Apple replaced the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 with a fake speaker grill

>Apple sheeps will defend this.

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>>That jack takes up a lot of space in the phone, a lot of space. And there’s a lot of more important things we can provide for the consumer than that jack



My fucking sides.


>Apple buys Beats
>A company specializing in high end wireless headphones
>Removes the headphone port from the iPhone


It's a vent

Why is Cred Forums ded :( used to be great

I was trying to think of a reasonable explanation as to why this isn't a completely stupid idea (Compared to stereo speakers), but I can't think of one - it's really dumb. I mean at least it's channeled to the "taptic engine", so at least there's something, but what the fuck were they thinking?


Just re-read the iFixit thing, and holy crap, it's a "barometric vent". Fuck off Apple. Unnecessary.

TL;DR: My sides

because applul shills got BTFO

>how to squeeze even more money from customers?
>let's just remove the headphone jack and sell wireless headphones for a couple of hundred dollars lmao
>oh my god, apple, rape my face once again, it feels so good!

>The apple Iphone 7 is just worse


Teardown Update: According to Apple, this plastic component is a barometric vent. With the added ingress protection afforded by the watertight seal, the iPhone uses this baffle to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter."

This is still keks though.



are you kidding me? they replaced the 3.5mm jack, put a fake speaker there, just so they could make up some excuse about having a barometer?

>you can't listen to music and charge at the same time
>but at least you can tell what altitude you're at

>iPhone uses this baffle to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter
I don't need that shit. I want my headphone jack back.

The headphone jack would go inside a bit further than what the image is pointing towards though. It would go inside the taptic engine probably.

>next year
>iphone8 announced
>no phone components in the new iphone
>courage :^)

Yes, maybe if you went /out/, you'd find it helpful. I know I do :^>

Why can't they make the phone 1 millimeter longer?

>Yes, maybe if you went /out/,
Normies don't give a fuck. If you travel a lot or do extreme spots you buy a toughphone, not a fucking iphone.

Ah yes, a fucking altimeter is surely more useful than a headphone jack.

Jesus Christ.


>high end anything

> being this delusional
Okay m8, keep thinking that :)

They probably did a bunch of autistic research and found that this size is the best or something. Or maybe there aren't any extra components they could put in that other extra space, so they didn't want to extend it just for the jack. Or maybe they just hated the 3.5mm standard and wanted it to die, they're in the best position to try and force it. Or more likely, a combination of all these things and others.
The piece of rubber or whatever isn't very long, it's only wide. A headphone jack would be about twice as long probably.

>confuses "high end" with "mid-end at best marketed as high end with a stupidly high price tag"

*aesthetic high priced wireless headphones

>they're in the best position to try and force it.
Their investors seem to disagree. Apple stock price goes into the trash.

To be fair the 3.5 mm standard isn't terribly space efficient but now they've replaced it with something proprietary and requiring an external DAC. Not exactly space saving.

>inb4 Apple shill says you can just buy air pods for the price of a decent budget smart phone.

Who do the investors think is better then? I didn't say they were in a good position.

>A headphone jack would be about twice as long probably.
Why can't they put a fucking horizontal jack?

>Who do the investors think is better then?
They will move to the fucking Nintendo. Investors can take their money wherever the fuck they want. They are not bound to cell phone companies.

Because then it wouldn't be in the "speaker" position that the OP/article said, and it would be in the curve of the phone.
Okay? That's not at all what I asked. I asked who is in a better position to force the 3.5mm jack out.

>and it would be in the curve of the phone.

your an retard

>I asked who is in a better position to force the 3.5mm jack out.
Nobody. The standard is good and will stay with us. Fuck Apple. You don't replace good solutions just in the name of change.

That's an incredibly shit place for any kind of plug. It looks like shit, and makes the case less strong.
Okay, so the investors do not disagree. Shut up then.

Not an argument.
Still waiting for an answer.

>Okay, so the investors do not disagree
They do. I don't understand your logic.
Nobody has to force the jack out.

Because that'd be shit. The phone could no longer be put in a pocket while using headphones.

>They do.
So who do they think is better to force the 3.5mm jack out? Because I said Apple's the best to try that, and you said they disagree with that.

>Nobody has to force the jack out.
Okay, that is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Even if it's not smart to do, there are companies in better positions to do this. Apple is in the best position, and you claim the investors disagree with that. Who do the investors then think is in a better position?

what happens to things like square readers? Seems like those were pretty popular among small businesses and things like food trailers.

Guess Apple doesn't give a shit about them?

dumbass it's a vent for the barometer

Not true. I'd say this position is better. The jack can't be pulled off accidentally when the jack is on the side. Just use bent jack.

Out of curiosity I checked leddit take on it

Apple shills truly believe a barometer is more important to the average consumer than a 3.5mm jack.

>So who do they think is better to force the 3.5mm jack out?
Your premise is retarded.
Whoever tries to replace the jack hurts his business.

Fits larger Taptic Engine for life like touch

In that case they don't disagree. So you were wrong. So shut the fuck up.
If my premise is retarded, then so is yours by the way, since it's build upon mine.

Who the fuck needs a Taptic Engine in a phone?!
It only wastes battery and does nothing to improve the experience.

Not much, you can use the old one with the adaptor they bundle in with the phone, and they're phasing them out anyway for units with contactless support.

>Taptic Engine
>only used because they removed home button
>can only fit if they remove audio jack

It's quieter than the standard vibration unit and gives a wider range of types of vibration.

>So you were wrong. So shut the fuck up.
No. You are either trolling or are a paid shill.
Why can't you motherfucker grasp the idea that trying to replace the jack is a bad idea? Apple or not this is bad and will make any company suffer.

>it would be in the curve of the phone
Like the iPhone 3G?

>gives a wider range of types of vibration
A fucking gimmick. I don't know a single person keeping screen vibrations on. Your phone needs to be quiet when you type.

the real reason to remove the headphone jack

Apple always has to be different. It's always never in a good way.

There are two options here. Either you were wrong about your claim that investors disagree with the notion that Apple is in the best position to force the 3.5mm jack out. Or the investors do think something is in a better position to force the 3.5mm jack out.
So, which is it? If you just go back to saying no, or nobody, or something else that isn't a choice between these two options, then you can only be a shitposter.

>Why can't you motherfucker grasp the idea that trying to replace the jack is a bad idea? Apple or not this is bad and will make any company suffer.
I did not comment on if this is a bad idea, and I will not post whether or not I think this is a bad idea or why because it's irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Satan, do you want to tell me you call yourself an outdoorsman, but you have to measure your altitude with a phone instead of a proper /out/ watch? That's so unfortunate.

>Remove headphone jack for space constraints
>"They needed space for the taptic engine!"
>They needed space for the taptic engine because they changed the home button for no reason.
>For the record, most android phones have no feedback on the home button, or just use basic vibration.

>Okay, so the giant iPhone 7 Plus has a headphone jack, right?
>But it has way more space...

The investors think that Apple is shit right now. I hope this will make things clear.

>removing a feature everyone needs

Fucking 10/10 trolling, well done aplel.

>high end
Shiat nigga waht?

Holy shit mate..
That was good, absolutely amazing.

You faggots are going to feel really stupid in 2 years when every phone has done away with that headphone jack garbage and type c usb is the standard.

Why is everyone so naive about this issue? This was obviously done to add a feature called DRM. Obviously it's not good for you, the consumer, but Apple has different interests.

>This was obviously done to add a feature called DRM
Might wana loosen that tin foil hat

That's not going to happen for another 4-6 years. First we need to bluetooth headphones that aren't a piece of shit and have at least 1 month of battery life with a percentage on the host device of how much charge they have left. Fast charging to top it all off (ie less than 30 minutes).

I thought this too but I tested out the 7 the other day. Feels bretty nice.

I've been thinking about getting a 6 or 8 driver custom IEM.
Gonna wait a bit though since I don't want a $1000+ investment to deprecate.

Who here argues against type-c being standard?

Oh yeah, that's right, applefags.

This and it works too as long as there are retards in this world (so always).

No seriously, next year there will be no physical buttons. Calling it now.

What you post that for? That place is full of feckless spastics. Reading those normie comments depresses me. Such a sad gormless society we live in.

Where are the apple shills who for months were saying how this would make the phone thinner and also the battery bigger?

they drove 2 hours to the apple store to wait in line to make a claim on their warranty so they could pay the 100 dollar fee to get their bent ass phones fixed

Teardown Update: According to Apple, this plastic component is a barometric vent. With the added ingress protection afforded by the watertight seal, the iPhone uses this baffle to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter. 7 Plus Teardown/67384

>and type c usb is the standard.
Surely you see the flaw in your argument.

>headphone jack standard -> type c usb standard
>headphone jack standard -> proprietary lightning shit (not standard)

>Damage control

>a fucking barometer
>we replaced a useful piece of hardware with a rather useless one

>you can't listen to your music via your headphones but you can tell how high your blood is boiling at what a waste of money it was

Doesn't the GPS already calculate that?

Did Steve Harvey design this phone?

yea it totally does

but you need a barometer just in case

"Hey dad check out my new phone, it's got a barometer where the headphone jack used to"
"You always were a bit of a retard son"

Huh! A meter for wheelbarrows?

tfw they want an altimeter in so badly to pinpoint the user's location even more precisely above sea level

>they must know exactly where you are at all times

"B-but check out the design!"
"Son, by looking at the soap bar in your hand, i know you're the one who bends down to get fucked in the ass."

The real reason they removed the jack was that the phone would have been fucking boring if they didnt

>haha applelel is so dum
>why can't tey jus maek the headphone jack stick out the bottom left of the device
>i'm literally so dumb I can't even figure out you won't be able to hold the phone

Go and fucking kill yourself you absolute moron. This is the average intelligence level of the Apple hating sperg. None of you know jack shit about anything, no pun intended.


>None of you know jack shit about anything
>implying applul fangays understand anything

I see. It must be important to know the altitude each particular Starbucks is on. You wouldn't want to order a coffee type for the wrong altitude. Not only does it taste bad but you also look like a pleb in front of your hipster chums.

I know not to buy an iPhone 7, that makes me pretty smart

Who will be the first Android phone maker to copy this?

How is any of that 'bait'? Do you even know what that means?

>i think others are dumb so that means i'm not :^)

Ok mommy's little genius, I bet she thinks you're so smart fiddling with your custom ROMs from XxD4rkl0rdPaj33txX. In 3 years your phone will not have a 3.5mm jack, every manufacturer will suck Apple's cock and bow to the trend, because they're all drones.

none of them

Why doesn't Apple just do hardware updates every 2 years and work on making iOS more useful than a flaming pile of shit? If they allowed people with the $99 a year dev accounts to jailbreak whenever, downgrade, self sign firmwares temporarily, and have some kind of recovery similar to Androids then I would buy a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus in a heartbeat, headphone jack or not. The hardware is fine for the most part. It's the software which stops me from buying iShits.


Samsung will develop its own proprietary connection, which is a retard move because they don't have Apple's following. There are tens of millions of Lightning users, nobody will be loyal to Samsung.

>>i think others are dumb so that means i'm not :^)
what is irony

>thing that is _never_, _ever_ gonna happen
your stupid comment will forever remain in your memory, it will follow you everywhere, and the shame you brought upon yourself, with it, will lead you to self destruction

>who da fuck wanna charge their headphones? like i dont already have enough shit to plug in and charge already

>How is any of that 'bait'? Do you even know what that means?
your post is a dumb fucking rhetoric so far up your ass you're either pretending to be retarded or you're an apple shill regardless

Apple copied again.
Watch the video embedded in this article.

those airpods probably cost $4 to make

that means $156 dollars of additional profit per phone

Its not gonna sell well

>stereo speakers
>the bottom speaker is the same
>the earpiece acts as the left speaker
>the holes at the bottom left are just fake

They removed the physical button in the 7 too, it's now like the Macbook's trackpad where it's capacitive with the taptic engine providing some feedback.

Yeah, I'm sure Apple spent $0 in R&D.

>"taptic engine"
>basically the same as the vibration motor but larger

>mfw apple's phone is thicker than a 3.5mm jack
>apple shills said the 3.5mm jack was too thick so they ditched it to make the phone thicker
>mfw the phone is actually slightly thicker than the iphone 6

that has literally always been the case with apple.

Daily reminder that atoms are why phones are so thick

whoops forgot my face!

It really isn't.

so they obviously started designing this phone with a headphone jack, and then somewhere along the way they decided to take it out. would be interesting to know what the design motivation was, and what kind of civil war erupted inside apple after the decision had been made


>I GOT AN IDEA, lets remove the 3.5mm jack
>I don't think thats a good idea


But with your GPS you get the altitude, I use Runtastic and measures how much altitude I gain every time I run (with an entry level smartphone btw)

Or is it because it's more "precise"?

You gotta know what altitude the perfect brewing temperature for the coffee you're doing up on your overheating MBP

>I GOT AN IDEA, lets remove the 3.5mm jack and charge $159 for proprietary headphones.
>I don't think our costumers are THAT stupid. LOL just kidding.
>You got me worried there for a second.

I'm just gonna feel really angry in 3 years if that happens. At least the Chinks would probably still deliver phones with 3,5mm jacks.

>implying you know more than Apple about acoustics

>iphone 9
>no display, it sends image feed wirelessly to a $800 pair of iGlasses

Just like ALL phones today have glued components only, and have no SD slot or removable battery?

>iShit users will defend thisb

The while Apple removing the 3.5mm jack feels like a massive step backwards, Anyone remember years ago having phones like the sony ericssons where you had an adapter from the charging port to plug headphones in, It was a pain in the ass then and will most likely be a pain now.

>I point out a sideways headphone jack is retarded
>that is somehow bait

You're so angry you don't even know what you're reading or responding to, literally blinded by rage.

>proprietary headphones

You can repeat things as much as you want, it doesn't make them true, it just makes you look like more of a misinformed foaming sperglord. How the fuck is Bluetooth proprietary even in Apple's implementation you fucking mongoloid cunt?

>iphone 10
>brick of aluminum with battery
>no ports
>no nfc

>iphone 11
>brick of aluminum


No tinfoil. You can record decrypted shit from headphone jack. BT with DRM will stop people from ripping iTunes shit.

>iphone 13
>500grams of clay
>burn the brick yourself, goy
>so innovatuf

its because the iphone 8 will be a total redesign and they want the goyim to be used to it by then

inb4 EU regulation mandating 3.5mm jack

>investors disagreeing
You're very fucking stupid to think that Apple investors don't like this idea. This was the public response, investors still condone the idea of GETTING MORE FUCKING MONEY

i can see it now
>it was so innovating having to interact with making my own phone i feel like its now something that i made
>the new iphone is now my new MEphone
>involving the consumer was pure courage :^)

>A company specializing in high end wireless headphones

You are a piece of shit liar. Fucking faggot

That's an old meme

>not just playing the song in itunes for windows and recording it using Sound Recorder 32.exe

oh my god that gif is incredible.


That already exists, it's called NoPhone.

>inb4 EU regulation mandating 3.5mm jack

Oh my god if they did that it would be fucking amazing.

Well I guess when I'm flying and lose my altimeter and still want density-based altitude as opposed to GPS altitude this would be of use to me.

Other than that, completely fucking stupid.

Start reporting this iFag

A few weeks back I did a tour of Thailand. There were streets that used to be covered in people selling knock off DVDs. But torrents have basically killed their business.

As I walk down the street, literally dozens of men in trenchcoats walk up to me. They approach, then open their coat

>Sir, Dr Dre?
>Dr Dre.. Sir!

Knock off Beats are basically the top selling item for street sellers now.

"High end"

>iPhone 15
>wireless camera
>wireless screen
>wireless mic
>wireless speakers
>wireless gps
>wireless wifi antenna
>wireless bluetooth transceiver
>wireless altimeter
>wireless usb
>wireless apps
>wireless LTE
>wireless battery
>wireless cpu
You buy the "phone" at the current price and each wireless feature separately

>This guy gets it


the lack of courage in this thread is pitiful.

>high end wireless headphones

>>A company specializing in high end wireless headphones

>iPhone 16
>You are phone


the real reason they got rid of the port is so people can't just plug their phone into a recorder and record songs off itunes

its all about drm

just fyi the battery in the 7 is smaller than the battery in the 6

they had more than enough room

except they still can do that
the thing even ships with an adapter

baby steps

eventually they'll remove any way to be able to do it

>Apple buys Beats
>A company specializing in high end wireless headphones

>that gif

>2 years
More like never.

Erm you don't need to record songs off iTunes. Just copy the files, they don't have DRM.

even if they made no adapters, or took steps to prevent third party DACs from working
you could still, worse case, dismantle a pair of wired earphones, take the wires that go to the speakers, and attach those to a 3.5mm jack to record from

And get worse quality in the process

thats too hard for most people

right now a person can just plug their phone into a speaker system and play shit off itunes or tidal or some shit and they're a dj

Thats really going so fucking far out of the way just to make a 3.5mm jack work.

dont u mean 7s.

like i said, worst case

it's effectively the same result as their current 3.5mm adapter

there's nothing they can do to prevent this, as speakers themselves need to be fed a plain analog signal

So instead of making all headphones useless you make half of all headphones useless.

what's the per-device royalty for lightning?

I'm guessing this is the bigger influence over dropping the 3.5mm jack, so that every pair of dongle-less corded headphones nets them revenue.

Well when I'm due for a new phone at work later this year, I'm going to replace my iPhone 6 with a 6s. I will then hold on to it until it's shit, and then switch to something with a headphone jack.

No headphone jack, no sale. I'll keep my 6 and look for something else next. Same stale product with outdated screen.

I might do this also, AT&T is offering $650 for any 6 or 6s trade in towards a 7, so I could upgrade for $100 from my 6 but the lack of headphone jack is killing it for me.

This is so fucking sad

underrated post.

That sounds alot like rotational viscosity.

woah it's almost like they're trying to make money

> flying
Unless you're ion a very small plane, the cabin will be pressurized. This would be useless. Unlike a headphone jack, which you'd actually use on a plane

WTF is all this? Is top right a mouse? It has to be turned over to charge? Does it not have AA bats? And under it, I have no clue what that is. Are they charging a stylus on the thunderbolt port? The hub is no surprise, I needed one of those for a Dell laptop I owned.


I wonder if any of these Macfags will finally wake up now that Applel isn't even trying to hide their incompetence

>Is top right a mouse? It has to be turned over to charge?
>Are they charging a stylus on the thunderbolt port?

>release iphone7 no headphone jack
>people get mad and apple stock drops
>troublesome to use phone now
>apple hypes up next phone as a game charger
>includes headphone jack
>apple stock rises to all new heights
>people treat it as the next innovation

Yes, yes, no, yes

absolute mad men

Apple shouldve just released their wireless earphones, that's it. Keep the aux jack, its used by normies in cars all the goddamn time.

Maybe with success in selling wireless earphones they could push for an iPhone 7s or 8 that doesn't have an aux jack.

Right now its just pure 'we want you in our lockeddown ecosystem' and money grabbing.

>You faggot are going to feel really stupid in 2 years when Apple brings back that headphone jack

I charge and use the audio jack in my car everyday, car has Bluetooth calling but no audio streaming.

This is wrong though

For approximately 0.5 seconds every iphone release I seriously consider switching to Apple only for my smartshit. I have stopped using my phone for media consumption and therefore don't care about adblockers, file browsers, extensions in browsers, OS customization, sideloading applications etc

However, Apple never fails to fuck their newest release to new levels
-remove jack and do not include the wireless headset for a ~700USD+ flagship (instead you need to buy a 5hr 160USD set yourself)
-1080p 401ppi IPS, (like it's 2013 and the 400USD MSRP Nexus 5 never existed)
-muh camera like every iphone release, waterproofing innovashiun as if it's not a standard on any flagship
-on top of all this I have to use iOS which has no flexibility outside the stock experience
The iphone 7 is about three years behind if you don't count the COURAGE of removing the jack

>tfw you realized everyone at apple must have been retarded except steve jobs

Say what you will about him but.. nigga didn't do some straight retard hours shit

>high end


I missed the boat on BT music streaming as well, the next model year car got it.

But without being able to control music select from the car itself (steering wheel controls or information console) its kind of pointless

I eagerly wait for android/apple car shit to be more mainstream.
or even QNX, having waze show up on my car screen would be way fucking better than having some stupid phone holder and looking at that.

there's an app for android that outputs music through a bluetooth call connection

i meant physically


Make type-C headphones with a passthrough port and everyone can ditch the 3.5mm on phones.

Daily reminder that the 3.5mm headphone jack is the reason why phones are still so thick.

The ones with cords you'd normally be better off using at home, yes. Also, Apple's proprietary cords being redesigned to fit this format.

Then again, it wouldn't increase their bottom line by over $150...

>ditch the 3.5mm on phones.
you cant make me

I just realized that people are going to end up:
-Fucking up and mixing up airpods with other people, leading to two right airpods or two left ones in their inventory
-Having one airpod go out because the lithium batteries will give out at different times due to variability in battery cycle capabilities
-Fuck up one by random chance, leaving a single earbud to play ("Why does this band sound like shit?" they'll say during stereo mixed albums)

This is the joke we truly deserve

I'm surprised your car wouldn't have music streaming over bluetooth. All portable speakers have Bluetooth these days so the technology exists

holy shit

>need to activate SIM at a carrier with the previous owner's details, no longer can just pop in the SIM and go
Next level meme

It's a 2007 Acura RDX with technology package. Has Bluetooth calling and audio/climate voice control but too old for Bluetooth audio streaming, just has an aux input.

No, I'll still bitch then. I like the 3.5mm jack. One of those few jacks that was extremely well designed and managed to stay around for years.
By that time we'll be circle jerking which USBc DAC is best DAC.

I'd lose this fucker all the time, I'd have to buy a 30 pack.

The people who buy Applel shit walk among us........and they vote, they operate cars (kind of) , they create kids and pass on their shitty retard genes (if they don't smoke cock or lick carpet like most applel fags) and they keep buying this shit year after year thinking it's "revolutionary"

This is fucking terrifying to me

Reminder that atoms are why phones are so thick

Shouldn't be long for Chinese knock offs to be produced.

>"computers for the rest of us"

And it sounds like absolute shit, because Bluetooth calling cuts out bass, highs, and is low bitrate. Bluetooth in general is incredibly slow for transferring data, and the calling protocol is even slower because it needs to be backwards compatible.

whatever makes stockholders happy

the consumers are the livestock, and the stockholders are the harvesters

how do you charge your phone if your listening to music

Know whats funny? They will claim this is the future and modern, meanwhile look at the phone's screen resolution.

Fucking Apple.




They also have a splitter cable don't they?

It's as retarded as that mouse with the lightning port on the bottom.

>plugging your phone charger into your ears
sounds like trouble to me

Daring innovation and minimalistic design.

An hand-formed brick of clay mined from the pristine river delta of South American rainforests. Lovingly kiln-fired to specifications. Eco-friendly and natural. And only $800. You need only add the EM adapter with voice and 5G capability for an additional $600.

This changes everything.


Headphone jacks cost $1.50 per piece. Its their way to stop from raising the price another $75 dollars.

Why do plebs need half of the sensors in these flagship phones? Most dont even need a compase, and 99% dont even know what an altimeter even is

Hurry. It's a limited supply. And preorder opportunity will end shortly.

If you buy millions the price will be cents




>htc copied apple b4 apple even thought about removing the aux jack

and the retarded taptic engine


Nice trips

They took it out due to space concerns, but before that they take the vibration motor and make it FIVE TIMES BIGGER. WTF.

No micro SD card is the deal breaker for me.

Something just doesn't sit right with me after say buying something that I need an internet connection to access what I rightfully own.

It's genuinely not a meme.
Beats are 50% marketing, 50% markup.

Why do companies do this?
It's more expensive and it feels worse.

LeEco has had phones out without a headphone jack for a while now.

They're another "ecosystem" manufacturer.
Their idea is a store that you can walk into, buy a phone, TV, tablet, computer, smart home kit and autonomous car from in one go.
They even have a $3B car factory they've just built.

It's not current usage they want to kill, but rather for new stuff like Spotify and Apple's streamy thing.

It's like the video DRM introduced with Vista.
They didn't put it in there to make DVDs secure, but for future stuff like Blu-ray.

>For throwing Bluetooth and a battery on their already marked up earpods.
>Aplel fags actually believe this.
Thank you for your courage.

People actually buy jewple products?

Why does anyone buy apple products? Serious question. What do they offer that other products don't? What technology do they use that is better than their competitors?

I don't get it


Status Symbol

>status symbol

I guess that's the easy answer.

I'm not from this board and this is probably my first time here
>inb4 lurk moar
So it's just weird seeing all these people defend Apple in this thread.

Let me know how you get on picking up girls with those green bubbles.


dont buy applel then

I mostly dont go here. I suspect either some people are genuinely that stupid, fanboys, or contrarians.(the obvious opinion is that its bad, so I'll say that opinions bad, yeah! that people do sometimes)

so much courage...

So this basically confirms beyond any denial now that it was removed solely to jew you for wireless headphones?

5$ 3.5 readers exist, gonna be hard to considering upgrading to a more expensive phone with more expensive accessories

at least it doesn't explodes

IPhone users everyone

Personally, I would never spend money on anything apple. I was given an iPhone 5 by my brother that works as a cell phone tech, and the only redeemable quality about the phone is the App Apowersoft that lets me share my screen to my laptop to screencap and record without anyone knowing (snapchat). Except the only thing is, I can do the same thing on my Nexus 5 and I didn't have to pay 40 bucks for the app.

>samsung galaxy is the only android phone

>2016: iPhone 7=no headphone jack
>2017: iPhone 8=no battery
>2018: iPhone 9=no screen
>2019: iPhone 10=no phone at all, just pay Apple $1000

>it's almost like

Funk you


Iphone 8 will release very soon next year with old features changed slighty e.g the home button and will be marketed extremely succesfully as featuring an all new HEADPHONE JACK.

Sales will do well because people will be super phsyched on this "new" feature.

Its embarrassingly simple marketing techniques but it will work like always

>high end

>First we need to bluetooth headphones that aren't a piece of shit and have at least 1 month of battery life with a percentage on the host device of how much charge they have left. Fast charging to top it all off (ie less than 30 minutes).

The Bose Quietcomfort 35's already exist user. They're just expensive is all.

>these are real human beans

If the iPhone had 2 usb-c connectors and came with usb-c earbuds then that would have been better.

yeah, it's worse because it's so large that it means removing the headphone jack

apple's stock is tanking so i doubt stockholders are happy either

They also aren't releasing sales numbers because they know they will be shit

The hub is required, the hub for your laptop probably wasn't for most people.

All they had to do was literally put 2 lightning ports in the bottom. Don't even need 2 separate controllers and shit, just put each pin in parallel with its pair. Or, you know, keep the fucking jack, but as long as they're going to be special snowflakes


the thinnest phone on the market with a headphone jack is perfect thickness. anyone who is ocd or autistic will argue against this

iPhone bent upgrades to iPhone folded.

>Apple - "Think Different"
>Fanbois "Yes, think different, then what shall we do oh master"

>dat dog

I told you. I fucking told you.

What's a decent compass app for android that doesn't need any permissions beyond maybe "draw over other apps"

I'm stupid, what is this image implying?

The microphone grate was purely cosmetic. There was nothing there.

>That mouse

>anonymous told us and now he's telling us he told us so
are you literally retarded?

trip next time or just don't post.

I had a pretty good kek watching it on Conan

>It's more expensive and it feels worse.

Probably a bigger margin for them in other ways


What you think is best, even if it is, may mean little or nothing to someone else. A perceived user experience is all that matters to create value.

I have yet to meet anyone that has 100% of their shit together. We are all shitty retards from someone else’s point of view.

>9 USD for a piece of wire

the iphone target customers are just normies, hipsters and stupid business men incapable of setting an email account on an android phone.
If you need an altimeter on your phone you probably need something that won't explode if it fall on a rock from 3 meters high.
CAT, Samsung, Sony and even chink companyes like N.1 made better phones for that

I have to laugh at these plebes who don't upgrade their cars yearly to match the current tech.

>check out this guy who's never been to Walmart

>Cred Forumstards will uncritically believe this

it prevents electrical infetterence you retards

applel has been all about "aesthetic" holes/vents/screws for a while now. infact I think jobs started that with the old macbook fake screws.

>iphone 7 confirmed for superior vibrator experience
I wish i was surprised.

>our first stereo phone
>not even actually stereo

there is a phone thinner than the new iphone and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

But will that phone sell 159$ AirCucks™ to clueless sheep? Didn't think so, checkmate Android fags.

If anyone here has ever opened any mp3 player you will find that the headphone jack is a small rectangle it takes up little to no space

5.1 mm thin
your move

If you bring in your old iPhone, we'll gladly give you $0.10 refund.

Falcon what good does a phone being any thinner than it already is do? When has it ever mattered how thin a phone is unless you wear stupid skinny jeans

>phone so thin the camera has to stick out of the back that much

I'm going to say that it's sad that more people don't recognise this statement considering that thread was made several times a day, every day for fucking months

I hope you are baiting and not mentally disabled.

Huawei did it and even with straight jack cables it fit in the pocket just fine.


>wanting gay ass thin phones
>not tough T H I C C phones with great battery

Shove >muh paper sheet thin phone up your ass.

>its ok when apple does it
the actual bump is no bigger than that on an iphone
it simply looks bigger cus the phone is so damn thin

but fine have it your way, Xperia Z Ultra, 6.5mm and no camera bump and still has a jack and water resistant
insult to injury sony pulled this off fucking 3 years ago and apple STILL can't keep a jack and remove camera bump and make it thin

Oukitel "running geekbench for 35 hours, punching nails out of wood by the display" k10000 with a better SOC would be a dream phone.

>not getting a weather station instead
kill yourself

Absolutely none

What was the last good Iphone? I rekon the iphone 4, from there all went downhill

apple did this

HTC, 7 years ago.

>Apple ersetzt die wegrationalisierte Audio-Buchse des iPhone 7 mit einem Lightning-Adapter. Doch statt den Sound zu verbessern, verschlechtert sich die Signalqualität, wie ein Test des Computermagazins c't zeigt.

>Apple replaces the scrapped headphone jack with a Lightning Adapter. But instead of improving the sound quality, the signal quality decreases, as a test from Computermagazine c't shows


Imagine it with a Helios X30.
Fucking dream phone.

I think my iPhone6s+ will last me a long time if Apple does more shit like this in the future...

Haha android phones cant get any thinner than 3.5mm but apple will introduce a 3mm thin iphone 8 since they have lightning port!

>Wegen der Signalverschlechterung lohne es sich kaum noch, am iPhone 7 Musikdateien mit 24 Bit Wortbreite abzuspielen, die Unterschiede zu 16 Bit – beim iPhone 6S und iPad Air noch deutlich spürbar – schrumpfen am iPhone 7 immens zusammen.
What a load of bullshit. "deutlich spürbar" my ass. The article was probably written by some audiophile nutjob.

Anyway, sad to see the company that was once known for great quality DACs in their iPods deteriorating. Only upside is that you can easily replace the adapter with a new one with better sound quality.

just in case youre flying and dont carry an actual dedicated tool and have to rely on your lmao-phone hahahaha my god phones suck so much ESPECIALLY apple, swiss army knife of technology,, watered down everything, you only need it when you're too stupid to own the real shit lmaooo

Thankyou based 3.5mm jack


>phones without a useless 4k screen are shit. 1080p is the perfect resolution for a 5.5" screen android or ios. wasting resources on 4k rendering just so you can market a phone as "better" is fucking ridiculous.

>iPhone 6
>has jack
>iPhone 7
No fucking excuses.

The taptic engine was already there in the iPhone 6

>High end
17$ headphones with weights

>We've completely removed the battery but your phone can now fit in your wallet, just plug it into the wall to make calls.

because people are idiots, user. its hard to believe, but even with how accessible education is, people are still too stupid to educate themselves about the things they surround themselves with.

instead of googling, they complain and buy and return.

In a world without morons, we woldnt even need money as a middleman in our lives.

>he isn't /fit/
>his only chance of imressing a grill depends on a phone


Did they really remove the movement from the home button, only to replace it with a tapitytap engine that replicates the feel of pushing a button??

>you don't have a barometer on your phone?
>what are you? poor?

sorry i need to do a correction to my meme
it is not a barometer


this post here is a shitposting vent

Yes they did.

the button is no longer a button
but it acts like a button
and it feels like a button

something that everybody was asking for
but they didn't know it, yet

buttons are a thing of the past

another one to the filter
if you're going to shitpost at least make it entertaining trip