Redpill me on Windows phones:

Are they any good to get some work done and do they respect my privacy or are they for retards?

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>respect my privacy

that phone would be perfect if it had front facing speakers and a bigger battery

Don't listen to this retard, MS has a pretty extensive privacy policy setup and it's very easy to avoid using the cloud or any cloud based services if you spend the time to disable them.

I use a 830 as my daily driver and the cross compatability it has with literally all of my devices is a godsend, and nothing on any other platform comes close to the live tile in terms of utility.

>MS has a pretty extensive privacy policy setup

Compared to Applmao and Samshit

enjoy your no apps
not even youtube

no snapchat, no phone.

its funny how one app is the cause of an entire phone lines failure. but MS deserves it after being so dumb to put ballmer in charge. that dunce fucking the company over badly

They have literally for weeks been sending constant notifications that they've updated it recently. It's pretty transparent.

Well, my bad then.

This too. Make sure you have WP support for EVERY app you depend upon. The store has some big gaps.

Work yes, only good for work and work only. Not games or other social itchy bitchy obsecure apps.

As for privacy, 100% no different than android or iphone. They all collecting something.

>respect my privacy
There are no phones that do this.
>good to get some work done
Unless that work involves internal company-developed apps, then no.
If it involves the Office suite and an Internet browser, then yes. You can technically hook up a Windows 10 phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and use it as if it were a desktop (minus Win32 applications).

Android has a similar feature, but it's nowhere near as polished.

I actually own a 950XL. It lasts all day if you're not glued to your phone.
The lack of front-facing speakers I admit is kind of shitty, but if you're near a surface (you are at all times), you can use acoustic reflection to get the same effect.

>minus Win32
>tfw Android can Win32 through Wine but Microsoft mobile OS can't

whatever all you need is office anyway. And this little number

Just buy an Android phone.


Yes, this is what you need if you want privacy.

Better than google or Applel

>If you own a Windows Phone, the NSA may not bother to snoop on you

Windows Phone is shit

no apps
no good devices
no car support like Android and iOS
no future

> no car support
the what?

>redpill me

Don't forget

>Expandable storage
>FM Tuner
>Replaceable battery

I have a windows phone,
>Are they any good to get some work done
well if you need office I guess it would work well, it cant actually run windows programs just in case you are retarded or not
>do they respect my privacy
most things will ask to violate it to use them, but I havent done any intense research about it but I dont think it respects it for the most part
>or are they for retards?
well mine was advertised as the "selfie phone" pic related so I guess so
it does have an FM radio tho, so if you want that then ye go get it
>no apps

why would the NSA bother snooping when microsoft already shares all their info

Transparency != Honesty

Not worth that much because it's Windows Phone OS. It's literally perfect as just a phone if you're a normie, but can't get an iPhone. It has no apps or anything good on it. The design and layout sucks. Looks like a PowerPoint presentation.

Only notable feature is Cortana which is perfect, but not Siri, but better than Android's bullshit.

Get a Nexus or iPhone. You'll be happy. Or get an S7, but ShitWiz is the worst.

Works great if you've heavily invested in Microsoft's ecosystem or if you're a universal Windows app developer like me.

Not great if you're that social butterfly shit or something like that. Also no gaymz so you won't be playing Clash of Clans on your breaktime.

Yes, I have a Lumia 640 and a Nexus 5X (for project fi). I still prefer the podcast app to Pocket Casts. Only real app you'll miss is snapchat and flavor of the month things like pokemon go, there are clones or actual apps of everything else. The battery life is amazing, and most of the phones still have microSD card slots and removable batteries.

Low end windows phones shit all over Android, it's not even funny.

MS isn't focusing on Windows Phone right now though, so it might be a bad time to buy until they launch their surface line. It's like a cross between Android and iOS.

Depends on how much you rely on third party normie apps.
Most of the first party apps are good, and having the Office suite and Continuum is good for getting some work done on the go if you don't have a laptop with you.

Regarding your privacy, this guy has got it. You have the same type of settings as Android's AppOps available for every single app on your phone, first party apps included. You can deny Outlook access to read your emails, or deny the dialer access from your phone if you so desire. These are both just examples (and retarded to actually do) of course, but the option is there to disable everything on a per-app basis. I'd say it respects your privacy more than Android does out of the box.
WP10 doesn't try to force you into using its cloud services any more than Windows 10 does either. You tell it no and it happily shuts up about OneDrive and such.

I've been using a Lumia 950 since January. Overall it's been a positive experience even though people meme about WP being dead.

>found an old windows mobile 6.1 smartphone from 2008
>64GB microsd works just fine in it
I seriously did not expect that


Is this a meme? I barely ever use mine. Why the fuck are ugly Cred Forumstards taking selfies?

Or are the stereotypes untrue and the biggest demographic on this board is in fact 15yo girls?

>Also no gaymz

The app economy is the only major fault.

Windows OS and Cortana are very disrespectful of your privacy. Everything you search and what apps you're in for what amount of time, etc, is all logged.

Compared to Android, Windows mobile has very few apps, and you can't do much to protect your privacy (you can root and uninstall Google services on android)

But - the camera is good, the display is good, the battery life is very good, and it has microSD.

The actual fuck. I thought Cred Forums was more mature that this.
> games
> social apps
> phone hardware
What are you twelve or something? Sane person playing games on phone?

You only need phone to make calls, to run messenger and to take photos as notes. And to be able to google something sometimes.

As for WPs they are good in durability and can do these things, especially cheap nokia ones.

I use Lumia 550 and aside bit poor battery life, I'm pretty happy with it. It's a phone, I can use it to keep in contact of my normie friends using facebook or whatsapp, listen to music and check bus timetables and whatnot. App selection might be bit limited, sure, but as a device it's pretty nice. 720p 5 inch LTE smartphone with removable battery and microsd slot for 80 eurodollars is pretty allright in my books. Battery life isn't that much of an issue to me since I usually have a powerbank with me, so why the hell not. I also am partial to the UI, but that is somewhat subjective matter(altough live tiles displaying info are pretty nice thing, so your app shortcuts act as widgets if you use them).

You think companies can just go breaking their policies left and right? Yes there can be violations, but that won't be the norm. We even have MS going to court over the govt trying to pass a law where they have to give information secretly on demand.

But fuck you think information gathered illegally through breach of contract wont:
-Get thrown out in court
-Trigger a massive civil lawsuit

>Everything you search and what apps you're in for what amount of time, etc, is all logged.
Only if you use a MS account.

When I grew up I cast aside childish things, such as the desire to be grown up.

>implying wine for Android exists

Microsoft products are too complicated for me. I prefer Apple's simplicity and seamless integration. It is MUCH easier to get an excellent product with Apple software.

Apple designs their own to suit their hard and software. But, if you work for a corporation and the Microsoft tax is paid for you, or are masochistic enough to enjoy using Word etc., and don't mind paying the rental fee, go ahead.

I'll stick with Apple. Faster, better integrated, better software and longer battery life.

iPhone for life

>>Cred Forums

>I'll stick with Apple. Faster, better integrated, better software and longer battery life.
>iPhone for life

830 masterrace reporting in

Hows 10 treating you? Does the 1GB of RAM ever get in the way?

640 here.

>implying Wine can into ARM

Definitely RAM is a constraint, I noticed right away coming from a Galaxy 4.10 is good at managing it, but it suspends background apps almost immediately.

That's true for some apps but some written for Windows 10 that serve media aspects (bg download, playback, video) remain

Yeah that's true the core apps are pretty lightweight and definitely preferable to TouchJizz, but it's still imperfect and will often after a while do things like drop music controls until I reopen groove

Just get a x86 Android.
Lenovo or ASUS

>android anything


It does.
Also there is a program which is used to run Win32 games on the Android, in case you'd say "it's experimental".

What a shills.
I hear many many stories of people who try windows phone and every single time they regret it because there's no apps, no adblocker and it's locked down garbage.

Great phones, good OS, no apps.

I love it, we've deployed it at work and I use it personally, but no apps. If that bothers you then It's an issue to be aware of.

>no apps
Sometimes it's the probem, sometimes it's not.
>no adblocker
That sucks.
>and it's locked down garbage.
>implying majority of flagman smartphones aren't locked down

The majority of flafman smartphones aren't locked down. Only few Android phones can't have their bootloader unlocked.

>no apps
Got a lumia 550 and the only thing I miss is bank apps so I can pay bills by OCR. Got a "cheap" android device that was 3 times as expensive than my 550 to solve that problem. Otherwise all apps I use are available on windows phone. Considering I can buy 20 lumia 550 for one iphone+ I feel it's a good deal.

It can be slow as fuck browsing web pages and the 1GB RAM is noticeable. Windows 10 on phones is as stable as linux desktop meaning not at all. Have to restart all the time. Windows phone 8.1 is probably my favorite OS of all time.

If windows phone got more apps people would probably never go back to android if they tried windows phone.

Is a 640 still worth it, at least for a throw away phone?

It was $20 at Target a few weeks ago. I figure I could have bought it at Walmart for whatever and their Savings Catcher would give the difference.

If you're so worried about your privacy, why use the internet? The government does control parts of it, not to mention ISPs will roll over for any government request.

>extensive privacy policy
>20+ pages of privacy policy
this is a warning sign in itself

Any cheap windows phone is worth it as a throw away phone. Chances are that the windows phone is going to feel faster than mid range android devices. The 640 also got one of the best antennas around for both LTE and voice.

>Microsoft products are too complicated for me

Honest question, how can you get simpler than Windows?


>When I grew up I cast aside childish things, such as the desire to be grown up.

>I have both a 950 and an 5S and let me tell you some things.

>comparing a 3 year old phone to a new phone that was released this year

Yep, totally fair comparison right there

He wasn't comparing the performance though

Seriously, he didn't even quote it correctly

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

>You can technically hook up a Windows 10 phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and use it as if it were a desktop

Nice. How exactly do you do that and what ports does it have?

They're virgins who follow porn star snapchats. In reality unless you're vain or untouchable, there's no appeal to snapchat.

Yes. It's worth it. Unlock and get Cricket Wireless or whatever MVDO you please.

It was, but Instagram Stories is a similar feature and is becoming more popular. There's a native Instagram app on Windows Phone that's pretty good.

The only thing that I really want is a good UWP ssh app. All the ones that exist are currently garbage. There are a few okay IRC clients, but no real SSH ones.

The dream would be a slightly stripped down MobaXterm UWP version. It could run on Windows Phone, Desktop, Tablet, and Xbone.

Once more devs switch over to UWP (if they do, it's actually really well designed, I think the situation will get better). Windows devs use a clusterfuck of libraries and apis, where on OSX it's mostly cocoa

> It was $20 at Target a few weeks ago
Locked on operator or not?
Sorry, I just don't know american reality.

you will get a blue pilled 19 inch dick up your ashlokh if you buy one.

They're locked but you can get the unlock code from AT&T without even opening the package. I unlocked mine, but I used to use it with Cricket Wireless (they run on AT&T's network essentially). Windows Phone 8.1 ran a little better than Windows 10, but it's still good overall.

The battery life is better, and I prefer the UI in general, like Cortana more than Google Now (also syncs with PC better), and liked the UI of the apps I did use more.

I use Project Fi now because it's cheaper (I could get a better deal (5GB/month 4G, then throttled unlimited data, unlimited minutes/texting for $25-30/month)with a Cricket Wireless group plan, but I'm not doing it with five randoms on the internet).

I dunno, I think Chen gives him a run for his money with the hack job he's performing on Blackberry.