Just meet someone in real life bro!

>Just meet someone in real life bro!


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Hy eбaный poт.

A ты нe знaл?

Я живy в пeщepe и читaю тoлькo фopчoнг.


Classic Putin!

>fapping to 3D porn

they deserve it

Putin will burn in hell for all his crimes against Russian part of Internet and Russia.



Enjoy your "pravda" newspaper, rooster.

Pravda newspaper is filthy commies newspaper.
You don't know Russians.
They like strong czar, like Putin, like Stalin, like Ivan the Terrible.


Putin is not even a strong leader. That's why there are constant wars between various power factions in Russia.

>meet someone in real life


it's also banned in Korea? and a bunch of other countries? who fucking cares?

He is promoting population having sex, so they will have more children, while the west is lacking those in the current year.

Not a bad idea, most of their country is unpopulated so they can work with a boost in population, which this ban aims i guess. Also there is still a huge shortage of men over there, unlike most of other countries on the globe. I am short and ugly and i still get cute girls give me attention in Russia. Their women are literally the easiest on the planet. If you can't get laid there you need to fucking kill yourself.

Russia is leading in abortion rate, which will only get worse because the economy is declining.

sure on Cred Forums on everyone fap on those 2 sites and nobody know how to bypass blocking

Seems like good advice. Based Russians.

>people defending web blocking

+10 rubles

>muh porn freedum

those people will guzzle every piece of shit that comes from obscure places like russia because kids think it's cool to hate the west now, throw them over there for a week and they will shit their pants and cry to come back to the west in hours

> i still get cute girls give me attention in Russia
That's because you're a foreigner.

>most of their country is unpopulated
Canada isn't much populated too.

i am a foreigner but from a shitty eastern european country

canada doesn't need obscure laws to create more young people, russia does because they are leaving in droves

> shitty eastern european country
Still EU.

doesn't mean anything desu, this isn't the 90s

From what I've heard from russian nationalists is that putin is shit and thanks to putin, russia is a shithole. It can be fixed, but not with putin.

It does.

no it doesn't

Yes it does

Another dirty, Jewish, white-race reduction method thwarted. Good you Putin. No wonder the (((west))) hates him.

The Savior of Western Civilization.

That's true.

>meanwhile vk is still full of porn including all the stuff that mindgeek-owned sites do not allow

This. I love the Motherland but my god nobody knows what they talk


You brought it on yourselves, degenerates.

Ыyaт cyкa хaхaхaхaхaaaххaхaхa
Hy eбaный poт.

Thank you based Putin.

>streaming low quality porn

Lol no one does this so basically nothing has changed.

That won't fly over here Putin. Many guys resort to porn because women have been brainwashed by the far left corporate liberal media/hollywood to reject men or have super high expectations.

Porn is merely a substitute holding us off until things get better.... or not.

And the world doesn't need a higher population, there's already way too many people for Earth to support us efficiently. And if your incentive is to expand the economy then consider the economy is what's destroying this planet's ecosystem... all in the name of economics.

>I never talk to women IRL: the post
Most white women voted for Romney, so around half of women tend to lean conservative. Additionally, polls show even most liberals are tired of political correctness. You're just looking for excuses to avoid real women.

Zerglings incoming.

Why would you want kids in poor Slavic shithole?

I assume Nigeria and most of the African shitholes have the same plan to become better places to live in.

While Nigeria still has an absurdly high birth rate, it is declining and getting the birthrate down is one of their development goals.