Month old install

>month old install
>click on date/time to view calender
>open file manager
>make new folder
>explorer.exe stopped working
>save word document
>video card crashes
>open internet
>open task manager
>click on start menu
>explorer.exe has stopped working
>restart computer
>installs updates without permission
>log in

Remind me again how people can actually use winblows for real life work? Thank fuck I have backups or all my work would be non-existent.

Filesystem is corrupt or your HDD/SDD is failing.

Works on my machine :^)

this is almost exactly my experience with OSX. My Windows works kinda flawlessly.
What Version you got?


windows is shit


>be cyberpunk pro-tier deep web hacker
>have deep knowledge of every Linux distro and obscure operating systems noone has ever used or even heard of
>come into contact with Windows
>run into trouble with EVERYTHING
>shit self

Fuck this, I'm going back to comfy mint.

>listen to Cred Forums and their tinfoil hat stories about win10
>too afraid of upgrading
>realize that i offloaded all my programs to my home server. i wouldn't need to really re-install a ton of programs. (nzbget, npvr, plex is all on my server.)
>decide what the hell, ill upgrade
>not clean install.
>windows10 loads.
>not a single program error.
>done and done.

its crazy how microsoft works pretty much flawlessly even though it has to be compatible with 100s of different hardware specs.

>enjoy your botnet
i also have an android phone.
google knows where i i live.
google knows where i work
where i normally hang out afterwork
it knows all my contacts
it knows all my passwords and email accounts
it knows everything.
im fine with another company knowing it as well.
im also getting google fiber because fuck Time Warner.

Only a problem on 10

>i also have an android phone.
>google knows where i i live.
You can use Android wtihout any Google services. Only sheeple idiots use Android with Google.

>Remind me again how people can actually use winblows for real life work?
By not making shit up?

I've had every version of windows from XP up, on everything from a store-bought PC to a self-built one and I've had shit crash on me twice maybe...

>using android without google
the equivalent using a computer without internet
what the fuck is the point?

What do you need Google for?

phone to computer web browsing
ummm probably other stuff as well

Amazingly the Internet works without Google!
>phone to computer web browsing
Amazingly email works without Google, too! I know, it's hard to believe!
>ummm probably other stuff as well

fucking how? they even added root protection recently so you could fuck it up only if your really want to

>Actually falling for the winshit meme

>phone to computer
He's probably talking about sync on chrome, which opera, aka superior chrome has, and even Firefox has it.
I'd like to add OsmAnd to maps, Dropbox as online drive and won't bother listing anything else because there are many equal alternatives to everything on the list.
>because entire Internet is controlled by Google

i do know that other things exist besides google
i choose to use google products.

you asked what i needed google for.
i answered.

i know that
time warner/att&t/verison internet
if i liked those products, i would use them.
i clearly don't like them.

Not liking alternatives is something quite different from "Android is unusable without Google".

and preferring to use Android with google doesn't automatically make them a "sheeple idiot"
it works and so i use it.



Get Windows 7.

works on my machine

>cant even use windows properly and diagnose a problem

are you even capable of using a different os?

>has to be compatible with 100s of different hardware specs
i think you got it wrong. hardware has to be compatible with it


lol, go home kiddo

>the Internet works without Google!
>seriously believes this

I don't use google apart from gmail for historical purposes

OP said he was on 8.1

I've been using W10 as my daily OS for over a year now, still on the original install. No issues. I have had 20-30 days of uptime as well. Very stable.

This. Especially after google fucked up their image searching. They're useless to me

bing says hello :)