then?

>Start up Chromium on openSUSE Tumbleweed after yesterday's update
>Every single extension crashes on startup
>Start page crashes (Aw, snap!)
>Trying to open settings crashes (Aw, snap!)
>Trying to randomly search for something (Aw, snap!)
Alright, who the hell was drunk when pushing the latest updates, and how do I fix this?

Back up Software

Ive done some googling and maybe I'm retarded but evrything sounds shilly to me so I ask yous fellers.

I am into music collecting of rare music that most people dont care about, I feel the autistic need to back it up to at least 2 extra hard drives at least once a week, do any of yall have a preferred program to do this on windows?

I use both windows and linux but the pc I do my music hunting on is windows 8 for reasons pls help

I found this old Xbox and I haven't got a power cable.
What kind of cable is this and can I buy it online?

Maybe software engineering or computer engineering depending on your preferences
go talk to a counselor or something

I got the drivers... from somewhere else though.

It was a Toshiba Satellite L745-S4210. support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=3025145 Trying to navigate this menu is a nightmare, or its possible I'm retarded. For example you click display and you get this:

Intel Wireless Display
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 252.03M
Intel Wireless Display
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 252.03M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: 1.1.4 | Size: 11.91M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 129.61M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 170.36M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 114.27M
Intel Display Driver (32bit)
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 114.26M
nVidia Display Driver (32bit)
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 182.84M
Intel Wireless Display
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: (T) | Size: 134.24M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 80.15M
Intel Wireless Display
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: (T) | Size: 134.24M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 84.35M
Intel Wireless Display
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: 2.0.29T2 | Size: 118.19M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 65.67M
nVidia Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 181.43M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 79.41M
Intel Display Driver
Posted Date: 2016-08-24 | Version: | Size: 58.92M

Anyway, turns out driver genius was legit after all.

I want to start programming and I want to know what's the best compiler to use for c++ on windows 10.

clang or mingw.

Thanks for your help man.

I have a 250GB HDD with my OS and everything else on it that I'm currently using. I have a spare 1TB HDD laying around and I want to get an SSD for my OS, some games and regularly used software and then have the 1TB HDD as media storage or for those ridiculously large games.

I've never done data transfer or RAID configurations before, how would I go about doing this?

Is it better to buy a 1080ti or throw my money at a Titan xp?


Does anyone know a good app/program for watching us netflix?


Be sure and compare the hashes on the files as you sync them between the 3 drives, or you'll just end up spreading the bit rot as it happens.

What you're talking about isn't raid. Use macrium reflect to clone your smaller HDD to the SSD. Steam lets you decide where your game library goes.


As a general rule I advise against waiting, but dear god is the titan expensive. Unless you want top settings in 4k the 1080 is probably fine.

Layer 3 switches do have their own MAC-Addresses right? So every package forwarded by a layer 3 switch has the mac address of the switch right?

That sounds wrong

ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xxbox 360 power cable.TRS0&_nkw=xbox 360 power cable&_sacat=0

I'd wait for the 1170.

>That sounds wrong
How? Why? What exactly do you mean?
Do you have actual reason to believe this, or does it really just "sound" wrong to you?

Only if the packet had to be routed. Layer 2 forwarding retains the MAC.


is there tool that extract passwords from firefox and chrome?

Ok, then when does it have to be routed?

None of those fit.

This. Been wanting to watch all those shows for a long time.

You mean most of those don't fit



Are you asking how to get united states programming in other places?

How good are E-Blue products? They seem like nice cheap gaming bullshit.

thanks, this was perfect for the job.

I want to be able to click once to expand all images in a thread. There used to be a script that did this, but it doesn't work any more and I haven't been able to find one that works.

Is this a good buy? Looking to toss this drive in with a 2TB Seagate as backup but don't want to spend $80 for another Seagate 2TB. I would be putting the data on this HGST drive for daily use, backing up to the new 2TB seagate I already have. The thing has a bunch of 5 star reviews, so they can't be terrible. Has Cred Forums ever bought refurbished drives?

well, I never bought refurbished HDD
and I like my data, so I dont plant to start
but if its for some porn and tv shows and movies then whatever... right?

otherwise just buy 1TB hdd, poor faggot like you dont need no additional 2TB

Is it true that initially turning on a light uses as much energy as it would otherwise use by staying on for several minutes?

My dad told me that when I was a young child and to this day I don't know if it has any basis in fact or if he just made it up so I wouldn't fuck with the light switches.

Oh, speaking of incandescent lights exclusively here, CFL and LED bulbs weren't really common back then.

Is there a nice alternative to SAMBA?

I have my porn collection on a GNU/Linux server and i use a mac with Mac OS X when i fap. I've used SAMBA, but it kinda triggers my autism

nope, thats some half assed rationalization of why other times someone was told to not turn it off if its not off for longer time..

the real reason is that durability of the light/appliance is going down. It will fail sooner if it has extra few thousands on/off switches than if its just left running

at least thats what I heard

Is it bad for my computer to don't shut it off, but instead put it to sleep?

do you mean linux?
or go somewhere else with that autism thing


Is there an up to date list of all windows 7 updates that has telemetry shit in them?

Not really. Should be fine.


Don't be so hast user. I have written Toshiba X300 4TB hdds in my server already. Those are holding all my movies, Blu-ray rips, and encodes. The 2TB setup would be specifically for music I've collected and ripped. Ripping everything into FLAC is starting to take up quite a bit of room. So I figure music warrants it's own drive (s) now. I'm just frugal with my money. Was hoping the good name of HGST drives would be enough to dispel the "refurbished" part.

My other option is this one in pic related. $20 more, but brand new.



Windows 10 upgrade related updates don't matter any more.

An incandescent light draws a bit more power when its first turned on because it needs to heat before the filament hits the working resistance, but this effect is very small in your average household bulb.

>up to date
>1 year old post

Thank you!

Does my Xperia Z5's fingerprint scanner stop working if I root? And if so, will it start working again if I flash a backed-up TA partition?

I'm pretty new to Android.

Microsoft went through a phase of releasing known telemetry updates. Anything since then is most likely not labeled as suck in the KB. There's plenty of speculation out there, but I doubt you'll find anything concrete. They've been heading towards indistinguishable updates for a while, and starting next month there will be no more individual updates at all, just cumulative rollups.

its no good

After my PC didn't boot up normally today, I discovered the circled part in pic related is brown on my MB (MSI B150M Bazooka). If I RMA the board for this reason, how likely is it MSI will just blame me for the damage, even though I changed nothing between yesterday evening and this morning? Because I really need this system, I'd rather just get a new board today, if my chances for a replacement are slim. Also, how likely is it more components were damaged by this issue?

I dropped my laptop and the display got busted, sent it in to MSI, and they fixed it without any sort of hassle. It did take a while though - pretty sure it was just sitting around for a few weeks until I called to check on the RMA status, and then it was returned within 5 days.

I highly doubt they will be jerks about it, but it will take a while.

>m-muh telemetry
I know this is SQT but jesus, contain this Snowdenesque bullshit to one thread please.

is there a way to get the page up , down keys on your mobile device through a gesture or an add-on. Home and end would be great too

Can I get some recommendations on basic applications?

I'm going to wipe and clean out my drives when I get my temp storage, but since im going to probably just reinstall all applications from scratch im wondering what people use, im gonna need

A video viewer, hopefully one that supports all the shit you get now, half of them seem to have 1 or 2 missing important filetypes (currently using universal but its fucking shit)
An image viewer than can go through gifs/pictures/webms(optional) as I scroll

These are my current graphics card's specs:
1GB 256-Bit GDDR5
Core Clock 860MHz
2 x DVI (1 Single Link, 1 Dual Link) 1 x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort
960 Stream Processors
PCI Express 2.1 x16

It's getting old and I want to replace it, but I don't have much money. Can I replace it with at least a slight upgrade for less than 100 bucks? Can anyone recommend me some reliable, reasonably-priced graphics cards with these specs or better?

Is there an image resizer that use Neural Networks algorithm available to use?

Sure. Here's a hint: Explorer is an FTP client.
If, by web root, you mean your site's root folder, you probably shouldn't. You should place your backups in a directory that isn't accessible to the web.

You could also move to a service that offers a more "dropbox"-like way of mounting your directory as a network drive in Windows. servage.net offers this, for example.

I am upgrading for 1440p.Which gtx 1080 is the best quality wise? The amp extreme from Zotac seemed pretty good desu.

whats a good free host that wont clean half a site every month like 000webhost


Jesus just give the model name, why should we try and figure it out from arbitrary specs


So everyone and their mother says not to put things into your ear canal, not to clean ears with cotton swabs etc, but how the fuck else are you supposed to remove earwax so it doesn't build up in your earphones?

by being careful or using an Ear Wax Irrigation Syringe

Hydrogen peroxide.

Just be careful not to poke your eardrum or compact your earwax and its fine

You can find some 750 ti's for less than $100, I wouldn't really go lower than that.




You'd see an improvement with the R7 360, but I'd hold out for a good deal on the RX 460. Here's the price per resolution guide


You arent supposed to remove earwax, it's an evolutionary trait to protect your ears, if you really have a problem go to a doctors, they use droppers to liquidize earwax and it pours out, unless you live in burgerland and have to pay 5 billion dollars to check in

Zotac is the budget brand. They're not bad, they just don't go out of their way to innovate and tweak the cooling system etc. EVGA and MSI are the premium brands. ASUS depends on who you ask.

Thanks fellas, I'll look into those.

We evolved fingernails but we still cut them.


I feel like that's going to be the dumbest sentence I hear today.

fingernails are an example of human intelligence outrunning evolution, like obesity or cancer

Coolermaster, Ive got 2 of those in my rig and they been running silent for 4 years now.

Is Classified of EVGA just a meme? I had my eyes on the MSI gaming myself.

Cancer has always been a thing. Obesity is mostly because poor people can only afford food that's too cheap to have any nutritional value, and corporations intentionally add the most addictive ingredients they can get away with.

Cancer has always been a thing, but it's never been a more serious issue than disease, or starvation, or getting killed by another tribe.

Obesity is because food is cheap, because humans are intelligent and learned to plant crops and all the technologies we have learned.

Where is the iso-image of all the september security updates?

No, obesity has nothing to do with food being to easy to come by. That is a common misconception. When people have access to healthy foods, meaning their parents had the time and money to prepare a healthy diet when they were growing up, they seldom grow up to be obese. Cheap food makes people fat.

Security updates to what?

I have two computers connected to the same router.

One of which is used only for downloading and seeding torrents.

I have 5+ hard drives on this computer, how can I access them from my other computer, or even one drive so I can copy them to that computer and watch them on the other computer without having to transfer the files via an external hard drive?

I use windows 10 on both computers.

Cheap food is easier to come by than Slightly more expensive healthy food that's as easier to prepare, or healthy food that takes effort, all this stems because we can put actually have 5 hamburgers a day without killing off the tribes cow population

Should i install linux on this if i get it working and keep it as a nostalgia browsing machine or throw it away? I could just use windows XP but some Linux version might be lighter than that for an old machine like this.

windows 7

Yes we have the ability to overfeed people now. That is technically a contributing factor, in the same way that the invention of modern guns is a contributing factor to gun violence. But that misses the point. If people eat healthier kinds of foods, they don't suffer from this wave of disproportionately obesity, regardless of how much food is actually available to them.

How do I know if my cpu is bottlenecking gpu? I got an i5 6500 and gtx 1070.

Trying to use MPDN and getting the error "one or more extensions failed to load when opening the application" when using the latest version of both the program and the extension installer on 64 bit windows.
Has MPDN become shit now or something did I miss something ?
Want to use the filters with smoothing when watching movies so i can get rid of the frameskipping since it gives me headaches in more intense scenes when watching movies and MPDN is pretty much the only one that is really easy to set up.

you dont know how much ram modern browsers use, do you?

it does not
or not really
of course you put there a cpu clocked 1000MHz higher fps will go higher

I just saw 100% on cpu usage with msi afterburner.
I got another one how do I overclock gpu manually? Will it do any dmg to my gpu? Should I use msi afterburner or the own gigabyte software(I got a g1).

Artfag here.

How do I bind a shortcut or command to the extra buttons on my keyboard or mouse?

I'd like to bind Ctrl-Z to a button.

I don't this is why i am in a stupid questions thread. Is there a browser that uses less? Or something you can customize to not have so many effects so it's lighter


They haven't put out the September edition yet, but it should only take a few minutes for windows to download the handful of updates that have come out since august.

opera v12 version
but seriously I would not bother on such old shit

You'd think that...

The problems plaguing windows update come from some critical earlier updates being missing. Those last few recent ones shouldn't have any problem downloading quickly, unless you're on a godawful internet connection.

Yeah I have for some time only been installing security updates to dodge all the spyware shit. I might just give up and let the botnet in soon.

I bought an unopened factory-refurb HDD once and it died on me. However, it still had refurb-length warranty and they replaced it with a brand new non-refurb HDD FTW

Are multivitamins any good? I've been thinking about beginning to take them because my diet is pretty shit and inconsistent but I've heard some things that give me pause.

Well next month microsoft stops releasing individual updates anymore. They'll just release one big rollup every month with all the new updates, kind of like they've been doing on win10. They'll also release a security only rollup each month, but you have to download it manually. After the first one comes out I plan on testing the different tools and seeing what's capable of downloading the security rollup automatically. Anyway this might help you with your update woes in the mean time


Talking of Windows 7, now that Windows 10 has been out a while where can I buy a LEGIT retail windows 7 at low $$$ for gaming?

Those ebay auctions for a computer part that just happens to have a product key sticker on look like a con job to me.

spotify for android's auto shuffle feature.
Is there a way to turn it off without buying premium?
There is a lucky patch custom patch that works, but only temporarily, which makes me think a permanent solution may be out there

is plastic surgery Cred Forums related

>tfw no transhumanist average korean girlfriend

It depends. If a person was eating an ideal diet, there wouldn't be much point. But a lot of times we don't. I'd say that unfortunately you get what you pay for, and the cheap ones are full of the crap forms of the vitamins that your body can't really absorb. The actually useful ones tend to range from $30-60 a bottle.

Amazon for a reliably legit key, kinguin for a much cheaper one that's unlikely to give you problems. With ebay there's a good chance the key will be revoked a few months down the road. If you feel like you can trust daz loader, it's pretty much as good as legit windows at this point.

I got a new laptop and have firefox on my previous one. Is there a way to transfer my history to the new laptop?

I just did a fresh install of Kali 2016-2 GNOME and I am having issues with the audio. Researched around, tried reinstalling alsa/pulse, can see audio devices with 'lspci'/'aplay'. Under audio settings, shows built in profiles but no outputs when I test them.

Is there something I'm over looking?


So, im admin of one gaming community, admin of forum which has +40k registered users.
I wrote mini plugin which shows me every private message im mentioned in.
Am i bad person for reading other people private messages? :(

I have an old computer that is randomy freezing. It starts to slow down, clocks slow to updating every few seconds, some programs stop updating, cursor slows down, web pages won't load then it just completely freezes. No response from input keys and I have to hard shutdown.

Happens randomly, mostly after coming back after being AFK for a while (screen saver, lock screen), web browsing or commonly after watching MKV's using MPHC. I have never seen it crash while playing a video game oddly enough. If I notice it slowing down I can go to launch task manager by CTRL-ALT-DELETE but it never comes up.

The last time it froze I noticed on my LCD status panel that one of the CPU cores was stuck at 100% while the rest were under seemingly normal load

Win7 pro
i7 950 stock
triple channel 6GB ram
Twinfroze II 760
Corsair 650TX
Samsung 850 EVO (newish, a few months)
WD black (2010) 1TB
WD blue (2013) 1TB

Where should I begin trouble shooting?

Probably involves copying your /roaming/ or /local/ user folders since that's where that shit is stored

Can anyone help me figure out some way to get a fucking lock screen wallpaper to manually change on CM 12.1? Note 3, Nova Launcher reg.

No, just really insecure.

You can create an account and sync both computers


or backup and restore your user profile


bookmarks and history in particular are in the places.sqlite file.



Is insecure really the right word? Wouldn't unsecure make more sense?

>lenovo b570e
>win 10

fn + stop/play,pause,next,previous keys (pic related) don't work but everything else seems to work
i'm playing music on foobar, i'm positive it used to work before but i'm not sure what's up now.

any ideas?

Ok, you are emotionally unsecure for needing to invade other people's privacy.


Is the Ducky Shine 5 a good mechanical keyboard choice?

ok Cred Forums hear me out, i uninstalled my avast antivirus and of course my pc went through the reboot thingy after you uninstall antivirus when suddenly startup repair came up and told me that it couldn't fix the problem of my pc which was that it couldn't start up. i checked the log and it says that acpi.sys file is corrupted, what do i do?

Who the fuck names this shit?

ducky is well regarded
but go ask >>>/mkg/ or /r/MechanicalKeyboards/

Why did you lead with "hear me out?"

my first time here.

I've got a shitty stream 7 tablet, is there software that can turn it into something like a digitizer that I can use with the computer?

Are you able to boot into safe mode?

reinstall system is the best way and you know it will work afterwards
otherwise try go in to safe mode, or boot from dvd/usb
command line
sfc /scannow


I would also like to know this

I can't.

I can't even go into safe mode.

I have tried unmuting with alsamixer. But I will try removing pulseaudio again.

What happens when you try?

It restarts.

Would it be safe if I also try resetting the settings from the bios settings?

I'm not very versed in Cred Forums, but I was told I could get some help here, I'm looking to build a gaming PC and have no idea where to start, I have a budget of about £1.5k.

www.pcpartpicker.com is your friend. Look into current GPU reviews etc.

didn't work
i'm pretty sure every other fn + combination works but fn + F9,10,11,12

"Bios" isn't really relevant here. What version of windows do you have, and does it come with any recovery features? Do you have a windows install disk around?

If i can get to safe mode, is this command gonna be of help?

The version's Windows 7 home basic. Sadly I don't think I have any windows install disk around.

You can download one using the trick on this page


It's the paragraph called "Download a Windows 7 or 8.1 ISO Without JavaScript". Or you can get it via torrent with this technique


To confirm though, you've definitely tried pressing F8 repeatedly upon boot, and there's no recovery features available on your system either?

am I the only one?

I haven't tried spamming f8 yet.

How have you been trying to get into safe mode?

Not based solely on the kaby lake cpu. It's only a 5% or so improvement on what you have. Like a lot of Intels upgrades, very incremental.

From when you start it up whenever there's an error, there'd be choices. I'm sorry I'm not that well versed on these things.

if you eat it & feel ill, then it's no good

Do any of those choices sound like repair or recovery? Also try F8 now.

None. It's either safe mode, safe mode with internet, or the usual start up.

I'll try later, I'm not home at the moment due to some business. Maybe I'll just come back in the next thread.

Use windows 10 home groups. Share the drives with your other computer, then you can access it via explorer when you're in the same network. That's how I keep my little programming projects centralized so I can switch being programming on my desktop to my laptop on the fly.

Mkay. You might want to try and copy acpi.sys from a working computer so you can replace it on yours. Sometimes that will do the trick.

guy from last thread who was worried about thermal paste amount

I finished the system and it went past BIOS but when I looked at the temp gauge it said 43C

did I fuck something up?

If ever I could, I'll do it from safe mode? How do I it? A flashdrive?

If I wanted to make a new Gmail account, how could I keep my purchased apps on my phone while still making my new Gmail the default one? Or can I not do that?

What do I do with my outdated computer books?

Does someone know a android app that works like jdownloader and downloads all pics from a link in full res not only thumbnails? Tumblr Panda etc.

If you could get into safe mode, you could probably just run that sfc /scannow command, or do a simple system restore. To copy the file manually you would need to make a flash drive with a bootable OS on it, like ubuntu or windows PE.

I have an old DVR that I want to replace with HD, but I want to save some the videos. What kind of capture card should I get?


i know computer shit but not networking tb.h

i have 3 computers connected to a gigabit switch and switch is connected 100mb router then the router is connected to isp router bridge mode.

if i copy files from pc1 to pc2 will internet in pc3 slow down?

Just use two accounts at once. It doesn't really matter. It will let you choose which account you're signing in with on an app-by-app basis.

You've been at it now for like 4 threads. What you're after probably doesn't exist, and if it does we don't know what it is. Give it a rest already.

Are there any actual noise measurements of the stock cooler for the i5-6500?

My dad is going to be stopping by with a bunch of spare CPU coolers, but I don't know if any of them are actually noticeably quieter than the stock.

ok noted, thanks!

yeah shitpost with Lynx

Nothing in your network is going to go faster than 100mbps, and if you're copying files at that speed it could potentially slow down a fast internet connection.

Is there such an animal as a USB->RCA Stereo converter that will play nice with Linux? The 3.5mm jack on my laptop is kinda' dodgy.

Why would it slow down if data is only being passed through the switch and not the router? Assuming it isn't being bottle necked by cable bandwidth.

E-H app is only showing me pic related but when I open a link with the app it works. (Shows content and can download it.) What is happening and how can I fix it?

>so no f.lux

Is there something better than redshift, where I can tell it when's night time?

you can tell redshift when it's night time.

Oh wow I feel stupid for not finding that out. Thanks

please respond

I tried booting up the OS disc I'm using to see if I can get it to do anything else and it moved down to ~26 now. That's safe right?

How? I can only enable or disable.

Does windslic injector fuck up the mobo at all? Or am I good just replacing the HDD?

Scratch previous question. Looks like what I want is a USB DAC that plays nice with Linux. What are my options?

All devices on the network need the help of the gateway(router) to communicate with each other. It's common to have the network become glitchy and unreliable when you nest a gigabit switch under a 10/100 router. But YMMV

Oh it doesn't download it shows the preview page and breaks when I try to read or download.

What's a good, free, registration free, always on antivirus? Malwarebytes doesn't do active protection unless you buy premium and avast requires registration now. The AV is for my father and I want to safe the hassle of him registering(he's very non-tech)

Why windows 10 doesn't see the tags on my music files? Every program sees them (namely vlc a nd mp3tag)

how to build clover apk

I got an apk which gives me a parsing error

Nobody got any info on this East Asian company?

I can't record video for one of my apps. This is on android 5, with an unrooted htc one and az screen recorder.

I'm pretty sure it's due to the app not letting me, but how do I get around it? Could I just delete the bit inhibiting recording and recompile? Or is there an ez way?

What is a good bluetooth speaker I could get for around 30-50 USD?

Try avira m8.

Just get the apk directly off fdroid and it should work.

that's no fun

I'm in it more for the battery life since 22 hours minus reality sounds fucking insane.

Can a faulty HDD be the cause of my computer randomly 'losing power' and restarting? I've had this problem occurring randomly for over a year now and the only clue that I have right now is that it happened again after a long time while I was copying shit from the HDD to the external.
Lately it's been acting really fucking slow
caviar blue, just kill me

deep, very deep trust me...

My mom sent me something from Pinterest but it is just like a thumbnail. Do I need to sign in or something?

Try to force the error with crystal disk Mark.

What is Cred Forums's recommended SD card recovery tool? I've been trying to use recuva but it keeps saying it can't find the file specified. Some shitty alternatives can read the files but have limits of 1 GB or bullshit like that.

Don't use Pinterest. It's awful trash. And more importantly, don't make an account. There are browser add-ons that allow you to bypass it such as behind the overlay or whatever it's called. Google it.

you should employable or be capable of damage wth the knowlege u have

Depending on file size and privacy

encrypt the backup and upload to google drive (15GB free)


i5s are good enough for gaming these days, right?

anyone know the login for the installgentoo ftp server?


feel free to end yourself

i don't think that will solve my tag problem

would a gaymen headset mic work through a 3.5mm splitter cable? i.e headset plugged into cable, which is plugged into PS4 controller.

How do I get rid of this faggot shit so I can finally have cool wallpapers?

I was browsing some porn and a tab opened with a fake microsoft website with a popup window that prevented me for closing or switching tabs. Also there was a microsoft sam audio playing "you have been infected with a virus".

I alt-f4ed immediately. Is there something else I can do other than reformat my harddrive? Reinstalling everything is going to take the whole day so I really don't feel like it. Running an anti-virus isn't going to cut it isn't it?

did you try getting a genuine copy of Windows?

daz loader

reinstall it properly with wad removal

I just copped a sansaclip+ refurbished on ebay.
It only has 2.5 hours of battery life. Should I return it or do I solder on a stronger battery?

PSU started making clicky-like noises

outwervision power supply calc:

Load Wattage: 389 W
Recommended PSU Wattage: 439 W

That means an 450W would be acceptable?
or should i play it safe and 600W that bitch?

>daily in the life of a wincuck

No need to go that much overboard. 500W is enough. 450 is imo too close to comfort, you might run into issues after few years if the PSU loses some watts to aging.

install gentoo

>Download Firefox because Palemoon never gets updated
>Won't let me install https finder
>Turn off signatures in about:config
>Still won't let me install https finder

Whats the method now?

Making a PKGBUILD.
Repo is from mercurial.(firefox-nightly)
I have hg+ in the source setting, but when do i actually compile it? Do i need to add hg clone during prepare function? And follow it up with ./mach build in the build function? Im not getting how it will continue to process since its going to take such a long time to downlod source, as well as compile it. I also couldnt get the name of the folder to cd in to(mozilla-central is what gets cloned)

>tfw I have "student version" or some stupid shit like that
>it's genuine windows that I got for free from school, just has more features than home edition
Luckily it's my laptop, otherwise I'd be pretty pissed about that watermark.

https everywhere

But that's not what I asked, I used to be able to use both together

i got a GA-B150M-DS3H motherboard
and i got 3200mhz ram ddr4 as a combo

but this motherboard supports up to 2133...
will it work?
how fucked up am i?

It'll just run at lower frequency. So you wasted some money but it's not a huge deal. You might be able to reuse it later when you get a new motherboard for a new processor.

And now you cant, because of firefox fucking up the extension support

plz respond

usually, although depends on what sort of rendering you're expecting
ask on irc

Yes. You wont even notice i7 on most games.

thx user
fun fact , it was listed as a combo...

Video drivers fail very often. Specifically they fail any time I attempt to play Overwatch.

Is this a sign of bad drivers, somwthing wrong with OW, or something else? Also, when my card arrived it was already out of shrink wrap. But it worked great until I downloaded drivers 372.70.

Yes. Very, very few games on their own will benefit from an i7.
Whether an i5 is enough for you depends on what you do aside from playing video games.

Try an older or newer driver.

an i5 will normally give you 99.8-100% of the performance of a comparable i7 in most games, except in shit like cities skylines and stuff thats super cpu intensive, where the i5 will still do great, but the i7 will maybe do 10% better

Starting from scratch, what information would I need to learn in order to write a simple program that automatically posts single images from a folder to imgur every day?

It's pretty much same as 550+ W PSU's: Most people dont need them but they're convinced that higher number is better. Memory manufacturers just roll with this to sell more expensive sticks to people.

Try uninstalling the new drivers and downloading the old ones. It might be a sign of a damaged card but most likely seems like a rare driver, hardware & game combination that is causing the issues. Might get fixed in the next release, keep monitoring for that.


My w-key on my keyboard (Logitech G15) hangs on occasions (i.e. during gaming when I keep it pressed for a while). Is this fixable?

>bottom right corner

pop the key off and clean it

I'm thinking about getting my nephew a peesee, and I was wondering if an i3 6100 would bottleneck a GTX 1060. I was thinking about saving more money and getting a 960, but the 960 does run laps around it for just a marginal increase in price. An i5, even the cheapest one, I feel would be too much for said GPU.

Two most likely reasons
>it is dirty -> clean the key, might as well clean the whole thing while you're there
>you've worn out the rubber dome underneath -> time to buy a new one

Do your nephew a favor and get him an i5

Got it. He did want to play MOINEY CRAFTA, which is legendarily CPU bound, so it should help.

How do I add space between tiles in awesome?

I can't tell if people who give a shit about functional programming are retarded, or if I'm retarded for not realizing why I should give a shit about it.

Well, I've tried cleaning the key, and swapping it with another less worn-out key, without any results. So I guess it's probably reason 2. I don't suppose there's anything I can do to fix the rubber dome?

Or could I potentially use the rubber-thingy from one of the other keys?

Technically speaking you could, but it's not worth the effort. Just get a new mechanical keyboard.

hey guys who exactly are these people looking for? could i do this? does it look like they are just looking for an IT guy? (indian means native american here)


2+ yrs college study in Computer Science or equivalent. Windows Server and Desktop Platforms certified. 2+ yrs
IT experience with LAN technologies including multiple network operating systems and protocols. Experience with sophisticated audio visual systems a plus.


Depends on what you're running, but an i3 is good enough for most games. i5 would give an benefit but it's usually not worth it on cheapskate builds since you'd have to sacrifice performance elsewhere.

Never done anything fully functional but lambdas are pretty cool. You'll save huge amounts of boilderplate code for simple things.

Nah, you wont find replacement parts and the whole process is a pain in the ass. If you're using rubber dome keyboards you'll just have to accept the fact that they'll eventually break under heavy use. Either keep buying new ones or get a mechanical keyboard.

how can i look at the moe archive dumps

I've got a redmeme with an unlocked boot loader
I've tried flashing CM13 & Resurrection Remix but both have gotten stuck at the boot animation
I plugged it in last night & it ran the CM 13 animation the the whole time

What did I do wrong?

TPB has a "USE A VPN" notice when I open it.
I can't seem to find a quick free vpn I can just use for it and I'm wondering if there's even been any issues with just not using a vpn in the first place.
What do?

Seasonic S12G-550 550W should do it i guess.
i'll pick it up tomorrow

Can anybody give me some advice on buying a used computer?

I'm on a tight budget but I have modest requirements

> use the internet
> watch gay cuck porn
but also,
> record an XLR mic

Could I just buy some dirt cheep Core 2 Duo PC and get some special sound card for it? How do I know if it would have space for a sound card that does that before I buy it?

Use WTfast or Mudfish.

How do I get Direct3D 9ex? My PC doesnt have it, wat do?


What programs should I use to stress test and benchmark my gpu and cpu on windows ? Trying to make sure everything is up to par here...

nope, it happened once again before I ran a test.
Gonna run another one, I can feel like lag like shit exactly the same way it lags randomly when I notice it

Does anyone know how to get CNN go working on Linux? got the lateset chrome version and everything.


what about it?

By downloading and installing it from Microsoft's website.
Or by installing the version of DX9 that comes bundled with your software.

how do i get system 32 back


furmark and prime95 or intelburntest

Using QTTabBar lags the system?

What am i supposed to search in the microsoft page? Any link?

That requires a sacrifice of your balls

Factory Reset.

Or install gentoo.

I figure this is as good a place to ask as anyone since using Chrome is a stupid question in and of itself. Has anyone else who uses Chrome for any reason noticed it's been extra flaky about retaining a site since one of its more recent updates?
I keep a few tabs open all of the time, but I find coming back to them after an hour or two that the page is blanked out, and auto-refreshes upon visiting it. This behavior was never present before. Additionally, opening images will sometimes result in the image briefly showing, and then the image blanking out to a white screen until a refresh. Also never happened until recently. Only began occurring after the v53 update a few weeks ago.

Is this book any good at learning generalized programming?

Should I have casual gay sex instead of masturbating with a Hitachi?

Yes. But make sure to wear a condom. Pic related.


This would only be true if he needed a routed hop to get from the devices to eachother.
So if you had one device on and another on 1.0/24 and the last on 2.0/24. But if if you keep them all on the same network segment it will not pass thru the router.

you could ask them. It probably means basic network bullshit.

Any one know any good car stereos?

are soundcards really worth it? I have great speakers, will I hear a difference?

No. Soundcards are really only useful if you're doing like, mega surround sound systems.

Question about the front audio ports on my desktop. If I plug in headphones to the headphone jack, audio plays to the headphones but with a lot of static. Realtek control panel can also configure it as its own headphone audio stream while my speakers can play different audio. If I plug in headphones to the microphone port, I can set it in the control panel as headphones, and it'll playback clean speaker audio.

Why would one port be full of noise while the other has none?

could be a few things. The wire itself could be damaged going to the headphone port. Have you opened the case and inspected it?

but why are there 200$ soundcards with regular stereo output?

Something like a cheap Xonar will be noticably better than most onboard audio if outputting to better than
"computer speakers".

Perhaps. The wires for the front audio are all bundled up in a sleeve short of the plug. The portion I can see appear to be fine.

Because some idiot who doesn't know better will buy cause he thinks it'll make his 40 dollar Radio Shack headphones sound better.

btw im a girl

Recently caved in and updated to Firefox 8.0.2

Can't help but notice it's clearly using QT instead of GTK now. Any know the reason?

Fluorescent lights need a spike of voltage to turn on, when the gas heats up inside the tube the resistance goes down.
Any other time it's negligible

it's always the same: some say yes, some say no

should i still my logitech g35 headset and get a hyper x cloud ii, or something similar with a 3.5 mm jack?

>Install new RAM in server (same model as the modules already installed)
>boots into post bios
>get windows splash screen
>reboots automatic
already tried to boot from a clean image of hyper v to see what happens but nothing same error windows logo and reboot
tried the modules separate but no change

any ideas?


Half a minute for fluorescent lights, a fraction of a second for most others.

update on this.
Since I'm doing a full wipe I was going to backup lots of shit, transfer around between HDDs and such.

I have an old (ancient, like 6 years power on time) seagate drive that I was gonna use. Currently it was used for my linux distro.
I just went on to format it so I can use it to store all the shit I need to transfer.
After formatting, the PC restarted again and I noticed that the drive wasn't visible, not even in the partition manager.
I guess it died and I guess it's what's been fucking me for 2 years now. I should've taken note of the "warning" sign on crystaldiskinfo kek

Oh and another question.
If I have a 1TB drive, is it better to split it up on multiple partition to increase performance? I know that it theoretically makes sense based on how the HDD looks up data and I read somewhere that it's optimal to make one partition around 25% of the total HDD space.

>another restart
tbqh I just want to die, this has been going on for 2 years

No one else made it so...

How can I learn more about networking and protocols?
How can I study and learn from the connections on my home network?
Where can I find online materials to learn these things?

browsing modern websites won't be too comfortable with 128M ram
machines like that are only really good now for playing old games on
a 733MHz P3 with 128M ram was pretty standard in 2000, provided it has a 3D accellerator it'll comfortably run games up to around that time (half-life, quake3, unreal tournament, soldier of fortune 2, etc) and a little later with a touch more ram (256-512M) and a reasonable gpu (radeon R300, geforce4/FX), it run games up to around the mid-2000's (freelancer, FEAR, unreal tournament 2004, half-life 2)

Your current location, in degrees, given as floating point num‐
bers, towards north and east, with negative numbers representing
south and west, respectively.

this needs to be set to your location for it to know when night and day is