Where can I buy bitcoins without sending my identity card and shit like that?

Where can I buy bitcoins without sending my identity card and shit like that?

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I think you can buy them in person or something. There's also tumbler services that effectively digitally launder the coins, in theory.

Why would I wanna buy them in person? I wanna buy them with my card but I don't wanna send my ID

it's shit

pls respond

Its not shit , you can pay via cash or bank transaction, no need for id

If you're from the UK, use bittylicious, it's a bank transfer thing - I've used it a bunch of times.

Why would you not buy them locally?
Meet in a public place with a laptop and a usb stick with your wallet.
Using any other source to pay for them, is retarded. You dont want people to know your ID but you're fine sending them your wiring info

Maybe because there is no one near me?
I live in small town in Croatia

Buy it online.
Proceed to launder it with a tumbler on Tor or wherever.

I think I will just buy on virvox with paypal

Also, whatcha buying, brate?

I wont do anything ilegal with it, just don't wanna send my identity card

Different user. So wait. You can buy them locally. Upload them on a flash drive. And then where do they go from there. Onto a digital wallet from your USB drive? Doesn't the wallet have an identification verification process?

Imaš na localbitcoinu preko računa platit , lik je pouzdan, šalje odmah po uplati

>ask question
>get answer
>"it's shit pls respond"

it is shit
>meeting irl

Use your fucking brain

1. Take out cash from atm

2. Get prepaid CC card with said cash

3. Macchanger and VPN, create paypal account

4. Add card to account

5. Buy bitcoins

Congrats you are now pretty anonymous unless the place you bought the prepaid card takes a name etc

One change
*VPN you trust, followed by TOR network maybe

further change, if you're still spooked about the paypal acc go to a pajeet internet cafe to boot

Cash is the only way if you don't want it directly tied to you desu

The best way is get on a big exchange like coinbase, buy, then transfer

Be wary of taxes when buying stuff though

to buy bitcoins on coinbase you need to verify (send them your ID photo)

I'm well aware. Cash is pretty much your only option

i have linux tails and tor
if i buy coins from coinbase and put them in my tails wallet to buy things can i be traced or am i probably good?

tails has persstance off btw

you can tumble them from one wallet to another one anonymously for a little fee