Install anniversary update

>install anniversary update
>wallpaper reverted to default
>vpn client I use for remote access to work is disabled due to "compatibility"

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i dont have these problems

>VPN access to work

Watch out, we got ourselves a badass cyberpunk hacker pro here.

sometimes I'm required to work from home and I had a cisco vpn client the it guy installed that I need to connect to to allow me to connect to the server at work

anniversary update uninstalled it for me without asking

the rmbp doesn't have this problem

Windows 7 does not have this problem.

Windows has encountered a little bitch

it uninstalled it because that is a legacy piece of software that isnt supported by anyone. microsoft straight up said something like that would happen so it is 100% your, cisco, and your tech svcs departments fault.

full fucking stop

>microsoft straight up said something like that would happen
link it, you are full of shit. And I use cisco vpn software too and its not legacy, its a fucking 64 bit piece of software.

>Using a third party VPN client

Literally why. 100% this Your IT department's manager must really love the taste of Cisco's cock if they're using their VPN manager. I've never seen anyone who actually used it seriously.

it is a miracle you are able to breathe much less make up a story about having a job

Don't use Windows 10

>t's manager must really love the taste of Cisco's cock if they're using their VPN manager. I've never seen anyone who actually used it seriously.
Jesus, have you even left your parents basement long enough to get an entry level postion anywhere? Anyconnect is one of the most widely pieces of vpn software for most large businesses. I would guess you never even had a job where you needed somthing as basic as a grid card for security.

not that guy, but anyconnect, direct access, globalprotect are all enterprise level solutions, that doesnt change the FACT this 'issue' is your fault and not microsofts

open a ticket with the help desk so they can laugh at you for being unable to google shit and waste their time

I'm not the original poster, our laptops are still 7. I just chimed in to call the guy a retard for calling something like that legacy.

But that aside, microsoft is contracted to support our needs, if they pulled that shit its on them to fix it.

no it isnt, it is up to your department to ensure that they are using software that is supported

>he installed windows 10

You really have no idea what you are talking about do you? Explain to me how a company releasing an update that breaks something that they were contracted to support falls to anyone but them? I suggest you google what a fucking contract is if you arent sure.

what is wrong with your brain? the software isnt supported by cisco anymore, it is legacy. microsoft TOLD everyone what was going to change. i guarantee you there is an updated version of the cisco vpn client that will work.

having a support contract with microsoft doesnt mean they will fucking fix something like that for you, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

fuck off back to Cred Forums or wherever you came from

Once again, its clear you have no idea what you are talking about, I am done with you. Educate yourself for fuck sakes.

>microsoft says an unsupported version of a program will be disabled
>it disables it

there isnt much else to explain, you are using an unsupported piece of software. upgrade to the new version

literally explain to me why i am wrong

tell me my street-shitting friend, why is it okay for an operating system to uninstall your programs without consent?

they told you what was going to happen, you should have upgraded to the newest version of the software which was supported

>install anniversary update
>all bookmarks and saved PWs/history from all browsers, wiped
>all RDP IPs and passwords, wiped
>all quick access links, wiped

The fuck? I don't understand how that even happens. This actually cost me hours of work to look all this shit back up again. Luckily I had all of it saved in various places.

My university also uses it

This, my friend, is what happens when you keep recycling your devs all of which have no idea how the old code works when adding new and after that delegating all testing to insiders none of which use 10(insider builds) in real working environments.

I'd rather not install an OS that decides what I'm allowed to have on my computer

Excuse me dear mister Anonymous, If you have any problems or questions regarding our Microsoft Windows product you can contact us online or over our hotlines. I hope this has been of much help to you.

- Rajeesh Poinlo

it being unsupported is a lie

sucks for you then you fucking tool, there are even ways to get it working again but since you are fucking dumb you cant use google i guess the next logical step is to make some epic meme thread on Cred Forums

>windows 10
>Can't play my Age of mythology anymore

My college had a separate network for anyone in the IT Program, so if you had to connect to the ESXi or FTP server while in residence, off campus, or you were using the campus WiFi, you had to connect via VPN.

the only reason it would be removed is if they are using the legacy client. if it is a new version this would not have happened. pretty easy make shit up and say its the newest supported version though

Dear employee Rajesh, you've got to try harder than that. That post was unproductive and will not further our goals of promoting Windows(R) 10(TM). Unfortunately I have to dock 10 rupees from your next pay.


great response bro, and yet i am the only one actually explaining why this dumb story could be true. its cute that you cannot even use google for yourself, now you can go back to your epic sjw fsf thread you fucking faggot

One rupee for your poop, pajeet.

Apple uses a Cisco vpn for their internal stuff

take your poo to the loo instead of shitting up this thread, pajeet

There's a simple and permanent solution for all windows 10 problems.
You see it posted all the time here.
Install something or other. I forget. Starts with g.

So that's why cisco uses ios?

Good job Erik, $.05 have been donated to the FSF in your honor!

Keep up the good work!

>AnyConnect isn't support by Cisco anymore
What the fuck are you on about? Cisco hasn't even announced an end-of-support date for AnyConnect yet.

You're probably thinking of their old IPSec client.

Installed a new fan and PSU and it's been BSOD city. Had to wipe and reinstall. OS X here I come.

>upgraded to the anniversary update the moment it came out
>wallpaper not changed
>haven't had a blue screen since 10586



A G A I N,