To things dying-edition.

It's a weird life not having a subwoofer. Hopefully I'll get her a new heart soon.

What things have left your world recently, Cred Forums?

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The mouse wheel on the G502 is so shit, what were they thinking?

mom, coincidentally she needed a new heart too

If that's your setup OP, which monitor mount?


Logitechs wheels are the best.

I was gonna make a joke about getting her back under warranty, but I decided not to.

My condolences.

Your average table mounted 3axis arm. 40-50usd range.

My beta life, i actually miss sitting infront of my monitor everyday

>Your average table mounted 3axis arm. 40-50usd range.

Maybe your monitor is smaller than it appears. I have a 40" and most mounts don't support it's weight at 8.5kg.

i was dicking around man, i'd feel awful if my mother died, nor would i post about it on Cred Forums

thanks for not being a dick tho! :+)

>What things have left your world recently
Decent amount of sleep
Audio interface died
People who I work with and care about quit
Working less so I don't have as much money
General happiness
University is stressful man


Oh its 43". The arm doesn't quite support it when extended more than halfway.

I want it wall-mounted, but I've raped this wall enough with holes.

Aaaah you got me, user!

What sub you got?

Pray she doesn't leave you soon too.

I can't listen to music or watch movies at all..


I hate you.

>The arm doesn't quite support it when extended more than halfway.

Got any pics to show how far it comes out from the wall?

Would like to get mine back a bit further. The standard Philips stand is a bit wide.

Yamaha DXS15 950w
It's probably a little too big for under my desk but it sounds fantastic with the HS8's
Hope your sub get's the surgery she deserves ;_;


It can't go out all the way due to the cables.

But it will bend and eventually touch the table.

You got the philips 40" 4k version?
Definitely get a mount for it. If you can wall mount it do that, as close to the wall you can.

I got a reply from the workshop and it'd be around 80usd to fix it.

I'm still looking for a new one though.
But I wanna hit the real low frequencies.

Yeah, but on a 1.6x crop sensor.

>It can't go out all the way due to the cables.
>But it will bend and eventually touch the table.
>You got the philips 40" 4k version?

Yeah the 40" 4k Philips.

You could get right angle cables or adapters if you want it back further!

I can't seem to find angled connectors for displayport though.

Doubt they are v1.2 either.

>Yeah, but on a 1.6x crop sensor
Thought so :)

>I can't seem to find angled connectors for displayport though.

They seem to exist, but are rare as fuck.

Someone could jew the fuck out of this.

Did you finish your desk yourself? If so, what did you use? Looks lovely.


Just set it up like that last week when my new speaker and receiver arrived.

>Someone could jew the fuck out of this.

No they couldn't, the reason there aren't any is because there is no demand so therefore there is no supply

Whatcha censored there user?

Probably gonna cost me like 90usd total from some obscure german company.

No it's just a normal ikea karlsby kitchen top.
I should refinish it though, it's started to become spotty here and there recently.

D-dont you worry about that, user.

>What things have left your world recently, Cred Forums?
Smashed 2 of my phillips hue bulbs. Luckily I can 3D print some new diffusers, still sucks tho.


Pretty sure he has CP censored there, desu.


850 evo, the space between the mobo tray and the side panel is really small on my case so the cables ended up fucking up the connection bridge.

This looks like an acid trip. I love it.


No she's legal, I promise.

Did you manage to sort 100mbps cap issue?

Roast me

My in the works closet studio
Very jelly
Nice and clean

Let me take shrooms there pls


Get a better keyboard


Laptop is sold and gone. I'll probably never own another one.

this is an 18+ imageboard

>What things have left your world recently, Cred Forums?
the CCFL backlight in one of my old monitors went horror movie flicker mode, so they had to go. the new UP2516D are pretty great, though.

my condolences, OP. can't imagine life without the stuff below 40 Hz

reddit meme
link to ur soundcloud
very gay>
14 monitors in the same room
nice kb
hoarder type meme
your computer is about to fucking fall
acid lmao!
same shit every thread
carpet looks like shit
glass desk

>same shit every thread
yes and ?

doesn't look that great, bud

If you get secondhand gear it has already stood the test of time.

Great battlestations come with great views ;^)

tfw pragmatist



get a bulletin board


Why do you buy nothing new?

something in my life went terribly wrong

thanks senpai, i thinking something similar desu

probs get two screens like that and flip the surface to be a third, pic related

im not indian btw

Coz I can get whatever I want at a carboot sale for under a tenner.

>those dorm prison walls

it looks like you just came back from torturing someone


Mind spilling the beans on what you're watching there?

More than meets the eye.

too late user, i saw your fuckup

Trap porn?

>glass top desk
Sure would be a shame if it were to.... shatter.

Doesn't get any better than mine.

I'm looking at a pair of used subs, but shipping is really troublesome.

My work.

No, get out.



LED tape done right, 8/10
new sockfag emerges, clean environment, -1 for differently sized monitors, 7/10
Delicious four screen surround, meme hat's shit, need better lighting, 7/10
Black on black, clean tidy environment, decent monitors, nice keyboard, better have a coaster, 8/10
Underage b&, 0/10
clean station, blue yeti meme, shit camera, 6/10
Clean, Lovely ambience and great view, not sure about one bedroom apartments though, you cook where you sleep, 8/10
Jesus christ what the fuck is going on here
Bong's visible, dirty panties, no fucking clue how you actually type, Mac going to fall, cheapest speakers possible, 3/10
Tidy environment, Dirty mouse pad though, chuck it in the wash, Nice VESA mount, bad led tape, awkward lamp placement, 6/10
non-Illicit substances/10, UV colour pallet/10, help me i'm dying inside/10
Nice clean environment, nice view, you post here too often though, 7/10
Carpet looks nice to rub feet on, Nice Weighted...keyboard, looks productive, no chair though, 6/10
Led tape looks shit, sub par speakers, Nice VESA mount and clean environment though, 6/10
Clean open environment, nice audio gear, Jello of that monitor/Midi keyboard you got going on, 7/10
Well I just don't get it, that fucking apricot case, -92x10^4/10
busy student tier station, make your fucking bed though, 5/10
Big bowl of something, Nice open setup, not sure what that slanted reading desk is for, vocals, drafting? 6/10
Clean, open, wooden, What's up with that wall corner though, 5/10
O L D D O G G O, comfy station though, hope your dog stays around for a while, 8/10
Put those pointy things away man, messier than usual 7/10
Piston on the desk, email on one screen, building render on the other, rule, This what...

Not sure why it posted at 90 degrees. Re-posted and it came up fine.

Sweet toys bro, I like the middle green one top shelf, Nice monitor too, inner manchild, saw the rotation error kek, 7/10
Sysadmin at it again, What's that green dragon model? comfy but dark, 7/10

>Clean, Lovely ambience and great view, not sure about one bedroom apartments though, you cook where you sleep, 8/10

It's a 2 bed, but thanks!

Yep! Had to run a new ethernet cable from the hallway, through the wall to the living room, over the top of the kitchen cabinets and then down the wall to the switch in the cabinet. Must've been a dodgy cable the first time, which is understandable, given the distance.

G Evening / Morning.

are the feet under the speakers part of them or are those available separately?


Great setup. I love the digital piano and the design of those speakers


finally got all my record frames put up. opinions?

>Images and Words

muh nigga.

guess what ;)

shit pic didn't upload.

Your work is looking at lolis?
That's a little pervy user.

do need.

Old picture. My new setup isn't anything fancy, so i don't feel like posting a picture.

only 500 made, good luck man.

Found 4 for sale! looking at about £100 tho

yeah they're pricey, I ordered mine new. I also have a Ltd. edition Metropolis pt 2 and a blue Falling into Infinity. gonna go see then in concert this November.

>Bong's visible

>dirty panties
They're my fapping panties.

>no fucking clue how you actually type
It's not hard at all. It's not like I sit there typing for hours a day. You don't need arm support to type a Cred Forums post.

>Mac going to fall
Why do people keep saying this?

>cheapest speakers possible
That's why I have DT-880s. Besides, these speakers aren't cheap, they're just cheap as studio monitors.

See above. It's not going to fall, it's solidly on the corner of the desk. I could smack it and it wouldn't fall.

> normie metal

Nice man. Yeah I've seen them twice and they were awesome. Still haven't listened to The Astonishing though...

>What things have left your world recently, Cred Forums?
GTX 1080 crapped itsel, just got it back.

Objective 2 amplifier's right channel went kill and I don't have a multimeter to start troubleshooting. Thankfully the UR22 drives my headphones decently loud.

Motherboard thanks to my overclocking adventures. Killed the USB controller and probably something else, too.

Hayte L Xsoft? I like my Shidenkai L Xsoft more desu. Also that's FK1 right? I got the EC1-A.

you wouldn't have dirty panties if you used my cock to get off instead

it's 2112+The Wall done dream theater style.

How's the Focusrite Scarlett Solo? I've seen people here with that and I'm planning on getting it for my mic and also using it as a DAC with my Audioengine A2+

My dad left the roof and met the ground when we were working.
Messy and gey.
You arent even real fagget.
we comfy yet?
Why would I your set up is enough of a burn.

Just built the garden last weekend so most plants are just beginning to sprout.


Nice meme station

What's with the creepy dolls?

how tho

I don't know why I bother coming here anymore when every thread is the same shit. Two alright battle stations and then heaps of "lol look at my socks/feet/bong"
I don't give a fuck that you smoke pot or cock and I know no normal ass adult keeps that trash on their desktop. Nobody needs their bong or tail butt plug at the fucking ready at all times.

i like your setup and i think you are a very nice person irl

I'm gay.

>Pretty questionable person you are.
Well I'm a drug addicted anime pedophile who is a literal faggot in real life while also having several other mental illnesses...


Man werent to far apart in that sense untill I realized how terrible it is to poison your mind all day on fetishistic deviants. Letting the mind run wild on porn leads to an unhealthy sexual life.

I wouldn't know, I have the scarlett 2i2 and it's pretty fucking great.

I don't look at porn though. I mainly get lewd with other faggots online while we both look at porn. I constantly use drugs too. I'm literally always high in my free time.

P3d0t4rd needs to die

hate it or hate it, im cozy af


>no more stranger things
is that a good show? keyboard is aids though
nice soundproofing famalam. not a fan of the flooring though.
hi tart baby
rid yourself of everything in this photo and try again. bezel on the monitor seems small though.
seems so cramped?
can i come over and fuck
nice dac/peripherals choices. cables need worked though
>am i tripping
vice caps/10 but i already busted your chops for that before. find a new place to put your headphones though.
>get a better keyboard
same for you mister
nice trips. seems chill enough
>trump photo
it looks busy but i really like it because everything's sorted. nice work
that chaaaaaaaaaaaair...........
grandma can i have some candy
smoov. that vertical acer has a giant bottom though.
dog is so done with you
nice spotify display
too much meets my eye
all these different monitors
clean up famalam
nice ultrawide. seems clean.
pls no more smoke in ur bedroom
big dick tower but small dik monitors, wtf??
is this an office or a fapstation?
too many memes for me
needs some work
make me some siq beats

It's just weed senpai and when everyone else in my house smokes it inside kind of defeats the purpose of going outside to smoke a joint

>always high in free time
Hope you atleast do stuff and the internet is a mind rot wooo.
Only the most comfy memes.

yeah ik you said it's cold out or something but at least leave your room to do it, assuming your bed is in there

it's just kinda gross i guess.

I'm not a dj, I don't make siq beatz.

what are those tiny legs under your speakers called?

You couldn't even afford my keyboard

Cкaжитe пoжaлyйcтa, этo yдoбный?)))

leave this place russian devil


it's like $200 lmao
if you think Model M's are impressive you have some issues.

that fucking monitor though

I never realized how much I need it


Cпacибo мoй дpyг.)

>meme mouse
>meme keyboard
>meme headphones
>meme monitor

Ebin, simply ebin


Your laptop is a fucking dinosaur

get on the floor

>It's a weird life not having a subwoofer.
That is incredibly true, my man.
3 or 4 years without until I started to understand.

Bitches get wet from bass!! No bass means no bitches.

Your keyboard is good, by the way. Had that thing as well, but it became uncomfortable after writing a long time on it, so I got rid of it again.

ikea hobo/10

Bro those walls look exactly like mine. Are you currently in Melbourne by any chance?

What are my options for a nice modern, large desk at a reasonable price?

Kitchen Countertops and any legs you want, seems to be much cheaper unless you want it thin/light/white etc.

This looks like you literally took a photo in the 'Study' section at IKEA or those kinds of furniture stores.

Where did you get that keyboard?

It's not even a real laptop. I think he really did. Notice the reflection. Looks like a bathroom.

theres a fucking price tag on that chair

It's literally a picture he took at Ikea, that isn't a real laptop it's a prop.

stop using literally

Voting for comfiest

why did you blur out a cartoon?

He use it properly, you dip,

literally STAHP

>Start building a real battle station for the first time in my life
>Have more than enough money to throw around
>End up with cables fucking everywhere

I don't like this, Cred Forums. How do I do exterior cable management? I keep bundling cables so they don't tangle, but it looks like I have a bunch of dog turds on every fucking wire now.

They are risers for cd players etc, purely cosmetic. Got them via ebay iirc.

I can use my headphones to get some bass, but its just not the same..

And I love the keyboard, relieves wrist stress too.

Its very lewd.

>Objective 2 amplifier's right channel went kill and I don't have a multimeter to start troubleshooting
Haven't at least checked for any loose wiring? Is yours from Head'n'Hifi like mine was?

>Haven't at least checked for any loose wiring?
Yeah, none to be seen. Right channel makes a pop when I turn the amp on but stays completely dead otherwise. I suspect something actually broke.

Great anime/10


Battlestation? This is bad comedy, user.

late as usual

>What year is it?

Morning Cred Forums.

Morning /bst/, Looking for some opinions to make my bst 10/10

Non superblurry shot and a better keyboard LED layout/no LEDs would certainly help.

A sharp image so we can actually judge your battlestation and not your photography skills

What desk is that?

Non-brand from an office supply shop. It ends at the lamp and curves the same length around the other side.

Took it with my dads 4000 dollar camera lol.

quick snap, no clean up or nothing.


Hello Everynyan!

that keyboard looks fucking stupid as shit lmao

Cat pissed on my chair, lads. I am livid.

>nice kb
Cheers :)
>Black on black, clean tidy environment, decent monitors, nice keyboard, better have a coaster, 8/10
I try :) and I do have a coaster now :)
>we comfy yet?
We always comfy senpai
Also new pic tomorrow, slept all day today haha
>hi tart baby
Hey honey!

Cats do that shit just to spite you.


hard to stay mad at her though

what desk is that

How's it going, Cred Forums?

What desk is that?

It's this - amazon.com/gp/product/B00FSE7GS2 I don't know where it's for sale anymore, because it's not very good. I mean, as a desk it's fine, but the materials and construction are not the greatest.

The desk I'd actually like to get is: crateandbarrel.com/clybourn-walnut-executive-desk/s670208

Same basic style, but much better quality. I ended up with this cheap one because 2.5 years ago or so when I was in the market for a new desk was also right after I dropped a ton of money buying the house I'm in and doing a bunch of refurbishments (new floors, paint, some light remodeling stuff, etc), and I couldn't stomach the thought of dropping another $2500 on a desk.

Love this station. What's the model of the radio?


Ikea custom desks

It's a Panasonic RE-7300. I have an old raspberry pi inside it so that it can act as a squeezebox and stream music in sync with the rest of the rooms in my house. The radio tuner works as well, though I use it less.

L8 for thread
How goes lads

Probably a good re-purposing for a radio like that. It's got a nice aesthetic. Nice place though again. I'd sit in there and listen to some Freddie Hubbard and drink your whiskey kick up my feet and flip through one of the many readable tchotchkes any night.

Let me know when you're having folks over.

By the way, you know what this room needs? A Geochron.


Bill Nye has about nine of them and I believe there's one in the war room.

Do any of you actually have a light on while using your computer?

you stole my word

Thanks, yeah it's a comfy room. I've spent many nice hours sitting in the lounge chair sipping some bourbon and reading while listening to music. Nice way to spend time.

Folks are always welcome. If you are ever in the San Diego area user, let me know and I'll buy you a drink.

I do.

Animals get away with murder. Pic related. How could I ever stay mad. Although she hasn't pissed on any of my furniture, so that makes it easier.

i have this light on a lot.

You're going to have to square away with that. I've got Jewish neighbors and we're going to a flea market tomorrow.

I remember you.

What was that whiskey you were drinking in your last vanity shot? I've given up my hiatus and want to give it a try. Sounds kind of nice.


Thanks bub. Saved it this time for future reference.

Ye, my lamp. It's bad to sit in a dark room with a monitor on unless the light cast is black.



God awful camera quality kinda poorfag station reporting in

nice view

Thanks senpai

if your still here, can I have the name of your deskpad?

still a work in progress


looks comfy except that you can't get into your closet

Closet doesn't matter when we don't wear any clothes.

We're nudists, user.

those nice little stands are wasted on those awful speakers

btw. love your tecsun. i want a 680 but i'm still rocking a manual at work

kek "those nice little stands" are Ikea wall shelves re-purposed into effective speaker stands actually. Sure I'd love a pair of 8" yamahas but my m-audios sound fine

>but my m-audios sound fine
they really don't


i'm super drunk. been on a bottle of whiskey for a couple hours.

here's my shit station

ain't no party in a sad sad city

what a comfy job for shitposting


Overnight Command Post Agent called out for a family emergency. So here I am, Cred Forums, boredom, and coffee.

thinking about getting those speakers, what are your thoughts on them?

i had same problem back in the day
just teach your cat to use toilet
white sand that smells like mint = toilet
> pic related my little fucker

someone post trucker radio

complete trash

It's time to restart your box dude




I want to put one of these on the front side of my desk as power button/media buttons.
Problem: Panel is 6,5cm high, desk is only 4cm thick.
I could also put it on the top of the desk, but I really want it on the front.

What do?

get the buttons separately and make your own...

Your chair is terrible

I don't know how your table looks, but you could screw it first onto a wooden board then under your table

I think I understand what you mean. Good idea.

Finished up my VR chair build. So why not a new pic, found a cam that does wide angle.

And yes I do expect to get shit thrown at me for my peripherals and the chair of course. This is Cred Forums after all.

Nice keyboard senpai. I like it.

Are those XTZ 99.25's with beryllium tweeter upgrade? How do you like them?

living the dream

I'm a simulator fag myself
those pedals are so expensive
I got CH peddals with stronger springs

Nice to run into another sim fan. I loves me some flying and racing. Everything else is just gravy on the plate.
Yeah they cost a bit but are well worth it in my opinion. I see Slaw is taking orders right now and I really want to check a set of his out but they are even costlier and not sure if I could really improve on these. But his look good alright. But $500-$600 is kinda crazy. I heard modded CH's do good, plus you don't have a hole in your wallet. I am sure you are getting the job done.

nice lamp bro

My pretty shit setup
I need to get a better rice DESU
Also game is FFXIV

nice mic senpai

desu not bad for an easy computer setup. Gus for gaming and decent for music. (I'm an audio autismo too)

big dik tower for big dik over clocking my friendo. monitors are in the process of getting upgraded to 2k but I really don't need to go much bigger, 24-26" is fine.

gud enough*

That is a pretty awesome setup!

Strange.. But at least it is sorted! Nice one man

Nah, 93.22 mkii.

But for the price I got them for, 280usd ish, very good.

They are designed to lay down horizontally too. So for the future I might make stands for them to raise them up to ear level.

since my last post,
v-moda crossfades
bose companion 3
have died.
i've replaced them with k702's and jbl 305s.
i've also picked up a monitor mount, little dot 1+ with ge jan 5654 tubes, e10k, a cute ass plant and gone from 3 to 2 monitors


same mouse

Corsair MM200 Extended


Thanks man. It is coming together.

Yeah I like it a lot. Have been switching up mice to see what feels best and am digging this 303. Being a lefty limits my available choices.

what monitor stand are you using user?

>the thickness of the lettering on that hat
waste of cotton

v nice senpai

do people here use any multimonitor programs? heard displayfusion was good but cant find a torrent for version 8.

nigga, I didn't come here for feels

nice. where is the mousepad from? cheers


What monitor is that on the left also mouse?

Asus PB238Q and etekcity 6e.

What are those two small screens below the three big ones? Brand name?
Are they on the same output like the three above or from a different box?



Just lit the fireplace

Spent a good portion of Saturday splitting wood

>left hand
>sublime text
>speaker bar
>'im a nerd' poster

only redeeming thing is the keyboard

Those are just 7inch lcd panels I use for various applications.

Bough them from this guy.


Would recommend him. Got them in like 3-4days from China.

They are run off a different gpu than the mains. I have a 1080GTX FTW driving mains and VR sets, and a 770GTX SOC driving the small lcds and a 1080p 3d projector.

Mousepad was bought from Massdrop but these can be ordered from various stores including through Amazon. Artisan Hayate L Xsoft.

Nice, I will get two of these for music player / torrent manager.

It's shit.

What is blurred out?


If you can find it, I think pic related is a very solid whiskey.

Got my La Fin Du Monde today. Waiting on a cheesesteak.

Going to make a note of this bourbon too.

post work

middle of nowhere / 10. What is it, 10 miles to the nearest road side mcdonalds?

Very cool. That is how I use em. Also export MFD data from games to them. Looks like I might be starting a new trend. A few others have asked about them as well and wanted to add to their setups. Good luck man.

But why 2 at once, and all that other shit too? Multitasking makes you retarded

Ultra late edition

I used this shit some years ago and it fucked everything
Since my multiscreens are on windows I use the windows shit and it work fine

You mean the infini-wheel?
Yea I have one to.
Occasional I switch it on to try and use it but its so shit and gimmickee.
Literally only good for blasting with compressed air.
My G35 headset is only held together by a mess of cable ties now.

thanks dude picked it up yesterday

really nice view.
aren't you afraid a tired truck driver might slam into your bedroom window in the middle of the night?


Carls Jr but yeah about 10 miles. You act like it's a bad thing I don't know what I have to gain from being around a bunch of fuckwits when I have everything I need and a good amount of land and don't need to deal with neighbors. Plus I plan to set up a shooting range in my backyard and no one can complain
Not really theres a large ditch if a truck were to drive off the road like a dumbass they'd get stuck in a ditch. I really don't get that many trucks out here just happened to be one when I took the pic.

I took a new DSLR photo but I disliked it so looks like we're having this one for another week!


Or if you meant the other one

Instead of those headphone, I now have a Razer Tiamat 7.1 and my Asus K55A notebook isn't pictured.

>What things have left your world recently, Cred Forums?

My sister/best friend

Nothing motivates me anymore. I used to obsess over making a nice battle station but when i moved into my new place two months ago i just set everything up as conveniently as possible and basically its just as pseudo-organized today

my time in front of the computer has become exceedingly aimless

My Grandpa.

w2c chair?

What happened to the Hackintosh?

amazon i guess?

Nah man, I've lived that life. It's great when you want it. Wish I had a cabin I could get away to.


>compressed air

I expect to see this in a cringe thread before the day is done.