Programming Challenges

Hey Cred Forums. I'm looking for programming challenges that I can use to learn new things about new languages like pic related. Websites and other stuff are also welcome.

Other urls found in this thread:

project euler is pretty useful to get your hands dirty with a lot of programming languages. Even if you're not interested in game development itself, most challenges are more about the programming logic than about game programming itself.

I've had these in my bookmarks, for those interested in hacking and invasion. Never checked them out deeply, so I'm not sure if they're any good:

Very well noted, here's a link for the lazy:

And for people interested in game development, the article How do I Make Games, by Geoff Howland really changed the way I look at gamedev. Here's a link:

It's a great read and I really recommend it.

Create a hobby operating system. That's how I taught myself C. Probably not the best way to learn a new language though....

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What language do you want to learn?

I'm currently learning/average on Java, which is the language taught at my uni, and I'd like to learn C++ for game dev and graphic stuff, and also in the future get my feet wet with Go for fucking around and daily stuff (like fiddling with files, folders, etc)

Also I recently saw that these pics were posted on /dpt/, but for easyness I'll dump them on this thread.


v1 and v4 were already posted in the thread

Also, here's a transcribed list of the additional challenges on the pic at

synacor challenge








Is code academy any good/recommended?
What about starting in python instead of c# ?


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ill take the challenge from the second pick, markup to html doesnt sound fun

It's not, I stupidly did that before looking for a library once.

function reddit(arr) {
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
var biggest = arr[0];
if (arr[i] > biggest) biggest = arr[i];
return biggest


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double factorial(int a)
double retVal = 1;
while (a > 0)
retVal *= a--;
return retVal;

int main()
printf("%e\n", factorial(100));



>tfw all I had to to make my version work in replace int with double

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I've tried getting into programming a few times using Python and Codeademy (I know, but I liked having the illusion of a progress meter). My trouble was, and is, finding practical stuff to do with it before I get really good. I'd like to eventually get to making bots that can play games (not mmo bots, but stand-alones), but in the meantime little feels rewarding. Advice?

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why not use for each?

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Guys, pick me a language to do this in

Depending on which list I use:

Telnet Server (C, Rust ?, C++)
Towers of Hanoii (Haskell or Erlang, of course)
2D Rectangle intersection calculator (probably anything)
Count words in a string (VISUAL BASIC)

Anyone have a preference ?