Which tier are you, Cred Forums?

Which tier are you, Cred Forums?

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Go back to math class, brainlet.

If I'm being honest, a script kiddie.

probably chad or script kiddie

Retard here, what is this?

optimization of functions/program

This kek
OP is clearly O(2^2^p(n))

>it's a CS freshman showing off this new thing he learned episode

Like O(n) ish, sometimes Nectar.

O(n/2) is the same as O(n)

you are fucking retarded

Big O Notation.
It describes the runtime complexity of algorithms.

shitty school if 2^n hasn't come up

Well engineers are universal outcasts..



>not using tilde notation
And don't come back until you have actually learned something about algorithms

>implying that smelly commie can actually program at all

What exactly is this?

>I have learned something new the first day of CS class
>Now I can feel superior by telling everyone to do it this way, instead of the commonly accepted standard way!

nerds will inherit the universe XD

O(n^random(n, n^n))

This, the diagram should use O(2^n) and something instead of O(n/2)


>using the RAM model
>not using the virtual address model