What can I do with an old Moto G 2013, Cred Forums?

What can I do with an old Moto G 2013, Cred Forums?

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Make phone calls?

No. I have another phone, and I was thinking I can do some le3t haxxing with it.

lol wut my daily use is moto g

What do you do with it? I'm quite curious.

MP3 player? Maybe just keep around as a back up. If you already have a better phone, just do everything on there.

It would be quite retarded to have two phones as daily use. I use my main phone for normie-ish apps, but I was thinking I could do something else with that.

give it to me

i would use mostly for music i guess, if you already have a main phone just use it for save battery

Another daily user here, just flashed CM14 with Nougat, everything werks, i mainly browse Cred Forums and reddit, text/phone calls, not the smoothest experience but it werks.

>still using a 2013 Moto G as my daily phone
>only make calls, text and occasionally check a map or phone number

Am I missing out on the 1337 new appz?

um, doorstop?

Any bugs? how's battery? im on CM13 snapshat atm, everything works but muh bleeding edge.

I was using the snapshot too before CM14, I've been testing it only for a couple of hours, no bugs so far (no bugs reported in the thread also), still don't know about battery.

Tfw poorfag


sell me the LCD so i can replace the broken one on mine.

My MotoG got horribly slow after a year.
Now got a MotoX 2014 and it's the nicest upgrades I could wish for

It doesn't seem to be an actual OS, but just an app.
Pretty much what Ubuntu did a while back.

Put CyanogenMod on it and rock it like a brand new phone

not much, probably some games need 1337 gpu specks/need gyroscope.

snapchat, wa, maps, text, insta ,and browse but rarely use for call.

Torrent machine

>torrent machine
>8gb rom (5,5 really) with no sd slot
that's not the best idea, user

USB host.

Emulate GBA games.