My mission is to share my knowledge and experience with you. I will not write who I am and why I want to do this...

My mission is to share my knowledge and experience with you. I will not write who I am and why I want to do this. Ask me anything related to Informatics and Information Technology.

Are you following orders to come here and share knowledge?

I want to help Cred Forums. Picture is unrelated.

No, I am just grateful, thanks to Cred Forums I learned a lot and now I would like to share whatever I can.

You can recommend me a cheap VPS for practice with servers/webs/services etc.?

What's a quick nugget of advice you can share to those wishing to work in the IT field?

vim or emacs? why?

You use VIM? Why?
What can I do with Vim that I can't do with Sublime Text?

second this

What's your job?
You have studied something related to Informatics and Information Technology or have learned all self-taught

This changes with time, look for yourself and you will find one that will most be suitable for you.

Learn to use Unix-like environment and Java and C# are most probable to get you a job.
You should also be able to learn things on the go.
First, learn only as much as you need to get the job done.
Having a portfolio on github with programs you wrote is useful.
Get internships, this way you will have something to write on CV.
Ask the companies for internship even without their announcement for a position, go there yourself and talk.
Good luck.

Use both and then choose the one you like and feel the most. For me it is emacs, although vim has some nice things about it too. You will choose the right one eventually.

I may not answer this question, sorry.

Find the VPS that you will be able to pay anonymously using prepaids for various services.
The one that will require the least personal information seems to be the reasonable choice.

>Good luck.

Thanks mang

It is also very useful to study IT or CS, I don't know how it is for people without beaurocratic approval. There are some cases, where people win programming contests and then they're hired.

I want to exploit systems. Where do I start? I already know the basics of metasploit but I dont know in which circumstances to use which exploit.

Backtrack seems like a good place to start.
Read their tools page, set up testing environment, this way you will learn about the various tools.
Then you may be able to read their source codes and improve them or write your own tool from scratch.
Various debuggers help to find bugs which may be related to security.
Read some files from phrack.

Is it because you are a botnet?


Will Damas--Hindley--Milner be enough for anybody or should we go fully dependent?


Functional programming will probably always be less common than imperative programming.
There is too much essential, legacy software written in imperative languages to make the change of globally used paradigm possible.
However, it is good to research type systems in lambda calculus.
I have not read the paper about it, so my knowledge of this subject is limited.
If you are interested in functional programming though, go with it and happy hacking.

You're way out of your depth here.

You're right, my experience with functional programming is very limited.
I tried Scheme and Haskell, but haven't wrote anything serious using them.
I also had a chance to use Scala a bit.

Serverhub. Google it. Thank me later.

How do you truncate DNS messages to fit the 512 byte UDP limit?

Do you just cut it off, or do you keep removing elements from it until it fits?

Split the message into several parts and send it separately.

>I may not answer this question, sorry.