Daily reminder: SSD is a waste

daily reminder: SSD is a waste

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okay poorfag

so are our lives

>its more expensive so its better

i didn't say that.
it's just a fact that SSDs are much faster.

Bought an ssd to put poorly optimised shit games on, works a treat with any game that frequently loads content

*current big TLC SSDs

>SSDs are faster

lmao, nah.

I'd NEVER go back to OS and apps on a rotating platter. Slow as shit compared to solid state media.

Let me see.

Runs cooler - check
No moving part/unbreakable - check
weighs less - check
durable when write-light - check
faster - check

OP is a fag

not even true

>falling for OP's bait



it's true that you're a cock craving effeminate faggot tho

By a order of magnitude infarct


Yeah, that's a meme I'm afraid. Fact is no one really needs anything faster than a 5400 rpm drive. Anything else is meme overkill.

Anime poster, everyone!

Everything you wrote is true, except
>runs cooler
It really depends of the model you have. A PCIe enterprise-grade SSD can easily reach higher temps than a regular HDD.
Also happens with my 950 Pro which is literally the hottest shit in my rig right now, at 42°C, while my 2TB WD Black is sitting at 33°C.

honestly, nvme or go home

SSD is only needed for Windows to compensate for the giant boot times

>Anime poster, everyone!
This isn't an argument, SSD isn't faster.

>SSD isn't faster.
Kek, try harder.

but it is?

Have to agree to with the anime fag. Switched from a rotating drive to ssd because i fell for the meme.

Noticed NO difference whatsoever. What a ripoff.

it's more cost efficient and effective to upgrade your ram before considering an overpriced ssd

>SSD isn't faster
This isn't an argument either.
That's barely an opinion, and it's being destroyed by every post in this thread by showing simple metrics of performance.

>windows 10


>I- I don't need an SSD guize!

show us ur whore tits maki

And? You made a claim that a SD isn't faster than a HDD, i proved that claim incorrect then, and right now as well
>Pic is a HDD
I just shit all over your sole arguing pewit

Obvious fake is obvious. You will see NO difference moving to a SSD from a spinning drive.

SSD is a complete MEME.


What is this, grandmas computer?

Is that you nan?

What? That's just my HDD
I have multiple partitions, it's a 320GB drive

The only realistic way you're getting lower temps on your CPU than the SSD is if you're benchmarking the SSD and not the CPU. There's no actual normal application in which you woul dhave such low CPU usage with such high hard drive write usage.

It's either that or there's something really fucked with your cooling setup. I have a 950 Pro too and I've only hit that with benchmarking.


enjoy your flash SSD going to shit while my HDD stays fresh for life.

That's just a photoshop fake. It's SUPER OBVIOUS


>enjoy your flash SSD going to shit while my HDD stays fresh for its 3 year MTBF life.
Fixed that for you.

SSDs are cheaper than HDDs these days.


SSDs die faster dont lie to yourself

>SSD has less storage and is slower
As usual.

>not having 1TB ram datacenter and saving all your stuff on superfast memory with back-up power so you dont lose anything

>My original argument got shredded to shit! time to spew some more bullshit!

Keep telling yourself that, kek.

>Keep telling yourself that, kek.
Telling myself what exactly?

when you're ready to face reality we're waiting you on the SSD side senpai


I wasn't benchmarking anything.
It has been like that since the beginning. I stopped paying attention to it because it just werks and always stays fast enough.
I also saw that such temps are pretty normal on this product considering the throughput the controller has to provide. People online are also recommanding adding a heatsink on the top of the controller to prevent throttling, but I'm not facing any issues right now.

I have an SSD in my chromebook and I agree with OP. They're slow and tiny.

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that's an eMMC, get a real SSD

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to be fair his services are best-in-class

SSD can NEVER be faster than HDD:
SSD are made of flash memory, so they aren't made for rotation, a thing that an HDD is optimized for.
Since an SSD hasn't got any moving parts, while HDDs have a motor, HDD will always be faster.

>memory speed is measured in how fast mechanical parts move

>I have a 950 Pro too
Me too, I also have an IR thermometer and mine idles in the 40s. and I can raise it over 60c when benching.

i'd much rather have that velociraptor than some no name SSD with a rickety controller that's going to shit the bed in a year



i enjoy watching my ssd defrag every day u ass i like watching the little boxes change colours okay

If this is true why isn't RAM stored on a mechanical disk?

>people unironically being retarded
Oh right... This is Cred Forums, after all


>tfw trying to tell friend to not waste cash for a SSD in his gaymen rig
>every single argument I name he's just like:

>SSD's are literally 10 times faster
>"M8 it's not worth it, those long loadtimes are good for you."

>and they ldie iterally 20 times faster
>and they are literally 10 times as expensive

>He uses rotating disk drives
>Not using superior, durable, large capacity tape instead
This is how you sound.

>By having SSD is probably saved at least 2 months of my life in the past 3 years.

>waste of money

Just bought a 240GB. Got a vive so I'm using my desktop as my main machine for the first time in years, fuck boot's slow.
Can't stand that shit. All problems fixed for $100.

yeah, if disk drives decided to stop working after writing themselves full a few times, had AT LEAST 5-6 times the cost / gb, a literal 10th of the size of tape and highly fluctuating quality depending on the manufacturer

>what is sata express
Lel buttmad ssdfags can only afford chink msata rom cards for their memepads, never heard of modern thecnology

>Disk drives are atleast 3 times the price/gb compared to tape.
Really giving in to the jews aren't you?

Ram is circuited directly to a processor via parallel bus, no need for that slow gunky dated sata3 and pcie protocols ssd use

>counting with user:
>today: the numbers from 3 to 5
>first comes 3 (three)
>then comes 4 (this means its more than 3!)
>and finally comes 5, "five"
>this number is even larger than 4!

>now, if you multiply something by a larger number, you get a WAY larger result! neat, hu?

ITT - We learn about the life long effects eating paste, crayons, and paint chips had on OP.

I gave the cheapest example I could find without any work.
Most of the other options are 4 times the price, as well as a couple that are 5 times the price.

>paste, crayons, and paint chips
typical american cuisine kek

why are they a waste? they are faster than hdd.

my computer was a slow piece of shit before i put a ssd in it

just for you I just checked how much HDDs and SSDs cost per gb
1tb hdd for 50 bucks -> 20gb/€
240gb ssd for 64 bucks -> 3.75gb/$

This gives us a factor of 5,333..
therefor, SSDs are over 5 times as expensive
refer to if
you have troubly understanding that

i always found the opposite to be true(with some exceptions).

i have 5 dollar ear phones now and they lasted for little over a year. i remember buying expensive ones before and they broke within a month or so.

I always buy the cheapest products.

cheap wireless mouse
cheap keyboard(k120 logictech keyboard) best keyboard i've ever had

i have a pc that cost over 2000 dollars and it's a piece of shit. Expensive does not equal good

HDDs last much longer than 3 years as long as they are being used and not turned off. And obviously you need not to have a defective one.

i mean you're proving you're point that an anime avatar and a shitty opinion will get your (you)

whats the next step of your master plan?

this thread is blatant bait

i have had my ssd for like 5 years

>Average cost per GB for tape is 0.04$ according to quick google search.
>Average cost per GB for HDD storage is ~2.8$
>This makes HDD storage a whopping 70 times more costly.
Refer to if you have a hard time with the english language and mathematics.

Wow this is some quality bait



Haha OK, keep telling yourself that. Running your OS on an ssd vs hdd is like running your OS live from a CD vs an hdd

I'm ordering a 2 grand tape drive right now
type > hdd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ssd
thanks for opening my eyes user.
Can you open my butthole too?

Enjoy your data rot, Faggot

>data rot
Not at the rate that SSD has bitrot. Don't tell me you use SSD's for archiving data.

>2 to 3 times faster is equal to an order of magnitude

Even though all my shit is 97% full of data.
It still only take less than 10 sec to start up pc.

>2 times original amount isn't an exponentially higher order of magnitude.

This is one or the worst cases of falling for the bait I've seen doctor!

>STILL falling for the ssd is a meme meme

come on guys, we can do better than this.

I lost it pretty hard man

>SSD is a waste
>No defraging

>built for under $700

What's the point of an ssd when a system file cache is better anyway?


ebin pasta


>SSD is a waste
*BSD is a waste


so many retards falling for bait here

if you faggots were rats you'd all be dead

>less energy consumption &less materials that are dangerous to the nature
>is a waste
Choose 1

ssd is a fucking meme

>they are

None of my SSDs have ever died, not even the old shitty 64GB SSD I have used daily for six years.

They use less power, make no noise, take less space, are more physically durable/reliable, are faster, and last longer in every use-case.

SSDs are strictly better than HDDs by every measure except cold storage retention.

>computer starting in five seconds is a waste
lol wut

This nigga gets is

fuck off weeaboo scum

I'd still use flash even if it was slower as it completelly silent

>a shitty tripfag who posts smug anime girls' pictures with shitty opinions
>representative of the whole

What, you hate ALL blacks now when only a couple of them commit rape? That's Cred Forums-tier of delusion.

what was more of a waste, then? My 256GB Samsung 950 pro or my 4TB 128MB cache Western Digital Black?

I need an SSD to fully utilize my internet connection.

Quality threads, only on Cred Forums

ITT: op is delusional

>bwuueeh h-he is Generalizing bwuueeh bwuuueh
Welcome to the real world fucking naive leftists piece of shit. The majority of anime posters are pedo tier scum

SSDs are nothing more than a Cred Forums meme. No one seriously uses them in industry because of the extremely limited number of writes. Also they cost a fuck ton more per gigabyte, and do not have the capacity to hold the entire operating system and applications for a modern computer workstation. The speeds are barely faster than 10000 rpm drives, especially when you consider the fact that most of your hard drive accesses are going through RAM caches anyway, you aren't going to hit the actual disk every time. The only thing SSDs have is *slightly* faster bootup times. But bootup is less than 1% of computer use time, so it's not really a metric worth optimizing for. Just hibernate your PC instead of shutting it off, or grow some pateince and wait the 10 extra seconds to boot up with a normal hard drive.

>get an ssd
>now windows 10 crashes every few days because they still haven't figured out how MSI works
fucking microsoft kikes did it again

SSD is a mess

Are you trying to make your trip infamous or something? Because it really looks like you're just being dumb.