Tfw I'm an audiophile with golden ear but the other normies can't understand me

>tfw I'm an audiophile with golden ear but the other normies can't understand me

Yesterday's thread didn't work out as you expected? Just kill yourself.

Is there any software that can test the listener to actually see what levels they can distinguish between?

yes. turns out the 'better sounding' audio is the lower quality one because no one actually _likes_ listening to flat production media

Definitely read pedophile the first time. Seemed more accurate my way.

>mfw audiofools can't deny this and they listen to their shitty sounding headphones with boosted mids that sound like shit but they are in too deep to admit that they've wasted their entire life on a meme

ABX test

It turns out human ears can't distinguish between a FLAC and a 192 VBR complexity 10 Opus file. Every single person comparing those two things has bombed the ABX test.

>calls himself an audiophile
>uses RCA cables
>not using XLR cables as thick as garden hoses, hand woven by Tibetan monks and soaked in the blood of a virgin girl

ignorance is bliss.

I doubt he's any happier then he was without all that shit.

>damn i still hear that crackle

There are audiophiles who intentionally alter the frequency response of their system, fuck those people, their opinion doesn't matter.

what is he listening to?

you are the kinda person who can hear the "significant" difference in having bundled audio cables arent you OP

sanic green hill zone.flac

>mfw i can talk to my dad about audiophile stuff
>he's oldschool and knows about good tech, cables n stuff, also little tricks
>i know modern stuff like lossy/lossless
>we have totally contrary tastes in music, but we respect each others opinion and even understand each other

that is not a Cred Forums approved meme image

delete this

Protip: It was an will always be. Just because you did see it elsewhere doesn't mean it's not just recycled.

One of the earliest appearances of this character in rage comics was in a thread[1] posted on eBaum’s World’s message board on November 27th, 2008. The comic illustrated a person’s anger towards American automotive companies GM, Chrysler and Ford during the 2008 automotive industry crisis[2], in which the main character’s ill wish against “The Big Three” companies becomes a reality with the CNN’s announcement of their bankruptcies.

The first amateur made comics date back to 2008 on Cred Forums’s Cred Forums board with the introduction ofFFFUUUURageguy4-panes. As the name suggests, the comics’ stories were mostly about circumstances that lead to anger or rage. While most “rage faces” are not used to express rage, the name has been used due to theirRage Guyorigins.

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Did you just out yourself as being based out of the Philippines?



if the audiophile has top tier equipment and the normie is using logitech speakers with 1.5 inch woofers, there will be a mismatch in output quality

citation needed


If you want a true audiophile check out Linkwitz. He records nature etc. on stereo mics on his head and then tries to emulate the sound experience in his living room with speakers he makes. He's an audiophile in my book.

>tfw not an audiophile and can enjoy music just as much as audiophiles at the fraction of the price and effort

feels good not being disabled

Super tasters exist, golden ears do not

thats like a million dollars right there

the stereo in my car is a certain kind of shitty, I can definitely tell apart FLAC from anything compressed because the tweeters will rape your ears when cymbals start playing.

But the difference between a $200 upgrade to the normie's equipment and the audiophile's $30,000 worth of equipment is negligable.

>yfw you probably have garbage taste in music anyway

Post your RYM or lastfm, golden ear boy.

make that a $2000 upgrade, then yeah
not factoring in any room treatment

>mfw $30 2.1 speaker system sounds just fine to me