Let's be honest: VLC for android is slow and not good

Let's be honest: VLC for android is slow and not good.

What is the patrician's alternative?

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MX Player


I don't understand. How do you get that big in the military? At some point they've got to start handing out NJPs and Court Martials.

Use VLC v1.6.6 on Android. It's what I use on my tablet and it works perfectly.

I tried v1.9.0 when it came out earlier this year and it was really buggy, shit was breaking, so I reverted back to the earlier version and have had no problems since.

t. Fag who uses TD to route TwitchTV streams to VLC and watches it in bed at night, also enjoys occasionally putting anime on his tablet and watching it using VLC while alone at the park.


use the latest version you fuck, it's fine

>Use VLC v1.6.6
This one's breddy good thx

Conscript or just someone who stays fit while fat(enjoy your lack of knees though)

I agree.

The fat fuck in question is likely a fueler, cook, or some other support MOS.
Physical fitness for support is usually only stressed in their basic and MOS schools, and afterwards only once a year (at most) for the PT test.
Combat arms, pilots, medical (line) and HUMINT (line) are an etirely diffeent ballgame.
That's not to say some support guys can't be super motivated to stay fit for themselves.

America has no conscripts, and fat while fit is a myth.
Unless fit to you is lifting heavy things a few times a day in an air coditioned environment, and being able to hike >15 miles in a day with full gear + pack never enters the equation.

>and fat while fit is a myth
I ran a marathon with a BMI of 35(50% bodyfat). I reached that weight by losing a lot and exercising shitton while doing that. It's like you permanently carry around weight bags making everything hard af. Guess that's a myth too.
I wish somebody told me that it eats your knees.

Hes Nasty Guard just look at his patch.

The military had 0 standards during the troop surge circa 2008-2012

>has a shitty phone
>complains apps don't run fast

I have no problem with it. Could it be because my phone is x86? Or is your phone shit?

>America has no conscripts, and fat while fit is a myth

Fit as in able to run a marathon? Sure. Fit as in able to throw a slab of concrete at a motherfucker? That part is true.

>Using VLC
mx player on Android, mpv everywhere else.

>not pot player

>Pot player
Literally what

Do any of these have good rtsp and chromecast support? I've been using vlc and having to screen mirror just to get it to cast is so kludgy

>he doesn't know

I want Cred Forums to leave.

>50% body fat
Holy fuck, how? I hope you are not that fat now.

What's a good video player with SFTP support beside VLC?

>x86 phone

>using android

If I want to calcute pi to 32 digits on my phone then dag-nabbit x86 is the way to go.

VLC supports more file types tho