What email provider does Cred Forums use?

What email provider does Cred Forums use?

note: gmail shills can fuck righ off

Outlook.com with Mailvelope to handle GPG encryption.

Gmail and Outlook.
Unseen.is for forums and shit.
Planning to move onto Runbox for personal/work stuff


cucked normies get the fuck out

Yandex, because I have my own domain and am too cheap to pay.

I'm still using a hotmail account I made 12 years ago for most of my non-professional stuff. I moved away from the outlook webportal to access it since it turned to fucking garbage though.

Anything that doesn't look like [email protected] is reason enough for a company not to hire you tbhonest.
Anyway I have that, and the uni mail which is [email protected]

Breddy gomfy

>Gmail for normie stuff
>Protonmail for personal

I am hosting myself, my mail is: [email protected]. I am the coolest kid in class.

Google Apps for Work

basically gmail on own domain

i use gmail, OP.

>fretting so much over your e-mail

Mine is [email protected] and I have never had any problem getting a job. On the other hand, you seem like a boring person.


I have a @firemail.cc email


Using an email address not based off of your own domain is fucking retarded.


I second the trip fag.

fastmail senpai

thoughts on openmailbox?

being hosted in France is a real red flag for me but i heard only good thing about it

[email protected]

Something pretty close to that, isn't it? :^)

It werks, but I can not decide whether I trust the people who run it enough. I don't know who they are, and it only seems to be just the two guys running it, from what I gather.

>using the smiley with a carat nose

encrypted ;)
fbi and nsa hate it ;)

>hosted in the United States of 'Murica


Privateemail.com ftw

Used them ever since my private email server killed itself.

>not [email protected]


2 Gmail accounts
3 Outlook accounts
1 Work exchange account
Get mad Cred Forums

I third this user


Sendmail on a VPS


yandex and google to be honest senpai.

Private Email. Basically Namecheap's email addon.

No real complaints to speak of. Bare bones but meets my needs for $4 a year.

gmail because uni

>current year
>emailing shit that you wouldn't want published
Waste of time fhamily. Just use gmail for normie shit and anything sensitive by paper mail, in-person, or over a dumb phone.

>posting my email on Cred Forums
what a dick move

>coolest kid in class
underage b&

[email protected]