Full tower transportation

Anyone know of a good way to move a full tower around? My case is a Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full ATX, exact dimensions being 21.06 in × 9.25 in × 21.65 in (H×W×D). The only thing I found that I would feel truly comfortable with lugging it around in is a Pelican 1730 case, the only unattractive figure is the price.
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I'm more than willing to pay for it, I was just curious if anyone else had a good means to transport large PCs. Pic related.

Back of the car?

Fill it with crumpled paper to keep components from breaking when being moved.
Wrap in bubble wrap and wax packing pape if your moving it yourself. If you're trusting hired movers, good luck, should have kept box and styrofoam your case came in (best way)

Don't stuff packing styrofoam peanuts in your case. Static city.

Passenger seat in a car with the seatbelt on.

You should have bought an iMac and got yourself an Apple iHandbag™ like me OP.

Wow, I've been enlightened that this even exists... And I hate Aplel even more for it.

I'm speaking about physically moving it. Say I'm taking it to a lan party or I'm traveling with it, I've gotta take it out of the car eventually, and strong arming it doesn't sound completely appealing.
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It's a 25-30lb pc, and huge to boot. I'm bit in bad shape and I can move it easily enough, but carrying a PC with $1,800 worth of tech inside is an investment I want to protect.

You are a weak cunt. Get a friend to help you out if it's too heavy.

Don't know about carrying cases or anything but the general rule of removing anything that can flex while in motion (graphics cards from slots, large heatsinks attached to mainboard) apply.

You could always get one of those dolly things. Pic related

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You're a, assumed, grown man and you have trouble carrying 20-30lbs?

I'd need friends for that.

My ThinkCentre has a handle.

Weight isn't the problem, the size is. Carrying a 20lb 50 inch tv is easy, but awkward as all hell. Same with a large expensive pc.

Next time don't buy a fucking tower then.

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I usually just leave it horizontal on the backsits, I don't have large heatsinks and the graphic card usually has 2 axis of attachment (the PCI slot plus 1 or 2 screws on the I/O side). If the PC is well built (and I know that) there shouldn't be any problem.
Or get a rack case and a box for lives like one of those they use to carry around mixers for events, I work with one of those professionals and he's thinking of this solution for a live media server.

Grab case.
Put in the back of the car.
Tell wife to hold it for you else she gets a slap.
Proceeds to move the computer to where you wanted.

>the graphic card usually has 2 axis of attachment (the PCI slot plus 1 or 2 screws on the I/O side)

>car goes over a bump, mainboard slot ruined through force of shock

I have had this happen. Feel safe and secure in your ignorance. You have been warned.

There are people with this need.
We use a full tower to drive 2 or more projectors and a monitor at once, plus it's live video mapping so we need a lot of power, i7 4770k and a 750ti.

How far are you traveling.
If it's across town, then back of your car is fine
If it's cross country, then take out your cpu cooler and gpu, rest of the comp should be fine

If you absolutely need a case and don't want to pay for something professional-grade like a pelican, just throw it in a roller suitcase like pic related. Can use foam or blankets/towels to cushion it. Should be able to find one big enough for $50 or under.

Why but a laptop when you can easily transport your desktop? :^)

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What kind of fucking casual do you take me for.

The type that doesn't own a vehicle and carries his 25-35lb tower to a bus stop.

I keep the box/styrofoam that my case comes in for this very purpose.

Tried that already, got the biggest one I own and it still didn't fit. I'll probably look into a bigger one though.

I own a vehicle though? You must not understand the desire for being able to safely transport my system, which is fine. There have been others which have been more than helpful.

Most helpful one yet.

The only parts you need to worry about are expansion cards, and large cpu heatsinks. If you're shipping it, or entrusting it to others, take those out/off, and store them separately, and you should be fine. If you're controlling everything, simply lay it on it's side, motherboard down, with the expansion slots aligned with the axis of motion. If you're shipping it I'd also suggest maybe taking out any HDDs and storing them separately so that they have a little more shock absorption.PCs are actually pretty sturdy, user.

Duly noted, thank you for actual feedback.

It's not enough to secure the case. Fragile components won't hold up to shocks and g-forces. I don't know what you are doing with your system but the required specifications are important. Given a chance I would build the smallest system I could. The last system I built was based on mini ITX. I would suggest that you inquire about build possibilities based on your working need and budget.

Listen to this man.

>Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full
You cant just put a desktop PC in a suitcase and carry it around all the time, youre gonna risk damaging it. Get a laptop or make a dedicated ITX build.
Why do you need a case for a case anyway?

Pal, FedEx is harsher to your components than you will ever be.
The vibrations of your car will never match a 220 pound guy throwing your entire PC across an assembly line

All you need is pic related

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Does your fucking laptop break every time you commute?

Why have I never seen these before. This looks ideal.

>That stand sticking out
>The "look I have an Apple" window

My sides.

Because no one seems to use them even though it is a great fucking idea. I moved several times before I even found a place where I could get a decent one.

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Well how else would you place it in the bag without the window? You could just have a small slit or something I guess.

Where'd you purchase yours?

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I have a watercooled system with multiple graphics cards and I've moved a few times with it (5th floor to 5th floor, no elevators). Fucking lift it you weak little beta shit

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>It's a 25-30lb pc, and huge to boot.
Use proper units.
13KG is feather light.
My PC is huge, weighs 49.4KG when it's not drained.
What do I use? The fucking package that it came in.
Shaped to fit, comes with protection, have handles why the fuck would you throw out that?

Forget the tower. Mount your components in that case!

I'd just put up with the rare inconvenience tbqh.