End to end encryption is only in "secret chats"

>end to end encryption is only in "secret chats"
>"secret chats" are not supported on the desktop apps, only on mobile


also, what is the best and most secure chat program (with a desktop app) and why is it qTox?

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Just write to a .txt on a remote computer via ssh or scp

Message for macOS

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> qTox
No decent groupchats (yet), no profile sync, no multidevice, toxcore development looks almost abandoned. No its not.
Present day&present time irc+otr is only acceptable choice. Still waiting for something better.

>buying shitty overpriced hardware to use some decent software
no thanks

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Wire T B H

my desktop PC costs more than a mac, but it's also many times better and suits my needs.

I also don't have to wait for apple to release an outdated GPU

>t. ex Mac Pro (desktop) user

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> no linux app
> proprietary protocol
> restricted license
> electron meme
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That chart is out of date/inaccurate.

The terms of service regarding Wire's servers (extra terms over and above GPLv3 if you connect to their servers/use their trademark) are interesting.

However, I should definitely review Wire further. It looks like an important data point, particularly since WhatsApp, after doing so well for so long, made a terrible mistake by sharing your phone number with their parent company Facebook.

I'm not wild about the centralisation and lack of metadata protection, but both of those are much harder problems to solve than they appear to be.

Ejabberd + Conversation (Pidgin on desktop).

>tfw even the dutch government agencies want to kill encryption
it's over, isn't it?

Encryption will be killed for the masses, and will be followed by "though crimes"

Well yeah, their servers are still proprietary and Wire obviously collects metadata about the messages, your friends list etc.

Wire is probably the best when it comes to centralized proprietary services, but if you want something decentralized you need to use things like Tox or Ring (which have their own downsides).

I actually installed this once to see what the hype was about

then I got prompted to give my phone number, and removed it after that.

>standalone desktop version
that is a fucking lie

it's just a parser from data received by your phone and you have to turn your phone on every 10 minutes or so or it'll lose connection

>Tox or Ring (which have their own downsides).
what are the downsides?

How does
>multi-device-support for end-to-end encryption

IP is visible to the other party.
Open ports/incoming connections.
Higher resource usage (maybe just a consequence of poor programming, not sure).

>roleplays as a mac faggot


>Wickr is an American software company based in San Francisco

>implying I have friends to talk to

The few acquaintances I have that still talk to me are on Viber so I use that and email. I don't talk often, once a month at most

It would be weird to ask them use encryption and they would stop talking to me so I just pretend I'm normal, just very shy

No web app.

that's a good thing

>have to install new software on your PC and give it internet access


>have to rely on your web browser not to fuck shit up security wise

conversations on android
gajim on desktop
turn on carbon copy on the server.



With that setup I can not only recreate any chat server but also make it better.
secure muc's
offline messages
offline picture sharing
inline pictures



no desktop app
required (((google services)))

Sadly, that's what prevents Whatsapp from getting better. I don't think making a standalone desktop client is that difficult.

Hard dependency on Google Services. It's literally worse than Telegram.

I mean, the fork that DOESN'T need google services. I don't have any google account registered on my phone.

google services dependency =/= google account

You still don't need any of those:

Am I wrong or libresignal is no longer working thanks to the fucking jew known as moxie marlinspike?

Is the a wifi file transfer app on fdroid? Primitive ftp doesn't let me down or upload stuff.

I'm not really aware of that, but current libresignal version is older than signal's. (3.16.1 vs 3.18.3)

And libresignal v3.16.1 is definitely working.

dead because of the jew suing them

mesg, Cred Forumsent

>trusting people that don't know how to sideload self-compiled apk's

Dead is a relative term.

i just started using Ring today
this looks dope

>also, what is the best and most secure chat program (with a desktop app) and why is it qTox?
Except no one I know has even heard of it. No matter how good you claim it is, if you don't have connection using it, it's shit.

>(in progress)

What a smart thing to do

- open source clients
- always on end2end encryption
- history synchronization
- phone number is not mandatory
- video calls
- ios/android/mac/win and web version for other os

Dissent or vuvuzela

Can you see the email addresses of other people?
How do you identify them anyway?

The fork is definitely dead. Moxie threatened to sue the devs because he's a filthy kike working for Jewgle.

>Can you see the email addresses of other people?
You can see user email if you have his phone number but u cant see phone number if you add user via email or nickname.
>How do you identify them anyway?
Nicknames are not unique here. Emails and phone numbers are. Also every device have a unique ID.

Does it have cool stickers?

So if I add someone by nick name do I see his email?

Yes, but recipient should approve your request first.

Fucking dirty kike

>"secret chats" are not supported on the desktop apps, only on mobile
Bullshit. At the very least, the Mac Telegram client supports secret chats. Can't speak for Win/Lin

It's a pile of shit because its "desktop client" is a 15 ton Chrome "app" that doesn't even work without leaning on your smartphone. I mean seriously, what the fuck. If you're really going to make a shitty smartphone -> desktop relay, at least write the relay with tech that's not so damned heavy.

I'm trying Wire
Nick name Gentwo

>Bullshit. At the very least, the Mac Telegram client supports secret chats. Can't speak for Win/Lin
how do you do it on mac? where do you see the option?

Right-click contact in sidebar -> Show 's Profile -> Start Secret Chat

not here on winblows

I mis my mac pro

Ricochet, my dudes

Not surprised. Windows/Linux client is a glorified webpage, while the Mac client is true native (desktop front end for the iOS client).

Idk why it takes them so fucking long to add secret chat to windows. sure sucks though, because I like how it works.

there's a beta desktop app though

>while the Mac client is true native (desktop front end for the iOS client).
More precisely, the OS X version uses the same core as the native iOS app. Only the UI is different.

probably because implementing secret chat in javascript is a bitch

why do they use such a generic fucking name?


Anyone tried this?

>the internet isn't decentralized/mesh yet
are we gonna crack down on privacy and regress?

It won't decentralize until said decentralization can occur at zero inconvenience to non-tech-oriented users. Centralized services dominate because they can be picked up and used with near-zero effort and zero technical knowledge.

At this point all work on decentralized networking projects should be about making it as accessible as FB Messenger or WhatsApp or whatever, otherwise they're all going to die a quiet death with a tiny, technically-inclined privacy-minded userbase.

>At this point all work on decentralized networking projects should be about making it as accessible as possible
aye, same should be said about opensource software (especially) like Linux