>In place of the headphone jack, we find a component that seems to channel sound from outside the phone into the microphone... or from the Taptic Engine out.
>No fancy electronics here, just some well-designed acoustics and molded plastic.

>>ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone 7 Plus Teardown/67384

Why didn't they funnel sound through the headphone jack?

Yay, more spy shit.

That's not how it works


>No fancy electronics here, just some well-designed acoustics and molded plastic.

>Teardown Update: According to Apple, this plastic component is a barometric vent. With the added ingress protection afforded by the watertight seal, the iPhone uses this baffle to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter.

Credit where credit is due

What's the precision altimeter for? Pilots who want to Snapchat?

>dinky little piece of shit that will totally stay calibrated no matter what we swear guys ;^)

apple a shit

You don't have connectivity that high up
Apple is fucking shit. Just add a new feature, no matter how useless, to prove your sheep you're staying innovative and new.

One of the so called good reason Apple used to justify the removal of jack was that "nowaday, in phones there is not enough space to put all the component"

>a fucking tiny whole with a silicone baffle would accomplish the same, but this """box one""" one is better, trust us


Personally I didn't care, but that's just me.

>Personally I like taking it up the ass, but that's just me.
do you also swallow or spit it out? its important


Looks better, I think.

Hey, I love taking it up the ass.
Doesn't mean I have so little self-respect that I'd get an Apple product.

Found the hothead

Apple can't survive off of iphones forever

Or can they? Sooner or later the meme has to end

Watch them do the impossible

do they really put a sticker that says "Taptic Engine"? Jesus

The sound coming out of the headphone jack would get in the way of the sound coming into the headphone jack and then the person on the phone would hear your music.

Intel i series basically made desktops last forever, and even the cheapest Acer shit with a Sandy Bridge or newer and an SSD will last well into the next decade.

Phones are about to reach that point as well, and when that happens you'll see chinkphones going for $100 that can last a decade.


web devs will find a way to fuck that up and will pointlessly waste even more processing power

I thought only fans could produce coil whine

you're an idiot

>our patented barometer here says you went below 50ft water
>warranty void

>Drive through Louisiana
>Void warranty

>buy phone in Netherlands
>warranty voided the moment you power it on

hiking and shit like that

You do know that pressure under water is higher than under sea level ?

you do know that shitposting on Cred Forums is higher than anywhere else ?