My brother got ran over while playing pokemon go and I inherited his iPhone...

My brother got ran over while playing pokemon go and I inherited his iPhone. How can I unlock it without knowing his password?

hahahahahah holly shit link to news article?

me on the left

Give it back Tyrone. It's bad enough that you'd drive over your own brother but to do it for the purpose of stealing his phone? That's utterly despicable.

Can't you just scan his brain with one of those helmet things?

Because locked iPhones don't work that way.

no that's me

Give it back Jamal

>How can I unlock it without knowing his password?
You can't. It's now just a chunk of aluminum and glass. Just resell it for parts... or go and try to con some of those online places that buy used iphones.

Nice try Jamal. I got to admit, you're getting a bit clever.


Give it back, Asuka.

Tyrone back at it again

Jamal, I love our daily conversations, but give it back.

We already know you stole it. No need to come up with a fake story Tyrone

Sounds like a tech support issue to me, off you go, faggot.

Usb cable, itunes installed and google factory reset without password. Easy as fuck, will lose all nudes and cp inside, but you will at least acquire working overprised chink shit phone.

Tyrone trying to be a jew, fires back just like the cops when they see you.

Does it have a fingerprint Sensor?
Do you still have his Finger?


fuck off

This is brilliant. Just cut his finger, or go to his corpse.

If that's really the case i'm sure Apple will help you out

Me on the very left


contact apple and tell then what happened, provide some proof and they'll unlock it for you.

If your story is correct that is, if you're just a thieving nigger gtfo


nice try, Jamal

I think if you put it in DFU you can wipe it and use it as your own. Not 100% sure on that though.

nope, on boot all iPhones now phone home and ask for the last account that the phone used.

Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Whoops

Cringy shit.

>the brown woman doesn't give a fuck and minds her business
>the white woman looks like a weak-kneed anxious cunt, gonna start crying any moment

Are we inferior as a race after all?

Don't steal phones then.

>few years ago
>at university
>go to take a piss at urinal
>runny nose, go to stall to get tp to blow nose
>iphone 5s sitting on tp roll box [bear in mind, this was ~1 month after their release]
>"sweet", grab it and go to class
>10-20 mins later, phone becomes locked, email and contact information display
>email guy, he keeps wanting to meet on his terms, doesn't even say please or any kind of appreciation
>turns out he's a prof at the university
>meet up, give him his phone
>he gives me a "thanks" as he's walking away
>no reward, no repayment, no appreciation
I wish I had just sold it for $100 to a pawn shop or some gangbanger

Impossible to crack an iphone. I lold. Those things have been cracked so many times its not even funny. In fact once you get into an iphone the operating system has almost no security.