When will "SJW"s die?

When will "SJW"s die?

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When will Cred Forums posters stay on Cred Forums

cuck :o)

when neo-liberalism dies.

So long as people keep promoting them and giving them unwarranted publicity they will never die.

Just buy the english asia version. You should be buying the superior nip version and not the American cucked versions anyway.

>We'll get the good stuff from abroad when the doctrine that supports trade is gone
You are officially retarded


Was he right?

neo-libneralism is an economic philosophy, has nothing to do with sjw or cultural marxism or whatever other buzzwords you like to throw around

No we'll make the good stuff here at home and also have jobs here at home. Things will cost a little more but we will have the money to afford them.

actually it does. it's all part of the same bourgeois capitalist system and social values.

>Have to take minority groups class to get my degree
>Literal sjw propaganda class
>Shit like problematic, wage gap, people of color, black lives matter etc being thrown around
>Class is so fucking boring I have to tally each time the professor uses a meme word to stay awake
>Eventually start arguing every little thing with her.
>Utterly destroy her sometimes, but after class I would tell her I agree, just playing devils advocate to be able to understand the "concept" more clearly
>This she says she's a socialist
>Yet this bitch knows nothing about economics (I'm a double econ and philosophy minor so I know a thing or two)
>She says that capitalism is bad and oppresses people, blow her the fuck out with evidence of the alternative.
>Starts talking about ethics, school her on deontological and necomacian thought.
>Eventually tells me that this class is clearly below my "skill level"
>Gives me an A despite me never doing a single page of the sometimes 200+pages of utter bullshit she would assign.

Good times. I actually learned a few things though
1. Sociology papers aren't peer reviewed. The entire "discipline" if you can call it that is bullshit.
2.The second SJWs are off twitter they fuck up because the hugbox isn't there to support them
3. They all have literally the same ideas about everything. Watching an Anita video would be the exact same as going to class
4. They don't actually know anything about the things they cite
For example:
>Men and women are biologically identical!
Tell here they're not (I'm a biochem major ffs)
>Can't argue with me because she doesn't know the first thing about the human body

>Socialism is better!
Doesn't know a lick of economic or politcal history

>Muh wage gap!
Again, doesn't understand economics

Overall, just ignore them and they'll go away.
They're just the myspace emo girls that got fat and weren't able to move on.

Yuri Bezmenov (ex KGB propaganda agent) basically said that in 1984 interview:

They're already dying.
The general public is starting to become aware of how insane they are.
Just look at how the hugh mungus meme blew up.
That woman was doxxed and she's now in hiding.

>I don't like his actions so he is a SJW
Fuck off!

SJWs are a result of it. Commodified politics and cooptation of social movements are one of its defining qualities, having the ability to market and profit from everything and anything.

When all you stormtards go back to wither in your containment boards and not keep bothering us normal people.

>I won an argument against a SJW who didn't know what the fuck she was talking about
>Guys I BTFOd socialists!
Try talking to an actual socialist instead. Socialist theory is all economic theory, even Das Kapital often emphasizes that capitalism is a very efficient system. Try going to a socialist organization where they know their shit and debate them there instead. No, hippies and democrats aren't socialists.

That wasn't even remotely implied, what's your problem?

If you've ever taken a calculus based econ class, you would be able to come up with several arguments on why capitalism and socialism are absolute garbage.
Sadly twitter warriors are community college rejects so yeah.

Nice trips, confirming all poltards need to fuck off from our boards.

>country whose median GDP is on par with mexico, still barely recovering from an almost total demographic collapse in the 90s, can barely afford to keep the lights running
>somehow has the money and inclination to pay furrykins to bother normals in the US and west europe
>this is more plausible than the fucking obvious, that it's just jews being jews
Yeah, I'm the "conspiracy theorist".

Hey there! Keep it down with the "I went to class x" authority arguments and come up with some substance.

It's typical to call everything garbage without having a better alternative. It seems like you fail to understand that the quality of systems is relative.

>video games
Back to your containment board, And to answer your question just so you'll fuck off, trump is going to end SJWs and make america great again.

Fuck off you SJW cunt, back to your safe space on tumblr.

Hey fuck you, you don't' have to be some retarded faggot from Cred Forums to oppose SJWs, fucking idiot. Honestly, I don't like Cred Forums much, but I rather have them here than you.

>us normal people
Normal people don't have an obsessive compulsive disorder of crusading against any and all white males,
randomly insulting people for enjoying their own hobbies and entertaining themselves with certain media,
and having mental breakdown every time they see something sexualized akin to some puritan religious conservative.

And normal people certainly don't go censoring what they don't like and attacking on Twitter over it for 10 straight hours a day. Normal people ignore it and go their own way.

this isnt a technology

>those digits
Kek has disowned us

> SJW cunt
Fuck off you stormfag, back to your safe space on pol.