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Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

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>Discord channel

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki:

• With only 99 days until Christmas let's try and request a Wishlist code feature that allows for Anonymous gifting with Gearbest or AliExpress in hopes of having it in time for the holiday season. Contact either site's support to do this, keep your request concise and English simple.
Don't know what to send?

I wrote a message you can just copypaste and send to Gearbest Seems like Gearbest isn't getting the message needs further simplifying or message sent to their affiliate email >News
• user bought a smartphone case and a ocarina of time • user got some stuff off eBay, a USB Volt/Amp meter • Another user bought a OLED version • A /CSG/ banner has made it into the Top 10 of the Cred Forums banner contest! • user has a project in mind for his mailbox • user got his second USB charging torch reviews it • user got some semi chink shit Aukey charger he bought locally • user unbricks his Redmi 3S Previous thread

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What could it be?

Got a pay rise,

buying something nice to celebrate.

Already have a gf, so no plastic waifu,

Whats the best windows + android tablet I can get from china?

ideally 10+inches (because I'm not into small ones)

Is it maybe some chink shit user?

This should be ideal.



I want to use it while running. Can I sort my music by folder structure?

Rubber Ducks?

Looks like some packages to me.

can I make up a fake company for alibaba? Or should I stick to Aliexpress? Never heard of Gearbest. I want to buy something like a kilo of kava kava.

>Amazon, no mitu
Die fag

Hmm, should I be an ass

Welp, got a reply

Didn't even get an option to get paypal refund, but I don't really want to cancel it anyways

So close!

1x Sweeping "Robot", that doesn't really work.
1x Ball scratcher
1x Zuk Z2 Pro
1x Shitty keyboard

Get back to us on the Z2, I want to find out what's chink about it.

hey /csg/, winter is coming, any recommendations on winter gloves?

meine siden



Dirty Reviews - the granddaddy of them all and the man who brought us the Mixza shark meme.

Unbiased Tech Reviews - after losing his leg in an exploding chink shit accident, Unbiased dedicated his life to preventing another tragedy occurring.

Comfy Tech Reviews - bird loving Brit, most well-known for BM-800 videos and cutting peppers with chink knives.

OneBoxing Video Reviews - no narration reviews with cheesy music, pretty much a vehicle to make money off referral links

TechTablets - Still the best resource for chinky tablet and phone reviews with a ton of knowledge.

Fyodor Dostomedsky - an arthouse experiment to see how unrelated and weird video reviews can be before Gearbest rejects them. So far they've accepted them all.

Awful China Loot Reviews - famously unwatchable rambling reviews filmed by a bumbling migrant "from" Sweden

/csg/ reviews - Canadian reviewer, had to retire after his parents remortgaged their home so he could see Kanye West

SkeletonKeyStone - Set his videos to private after his girlfriend found out he had a youtube channel. Suspected to be Anthony Burch.

>fire in the pic
they know

Have some USB power gloves for $3.22


Hook them up to a powerbank for extra mobility and to your pc for extra comfy while shitposting /csg/


You don't really need to fake anything, just say you're a sole proprietorship, enter your name as company name.

But the prices on Alibaba don't include shipping costs, once you include that you're probably pretty much on par with aliexpress, maybe even more expensive.

You can maybe go to a great extend to pretend you're a big company and try jewing them out of samples, plenty of people who'll give you multiple kg of Kava Kava for free, and you only pay for shipping.

Also not sure if you get something like that through customs.

Will do.

I only had it for a few hours, so far im impressed.

+ It feels very solid/quality materials
+ Has a nice screen
+ Good camera
+ Everything flies on it

But the software is such a pain:
The phone cant be updated outside China, so i had to use a VPN.

System language is only Chink or English.

Im gonna try to unlock bootloader and get cyanogenmod on it later.
But for now everything seems to work.

Anybody know where to buy custom-printed coasters?

I got them i hope they are good.

Are these the same product?

yeah I'm not sure either. As far as I'm aware Kava Kava's legal in my country but news reports from a few years ago say that it's "withdrawn voluntarily" from shelves due to concerns over its connection to liver issues. And yeah Jewing people out of free samples is exactly what I was planning on doing, just not sure how to do it yet. Just writing up a message to one supplier now if anyone wants to give any feedback:

Hello, I'm inquiring as to whether or not you could supply a constant order of 300 kilos per month for the period from January 2017 through December 2017, i.e. 12 months of 300kg/month a total of 3,600kg. Also could you provide a sample for me to test the quality of the product beforehand? I can get back to you with a delivery address and you can get back to me with the shipping bill so I can run it by my employer.

Jack O'Dwyer

Regional Manager of Paul's Tea Shop Ltd

I feel like a bit of a kid writing this crap and don't know if it sounds authentic. By the way, what laws could I be breaking here?

Yes, but they're cheaper on eBay.

I can't use PayPal though. Can you vouch for them?


Not necessarily chink since these are nip but I found some Halloween Skele's up for pre-order here.


Here's a Chink bootleg of a skele figure that's popular with /toy/ to balance things out.


I've had mine for some years before finally tossing them out, they did their job well might be more ideal now with the rise of powerbanks.

Literally look at the first result on Ali for "custom coaster"

I've ordered one for every person I know in the US.

I did not tell them.

If you're impersonating any level of management or a purchasing team, they would reasonably expect you to be able to sign off shipping a small package on your own.
Your numbers are a bit high IMO, I would have gone with a one-off delivery to a value of c. $1000. Nobody would schedule month to month deliveries from chinkland unless it's FCL.

kek anyone got them yet?

Anyone here tried any chink ssds?
Saw a bunch at taobao for cheap and the performance bencmark are quite impressive based on reviews by other buyers

go through the past few threads
KingDian [not kingston] SSDs are well known here
pretty well tested

those speeds dont mean much
also taobao a shit

Nah, it'll be a couple of weeks yet.

Really? what else should i look for other than speed?
i prefer taobao over aliexpress though since most things are cheaper there
With their consolidate fee starting as low as 20 yuan and I'm always guaranteed to get my orders within a week.

Got my meme socks and EVOD vape kit today!

i mean they dont mean much as in theyre probably not representative of the actual results

dont forget we're talking about chinks here

if you can get taobao to work for you, fine i guess

i just feel its a pain in the ass to deal with translation and less customer security than with ali

pretty sure kingdians are on sale on gearbest right now

nice socks
i got the mona lisa ones and framed them

desu chink vape is probably gonna give you led poisoning

Everything's on sale on gearbest. It's a marketing meme.

A lot of sellers will try to make you pay for the sample and then deduct it from the first order and consider that a 'free' sample.
So try to avoid high order amounts, where your company would implicitly have no problem paying it up front.

Make it seem like you're genuinely considering the company, and not just sending sample requests to 50% of the people selling Kava Kava.
They probably won't like that regardless how real your company is.

Ask some question about the product, shipping, documents, quality etc.
Ask for a quote for ~50 kg, act like its a little expensive,
Ask how much the discount on a larger amount is.
Ask if they could ship a sample, under the premise you can possibly place a order for a (much) bigger amount if its satisfactory.

Or maybe just keep it simple, and just spam the dozens of sellers who say they can provide a free sample on their listing. One will probably bite.

i mean on sale for cheaper than usual
flash sales i think???
if i remember right it was 31 usd for 120gb
dunno if its still that cheap


This store has some neat looking tube amp kits, seems legit enough

What cheap vapes won't give me cancer?

aliexpress.com/store/125787?spm=2114.10010108.0.25.0sYKQV Chine Phone Center

Should I trust this seller?

>Order something that isn't in stock anymore
>get something better for the double price

Found them for even cheaper, with more cheap accessory options too.


Why not just buy from Top One?

He doesn't have what I want to buy, the Gionee W909

Probably none of them, but I keep one of these around

Looks like they're $4/ea if you buy 10 if you feel like flipping a few.

Steven from Australia is very satisfied with his beartiful shemale butthole onahole.

>shemale butthole onahole.
Link pls


Thanks babe

Link for socks?


Hey man, not everywhere was age 40 consent age

here in England you can walk into a police station and say "Officer, I am going to have ridiculous sex with a 16 year old girl" and he will tell you to stop wasting his time.

t. comfy

>swiss man orders "lolita" and "tgirl" but not "lady"

tfw want to buy this kind of stuff
tfw live with mom ;_;

The 63 cent earbud case another user posted some threads ago finally arrived, pretty much a steal for the price gets the job done and can accommodate more than just earbuds (think memery cards and/or 3ds games.)


lol i thought it was some stealth sex product

Is there any way to separate the product variations on AliExpress, i just want to sort the SSD by price.
But even if you select 240GB, all the sellers who have 16gb versions rise to the top.

Done some late night shopping, now the wait commences.

I ordered this one : aliexpress.com/item/NEW-ARRIVE-Kamry-Micro-Electronic-Hookah-Electronic-Cigarette-kit-100-Puffs-Refill-Mini-Vape-Pen-Hookah/32669269733.html
Who cares if it gives you cancer if it looks nice

>mfw spend hours late night browsing random chink shit

Forgot link, was 63 at the time now it's 78


Masturbatory Eggs.


I finally got my hands on 5 9V batteries to test my DIY Phantom Power, the results are kind of disappointing(not really), turns out that the BM-800 only needs 9V of Phantom Power.

Pic related, first the BM-800 plugged directly to the motherboard, second connected to the DIY phantom power powered by a single 9V battery, and last connected to 4 9V batteries (there was one faulty battery, so only tested with 4)

The 9V battery provided 7V of Phantom Power out of the 9V being feed to the circuit.
The four 9V batteries provided 32V of Phantom Power out of the 36V being feed to the circuit.

As you can see the single battery performs as good as the four batteries, kind of disappointing for me, but also good news, because all you need to power the BM-800 is a single 9V battery(or you can plug it to the 12V rail from your PC), 4 resistors, 2 condensers, a circuit board and a pair of XLR connectors.

Pic related.


Olá, amigo.

>Not linking a specific product that fiddles your faddle
get penis cancer from a te-nga

Happened to me once.

GearBest put their Red Zenfone 2 4GB RAM phones on sale since no one wanted the reds, for just $168(back in the days it was $260) they sold out and I waited 2 months then asked them if they had plans to ship my shit, they told me they were in the sorry and send the a "blue" one, aka I got a Zenfone 2 Deluxe for $168, so far the best purchase I have made.

Where on the mic do you plug the power?


A Russian horror story


Review on the socks?



>those socks
>No Dark Blue Scream left

I'm leaning towards the two cherbs from the sistine madonna, and David. Maybe Mona Lisa


I like how you also used those chink prototype pcbs.


Ohhhhhh shit! I have always wanted one of these Pose Skeletons! I hope the seller also has the feminine skeleton!

Thanks for the link senpai

they're a bit too small ;_; shoe size is eu 42
might give them to my twink friend though, gonna be fun asking for his shoe size
feels good quality though, sturdy cotton that doesn't seem to tear easily
the vape is sold in EU so I figure it can't be too toxic unless it's a fake

thanks now my Aliexpress is in a weird language


I'm a size 12 US (which I guess is slightly larger than EU 42?) so I'm hoping the ones I just bought fit me, if not I'll give them to my brother.

>tfw shorter than both my younger brother and dad
>Still have larger feet then both of them

You're still a manlet, Frodo.

No problem, /toy/ sayss it'd be cheaper to buy from Japan though.

Did you get it from Ali? (Link please) and does it have seller's Roms? The he ones I have seen on Ali doesn't support OTA cuz modified rom

>cowboy passion

I want to try and make one of these meme emulator boxes as my first project of this sort, and I was wondering if using the somewhat overpriced Raspberry Pi is a necessity.

In the case that it's not, what is a good chink alternative to the Raspberry Pi?

How big is your dick?

Orange Pis are dirt cheap.

What size did take, or are they one-size-fits-all?

On desktop mics, SF666 or SH666?

About 17 cm, why?

Sunglasses recommendations?

So these gloves are supposed to protect you from exploding lithium batteries on the Mi Band, Note 7, and chinkphones?

hows that keyboard, I was thinking about getting one to replace my dinovo mini.

My biggest question is how useable the trackpad is while typing.

>BM-800 not in consideration

What are you, gay?

one size, looking at the packet it's 39-45, which is a bit strange since chinese sizes are only slightly smaller than eu. maybe they will stretch..


Anyone bought this for €130?

>$40 on Amazon
Anyone review ones straight from chinkland?

Depends on how much work you want to put into it.
RaspPis have by far the best support and are the easiest to get working. And you'll have RetroPie which includes nice things like drivers for hooking up original controllers directly to the Pi's GPIOs.

But there are cheaper options with better specs like the OrangePi.

Bluetooth player

Yes, check the archives

Is this good, you faggots? Ordered one yesterday, should have it it 5 days.




oh god
you overpaid like shit man

Does it come pre-loaded with vaporwave?
>canadian money

This is useless to me, sorta

But is it relatively easy to do, considering I have experience with Linux?

And do you know anything about a model like the Orange Pi with at partial Rasp compatibility?

>not getting the xiaomeme

Yes. Macintosh Plus.

>buy lots of chink shit
>run out of money
>get neetbux
>immediately order $50 more chink shit

Its fine and works for now.. But feels like it could break any moment.

And no problems with trackpad and typing.

I got that one, like, two years ago man.

Looks solid

How's it work?

Got mine from gizchina, and its stock.. They only installed Play Store (that didnt work) and changed language to english.

OTA only works with a chinese IP on my tho.


Yeah, still the same yotameme user here. Be 100% sure you get a YD201 and not a 206 and it's a decent phone.

Ordered one with S905 from gearbest for half the price

It's still going to be more or less of a hassle.
Especially since you'll be at mercy of shitty gpu (and vpu if you want some htpc action as well) drivers

Post picture of it with earbuds in it

Sweeping Robot:

Keyboard: aliexpress.com/store/product/UKB-500-RF-2-4GHz-Most-Mini-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse-Combo-3-3V-Built-in-Rechargeable/1761705_32431943019.html

Ball scratcher:

Zuk Z2 Pro:

I dont need a mic that good

It was good 2 years ago, it's "okay" for today standards, but you can get a NexBox with 2GB of RAM and the S905 for $35 at GearBest, pretty good boxes prerooted and with a fluid system(also Android 6.0).

Both the SF-666 and SH-666 are crap.

If you need cheap get the SF920 or SF922 (SF920 is better) the audio quality is WAY better than the Satan Mics, you can get the SF920 for like $8.59 burger coins at GearBest .

When it comes to mics best bang for buck, the BM-800/BM-700/SF-920 are the kings.

Looking for a good gamepad, just downloaded don't starve and I hate the on screen buttons. Also looking for MacBook pro cases.


Will you be needing any urethral sounding equipment with that?

original sounding rod guy here, I left a 5 star review for it
would reccomend if you like sounding

Ive seen comfy's video with the BM-800 about phantom power. Does the BM-700 need phantom power as well?

the fuck is that?
does it let your dick listen to music?

Spaghettianon reporting here.
Guess what's inside the bag

is there spaghetti inside it?


Yep, same mic.

Is the ocarina dude still here? Which one did you order?

What's the difference? Do you know if/when there's gonna be a new yotameme?

Virgin Mary neck chain!

Nope. I would have mixed it with other pasta, pizza and mandolino, with a little bit of mafia on it


Nope. Atheist here

Fedora, mouth fedora, hand fedora or any other kind of fedora.

Little help

meme band 2

its just a fucking power pack you cuck.

no one cares

The meme is even stronger dear user, but it is not a memeband.

Ok, ok, keep calm fagit.
Have i triggered your autism?

Anyway it's charging now, i'm gonna post a review soon. The product is ok, i already verified it on the site. Bought from aliexpress

>all that teasing for something everyone already has
gotta agree with that other user

/csg/ is slow on the weekends. Calm your autism and get comfy.

Get a 8bitdo

I prefer this for a earbud case, waterproof as well


Anyone got experience with the store "3C High Tech Mall" on ali?

Is it normal that their processing is slow as fuck? I have orderd twice from them. Their price was good so was the product and the actual delivery time, but in both cases they took over 2 weeks to get the product shipped.

I also received like ten of these messages for the other thing I bought. Would a friendly reply actually help or will they just take their sweet time again?

This would be 3 burger dollars. Reviews are good.

I could buy that at a 99 cent store for 99 cent

>no thumbsticks
nigger what are you doing

same hapened with the 20$ boxes on bang good, all 10 were put on backorder even though the flash deal said shipping on next day and "950 pieces left, buy fast friendo"

They probably dont have any supply and you pay them to 24/7 scope out sales so good theyll sell to you cheap and still make profit


Yes, please post a review, no one here has one of those, so I'd love to see this review of this unique, new and once in a lifetime product

>dog skeleton and hangover toilet drunkard skeleton
and here goes my leftover money

>maga hat and DIY timing device
Who you gonna blow up user? Also kinda interested in the clock buildin thingy can you link that stuff?

>'Dispatch Faster' button

does this do anything?

activates the cattle prod under the chinaman's seat

if you buy good gloves, they keep your hands warm regardless of the conditions outside, shit gloves let water get in and freeze your hands

t. live in switzerland, go skiing and shit

Anyone ever buy a chink "leather" jacket. Even fake leather jackets usually go for $100, but Ali is full of $40 ones.

Difference is the 206 won't get updates past some old-ass KitKat version. You can flash the International version of Lollipop on there but there's problems with some radios not working, not having all the LTE bands and such, check XDA.

whips vicky

Is anyone using the aliexpress app? I can't find an option for alipay. I selected to pay with another method which put my orders into the "awaiting payment" category and when I select to pay one, an alipay logo pops up and asks for my card info. Is this safe?

Also, Yotaphone on Facebook keeps telling people to check back soon. They have some kind of partnership with ZTE, so maybe the next YotaPhone is going to be something like a ZTE flagship with an e-ink backscreen.

Where does everyone get there cheap custom print posters?

Hi Ahmed!

well fuck i guess 3c shops are all the same, cheap and slow as fuck

I just bought a pair of those sexy fingerless gloves women wear for 80 cents
whats wrong with me

soon you will be ordering chink panties


Post what you are waiting on, t-shirt is actually here already but mailman was too lazy and I have to pick it up on monday.

Just buy a phantom power supply, they`re not even that expensive. Your internal sound card is plenty and you`ll get great sound quality for it. Plus that meme mic appearance for your /bst/. All in all with mic, arm, and power supply, I paid something like 40$. But that neewer wasn`t available this cheap before.

My xiaomi hybrids finally arrived, and sound pretty damn amazing so far. Only used them for maybe 20 minutes but I'm impressed. Very comfortable, and the clarity is amazing. Doesn`t seem to "boom" at all if that`s what you`re looking for. Just full range crisp goodness.

What did I get today /csg/???

Fuck I posted a picture of the item before I posted the package. It's this. aliexpress.com/item/led-usb-light/32497625595.html

As seen here: youtube.com/watch?v=PXi4PU2rGQk

It arrived 13 days after I ordered it which was great.

Also the post office's equipment mangled the fuck out of this: aliexpress.com/item/drug-cigarette/2021625712.html

I'm going to try to get a refund from the seller.

finally installed muh chinky screen replacement on my g2, was pretty easy to do desu

now I'm waiting on my hybrids and some other shit.

Has anyone ordered one of those cheap LED grow lights from aliexpress? Wondering if I should just order one of those and skip the $20 one on amazon.

>making the seller pay for the post offices mistake

Fucking hate people like you



Let that shit go senpai

>implying USPS is ever going to pay for it

that one?

>putting strain on your own countries economy instead of the chinks

Hate people like you

Hey guys, thinking about buying pic related.
I have a xiaomi mi3 which is serving me well, but I could use the upgrade and give my current phone to my dad.

Would I experience any improvement from a snapdragon 801 to a 820? I plan to install cyanogenmod13

Sorry to say, but you fucked up, user...

I got another 2 of those a couple of days ago. Really handy things.

epa dred manca-te mas é

any britbongs got an android TV box from china? if so how are they, can you use regular TV on them (freeview HD or whatever)?

Any good sunglasses on Aliexpress?

Total shit. Read up in some audio forums

I was going to order a redmeme from gearbest but it's out of stock in Europe. Any difference from ordering it from EU/China ? Apart from the bloatware ?

You should ask /cgl/, they have their own version of /csg/ going on but it's geared more towards clothing

bought like 4-6 from miniinthebox, for $0.01 each :^)

I've been using the app (exclusive sales etc) and haven't had any issues using my card
i'll let you know if I get hacked

good to know

Ordered that $20 android tv with Amlogic S905X and 1gb ram, since it's taking ages to ship I could cancel it and pay up to get one with 2gb ram instead

Is 1gig of ram enough for streaming shit on kodi or would I be better off paying up?

It's easy to flash the bloat free normal or developer rom from the xiaomi official site

It's android. If you can do it on your phone, the box will do it.
Most are used for Kodi.

I've zero clue what kodi is, I'll take a look though

No import taxee within eu

This arrived today. Sadly it was neither cheap nor chink shit.

>not the kill niggers tonight version
you fucked up user

yes you would, even sd800 to sd652 feels faster desu.

m8s why is this in the randomizer?


I mean really.

amazon is cheaper

>Early Oktoberfest
Thanks gearbest!

Shit, I don't usually get import taxes on ebay. Am I gonna get chinked taxed from gaybest?

Got my romoss 10400mah charger. Had to go to the post office and sign for it this morning, which seemed a bit much for a $10 purchase

What phantom power?

do a review of the action cam familee when it comes in

Best chink console for playing PSP games and emulators?

Got a reply too btw

Just buy a used PSP, dude


I'd prefer one with the girls on it

Order from Ali, there are some sellers with no import taxes to EU

Veithdia, but watch the sizes, theyre all over the place.
Some are fuck huge for Russians, others are tiny for chink women.

so is this the chink way of saying no?

Anything to make America great again my dude ebay.com/itm/351668128939?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=620645590080&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT



Have some real chink shit for $0.74

I tried linking one, but Cred Forums hit me for spam. I`m using the nady audio SMP S-1X which you can get for around 20$ But I found the Neewer 1 channel on jet.com for 17$.

According to It only needs 9v, so you could probably just buy the cheapest one you can find and be alright.


>Stylish Fake Turd Classic Shit Practical Gag-Funny Joke For Unisex

You sound like someone with a neckbeard

what country?

I can assure you my beard is on my jawline.


couldnt you get this kind of clock assemblied for the same price or cheaper?

Also talking about clocks/alarms, are there any neat things that support multiple weekly patterns and shit?

how to order from there?

Sounded like a normie to me tb᠎h

You can get them cheaper if you want (for less than $6), but your only option would be the DIY kits without the transparent frame. The one I linked was the cheapest one I could find. Also I don't think there are any with weekly/monthly patterns unless you know how to program that into a chip yourself.

Contact him on Whatsapp. Hes on vacation last time I checke tho



It's a 6v motor with a small collet attached. You decide.

Nah I meant regular chink alarms, something that can repeat alarm from mo-fr or other patterns and shit, just like the more advanced alarms you have on smartphones

I'm in murica

I've got $10 to blow on fast tech, give me your favorite meme product.

>fast tech

No more chink shit


Not that user, probably the user that posted it a few threads ago. Here's mine with xiaomi dual driver pistons.

Was this image made by hand or by software filter?


recommended plushies? lost my angry bird plushie that i liked to sleep on.

>Make chinkshit great again

Do you know wich one?



Get a 12" Tsum Tsum, check out animechinatiger on eBay they've got plenty of those on there as well as the regular sized Tsum Tsum's (and they're legit too)

Oh no, I don't think they have that ):

>register my card to alipay after the 999th time they begged me to do it
>>dear we dont register the CVC
>okay cool
>next time ordering
>they don't ask for any card info, the payment succeeds
so they DO hold your CVC?

didnt mean to respond

>so they DO hold your CVC?
Of course, isn't that point of alipay?

How well does the sweeping ball work, it looks kind of neat.

m8 Alipay is legit, the whole point is that SELLERS don't get your details. It's ChinkPal.

t. Jack Ma

Yeah but they explicitly said that "We don't hold your security code!". I thought it would actually do that.

it says right here it doesn't really work

I meant more specifically, does it not pick up much or nothing at all.

I have dogs, so just picking up a little hair would still be a huge help.

They don't hold it, it's only used for the first transaction.

infographic when

I made another order after registering the card, though, and I was never asked for a CVC.

What do we have here?

That's right.



Ayo hol up, are thos girls or traps?

boiled pizza


Indeed user.

Let's take a look:

First, the well memed SD card holder with 6 slots, feels cheap because it was cheap.

Next, some old lady hair pussy cuz that's kinda my fetish... actually it's a windscreen for a digital recorder, eBay price was around $19 bucks, but the chinks have it for $6.66 USD, such a great deal, five stars for the chinks

Btw I'm not longer driving, so calm your Tits

how do you guys manage not to hoard lots of useless chink shit ?

only buy useful chink shit

is this a trick question user

>buyers protection about to end
>My stuff is marked as delivered but haven't received shit yet
>USPS travkong shows wrong zip

What to do friendos, I don't wanna get chinked for the first time

dispute that shit

You stupid newfags it uses alipay automaticly.

No the mara hydro is the cheepest, that is good. COB is the new grow meme tho, but its expencive.

>wasting saturday night with Britbongs Get Chinked
Oh boy!

I wonder is there any better source for episodes than youtube?

For microphone arms, NB - 35 or NB - 37?
Or should I not buy a chink one?

Open a dispute now, remove it if it comes

I'm in a similar pickle as , except the tracking code says the origin country sent it and the destination country received it, but the destination country only says that the source country sent it.

My friend advised me to extend the protection time once before opening a dispute because the chink will put up more of a fight otherwise, before refunding me. I feel I should just open the dispute.

What do you guys recommend?

Extend then dispute, you have nothing to gain from doing otherwise

So my chink shit is supposed to go to BC, Canada but it's heading to Toronto. Should I be worried?

link pls

Yes m8, Auntie Beeb.

how much should I extend? Also we're talking about a Redmi 3, so I'd be losing quite a lot more money than the usual crap I buy from the chinese

Are chink thermal paste any good?

Sounds like customs might have your chink shit son.

Any good backpacks? Currently have a Jansport for taking to the park, and forest and shit but I need something better made for traveling through woods and more comfortable. The Jansport sucks for this type of usage.

It's weird because I have received no notification whatsoever since they'd very much like to make me pay taxes

taxation is theft

Did you put a real phone number on your order?

I really want the BM-800 condenser but then ill need a Mic amp, mic stand, and a pop filter.

not so cheap at that point

Why? newegg has Arctic silver fpr $4 shipped

This happened to me on aliexpress years ago. Basically they just give you some random tracking number going to the same country and hope you wait out the order time. You just dispute it and write wrong tracking number or something, the seller will probably accept it before it gets aliexpress involved

Reminder that CSG is literally shit


where can I buy pic related

My only chinkshit for past 2 weeks. It's smaller than advertised and as loud as weekender. Should have gone with the white colored



The problem its that really arrived to the US, probably USPS fucked up the final delivery


What is the best replacement strap for the MiBand2 either "leather" or metal. Preferably something feminine but not childish

You won't need the amp or pop filter, because your sound card and the included dead cat are good enough. The BM-800 isn't poppy anyway.
You might want a stand, but they're dirt cheap.


India, there's tons of them. Usually they can be found shitting in streets.

Well, its doesn't really clean anything..
But its a nice toy for cats.


>order on the 18th
>still not in
How long can it fucking take to get a USB cable

Up to 3 months.
Have you never bought from chinks before user?

"30 business days" gaybeast says
It's almost up

is that one of these special breeded short leg cats?

Business days doesn't count weekends and holidays user.

30 business days is 6 weeks.

I'm well aware, but that comes up on the 29th. 10 days ain't long

Well, It does says 36mm in the description images.
Or the size is less than that?




e-cigs are cyberpunk

Most of the time watch diameter doesn't include crown and lugs


Here is a small test of the BM-800 with my DIY $2 Phantom Power.

My PSU fan is noisy, and I keep delaying the oiling.


The description image doesn't include the crown and lugs, but if by your whole watch including lugs measures 36mm, then you should ask for a refund.
Because it would mean the case diameter is something like 34mm.

Bump for answers

New bread when

Here is my input after owning every meme mic.

If you get the BM-800 you don't need the Anti-pop filter, the wind sponge does a great job reducing pop noises, you can build the $2 Phantom Power I posted in this thread(maybe $4 if you are only planing to build one, since you would need to get a $3.3 XLR to XLR cable to salvage the connectors) , but instead of powering it with a 9V battery just plug it into your PC PSU 12v rail, and the Arm Stand is just $11.1 at GearBest, and the BM-800 is just $15.7, so $30.8 dollars for an amazing looking kit with great audio.

Or you can get the SF-920 for $8.6 (at GearBest, but you need to look for it using that price range and looking at the pretty pics, because they didn't put the SF-920 model on the tittle, also they have it posted under the model SF-920 that it's more expensive and it's the same fucking mic) and call it a day and still get good audio quality.

i've got one with the same specs as your, i would say go for the 2 GB option, 1 GB would stutter a lot

It slutters on the UI, but it plays flawlessly my netflix shit and youtube prank videos.

(Still I ordered the 2GB model 3 days ago when it was on sale for $32 at GearBest and I'm planing to sell my 1GB one for that same ammount)

Please allow 1-3cm error in measure due to manual measuer, thank you.