Do you encrypt your phone, Cred Forums?

Do you encrypt your phone, Cred Forums?

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No, I have nothing to hide.

I did, yeah. Mostly because the option was there when I installed CyanogenMod, but also because I'm a filthy terrorist doing terrorism things terroristically.

Yes. I store passwords and shit on it.

I haven't because I read that you have to enter the full password every time you want to get past the standby screen.

Not sure if that is still the case today.

It's on by default for ages, so yes.

There should be some app that allow to set a screen lock pin different from the FDE password.
Another option is buy a phone with a fingerprint scanner (hoping that it is well implemented and can't be used to force the phone).

Well, encryption would be worthless if someone can just unlock your phone just by pressing the unlock/sleep button. But you can configure it so it doesn't ask you for the passcode if you unlocked your phone recently, etc.

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S5. And the fingerprint scanner is a bit questionable. The scanner requires all kinds of permissions it shouldn't ask for. And it doesn't always recognize my fingerprints easily (especially when I washed my hands a lot).

You can change it with "Cryptfs password" from FDroid. It will help if device hardware keys are compromised

But for unknown reason there is no way to remove a failed attempt timeout and just silently reboot the device or remove warning that device is encrypted.

Dont use fingerprint scanner. 5th amendment do not include fingerprints and you can be easily forced to "voluntarily" use it.

Yes, I was referring to that app, just didn't remember the name.
I am not from USA and where I live I don't think I can be forced to hand over my password/fingerprint.

>Do you encrypt your phone, Cred Forums?

It's mandatory on iPhone.

I have mine encrypted but i type in the password only when i turn it on. If i know i am in an unsafe environment i have a button to enable the standard lockscreen asking for password every time i wanna unlock the phone. I think its pretty convenient

I'm not sure it's even possible on my phone. I have an S5 though (Resurrection remix ROM).

I have my phone encrypted. I also have it set to use my fingerprint to unlock.

Meaning if my phone is already on I can get through the lockscreen with just my thumbprint. However, when the phone is turned on after being fully off it will ask for the system password, this is before it even boots up the android OS. So no fingerprint will work to bypass this step.

Essentially once my phone is off, or has been told to restart, it isn't turning back on without my 24 character password.

There is no performance impact either as long as your device is fairly recent and your SoC has AES acceleration.

Which phone do you have?

Does anyone know which phones support encryption and if the S5 supports it?

I think the stock S5 ROM you can, but it will impact performance I think the S6 was the first samsung phone to be able to be encrypted without having a decent performance penalty.

Encryption is performed at software level, it can be made faster if the SOC supports specific instructions but it's all software.
Use a decent ROM and it will be possible to encrypt your S5.

Of course. My laptop and desktop are encrypted as well.

What kind of idiot do you take me for? Next hardware upgrade I do, I'll have all the contents on my NAS equipped as well (current one doesn't have HWA AES-NI).

What's the point when your phone is gonna be on 99% of the time and you never shut it off?

>software encryption


>Implying I have a phone
>Implying I use modern technology

At least LG phones support it. I've got a V10 and G4 should be the same.