Do you ever switch off your laptop?

Do you ever switch off your laptop?


Why do you even have a laptop If you webs never go out.

Sitting in bed all day

I do go out though?

I don't use one. I put my PC to hibernate, but switch it off over night or when I'm away.
This. Although you can use wireless components on your PC.

Yes. My parents pay the electricity.

Cat thread?

Cat thread


you can go out with a switched on laptop

that cat is boss

They're two siblings that look pretty similar.
First one is called Wuschel ("Fluffy"), second one is called Max.

Here's them as kittens.

Yes, and my desktop too since they both have SSDs

Of course, why wouldn't I? I use PC at home like 4 hours a day, should I just let it run 20 hours for nothing?

not really, no.

That's a fat cat


I only use a laptop at work, and I don't take work home with me. So yes, I turn it off when I leave work.

you do understand you are killiing your drives, right?

Yes, I'm not an autistic NEET

What a badass

Usually no.