Reminder that cameras are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays

Reminder that cameras are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays.

Why the fuck do you want even thinner phones? Fuck this.

I want thicker phones with larger batteries.

Lol nerd

Seconded. I don't get people wanting thin phones fragile as cookies i usually prefer to feel a sturdier more solid product. If i feel it's too thin i immediately get a case to both give it protection and making it thicker. It's annoying to always feel like i could break my phone with my own hands if i grab it too hard.

>dat gold finish
Why do the new space grey and black iphones look so trashy? The gold and even pink colours look way slicker tbeqhfamalam

>Lol nerd
>Says the fa/g/

In all seriousness, fuck thinner phones.

Can't wait until they decide to remove the camera from the iPhone because... courage.

>tfw iPhone 7+ cam is better than DSLR from a decade ago and has the zoom range of a kit lens.

Wow such amaze

if you use your phone to take pictures, literally kill yourself

you dont realize how shitty the lense on a phone is.

phones are like swiss army knives, a watered down version of everything, kind of useful if you have NOTHING else, and 100% shilled to the masses for quick bucks

fuck phone culture, its a plague

just the back camera though.
teens who take selfies are a big demographic though.

>written from mom's basement

>Thick phones because of the damn batteries!

Unless you're a pro photographer you don't need a costly cutting edge camera eating space in your pockets for casual photos.

if youre a casual, you shouldnt be taking photos.

Do you always go all photo studio on parties or hang out with friends/family?

Reminder that batteries are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays.

Apple patented this horizontal prism unit with a sliding focal lens and a mirror to facilitate real optical zoom in a device while making it thinner.
I was expecting it to make an appearance in the iPhone 7. Looks like its not happening any time soon.

When will phones be able to work with natural surrounding radiation?

Are you black or a girl ?

no, I'm a person with taste who doesn't sway his opinion to what society says is manly and what isnt