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Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

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• user got a sweeping robot, head scratcher, Zuk Z2 Pro and a wireless keyboard • Z2 Pro is OK, but the software is a pain • user got chink socks and a vape kit socks are too small • user got a 63 cent earbud case • user tests his DIY Phantom Power • user got an A S T H E T I C Bluetooth player • user gets Xiaomi powerbank • user got USB light • user got Romoss 10400 mAh powerbank • Anpn gpt SD card case and a windscreen for a digital recoreder • user got a watch Previous thread

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Holy shit I'm early.
Anyone got any tips on Christmas gifts for my 10yo little sister?

first for lithuania


Fucking kekn

Any good backpacks? I need one because my Jansport is not comfortable, or good enough for going to the park and carrying any significant weight.

what the fuck are you carrying to the park

leave your thinkpad at home

Sorry it says it's for "Adult". Can't break the rules you know.

Lighter, knife (big and somewhat heavy one), dutches, a UE Boom speaker, and I might start carrying a external battery pack.

That is what I usually carry but sometimes like today I had to put in some charcoal inside (in bag of course)
And I might possibly have to carry other heavy things.


>UE Boom speaker
No one wants to listen to your shitty music
>external battery pack.
Get one of those slim 5k Xiaomi ones that fit in your pocket

>some charcoal inside
the fuck

Thanks, this on could probably also double as a baton. Will get one for my EDC instead of a knife for self defense.

I go to the forest and do shit like fish, and hunt or do various things so I need to have one.

It's a tobacco product used to roll weed with.

>No one wants to listen to your shitty music

>Get one of those slim 5k Xiaomi ones that fit in your pocket
Already have one, no need.

>the fuck
Killed me some Squirrels and cooked them.

not to mention that if you defeat someone that attacked you, you can go ass to ass with them

it would appear we have different ideas on the word park here

you probably didn't mean a park like this, right?

Just ordered the last zuk z2 in stock. Did I fuck up?

It's a national park, about 500 acres. Has various lakes and forests.

ah, though so

carry on then


I have no suggestions, so just ignore what I wrote


but good on you for not being a basement dwelling neckbeard, though

Yea thanks man. I actually like to go and spend some time outside when I get a chance, being on the computer so much get's really boring.

And someone might talk about you as if you were a real badass

I'm not entirely sure if I got chinked or not lads.

I'm looking for a nice bluetooth earphones and an mp3 player.

Any good suggestions?

Cop or not?

Do you have your own place? Yes.

Else: nope

How are the chink SSDs? Seems like a pretty good deal on gearbest, but im unsure of which one to purchase.

What is your chink budget per day?
$6.07/day here, according to the last 15 days. Is this too high?

Get the Kingmeme one, it's good for the price.

Kingdian is the memest

Their controllers are garbage.

Where do you anons get your covers for your redmemes / note 3?

I was thinking about getting a metallic one on ebay and just glow a sticker to it.

How do they compare with other SSDs?

Definitely. 2215.55 $ per year is a lot of money. Get some help from professionals.

The 120gb KingDian S280 and the Netac N530S are both still on sale for $33


KingDians are good, I got a 480GB one for $104 and still going stronk.


more 10 cents shit when?
more ali coupon when?

Does anyone have any experience with Data Frog?
Wanna buy some controllers for comfy gaming with my bro.

Is it just me or did shipping prices for 18650 batteries shot up on gb?





Just found out my cheap clear silicone cover has a flaw: The hole for the LED on the back is too small, so when you flash the LED for a photo the light gets into the silicone and creates weird effects on the camera when it shines out on the side of the hole for the camera. Don't get one of these.

>US $98.75

>clear silicone cover has a flaw
just drill it bigger

does this really work?

>that fake pregnant belly


Here's a cheap dizi you will never learn how to play.

you need tape over half of the hole or some shit and blow in the perfect direction. It's hard as fuck to even make sound

>3900 orders

Fuark me

Yes, the secret to easy weight loss was found by /csg/.

The product detail recommends drinking more water, eating less staple grains (rice, bread, etc), and exercising more to make the product "work" better. I hope that dissuades you from purchasing this.

>Instructions for use:
>Do not eat shit before bed
>Do not eat shit that makes you fat
>Eat fruit and veggies
>Drink water


That's better, but I can go even lower

Thanks for ruining the placebo.

No respect Doctor Grandpa Huang, great shame of you.
Doctor Grandpa Huang best effective master of fat yankee, adopt ancient fat adsorbtion method, also prevent clap and make rascal accelerate more.

>Doc: eat healthy and exercise
>fatass: but I can't

>Chink: use this herb, eat healthy and exercise
>fatass: thank it werks kek 5 stars

Doctor grandpa Huang looks like a chink version of my granddad.

>Doc: eat healthy and exercise
>fatass: but I can't

>fatass: 1/5 am still fat DO NOT BUY

>Doctor grandpa Huang: use this herb, eat healthy and exercise
>fatass: thank it werks kek 5 stars

Worked many year many hour doctor grandpa huang with improved body fat transformation patch had. Not take patch only stupid white man do. Doctor grandpa huang many award medal in china is.

all these people mocking doctor grandpa huang

when all he want to do is make you thin

Just bought this. Who wants to take bets on what actually rocks up? An image, empty box, nothing? I'll raise a dispute when it hasn't rocked up in a month.




Are bricks and mortar chinkshit store purchases welcome on /CSG/?

Yeah man, curious to see what chink shit they got

I found the new slogan for /csg/ in the reviews.

>China is a great country, if you buy wisely

It'll become an even greater country if you don't buy wisely.

Maybe. Bring home some chink haul and take pics of it

/csg/ is a board of peace and loving diversity. Take your hatred and go back to you narrow minded biggot.

Are chink eink readers any good?

I'll be doing that soon. I'd take pics in the store too but the chink working there watches everyone closely and probably wouldn't like laoweis taking pictures of his state sponsored store.

to this user who bought the windscreen for his microphone, can you give some more info please
I have a zoom h4n and a windscreen is on my todo list but the price put me off too
would this one fit my microphone and if so do you have the link?

any chinkshit hard drives reliable/worth buying?

Why bother when kobo minis and old kindles are already so cheap

That Wexler Flex looks interesting though

What's a good, cheap chink tablet that can run wangblows 10?

Is that really Shanghai? Kinda clean from your pic

What's the /csg/ consensus on KingDian SSDs?

My main hard drive is 9 years old and can't have long left, but I don't want to replace it with this and get chinked. The price is just too attractive though.

pre-loaded malware

They use cheap controllers, but they are not ultra low-end like the budget Sandisk offerings. You will not get 850 EVO performance out of it; It will just be average for an SSD.

In my experience, their mSATA drives were acceptable.

Chinks cannot into e reader.

That's Russian. I have one on the way to play with. Apparently they always break because people constantly show off the flexibility, and they're not supposed to do that on the reg.

The s280 is pretty good.

Running the msata variant (m280) right now on my memepad without issues at all.

Replying to last thread
Nady audio user here, I don`t even use the included wind screen on my microphone. There is an arm stand for 11$, but I`m not sure it comes with a cable like the 19$ one does. I went ahead and asked gearbest about it.

However, some phantom power supplies provide a patch cable with them as well, such as newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA94K3RS7134&cm_re=phantom_power-_-9SIA94K3RS7134-_-Product

That would allow you to get the cheaper arm, and save 7$. I also stumbled across this nice deal. newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA94K3HC5500

Comes with a pop filter and is a couple dollars cheaper than the bm-800 + NB - 37 arm. The NW-700 performs nearly identically to the bm-700 with the only difference being that the neewer is slightly more accurate.

Sweet, I was only expecting one package today.
What are they?

It appears to be some chink shit user.

>sexy trap clothing
oh pls oh pls oh pls

Thanks, I wasn't too sure. When I opened it I saw, obviously, the Sylveon plush, which I was expecting, but then some sort of weird cat toy and floppy rubber boomarang of sorts. Very perplexing, I'll have to ask the seller about it.

nah, I'm not some sort of depraved pervert

Very nice sylveon plush though, looks genuine

You should probably try inserting that into your anus.

>Cute boys doing cute things

the op of /csg/ should stop shilling a shitomi meme note 3 and anything else from that company unless the wiki/pastebin says to recommend flashing a clean ROM on those phones.

I've been using my Mi Max for a week and a half now, and the amount of BS that runs in the background is fucking retarded.

Why would I go and do something gay like that, you weirdo

You shouldn't ever run stock, dumbfuck.

don't perv on me bro
zero homo
I don't even know how that buttstuff got into my aliexpress order

>fat furry neckbear with butt plugs is cute

>I don't even know how that buttstuff got into my aliexpress order

hey that's rude, I'm 170lbs

What kind of fucking deviant puts chink shit in his arse instead of the urethra like Mao intended.

>I don't even know how that buttstuff got into my aliexpress order

That's what I always say to my wife.

>N-No I'm more cute
Cute :3


Yeah, the same way this ended up getting shipped to me. Really weird to be honest, must be some sort of Chinese prank.
Naturally, I do neither

is that an anal probe for ants?

sounding rod


but lolis poop bigger than that

I wouldn't know cause I'm not a creepy gay pervert who sticks things in his peepee

>Cred Forums

the lady doth protest too much

> Because in the night of female estrogen secretion, but also the important period of human fat synthesis to accelerate
> So as to easily lose weight in sleep

>booty tech


Dirty Reviews - the granddaddy of them all and the man who brought us the Mixza shark meme.

Unbiased Tech Reviews - after losing his leg in an exploding chink shit accident, Unbiased dedicated his life to preventing another tragedy occurring.

Comfy Tech Reviews - bird loving Brit, most well-known for BM-800 videos and cutting peppers with chink knives.

OneBoxing Video Reviews - no narration reviews with cheesy music, pretty much a vehicle to make money off referral links

TechTablets - Still the best resource for chinky tablet and phone reviews with a ton of knowledge.

Fyodor Dostomedsky - an arthouse experiment to see how unrelated and weird video reviews can be before Gearbest rejects them. So far they've accepted them all.

Awful China Loot Reviews - famously unwatchable rambling reviews filmed by a bumbling migrant "from" Sweden

/csg/ reviews - Canadian reviewer, had to retire after his parents remortgaged their home so he could see Kanye West

SkeletonKeyStone - Set his videos to private after his girlfriend found out he had a youtube channel. Suspected to be Anthony Burch.

technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Sounds applicable to me

how bout no

>drill silicone

You'd be better off with a hole punch.


Buy sketchy Chinese shit, get sketchy Chinese shit.

is the $4 off for new customers at aliexpress over? i can't find it FML

Are sharks any good or whats up with the meme? (Micro)sd cards are cheap af around here locally, don't know why I would wait for one to ship from china

I'd rather get sketchy Chinese botnet than sketchy American botnet f4m


Does this look good?

I ordered a mouse pad but got 2 pairs of sunglasses instead.
Got a defective mouse a couple days ago too.
Thanks Aliezpress.

>Like and subscribe
fuck off comfy


>usb 2.0


Running the S280 with no issues

Not the fastest SSD but the best bang for the buck. And honestly, do you need the fastest?


Why is it called Alibaba?

Seconding this. Seems like a decent controller for some fighting and arcade games

what is good tiny chink mp3 I can use for workouts
I don't want to run with my note

Has anyone tried putting the BM-800/700 in that cheap microphone tripod on gearbest?

w i k i

What's the cheapest >=6" 720p phone I can get?
My workplace doesn't allow tablets and I want a large phone just for manga.

I'm looking at the Jiake A8 Plus or Wogiz WX10 Plus.

Mi Max is too expensive (3x the cost and has bad build quality) since I just want a big screen, not good hardware.

anyone have the xiaomi 20L backpack? thinking about getting one for carrying a 13 inch laptop, a 2 inch binder, and a thermos.

anyone watch china vloggers? ever since I got into buying stuff direct from china, i've been interested in the country itself

Kill yourself faggot.


Serpentza is the most based.
Don't bother watching anyone else.
This is coming from an actual chink.

Anyone here bought chink digital caliper?

Looks frail as shit
Do it for the mimes

Why do you have to get so flustered over a simple shipping mistake?

How do I know if I need a $1 USB soundcard?

Is the Xiaomi XL mousepad worth it?

I don't use a mousepad right now, not sure if they're just a meme or if they're actually useful.

why don't the chinks sell knuckle dusters?

>buying anything that goes inside you from china
well enjoy your fucking cancer user

It's under $30 for the two of em, should I go for it?
>inb4 use your phone

if your pc has zero audio out/in ports

Why two though?

you can get the ruizo on amazon for less than 5$ more and get free 2day shipping

ive got one
theyre worth it imo
especially if you do precision work like photo work where small jumps due to the texture of your desk are annoying as fuck

also great for gayming

desu my hands dont get as cold as resting on my desk either

why do you need two?
you can get the xduoo for 31 usd if the coupon still works

Pretty much all dildos sold in the US (aside from specialty products like BD) are manufactured in China anyways. Howcome you're only worried about cancer when there's no middleman?

If you use onboard audio.

what about c milk and prozzie?

I dont buy from anyone but an american manufacturer

why not though? they're so cheap

sure, but how will i enjoy the agony of waiting and the chance or getting chinked?

desu, i just think that one's ugly

fair enough
its just better built and can power harder to drive headphones

whatever floats your shipping container, user

The name came from the character Ali Baba from the Arabian literature One Thousand and One Nights because of its universal appeal.

>One day I was in San Francisco in a coffee shop, and I was thinking Alibaba is a good name. And then a waitress came, and I said, "Do you know about Alibaba?" And she said yes. I said, "What do you know about?", and she said, "Open Sesame". And I said, "Yes, this is the name!"

Alibaba opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies.

Any reviews on the $1 mp3 players on gearbest? Tried to search RBT but got no reviews

I do use onboard audio.

Then get one. It'll probably sound better than onboard after you mod it.

Or get a PCM2704 USB thing if you want something a little better, it'll cost $5-10 though

Are you talking about the ipod shuffle clones? They're what you would expect at the price point: a barebones tf card player.

>$1 mp3 players on gearbest

Can anyone suggest a wired knockoff of this?


Mine is breaking after about three years of use.
I'm seeing some, but they have the back/forward buttons below the thumb so they're harder to hit.

It's fucking one dorrar man. Buy it.

Also, buy a mini usb connector.

Ankers are just rebranded chinkshits. Just buy one of those $5 vertical mouse.

I like Anker though, they replace your shit for whatever reason like they have infinite supply


>they replace your shit for whatever reason like they have infinite supply
how do I get in on this?

None of the $5 ones I see have the back/forward buttons in the same place.

The anker store on aliexpress doesn't even have mice.

Havent tried it myself

Oh nevermind, didnt notice the buttons

the chink ones suck
theyre built for little sissy hands
unless youre a manlet or a trap, theyre less comfortable than a standard mouse

Is replacing the MiBand 2 strap with an all metal one safe?

>how do I get in on this?
I've purchased dozen of hdd enclosure. Used it a lot and 4 of them broke down within 3-6 months. They replaced it without even asking any question.

Mind you this was 1-2 years ago when they weren't that famous yet

think for a second

Youre right, I dont want to get electrocuted if it rains.

1 year warranty is a thing. Mine has one.

This thing is going on three years now.
Think it would be worth contacting them about it? I might get a discount on a replacement.


What's that recommended chink media player that you can stick custom firmware on again?

Does it have decent battery life?

Couldn't hurt to try. Just say you forgot when you bought it.

you can put agptek on the ruizu
though its not much better
just look for the cheapest shit that can run rockbox

t-thanks Cred Forums..

>the exchange between your country money and dollars is the higher ever
It looks like the chink dream is over for me boys.

>Asian size
You must be pocket size.

over-ear headphones?

My current ones are fucking up my ears with oils because my sweat can't vent out of them.

best chink over ears are Takstar Hi2050
velour pads and open back
comfy as shit and no swear :^)

anything much cheaper?

My current ones were €26. (seinheisser HD201)

not really
you can get superlux 668b for like 28 usd, but you NEED to get akg velour pads for that to even be remotely comfortable, and that raises the price considerably.
and theyre not really that open anyway
your best bet would be IEMs desu

ask /hpg/ too, though they'll probably tell you the same

are you sure you cant reach for the 2050's though?
theyre only another 10 more than your hd201, and would honestly sound considerably better anyway


[just different name, same headphone]

typing in that name to the search got me one pair of €90 headphones.


That's why I mentioned the price.

Those ones you linked look pretty sweet though.

yeah ali is weird with searches
i have better luck googling '[product name] aliexpress'

theres a few different names the takstars go by for some reason
theyre all the same tho

Is that the best price I can get those headphones, do you think?

from what i've seen, yeah
ill do a quick search tho for you

yeah these two are the cheapest

bought, thanks user.
If you're lying to me, I'll be pissed.

Otherwise, I'll probably post a review.

naa, takstar are known to sound great
theyre the open version of the pro 80, which kingston uses for their cloud cores

the velour pads are pretty good, im considering getting some for my pro 80's

That's not comfy. It's Dirty Reviews who spams that list every thread as a poorly-disguised means of self promotion.
Since his videos are full of referral links, just report and ignore. Don't give him the attention he craves.

Just when I quit buying chinkshit, Gearbest suddenly gives me more points for my reviews that I made 2 weeks ago.

So now I have about $15 in GB points, which means i have to spend another $30 to be able to use those points


i don't need these, but for 25¢ i feel like i do need them?


the 6 has bluetooth.
the 2 is smaller and has a better UI

get em both, fuck it.

Hey man.

Have You noticed how every other package comes through Estonia?

Bought one of these on Geekbuying. How long does it usually take for them to post?

Planning to get some 128gb sdcards for 8 bucks.
Just gonna copy media files like movies and series.
What do you guys think about this brand?

>not a shark or monkey

At $8/128GB you are guaranteed to get one with a false capacity. If you really want to do it, use ali so you can get a refund when they chink you

>buying non /csg/ approved sd cards


Does anyone have the link to that box of 1000 hair ties for 84 cents?

New packages

I wonder what can be inside

burnt toast?

Some noname screen protector, duh

And in other package we have flash memory with some unknown animal on it.


Only on taobao/tmall. Can't find any links on ali
This just showed under toabao recommendation page today.

Looks pretty legit based on customer feedbacks. Seems to be popular choice with the chinks

Which is why I needed to ask

get on this level

I would go for it, 8$ is nothing, even if it's bad you can post here as warning, but I think it's legit

How are you buying from taobao?

I done fucked up ordering fro there before.

Brass knuckles are illegal.

Using 3rd party taobao agent normally for sensitive items with batteries but mostly using taobao's own consolidate service.

Yeah, I'm gonna try buying one and test it out.
Gonna leave my feedback on the next /csg/ thread.

Care to post speedtest?
You'd need a usb 3.0 microsd adapter right to get that speed?

>taobao's own consolidate service.

Is it limited to the US/aus or something?

Yeah, it's supported in US/Aus although I'm not sure what's the rate for it there

You can check out the guide here


3rd party agents raeps me with shipping. Is ordering directly cheaper?

who else browses aliexpress and chink ebay constantly, and then ultimately doesn't buy anything?

Yeah, it's always cheaper if you can order directly.
Although not all items can be bought using taobao's consolidate service (huge items like tv/small furniture). That's when you need 3rd party agents for that

About to buy this m.gearbest.com/keyboards/pp_393344.html
Anyone has any experience?

right here. im scared ill see it cheaper somewhere else and don't buy shit.
also a month for delivery

Guess I'll try again. What stopped me was I can't find the chinkrune for US in the shipping info.

uhh guys my mi5 default browser just sent me a notificarion saying "test". like, just test. i didnt have it open or anything. my phone vibrated, i picked it up, and saw this notification. what to do??? am i chinked to the max?

they know

Seems to happens with latest miui
I've got a redmi note 3 with browser notifcation that pops up time to time till I just flashed cm13 on it.
Easier way is just to disable notification for the browser

i was scared i got rootkitted haha


stupid chinks! how the fuck do i browse taobao in english?

Nillkin is like the biggest phone accs manufacturer in china

Google translate brah

They'll probably never include native english ui since there's already aliexpress for international users.

You will show respect to the China.

There was a review posted less than two threads ago.

Where's the best place to get a 64gb sdcard from? I've seen a few shark sd cards on this sub. Are the speeds actually good?

Ask reddigt.

Gearbest sales just make me disappointed in them.
Everyone knows that shit didn't cost 70€ before the sale.

>Where's the best place to get a 64gb sdcard from?
The wiki lists places. One of them perhaps.

> Are the speeds actually good?
Relative to what?

That's true of all sales on chink sites.
They up the price to $70 for a day or so, then 'sale' it back down to the price it was before.
These chink sites are 24/7 bullshit sales, completely missing the point of a sale.

Should I be worried?

Ordered (Mi 5 from Aliexpress) on 12th September, and every day the estimated shipping time increases by 1 day. It said ETA 5 days last Wednesday and now 9 days.

I knew the free shipping was a shit.

good goy

Just like Amazon.

Xiaomi's browser app just sent me a push notification with the title "test" and text as "test"

Aw yeeah, I'm going on holiday for a fortnight next week. The Post Office will have a fucking mountain of chink shit held for me when I get back, I'm going down there with a fucking sack straight from the airport.

I'm looking forward to this more than the holiday itself.

ETA is always shit. Expect to wait a month

Just got my RPi 3 from Gearbest. I'm surprise how little protection the thing had, which was just the bubble wrap from the package itself, I have ordered from other places like Aliexpress and dealextreme several times and usually they send my item with shit loads of bubble wrap.
The case was a little smashed but the Pi worked nonetheless, 8/10 would by again.

What's the cheapest realistic looking stuffed fish pillow I can find?

I know there's stuff like pizza and donuts but I like the shape and the looks of the fish one, need it for traveling.

I received on too... spooky as fuck

Man, you come in here and just expect us to share our secret fish-shaped pillow suppliers...

Gearbest's Flash Sales with limited stock have legit price cuts even though the previous price is still bullshit.

For instance last year I bought this drone for $9


Still the best price the Mi Band has had for a while though, so technically it IS on sale but instead of being $45 (which was its actual original price when it just launched) it is now $29.

Come on, man. I swear I won't give you out, just give me a little taste.

Dos the Mi Max have sh*t build quality?

What can I get for $40-45 ?

100 rubber ducks.

Sweets > dutches, you fucking nigger

Is it worth getting an Intel Core M laptop for $550?
I just want something that's light with long battery life

it goes in your urethra

I got a pair, they are different from MH463. NOT SAME. They are good the v2s.

second this, would be a great gift for my brother and I'd also like to see what my cat does with it.

Speaking of fish, I know some of you guys bough these USB endoscopes for science. Anyone tried using it as a fish cam? If these are 100% waterproof it could be interesting but I guess they are kinda short

Your cat will sleep on it, it's a cat.

>cats sleeping on things you want them to sleep on

Tfw no one replies seriously to your post

Their tantan video is correct.

I thought you said it was for your brother.

I'm not the poster you think I am, dear friend.

I'm from previous thread

I'm going to extend my buyer's protection because my redmi 3 hasn't arrived in two months. I suspect it's not in customs because I would've been notified during all this time.

For how long should I extend the protection before opening a dispute?

If the cube i7 book ever gets dual os then I'd get that, I got a iwork 11 in the mail myself. Only opted for this because it's the only dual os tablet with wacom digitizer.

If you dont need/want to draw there's better choices probably.

2-4 weeks usually. At least for Germany.

>Pepsi P1S
>Pepsi PISS


Is there a way to track global.cainiao.com/"Aliexpress Standard Shipping" codes on 17track? Autodetect thinks it's aussie post and I can't find which carrier to select

no, it only tracks on their site or track checker and only while the pack is in china

how is the iwork 11?

I'd not be looking to draw, but I'm an engineer, so sketching and commenting on drawings etc would be useful for me.


What the fuck?? I cant believe it, i thought they discontinued those things and I was shit out of luck. Thanks man, gonna order meself a pair. And also to the dude that wants over ears these are your best bets man.

I have the Somic V2s as well and they are pretty good for approx 45 usd. Im gonna order these takstars and see how they compare cheers user.

the hi2050 are better than the somics
though both arent bad
i'd assume the somic's have better soundstage just cause theyre more open

still in the mail so I cant really say but it has a cherry trail CPU so inferior to core M tablets I guess, should be enough fore line art and sketching tho.
Take a look at techtablets.com and go through the recommended list

Please Google toxic sex toys. Many cheap materials are not body safe

Are they better or the same as Takstars?

I got mine for 23 bucks, and even though they were some damn good headphones I can't justify spending like twice the money for a new pair.

whaddya mean
are what better

The re-branded Takstars in the link. Did they just swap out the logo or did they change any of the internals/cables is what I'm wondering.

Theyre the exact same as the Takstars. Just logo differences.

Ah. That's what I thought.
Hope it goes down in price in the future.

I doubt they will. They're not made anymore. I'm considering getting another pair incase mine ever break.

but i have 558's and 598's anyway so eh

>want to buy something on gaybest
>flash sale
>19 dollars shipping
>7bucks less then the item

dam chinks

If it had a detachable cable i would buy them in an instant. Even if they have doubled in price.

When it comes to cheap headphones the cables are always the ones that go first, and there comes a point where they just can't be repaired anymore.

While the sound isn't all that amazing I found(well, still great for the price), they were some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn and that goes a long way in my book. Hard going back to pleather after feeling the soft embrace of a caressing velour cup.

Expect no shuffle, hiss on audio, up to 2 hour playback time.

>there comes a point where they just can't be repaired anymore


Are you literally retarded

>tfw no mail on sunday

Well, that's what happened to mine.

I guess I could have completely replaced it, but I have a hard enough time re-soldering it as it is.


So I'm looking for a 3.5mm 4 pole splitter
Anyone know any decent places to find them, most I find have a male 4 pole but that's not what I want

>soldering wires hard

yea theyre comfy as fuck
the hyper x clouds [which are takstar pro 80's] come with fucking amazing real leather pads

desu with takstar your best option is to hotglue part of the cable to the stress relief

cables are an easy fix though.
as long as you have a soldering iron you just open that shit up and replace it

It is when you have a barely functional soldering iron and really clumsy hands.

I use this site a lot since I live in Thailand, maybe you guys can find some stuff here.


whaddya mean
one that has two female 3.5 3 poles on one end and a male 3.5 4 pole on the other?
theyre everywhere

Just got a Xiaomi Laptop

>case screaks when you press it
>plastic bends when you push it
>hinge is flimsy
>it gets goddamn hot, like 85 degrees doing basic shit
>fingerprint magnet

no you didn't

>best option is to hotglue part of the cable to the stress relief

I did, like three times during repairs before it just wouldn't work anymore.

Granted I think it might have been the top cables, the small ones that are braided that fucked up in the end, and I wasn't entirety sure how to properly fix them.

I have a tendency to pull on my cable a bit since it trails across my arms, and a detachable cable would lessen the stress of it a lot I think.


two female 3.5 3 pole to a male 4 pole
I found one but it was $4AUD on ebay without shipping
I feel they can be cheaper

post picks.

i bought a solcering iron for the first time to repair some superlux's wiring that gave imbalance.I used a cheap soldering iron and plumbing solder


just do a removable cable mod
if you cant fit a 3.5 female in the enclosure just do the whole superlux thing and put a 3.5 male like an inch down the cable

dunno how you manage to break the smaller cables though
there shouldnt be any stress on them at all

Show us the goods user

Yeah, fixing wires can be done with any piece of shit soldering iron. Although some shitty soldering iron with lots of power and no temp control can fuck shit up if you solder close to something sensitive carelessly.

It's why I got myself the HD681 EVO.
But then I had to open it up and repair an internal wire that broke. Wasn't hard though - it provides decent access to the internal wiring.

wtf I hate Xiaomi now

Is the Mi Max worth dropp- I mean buying?

Is there chink equivalent of this? With higher capacity and speed

Being a huge poorfag that is scared of exploding electronics.

But the soldering part isn't really the big issue and why I would love for it to have a detachable cable, it's the not having to repair the cable all the time part I would love.

Mine doesn't solder as much as it gently pushes the metal off the wires. Not even sure how the fuck it does it. It's like trying to attach an oil drop to water. Just doesn't stick.

I wish my old soldering iron hadn't died. It was probably older than me but worked like a charm nonetheless.

I doubt I have the skills for it.
Not sure how the upper cables got messed up, but it had gotten a bit fucked around the hole. As most cables do. Might not have been that, but seeing as the usual repairs did fuck all, and that's was the only visible damage, it was my best bet.

Amazon any good for getting Xiaomi products? Been thinking about picking myself some Piston 3 (I already bought a pair and was satisfied until their death, but the vendor seems unavailable on my country)

Kingzone N5 or Oukitel K4000 or something else?
To expand on that, I'm looking for a phone with microsd slot, capacitive keys, 5" screen, removable battery and if possible custom rom support.

You're supposed to heat the metal, not the solder. Also, get a flux pen.

>Not even sure how the fuck it does it. It's like trying to attach an oil drop to water. Just doesn't stick.
You're doing it wrong. You need fresh solder, the flux in it is what makes it stick properly.

Don't just reflow the old solder, or apply the solder only to the tip.

Are Chinese Windows tablets worth it?
I recently had my tablet die on me and I'm looking for a cheapo decent replacement.

why is gearbest being gay with powerbank shipping

Depends what you want. If you just want to browse and faff about they're great, but don't expect them to do any heavy lifting. I'm using a Teclast Kindow as my default bedside/bathroom thing and it works well for that.

Oh that's what I'm doing. Sorry if I worded it wrong.

My usual tactic is to get one of those solder metal wire thingies, press it against the tip until I get a bit of a drop going, then drench it over the wires. But for some reason the cables just sort of never attaches properly. It's like the copper wires is coated with a anti-metal repellent. It's strange as fuck.

Could it be a temperature thing? I mean, it does melt the stuff but many not to much?

>press it against the tip until I get a bit of a drop going, then drench it over the wires.
That is EXACTLY what you shouldn't be doing.

>Chink Shit General
>ordering from Amazon

Kek every single time I see it on gearbest.

Amazon does have chink sellers too.
It's pretty awful for it though.

thanks, I was mainly planning to use it to play my weeabo games and watch some cartoons on the go.

So what do you suggest, something that doesn't last forever to deliver to EU and isn't 90% susceptible to scam

You're missing the whole point of Chink Shit ya doofus

m8 you're doing it wrong. You use a drop of solder to help transfer heat to the wires, then you melt the solder onto the hot wires, not the tip. You're burning off all the flux before it gets to the work, so get a flux pen to give yourself some wiggle room until you learn to do it right.

Should be fine for that. I use it for playing X-Com in the bath and reading on the shitter.

windows tablet is shit for typing because there's no prediction on the inbuilt one and the on-screen one is unusable for proper typing.
it's okay for your use

samsung cells exploded

Oukitel, Kingzone is a literally who brand.
Redmi 3S for memes.

microsd card reader keychain + shark


too bad

banggood has an eu warehouse

btw it has a fairly poor battery life, so don't expect all-day use without a top up.


It worked wonders with my old one. Weird.
What are you supposed to do?

>You use a drop of solder to help transfer heat to the wires, then you melt the solder onto the hot wires
Not sure I understand. That's sort of what I do I think.

I guess this picture sort of explains how i do it.

The pic shows the correct way.
You bring fresh solder to directly to the wire not to the tip.

You heat the elements you want to attach the solder to, and then add solder. Dont feed the solder to the iron.

Anyone bought a Huion drawing tablet ?

If it's still not clear you can let /csg/'s favourite electrician explain it to you: youtube.com/watch?v=aIab66EgfHM

Oh, sorry, yeah then I'm doing it wrong.

Good to know. I'll keep that in mind next time I need to solder something.

Didn't expect to learn how to solder from /csg/. This has been an interesting turn of events I suppose.

Thanks. I'll give it a look over.

Alright guys just ordered a Chuwi HiBook Pro. I'll update you guys later on quality and speed.

Dutches are my favorite, and I will forever use them

Not me, but I have a couple of artist friends who have owned Huions and they liked them well enough.


I ordered velour pads for 3$ off aliexpress. Theres one on amazon thats the exact same for $7.

>2560 x 1600 on an Atom Z8300

Yeah, that must be good

Never even heard of Sweets tbqhwyf

I was thinking of getting an intuos clone since cintiqs are like £1500 and I can't find any chink cintiqs

I don't suppose you'd know how the linux drivers are for huion?

see Some cube tablets have wacom digitizer support with 1024 pressure levels

any recommendations for a tiny mp3 player with a clip and sports earphones?

For running

plug and play.

Come on, it's linux and they're popular among normies. (the osu tablet)

Helen sent me a message about my dispute
Should I do it?

''Alright but only if you'll do something for me too, Helen. Do you own any lingerie?''


How chinked will I be?
What do I choose?

forgot this

new bread???????????????

Ruizu x09 and Rock Zircon Sport

Why would this be written in english?

True dat.

Pic or bullshit.

Someone post that image of people getting chinked?

Anyone tried Chinese stove?

Anybody have experience with safety razors?

Because AliExpress is the global site and English is the lingua franca of international trade.

I don't know, but HCkexin is legit, I ordered all my KZ and Rock IEMs from them.

You're gonna get a fucking explosion you madman

the razors themselves are all fine, but the razor blades from china are often very dull so watch out for that

>cheap soldering iron
>plumbing solder

top kek.

Plumbing solder actively destroys electronic circuitry due to the acidic nature of the flux required.

Anyone considering buying a soldering iron they intend to use in the future should just save and get a Hakko or Weller, honestly these cheap soldering irons are not worth it unless you intend to throw them away after a few uses.

>honestly these cheap soldering irons are not worth it unless you intend to throw them away after a few uses

They're fine. They're never calibrated, but if that's a problem you should probably just find another hobby.

Anyone else get a browser notification called "test" on their miui phone today?

I want my gaybest order reeeeeeeeeeeeee

how do you calibrate a soldering iron, dont you just heat up and go, you can see if theres too much or too less heat from the way the soldering stuff behaves no?




The temp controlled ones have a pot to set the temp by a marked scale. You can calibrate this with a second pot.

having a good station you know you can rely on is important imo.

I don't want to have to be dicking around thinking 'hurr is my shit working properly' when I'm busy with the mental load of trying to fix something or build something.

The same can be said with a good DMM

Can anyone recommend a wallet for cards?

>till I just flashed cm13 on it
did you unlock the bootloader through their website? wondering if there's another way, cba to wait days for them to unlock it

>dicking around thinking 'hurr is my shit working properly
I used cheap irons for years I never wondered that.

But I did manage to burn shit. High wattage and no temp control is a terrible combination.

Bought a blender off of Ali. It was a 1500w one. The chassis actually has 2200w checked as the power rating. I don't have a wall power meter yet to check the actual power draw (need to order one). Made a couple of smoothies already. Works perfectly. I don't even care what the actual power rating is, it works perfectly and was cheap. And a hell of a lot sturdier than the ones you can get at the store for the same price.The cup is not glass but plastic, but the top cover feels like a really solid rubber. The chassis is a hard plastic and the knobs are all great to the touch. Would buy again.

Welp I changed the reason. Im guessing Helen is trying to chink me by having the reason like that, waiting for Ali to step in, then Ali being on their side instead of penalizing them for scamming. I have a few more days so if nothing happens Ill change it back.

Ali doesnt step in before the timer right?

but will it blend a xiaomeme phone?

If you can't deal with the stress of occasionally adjusting a knob one way or the other, you should probably stay away from anything that doesn't take an alkaline battery.

Thats a nice fade


I ordered from here:


But there are other sellers for the same one...

fake tenga eggs any good? REAL tenga eggs any good?

Are the $5 bluetooth LED lightbulbs actually decent or will they blow up in a day?

I guess I'll have to stay away from your mom's dildo then.

lithuania is the world's greatest country


Has anyone ever bought these shitty U8 Smartwatches? I know they would be sorta useless but it's 8 bucks

it really is

Why is /csg/ so slow at making new threads?

>inb4 make it yourself

Usually it's just the one dude who makes them and he usually puts in effort by categorising all the thread posts into a news post

I've had similar. You don't want one with a speaker in, but that one seems OK if you just want a wrist notifier.