Why do you guys shill China phones?

I read storied about phones lasting 3 months before hardware comes all apart

also I got a $50 android phone. Didnt even last a day (software problem)

ALSO these china phones CANNOT be fixed (hardware wise) coz no spare parts r made for most

also the cheaper ones cannot even be fixed if you get a critical OS error

>meanwhile my Moto G2 is still fine hardware + software (android 4.4.4)

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I have a Moto G LTE first gen running CM13 without problems

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Chinese phones from reputable brands are fine.
I got a carrier locked (Optus) Alcatel phone for $59 AUD and just rang up Alcatel to unlock it for free.

Alcatel Pop 4
Quad Core 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
5" 1280x720 IPS LCD
8MP Camera + 5MP Front, LED Flash on both sides
Adreno graphics with H.264/HEVC 1080p hardware decode.
microSD Card Slot

>1gb ram :^)

its already borderline outdated

Works fine for me!™
I never had an app crash due to low RAM, and reloads aren't much of an issue. And this is me coming from a Galaxy Note 4. The 1-3 seconds saved just isn't worth it

Alcatel isn't a "chinese phone", though.

It's as chinese as I'm willing to go though. TCL is pretty fucking chink if you ask me.

All those shills for Oinktel need to fuck off though, really stinks of pajeets trying to gain some Gearbest referral points.

My redmi note 3g first gen is stuck on boot, need a new emmc, possible to fix but i have no equipment to repair it. Emmc 32gigs cost £20, you can even put 64 gigs on it.

You're right, I didn't know they were bought by chinks.

>possible to fix but i have no equipment to repair it
neighter will repair shops

on paper these china phones appear 2 b a bargain....but in reality the cheap quality shines thru

>I read storied

I swear you faggots keep inventing new brands to fuck with me

What? All my Chinese smartphones have been fine. They dont fall apart or anything like that but they are susceptible being damaged more easily than their Western counterparts.

I have owned a Ulefone Be Pro, Huawei Y300, Cubot X9, UMi Super, and Xiaomi Redmi 1s

with all that money u could OF baught an iphone 6 and get laid

Good one mate, if you think what phone you possess is responsible for your chances of getting laid then your some misguided cunt

Am about to get a Huawei P9 (just for the mono camera really) will I regret this? I wish the Japanese made phones that were sold in the UK these days beyond Sony : (

I think user means bought an iphone then paid for a whore...

Oh right fair enough.

cos it seems from their typing English is probably their second language (nice to see those kinds of people here).

I've had nothing but Xiaomeme smartphones for three years, I'm on a Mi 5 now. Had the Mi 4 and Mi 3 before that.

If you are careful with your stuff and have basic repair skills, a Chinkphone from a brand that's well known is an insane deal. I'm lucky that shipping parts from China only takes a week.

My only gripe with Chinkphones is that any accessories you might want, you have to get from the Chinks.

repair shop/service center they only knew how to replace stuff something broken whole mainboard replace, maybe softbrick they could repair it.

somehow they break itself, just be careful, some xiaomi redmi2/note 2 below can brick itself when updating to miui7/8.

I paid $112 for this China phone and it makes people with samshit phones jelly. You will get crap if you buy a $50 noname phone but quite a few of their brands are good. Also, tech still moves. There is a bog difference between current and 4-5 year old phones. Those are outdates even if the hardware works fine. With china phones you can afford to get a new one every few years and still pay much less in total.

Tinders works the same way on all phones...

based kpop taste
but that isn't a phone