Linux randomly freezes... Windows works OK. By freeze I mean, can't even move the mouse cursor

Linux randomly freezes... Windows works OK. By freeze I mean, can't even move the mouse cursor.

I'm puzzled by this... never happened to me before. I did a memory test and drive tests but they seem fine.

I read on Ubuntu forums that mostly total freezes happen either due to 1) disk malfunctioning; 2) graphic drivers

how can I diagnose this further? I checked Xlog and dmesg but I can't see anything in the logs

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I had that because of my graphic card's drivers. Whenever I'd change my background image the entire GUI would freeze, even though the computer seemed fine.

All I did was reinstall the Nvidia drivers for Linux, selected them and then it went away.

I'm using proprietary drivers... I'll try to change to the free one and see if it still hpapens
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I had this problem using Debian.
Free drivers ran hot and loud.
Free drivers using non-free binary firmware often froze. Couldn't exit the freeze, keyboard wouldn't work.
Proprietary drivers would report errors every time I entered lock screen and would take ~5 seconds to unlock.
I just went back to opensuse where i don't know what the heck it's using and just worked however it installed.

This happened to me because linux was installed on the very end of the disk which apparently was faulty compared to the beginning of the disk, where windows was. That's most likely your problem, not graphics

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I'm getting random freezing issues all the time. To prevent my computer from crashing on startup, I have to do xinit first (less likely to crash than xfce) then run amdoverdrivectrl to clock down the graphics card, shut down the x server then I can start xfce. I could use aticonfig to do the clocking instead but that wouldn't solve anything since you can't change the clock without running the xserver, I might as well use the GUI tool.

Anyway getting a new video card probably isn't a bad idea.

Should I try OpenSUSE ?

How can I fix it?

I basically have 2 SSDs... I installed Linux on a separate SSD and told the installer to use the whole drive

OP here. I think the problem could be that I once installed the OS under UEFI boot and then I turned it off and now it's all fucked, it's strange when I boot it offers me 4 choices , 2 distros that don't even exist anymore on my system

How can I fix the messy partition situation

This. Nvidia usually has a lot of problems on Linux.

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I like it because I'm a complete novice and it holds my hand but it might be a bit of a drastic move.

You use Tumbleweed or Leap?

13.2 still, I haven't upgraded cause it just werks

Are you on a skylake cpu?

Not OP but I have random freezes on both linux and windows with my 6700k, thinking of RMAing it.

AMD FX 8350

NVidiia GeForce GTX 970

Disks: SanDisk & Samsung SSDs

How much ram do you have? Do you have swap?

are you monitoring your memory and cpu usage?????????????


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I have swap. 8gb ram

I max out 8GB with memory leaks and it makes the computer seem like it is freezing

monitor your god damn hardware usage

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Had the same exact problem with Windows, even a format didn't help. Installed the then fresh Ubuntu 14.04 and the problem disappeared.

I think it might had been an issue with the gfx driver (i'm still using their propriatery version on linux).

I've had this problem twice, both undiagnosable with logs.

The first time around it was caused by poorly seated RAM sticks.

The second time around it was NVIDIA drivers not playing the graphics card the way It's meant to be played.

Are you using chrome/chromium/any variation of chrome?

That always freezes any 64bit linux for me, but 32 bit works fine.

If you're using one of those browsers try switching to something else and see if the problem persists.

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