Yo Cred Forums please help. I know you are experts on this...

Yo Cred Forums please help. I know you are experts on this. I'm trying to install Xorg on Gentoo and this error comes up when I type the command: "emerge --ask x11-base/xorg-server". I've already configured the kernel and the "make.conf" file.
What does this error mean? I beg your help.

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This is my make.conf file.

Please Cred Forums, I'm so close to starting my experience with this type of SO

You just don't have network connexion

Can't you read? It's telling you it's failing to download something.

the file is missing because your system can't resolv bitmath.org probably because nameserver are bad/missing in your /etc/resolv.conf or gui if you're using NetworkManager

I do have network connection. I've had no trouble downloading things before.
I'm sorry, I'm really new to all this. What exactly are "nameserver"? And how do I know If I'm using NetworkManager or not? I followed the instructions on the wiki.

can you ping and get response ? if so then just type like :
echo -e "nameserver\nnameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

It happens absolutely nothing when I write that.

you should install ubuntu

that's normal, try to run the command again.

I meant try to run the first initial command the one on your first screenshot.

The same error pops up. What can this be? Is there another way to install Xorg?

I'm willing to learn more complex things

It's a fucking dead mirror.

This is why I moved out of Gentoo, their shit doesn't work and I have to always put crap in package.accept_keywords for the latest versions of packages.

pmake's mirror is also dead and obseleted by bmake yet Gentoo still keeps it around for stuff like SeaMonkey.

if you cant follow simple instructions you shouldnt use gentoo.

He is correct. It seems bidmath.org is dead

Same poster here, apparently bitmath.org works from here.

I'm retarded.


For some reason the lack of http:// is tripping it up and not resolving. You could just wget the file here.

>unable to resolv host address bitmath.org
whatsmydns. net/#A/bitmath.org