How has torrented survived still, it's still going strong even after massive takedowns? Is it just too big to fail?

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>pirating 480p 600MB divx rips over plaintext in 2016


It's still the best way to spread files.

New movies+tv+porn:rarbg
Old movies+old TV+music=rutracker

>use ssl


idk i've used tpb for years (mainly for porn) and I've never had an issue

>muh games???

lol i used that shit for everything. zero problems, except some torrents dont even work or im retarded and dont install it right, but ya 90% of the time it works fine.


>land of the freedumbs
Feels good to live in a country that doesn't give a fuck about what you torrent.

Mein negger

there is literally no reason to pirate movies and music anymore, thanks to cheap streaming services

if you don't give a shit about quality, sure

>thanks to cheap streaming services
cheap != free

Why pay when you can get it for free (and at a better quality too).

So which Client is the best to use right now?

>DDL with garbage hosts

Whatever makes you happy

Because the act of torrenting itself isn't illegal, you fucking lobsterbrain. It's just another way to share files across multiple computers. I can make a torrent right now for anything I make and spread it via the protocol. I won't even appear on the radar.

Only if you enjoy giving money to jews

Could someone explain torrenting over streaming please.

Only things I torrent (if that means download) are really specific porn movies which could easily get taken down, stuff like music is downloaded from youtube, films/shows streamed on something like putlocker and games bought from steam. I don't get what all the fuss is about if streaming still works.

Streaming quality is shit.

You basically need a constant internet connection to be able to even access your music. Quality isn't always great, meaning that not every steaming service has 320 kbps MP3s, which is something you'd expect from a music streaming you're paying for. I don't believe that every streaming service has many non commercial music though.

Has a lot of*

Torrents can't be taken down by their very design. But sure it's very annoying that tracker sites get taken down though.

All the PIRACY IS OVER articles are clickbait. Improvements in game DRM is a real problem though.

>pls make yourself reliant on us goyim

nothing wrong with using them for convenience, but if you're already one click away from making a copy you're giving up freedoms

Ah ok, that makes sense. Cheers for replying, I always thought it was in case the movie/music somehow got wiped of the internet.

Well, movies and music being taken down is definitely a possibility, even more so than ever before.

Just use youtube to mp3 nigger

well I'm not hoarding for the end days, but why would I download everything over and over again? if you have a file you can re-watch / relisten easily

absolutely pleb

next you're going to tell us to rip pornhub videos

But people say irc is better, but it sounds like shit the way you described it.

not recording them from the radio

>Watching Porn

Get your direct download shit out of here you fucking cancer

also public trackers aren't really trackers, they now are used to index shit. Public torrents are tracked by DHT and extra open trackers are added bonus. When an index site like kat is taken nothing happens to existing p2p torrent swarm, most public indexes share the same swarms for content because same torrent with identical magnet hash submitted to multiple sites.

Private trackers are another matter they both index and track, private torrents are not tracked by DHT so if the private tracker is taken down the swarm is mostly dead.

>Improvements in game DRM is a real problem though.
Watch how they sell less(less profit growth) because of it.
My reaction to the denuvo DRM was just to do something else instead of playing their shitty games.

>How has torrented survived still, it's still going strong even after massive takedowns? Is it just too big to fail?
It's distributed. And anyone with even a half decent connection can set up a tracker.
Also piratebay mirrors can be set up in less than 30 min

What's the best source for audiobooks?

Free is still cheaper than cheap.
Streams are usually worse quality.
Streaming media can be taken away from you.

Piracy remains the superior option for the end user.

If the industry started selling ease of access, quality and EVERYTHING(not limited content so i have to have 10 different subscriptions to access certains music/movies) people would drop piracy so fast you wouldn't believe it, for the right price. As it is they're retarded.


> proprietary
> limited choice
> no privacy
> will disappear when they lose rights or go bankrupt

streaming = ultimate digital cuckolding

The thing is it seems most torrents dont.

They have 720p, 1080p, or 4k resolution offerings, and 720p will have the most downloads. Every fucking time. They shouldn't even offer anything besides 4k unless there is no 4k version available.

>music from YouTube
>it's a Chad hooks his 64k bit rate mp3s to the aux episode


streaming services are so retarded that people who work under the law manage to make a better quality of service than the legal assholes who geoblock, can't be bothered in making subtitles, shows are streamable 1 year after release in the USA, fuck them. Streaming services are only good for the US.


The demand for pirated shit is growing, fast. The fact that 10-bit HEVC can compress chinese cartoon episodes to ~100MB a piece and leave it with relatively high quality doesn't help either.

To top it all off magnet hosting websites just keep popping up left and right and everyone struggles to get in the gold rush (hosts, advertisers).

Anyway piracy isn't going anywhere and trying to enforce anti-piracy laws hasn't done jack shit to curb piracy.

Asssuming you live in America and get first hand access to all the good shit being released. Most of American TV that is worth watching never make it to for example European streaming services because of copyright issues. If you want the latest episode of Game of Thrones, the only way to get it within a year in places like Australia is through piracy.


Which torrent client is better for a headless FreeBSD NAS box: rTorrent, Transmission, or something else and why?

Pic unrelated

where the fuck do I go to find a soundtrack that isn't even on rutracker

pic related or alternatively waste tons of time to find a super sikret way to do it

>Made in 2010

Jesus Christ I was underage back then. I have this picture too

There's no way this works now

Help understanding the protocol for trackerless torrents

When creating one, how do the first peer find what you a seeding?, DHT will send it to a peer block that the hash dictates ought to have that torrent file. But the actual content you want to transfer is only available to you, the original seeder, how can the new peers find you unless you put your own stable IP adress on the torrent without a public tracker?

Once you have some peers I guess PEX can be used to grow the swarm, you still need a initial group of people sharing

>YIFI or RARBG releases
>1080p, 2GB size
>shit quality
But everybody clicks...
>does everybody uses a potato to see movies?

ed2K did it first and did it better

>high quality
My sides

Streaming services usually cost around $10-$15 a month and have really inconsistent libraries.

>Watch how they sell less(less profit growth) because of it.

Most of the recent hard to crack games were HUGE sellers, though. For example, DOOM took ages to crack, and it sold millions in the interim.

but I don't think the CDs are even sold anymore, it's pretty old and not very noteworthy for the most part and there's only like one or two tracks I want it for

Have you tried Soulseek?


What hot garbage is this?

well I found mp3s which is more than anything I've ever found

probably never find direct CD rips, thanks

Music yes movies no.

and it's not even 320 kbps
oh well

>muh 4k
Why would I want to waste an entire day or more downloading a movie when the difference won't even be noticeable on my screen? Why would I spend money on a new laptop with a screen that will kill battery life?

I was skeptical of 4K until I watched 4K porn.

so if the files are stuck under 'queued' does it mean the person that has them is offline or what

>Why would I want to invest in a technology that doesn't fit my personal and wholly specific use case?

It's like telling someone in Canada not to buy a winter coat because you live in Arizona.

mods delete this

>not using google

You'd be surprised. x265 version 2.0+58 is pretty much 50% better compression efficiency over x264 version 0.148.2705. I did a couple of encoding tests with animu and films and the x265 encoder always gave similar quality for half the bitrate.

You can see for yourself, just replace the stock x264 and x265 encoders in meGUI with the latest ones from:

We also had a thread a few months back about H264 vs HEVC and OP posted files containing video files and different bitrates to compare.

this method now mostly returns spam / malware

Welcome to Cred Forums, where no one can understand that other people aren't them.

Not really...

Okay real talk. How long until IPFS is viable?

Why? Do you have some ancient hardware player? There's other lossy formats that are better in every way.

Wait, DOOM (new one) got cracked? Source?

hey dipshit, brush up on your reading comprehension
I said I found mp3s, not that I wanted mp3s, you fucktard
can't even download them anyways, it's stuck in 'queued'

have you tried to download the mp3s from those? it's going to ask you to download a .exe or some other crap

Since September 7th, according to BCG.

I prefer the sweet lossless sound of FLAC audio files over youtube rips. Also it's nice to not depend on an internet connection.

>a day to download a 4K movie

You should really migrate in a first world country. I'm getting 100Mbps for 28€/month and it's not even a decent offer but i'm too lazy to change provider

>for the right price

too low, publishers want profits not barely paying their expenses if at all

you pirate fags aren't gonna pay, no, but there's enough idiots out there who do

Because the actual torrents never really gets taken down?

shouldn't be but I haven't used the program in ages
also if you start download and then just leave/cancel the user you picked from might ban you
>soulseek laws

>how can the new peers find you unless you put your own stable IP adress on the torrent without a public tracker?

they lookup the peer block the same way you do
only difference is you insert your IP address
peers read your IP address

They have to be connected to the DHT for this to work - the publisher of the clients has a central server to make it easy to make first connections

the guide is from 2010


yeah I like tpb to

> is not down
>torrent are finished
wtf mate! anime, manga, jav are life, you don't need anything else desu.

I get a tangible sense of satisfaction pirating because I know how jews are. The thought of a goy downloading his shekels makes him absolutely furious and sends him into a frenzy. It's a fire burning in his brain 24/7. I know how jews are , they are constantly monitoring these torrents and desperately trying to get them shut down , they do the same thing with even youtube. They don't even need to do it, they have some automation and paid goyim doing it but they still do it anyway. It's just a characteristic of the jew

This is the truest truth. Prioritizing ease and getting rid of artificial scarcity and arbitrary region control? I would pay at least as much for that alone as the mid to top tier cable bundle available to me. Conversely, I perceive no value in that crap cable package as it is, so I don't subscribe to anything save for the minimum streaming services to keep my wife and kids entertained.

Tl;dr: I would pay more than I currently spend on media right now for an easy, regionless media streaming service.

>Watch how they sell less(less profit growth) because of it.

This pirate delusion every fucking time