What do you guys think is the best microphone around 50-70 price range...

What do you guys think is the best microphone around 50-70 price range? I was looking at the samson meteor and blue snowball. Opinions?

Cannot speak for the meteor, but I've owned the snowball for about 3 years now and it's still going strong. Fantastic mic. I use it for VOIP but know it meets many needs.

I went for the AT2020 mostly and I highly recommend getting a mic that can use a software to adjust some different settings. I record some instruments on mine though.. But the snowball should fit your needs if you want to just chat or stream.

ive had the meteor for 3 years and i would recommend it

Honestly, save up a few more shekels and get yourself a Neumann. You don't want to skimp on the mic.

Does that have an XLR plug? What do you have yours plugged into.

Just get the blue yeti

In my honest opinion the blue mics are pretty heavily overrated. They're not bad but honestly they're nothing special either.

I would recommend probably the AT2020 or if you have money to spend that you really need to get rid of ASAP the Rode NT1-A is fantastic.

Are XLR mics objectively better than USB ones?

Absolutely. Phantom power is even better

samson meteor is a sensible choice, available used for $35 on ebay if you want to save some money
just don't plug it into a shitty usb hub otherwise you'll get noise

I bought a Neumann, the offer was too good to refuse.

Can't go wrong with Neumann, it's the Rolls Royce of mics and definitely holds value.

OP just buy yourself some Bose quietcomforst QC 25 or the bluetooth version, the mic on those is fantastic.

All this name dropping made me feel like a shill

Ayy lmao, I have this one sitting besides me right now. Bought it two years ago and it works like a charm and gets everyone who sees it curious

Any microphone over $10 is a meme.

It also makes for a great audio passthrough, even though the turning knob is a bit stiff after two years and not very big. This fucker is absolutely indestructable, it fell down countless times by now and not once did it fail. 10/10 mic for 50 yurobucks at the time

I bought one of these and it was the worst microphone I've ever owned. Picked up the rustling of my clothes far better than the sound of my voice.

$49 Cardioid blue snowball with a cheapo $7 pop filter is the best value for the money.

I bought one when I made my PC a few months ago and it's been solid for me. One of the few things I gripe about is that it's all metal, and if you have both feet on the ground you might get a bit of a shock, especially near the power input. It sounds good though if it's just a mic for skype, game chat, I can't speak on music recording. But I think it's worth the money.

I would invest in an audio interface and then find a cheap ass microphone off aliexpress or whatever that would sound just as good as a $100 usb microphone.

Yeah it sucks

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I have a meteor, and its excellent. Recommended.

has samson meteor. it got a nasty tendency to peak

Get a used sm57 (or sm58 if you're doing more vocals)

only mic you will ever need for any purpose.

If you pay more than 40 bux for a USB mic you're a literal idiot.

Stay away from the yeti or anything like that

If you're using it just for basic voice chat just buy a cheap 20-40 bux USB mic like the Snowball or something and try to get one on sale or second hand rather than pay full price because they're not really worth it.

If you're using it for more than that then spend a bit more money and get some real equipment for like 100 bux. It will be leagues ahead of any USB mic.

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I got a snowball about a month back and its breddy good. Quality is nice

BM800 + Neewer/no-name phantom power.