Core i7-7700K - Intel Kaby Lake Desktop Lineup

>the same fucking shit since the 2600k

Monopoly/free market is good libertarian say...

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Nice straw man you have built there.

lets hope zen cucks intel so this shit can stop

>Listed over at an Estonian retail site, the chip is available for pre-order at 360.35 €. This brings the price to roughly $400 US. Now the price is definitely not final and exaggerated since launch is still far away. Actual price should be around the same pattern as the Core i7-6700K.

>MSRP 600$+

>desktop CPU upgrade
>current year
just show me the wattage savings already. I want my battery life.


>95w TDP 7600k
Fucking why? Even the 3570k only has a TDP of 77w and it runs on 22nm architecture.

>Intel is 10 years ahead of AMD when it comes to servers and keeps going strong
>Subhuman AMD Pajeets on Cred Forums are dead quiet
>Intel struggles to gain any significant performance in desktop CPUs thus proving Moore's law is dead while still being 2 years ahead of AMD in an industry where having a 5 years old desktop CPU is more than enough to max your gaymes
>Fucking Intel this wouldn't happen if AMD was in charge I swear!

Hiro really needs to ban all paid AMD subhumans on this board.

>3.4GHz i5 has a lower TDP than a 4.2GHz i7

IDF detected

>Still 8MB cache
It's been like this since the 2700K and 920. Give us a fucking small boost. At least two megabytes or something, fuck.

4k playback seems to be a focus.

>Kaby Lake
Gay as fuck name tbqhwyfam.

Pretty good news for tablets.





>Shitting on Kaby

fuckin' a
here comes the battery life choo choo

My Intel 5500u can play 4k at 60fps.

>tfw they're now throttling the non-K parts to force people into paying the -K tax

Fucking kikes.

Increasing cache dramatically increases die size.

Intel doesn't like it when die size goes up, making it more expensive to manufacture.

Intel's TDP figures are just classifications, they have no bearing on real heat generation or power consumption.
Intel's Core M3 has a 4.5W SDP rating yet it consumes 21W of power under full load.
The 6600K has a rating of 91W TDP, yet it consumes 80W when overclocked to 4.7GHz, 1.3V.

so can older CPUs. my 2520M can handle it with enough finagling.
Neither can do it at basically zero wattage.

>tfw still running a 2600k

why would I EVER upgrade

give me one (1) good reason


60fps. Doubtful.

and with 10bit HEVC? No way.

What 4k videos at 60fps are you even using.

Temperatures? Watercooling is pretty much dead now, my Skylake CPU is cool as hell even heavily overclocked.

>my Skylake CPU is cool as hell even heavily overclocked.
Did you get rid of the heat spreader? Mine instantly throttles at 70ºC whenever a load is put on it at 4.7GHz.


I usually limit it to 720p though, pic related. runs smoothly with vo=xv

1.2% yields



we are still 6 months away, even more, to be able to get any of those

>4k at 1366x768
Are you brain damaged?

If you're really lucky.

Chances are its in the 3-5% again.

The meat of the performance comes not from IPC but from core clock. 3.5Ghz->4.0Ghz->4.2Ghz stock clock.

Not IPC gains, but higher default core clocks

like I said, faggot, I limit it.
It does still run fine. that's my point.

720p? That's not 4k..

Anyhow, try playing this video:

Playing a 4k video that's converted into 720p is retarded.

i'm glad i bought a i7 4790k as soon as it was available. hard to believe the 6xxx series was worse with dedicated gpus and this one will at best have 3% gain over my cpu

the parts not improving would be ok if it meant cheaper prices, but as it is, intel is slowly destroying the pc market imo

I already knew super high bitrate stuff doesn't work. It plays pretty slowly, desyncs the audio.
good thing all 4K video is bitrate starved :^)

Qri's dot, though

I got a second hand 3770k couple years ago for $150 and I still have no reason to upgrade. That thing will probably last me till second generation Zen+ or so.

It really fucking is. We need competition. My 3.5 year old 4770k is as fast as the new i7 that just came out. 3.5 years later and it uses 5 less watts or something and is 8 seconds faster in some CPU benchmark.

Give me a fucking break.

i only bought the 4790k because i had a phenom ii, the motherboard went out on me and the gains from the amd cpu were worth it. but if i had a 2500k, 3770k etc, i wouldn't have upgraded, even by now. there's just no reason, unless you're playing shitty, unoptimized aaa garbage on 4k with 120 fps

Intel cucked AMD with their Intel Compiler bullshit and underhanded prebuilt marketing scheme.

Once the damage was done, it was irrecoverable. Everyone knows, its already been proven, Intel was fined for it. But the damage to AMD was already done. The fine is simply a slap on the wrist for Intel since they are now a monopoly right now.

Revolution designs don't come around every year, it only happens once in a while, between those times you get incremental gains.

Revolution design comes when there's competition. When there's no competition, they stagnate.

The igpu



> the 7600K is an i7 @ 4.2GHz
Learn to fucking read, retard.

I know TDP =! power consumption, but why don't they just say the CPU has a 65w TDP for example? Now they're making the CPU look worse than it actually is because I'm pretty sure the TDP can't be more than the power consumption.

>Monopoly/free market is good libertarian say...
I'm not a libertarian and even I acknowledge that no part of the market is "free". The government directly or indirectly touches everything.

There isnt that much they improved upon from the 6700k. Theres some support for a few codecs but that was pretty much it.

What will compete with 6600k with price and perf?

So someone who got to test these alread said something about interesting clockspeeds.
Base is 4.2 now, so does the 7700k boost to 4.5 or something?