What is wrong with Linux?

What is wrong with Linux?
I decided to select Linux Mint for my VB, but now I have the problem that it won't load videos correctly.
Youtube, webm on chan's or all other streamed videos dont load properly. It displays the loading symbol but wont play.

Why is Linux sucking so much

>cant install flash
>blames linux

this is why windows users can't have nice things

btw, it started 2 weeks ago.

used the stystem update to update flashplayer


y not use chrome and stop crying?

its not like it wont load videos at all, I can watch 1-2 videos then it wont play anymore until I restart the VM

I have Chrome, Chromium and Firefox all have the same issue

sounds like you found a bug, post in the dev group and ask how to participate in getting them the relevant info maybe

any other error showing up in messages or any of the program specific logs? might indicate a codec mismatch or cant find/ open file somewhere. would be useful for fixing.

>Linux is bad

I bet op uses AMD.

Welcome to no drivers no support.

>I bet op uses AMD.
>Virtualbox VM
Really has no impact on anything, genius.

no AMD parts

could you explain what I have to do?

Op didn't say anything about a vm.

I use Virtualbox

>could you explain what I have to do?

troubleshooting can get more involved. in the end try and read anything under /var/spool/log and see if the entries from the time of the video error have anything to do with anything, if not find out where the app that had the errors keeps it's logs

if that all fails there's tracers like strace or gdb that will help.

it's a long road but i'd start in the logs and asking the devs of the program being used. if you can help they will tell/ show you how

also, try another distro see if it's the same result if you can

>I decided to select Linux Mint for my VB,

When I read this I thought Visual Basic, honestly. I expected some kind of masochistic mono setup or something

why even use linux?

Should have installed Ubuntu OP, those problems only happen with shitty hobbyist distros made by/for NEETs.

Do you have the proper audio drivers

>What is wrong with Linux?
>Why is Linux sucking so much

Is it Linux, or is it you?

Uninstall flash. Youtube now supports HTML5, and webms don't use flash either.

shhh, i said flash not op, i was trying to confuse the user.

anyways it's all good. it doesn't matter. Cred Forums users don't matter. we literally don't factor in. all these threads are useless.