How do i make it work Cred Forums?

How do i make it work Cred Forums?

Dumping a couple pics

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Damn that first pic is low on uality. Sorry my bad

Need a clearer picture but from what I can see is there's something wrong with the floppy disk drive and the CMOS battery.

What is not working?

This is the normal bootscreen that asks you if you want to start windows normally or not. Languange is mine

Sounds about right

Put a new battery in, disable floppy in BIOS

Or just press F1 to skip everytime

Shows that everytime Windows crashed or didn't properly start

Here are the pics i took. Basically it just gets stuck on this dot while trying to boot up. I honestly have no idea what is the problem because i have not looked into it enough. brb getting a better picture of the first one


Download Puppy Tahr i686 and write it to a floppy and use that

Does it boot in safe mode?

Your best bet would be to do a backup now (boot a Linux Live CD, or attach HDD to one of those USB adapters) and then try XP repair installation, or just reinstall

The installation is broken

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This time the disk failed. Sometimes it works, no idea how

Whatever man, this is different. That thing is dope.

Gotta get it working

Okay, hit DEL and disable the floppy.

Is there a floppy still in the drive?

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okay so just by disabling the floppy i got windows to boot. However it got stuck in the loading screen for windows and then just crashed and tried to start a new one. It did this many times but it wasn't working.

Other than obvious "disable floppy" how about some pics of bios screens (the screens that are blue that let you modify computer settings)?

ill get on it soon

Duron 800

OH MY GOD thats my second PC... Boy was I poor as fuck I had to buy a Duron instead of a Pentium III or Athlon...

The disk that windows is installed to is probably "dead". You could try reviving it via a Secure Erase command and force all the bits to reset to 0. Obvious data loss is imminent. To confirm try and boot from a linux live-cd.

Was it used a lot.

That HDD should be dead by ever standard.

You best bet is to get an IDE to Flash adapter and just buy a 64 GB Flashcard...

Do the same for floppy with a floppy drive emulator that uses USB drives.

It probably turn off wrongly. Just boot it up in safe mode, them restart. It will work as intended.

I made a photo album of things. I'm recording the advice you have given and will try it later. For now here is the complete information on this thing, made on imgur because it's a lot faster


I don't know if you are still here but here is a second computer that also doesn't work. I will continue tinkering with these and hopefully get both to work allthough i'm happy with just one working.

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user, I'm disappoint.

It worked.
I'm going to sell them on eBay for $1k. thanks guys

you won't get that much for it when there are other listings of the same thing for less than $100 people throw those away

Maybe if you sit on it for another 20 years when there's none around you may get lucky