You've studied so hard for your "kamputah" degree. Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?

You've studied so hard for your "kamputah" degree. Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?

Where do you work, and how much do you hate it?

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Degree - BS in Information Tech
Title - Network Engineer
Experience - 4 years
Salary - 80k

I'm a wageslave because I don't have the motivation/skills to start my own business or get into freelancing.
I work for a small company in a niche industry doing embedded software development.
It's okay. I find the work interesting enough, but the pay is embarrassingly low (though it's my first job, so there's some hope that I'll get a well paying one someday). It's not that demanding and everyone from my coworkers to the owner are chill af.

SoftEng at a Fortune 500 company
Don't hate it at all, I'll always laugh at all that sour grapes shit NEETs says about "b-b-but you're a wage slave"

Have a associates in CS.

I actually have several jobs:
>Primary job is a gambling company where I am on call and do maintenance on machines. Make about 40K a year roughly with it, varies week by week. Pretty comfy and I get a lot of perks with it.
>Have a second job where go out and fix laptops/desktops/etc. Pays more then first job hourly, but I do not have as many hours. I get about 10-15K a year from it.
>Have a side ebay business where I either find stuff that is broken/untested and fix it/resell as well as going to a local store that sells amazon returns on the cheap and resell that for a profit. I have a few friends that go to the store and pick stuff up and I sell it for them at a percentage.

I like my work, honestly. Gives me enough free time to do what I want and I can choose my own hours for the most part.

I have a BS in IT, about three years out of school almost, work in help desk making $41/k a year.

see this is how I know I've failed, we have the same background, but this person probably knew someone or has certs and is just way smarter.


>I have a BS in IT, about three years out of school almost, work in help desk making $41/k a year.
You fucked up somewhere.

How old are you? 32ish?

BS in CS
First year out of college
$100k doing web dev stuff in silicon valley

Angular and general markup and styling

Feels OK. Free food and tons of snacks and drinks, take holidays any time within reason.

I work as an iOS firmware engineer at Apple. I mostly work on low level stuff. Every day is just me sitting in my office and working, only stopping for lunch. I try really hard to avoid human contact because my coworkers are toxic cucks and feminazis. They let me do my thing because I'm one of a handful of people who know what they're doing. God I miss Google, everyone there was so nice and helpful. The work environment was peaceful and I actually enjoyed my job. The office was like a second home.
>TL:DR I work for the fruit and it sucks ass

Why did you leave Google?

>there are high level programming experts at google and apple that shitpost on japanaese anime sites

this makes me happy

>Google Apple programming experts


>firmware engineer
>high level
I don't think you know what "high level" means

well im just a geologist

high level to me

Low level stuff like what? What languages and tools do you use? What kinds of skills do you need to get a job like yours (maybe not at Apple, but something similar)?

I think he means "highly skilled"

Not the person you're talking to, but low level for my company is communication between the machine and the code. Haas Automation here.

Just move to a higher paying job sector. Silicon Valley for example.

high school

literally a janitor

getting my a+ soon to be a help desk monkey, if I can even do that.

a little over 280k

>lying on the internet

I just get paid to do projects for the university I study at. I don't know what I'll do afterwards though. I'm not that great at pure math otherwise I'd go on to a graduate school and try to study AI or Machine Learning.

No degree (2x college dropout, 5 year high school program)
Title - Sr. Automation Engineer
Experience - 3 years in automation, 20 in I.T.
Salary - 135K + benefits + 10% match on IRA contributions

Is it really a big deal to work here? I would imagine google and apple would arise more doubt.

They only hire fairly experienced people, I don't think it's that crazy for Netflix.

Whether he actually works there, idk

yeah obviously, every non help desk job I apply to I never hear back. Maybe getting a cert or two will help, I doubt it though.

You don't have any certs?

nice get

Nice digits

Did you really just come here to say that?

Nope, also here to say your a gay faggot and you should kill yourself

Have a terrible day

this is a sign, things will either be better from here or much worse

I do not I should probably get one or two, but I'm lazy and also everytime I try to study my mind wanders or I find something else to do

I hope its a good sign for things to come

>I do not I should probably get one or two, but I'm lazy
That's why you don't hear back. This is not a static industry. You need to keep improving your skill set and at least get a handful of certs to get you into a position where experience matters more. Being a help desk monkey doesn't mean you're qualified to do anything more than change switch keyboards and give people new computers. The fact you've been a help desk monkey for so long is going to hurt you when you apply anywhere. They are going to see the lack of ambition or will to improve.

Feel free to keep being lazy. Pajeet will probably love you job.

Software Engineer/Scrum Lead in NJ. $110k.

Not bad.

I'm hand in hand with Steve Ballmer, little over 80k/year.

I've been told after five years its pretty much too late. Pajeet can go to hell, its time to change!

Translated: It's a Tier 1 iOS Advisor for AppleCare who occasionally has escalated a ticket to Tier 2 who then escalated to Site Support Engineering. That's his 'firmware work'.

>Working for apple
You get what you deserve. Get a better job if you're not a spineless beta.

can you hook me up bro?
I'm in the philly area, will send resume

The NEETs here are usually referring to retail and shitty office jobs when they say wage slave. The ones who call any job of any kind wage slave are just shitposting.

Fred Meyer, department manager. Want to kill myself and may do so next week.

$10 an hour to develop ASP.NET applications

roast me

pls tell me you're an intern or part time or something

Not him, but I would never feel comfortable working with someone I know who goes on here.

4 years of doing it full time (bachelors in physics)

I don't control hiring, company is pretty prominent in NJ and online though. If you've looked for software jobs in NJ, you've probably seen us.

do you live in eastern europe? Are you sure you meant to type $10/hr?

I live in Yokohama and manage an sql database. Pays equivalent of about ~80K USD a year and the work is easy, so yeah it's not bad.

south georgia/north florida area

which db program would you recommend to learn for jobs?

Diploma in programming by night
Work in a hospital admin department by day
It support at work, I swear are hired for humour. "Did you reset you computer? if so, not sure. I'll call my supervisor."

Best Buy in computers actually isn't too bad have steady income PTO can't really complain

Got hired at Google right out of university. The office is great. I would live there if I could.

All these people lying about income on a anonymous Imageboard top laf

The funny thing is, I don't have a CS degree, I have an electrical engineering degree. I didn't take any programming courses in university. I learned it all on the job at my previous job.

Learn any Oracle db program. I use Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer daily at work.

Degree - AS in Information Tech
Title - Tech Support Tier 1
Experience - 1 year now
Salary- 55k
It's a pretty easy gig plus full benefits. It'll be nice resume candy until I can find something more of my interest.

Maybe you need to party more.

Let me get you in the mood.

Fucking move to a better area

I worked BB for 8 years, there's far better out there.

Sounds like Boxed?

What was ur final position/title after eight years

>new grad
>senior application architect using PEGA
>1 year experience (I'm a savant)

this, I'm not a dude who's about the money (I'm ) but $10/hr is just terrible, I can't imagine living comfortably on pay like that. .NET is pretty in demand, you should be able to find something that pays like $50k minimum (a bit over $20/hr after taxes) with that kind of experience, if not much more.

>Have BCS.
>Somehow land on logistics.
>Manage regional operations.
University was useless.

>Primary job is a gambling company where I am on call and do maintenance on machines. Make about 40K a year roughly with it, varies week by week. Pretty comfy and I get a lot of perks with it.

Literally my last job. Charitable gaming or electronic pulltabs by any chance?

>working for a dead end company

Since this is job related, I may as well post it here. I need help Cred Forumsentoomen. I'm a physics graduate looking to become a data analyst. Is it worth getting MS SQL certs? Or any certs for that matter.

idk but getting gud at SQL is essential, so do it anyways.

Geek Squad, that was $15/hr then jumped ship to IT Help Desk for my university

Electronic Pulltabs.

Maybe, self inflation ego is a thing on the internet. I'm at $60k as a software engineer and I know I can be doing far better.

Thanks started learning recently, good to know I'm on the right track. Once I git gud how do I show it to potential employers.

I had to quit because of family related stuff.

I don't consider myself to be "high level" or whatever. I'm just an average guy with a shitty office job. Also, where else am I supposed to shitpost?

I work on SecureROMs. They're a small piece of write protected flash in the SoC that helps to start the phone. I'm basically responsible for making sure that the SecureROM is able to verify that it's mapped at 0x0 on startup, that it can properly initialize the SoC, and that it can properly read the GID key in the AES module to validate and decrypt LLB (low level bootloader) image. Learn C and start hacking iOS devices. If you enjoy math, you'd enjoy this too.

This is Dave speaking, how can I assist you with your iMac today?

The pay is good.

>living in mom's basement until you're 40

IT infrastructure consultant. (Read : 1st line support)
Outsourcing company in South Africa
Pay is shit but I need the experience and there's some room for growth in this company.

I'm not that unhappy.

How's University help desk? I'm doing basically that for a cell phone store franchiser.

>all these people doing actual work
>I just live in an RV and teach piano for $40/hr and get high
not in any specific order

It was actually less pay than my BB job ($13/hr) but the hour flex was super helpful in my last year of uni.

Graduated and a software engineer right now at $60k right now

>like 5 classes through 2-year CIS degree
>work as a bartender
>can do all normal basic computer tasks like fucking googling the answer
>will probably never get any work as anything but a best-buy wageslave

Former PHG KY here. Easily the most enjoyable job I've had. Miss it tons, but the whole gambling thing wasn't for me

i have a ton of certs. ccnp and cissp being the most valuable

Degree - nil
Title - Technical Business Analyst
Experience - 12 years
Salary - 108K base

I didn't know fred meyer still existed.

>12 years of experience
>108k base salary
Whew, I'm glad I didn't fall for the college is a meme meme. Most people I know make that much right after graduation.

>That guy at bestbuy who "guarantees the worksmanship" of his Antivirus Installation service.

I fucking hate this place.

Work as a career firefighter making about 65k a year. I work around ten 24hr shifts a month and get the other 20 off. Hate it? I fucking love it, it barely feels like work to me. Not to mention at work meals are paid for and I get paid while I sleep (if it doesn't get interrupted for calls) I almost feel bad for being paid so much sometimes

Forgot to add
>dropped out of CS degree to take the job

We all start somewhere

Yeah but you have to run into a burning house

Fires are pretty fun desu

Glad everything worked out for you.

I was born with a spinal deformity that prevents me from taking very physical jobs, even if I want to.

I finished the CS meme myself.

Got a+ and network+ out of high school

Eventually ended up in self employed aquarium maintenence and pet care. Only somewhere around 40 to 50k but it's light hours and easy work. I actually enjoy it but I work a lot with the wife, which comes with its own pros and cons

BS in Electronics Engineering and Telecoms
MS in Computer Networks and Telecoms
Title - Senior Security IT Administrator
Experience - 11 years
Sallary - £124k ($161k)

Basically made my hobby my job, so do not feel like a wage slave, I enjoy every day of it!

hey hotwheels hows it going at 8ch

>Can't stand the idea of working to line some fat cunt's pockets
I'm hoping to get a job as a software dev at a company that actually improves society.

How was this related to your hobby or what did you do in this hobby?

Nagios Admin
I just play with Linux all day, it rocks.

My hobby was IT security and finding bugs and work arounds to access things online way before I went to university, so now I get paid to do the cyber security part for a big organisation. This includes simple stuff like configuring firewalls, AV, maintaining the day to day security of the network and such, up to pen-testing the our newly developed apps, or newly installed systems systems and if we find anythign weird signature analysis and such.

>I do not I should probably get one or two, but I'm lazy
Are you serious? You should at least have the basics down like an A+ Cert or an Apple Technician Cert. What have you been doing this whole time? Just college?

Literally every fat cunt makes his company motto "Making the world a better place" just for shitheads like you.

>12 year

>Degree - nil
I've changed career direction in those 12 years

most after graduate IT jobs in my country averages from 2.2k to ~3k per year, is that bad?

lol WHAT? 2200-3000 a year? Is that a typo? How do you even live off of that? That's like $250 a month.

i live in a 3rd word country, somewhere around asean, near aus
but i can survive a month ~200$ as a college student and im still one now, but from what i head 2.2k - 3k is the normal range of computer-related job, even after 5 year experience i read someone only make around 4k

Lol what country?


I work Marine Construction! I absolutely fucking hate it and it's not even close to what I want to do for my life, but it's the family business and I want to move out within the next couple months.

Pic related I helped build all last week.

Mining is as low level as it gets

I didn't study hard. Neither I studied for a "kamputah" degree.
I studied economics to learn how to be a better money-slave, and now I am a good money-slave.

Tech support at a rural ISP.

>Being this braindead
I'm talking about positive impacts in different areas of work.
Compare working for a saudi oil baron with producing software for the health sector.

Working for an ISP building the internetz
I have no idea how much money I make a year or even a month
I only started an apprenticeship back then so I have something to do
I have enough money on the side and haven't checked my bank account in years

>being poor and jelly

You should have applied yourself. Now you're in your mid-20's, and all you do is shitpost from your momma's basement. Have you even lost your v-card yet?

>drop out of highschool freshman year
>make $45k annually anyway managing a company's eBay store

Just do you, boo boo.

Both are completely rip-off

I do embedded software development on custom boards, which is pretty cool, but I'm in the middle of nowhere and get shit pay

Yeah, I'm a high level exec at microsoft everyone believe me.

Working on my degree, evening classes. Software Engineering bachelor. I work as head of IT for a semi-large retailer's (50-100 employees) online department and warehouses. I make about €40/k annually + benefits. Comfiest job in the world, wouldn't want to trade it for anything.

-DBA/sysadmin for Big Pharma company
$130-145K (company's annual financial performance is the main factor in calculating bonus)
-B.S. in Computer Science
-Roughly 65% hatred

Degree - BS in Math, los angeles

was a data analyst for 65k, now might get a job for 75k but I've asked for 4 days instead of 5 out of the week so it'll probably be close to 60k if I get it.

experience -

BSc in Math here too, fresh graduate. Do you enjoy the field? It seems that being a data analyst is a common field for math guys, but I'm kinda afraid to go that way. Not only I feel like this degree gave me nothing in this regard (I can fucking use MATLAB and Wolfram Mathematica to do some complex shit but at this point I'm so fucking dependant on the software and it feels like I only "heard about" a lot of stuff but truly "know" nothing). I also feel that it might hurt your future in a way, as you are basically hired to operate on specific software for a long time, you will forget everything else and will have to stay in that field forever (thus risk).

almost nobody in analytics uses matlab.

it's either python/scala/java/r or the shit-tier excel.

I have been a hobbyist programmer since the 8th grade so I was comfy getting into a data analyst role. It's okay, but a lot of it is business analytics which is boring. Also need to know ML.

Also never heard of anyone using mathematica.

Degree - none yet( I'm in my last year)
Title - Junior software engineer (first year) at a mortgage service provider.
Experience - Internship.
Salary - 14 Euro per hour

Feels comfy though, I have nice colleagues, GRATIS VRIJDAGMIDDAGBORREL, Monthly company parties. I'll probably be bumped up a salary tier or two once I get my Bachelors and start working fulltime.

I know nobody uses those for Data, It's just the things that I was taught.
Your background is way different than mine, I didn't program until I went to uni, I just enjoyed math until I realised that real world math is completely different from what I imagined.
My last year was basically all control theory for example.

Good luck in your future career prospects, you seem to be doing fine.

Software engineer at IBM. Everyone was shitting so hard on them on the internet that I was afraid to join but so far so good, only been here for a month though, Sweden if that matters. All I do is develop shitty apps for Bluemix but the team is small and fun and I get to code all day.

Cisco, 150k, two years

There are a lot of companies out there that will just teach you from scratch how to do this

I have a friend who does networking and he offered me a job and I work in real estate. If I'm getting job offers with an econ degree, you should be able to get them with an IT degree.

>Software engineer

I prefer the title software artist

What about becoming the saudi oil baron?

>post here earlier
>got called for a structure fire at 2am
I didn't wanna sleep anyway

Wages and salaries are different things, dumbass
Want to know how I know you're unemployed?

Happiness doesn't necessarily have to correlate with money, user.

I'm interested in automation, doing regular QA right now. How do you recommend I get started?

Used to be a help desk guy, now
I install satellite dishes onto people's rooftops.

30 a year

Kinda like it desu, 10x better than rotting in an office

How does one become a Nagios Admin?

What the fuck I had six certs out of college, how does anyone go through academics and not get at least ONE?

Maybe not, but crying in your Ferrari is far better than crying in public transit.

BS in Marine Biology
Systems Reliability Engineer (support) at a software company
< 1 year

You know, taking my ill conceived college path into account things are pretty good. It's never too late to correct a bad decision.

No meetings? No one managing you?

>Can't stand the idea of working to line some fat cunt's pockets
>I'm hoping to get a job as a software dev at a company that actually improves society.

Good luck finding that kind of company. You sound like a self-entitled commie.

>HURR I wrote some unit tests. I deserve 50% of the company!

Make your own company then.

12 credit hours short of CS degree
Work at toy store for past 7 years
Prefer it this way, would never want to mix things I actually like with work.

Did you need any other qualifications for that position? I'm graduating with a BSc in microbiology/biotech next month and am looking for work 2bh

I used to be a cadet for LAFD but decided to quit for my CS degree
I'd rather go home with headaches than backaches m8

>Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?

I never understood this. Surely if you're smart enough to make apps and websites you don't need someone to lead you along and make their apps and sites. Why not make your own? Same with those who can't find a job, why not make apps or sites for your portfolio?

Explain if you're such a genius.

Not him, but wage is by the hour, usually 40 hour/week 9-5 jobs, well now 30 if companies don't want to pay for your insurance through Obamacare.

Salary is set pay, hours don't matter, you can work 10 to 80 a week.

Owner/operator of a computer/network repair shop.
A few certifications.
40/hr in-shop, 80/hr plus a travel fee for housecalls.
13 years experience doing this.

It's OK I guess, when there's business it's great, sucks sitting around wondering if anyone's going to call today. It's OK money and I have lots of free time to do what I like. Vacations have been ruined before though because when I have to work I have to work.

>he thinks salary employees dont work 50 hours+ minimum

Advanced repair agent for geeksquad $16/hr with bonuses every month. Easiest job of my life.

Are you working on Genesis as well? Is your lab dependent on toronto lab for your work?

I have a BS in Biology, but the field sucks and I want to get into IT. The problem is that I don't know where to start. I'm also 30, is age discrimination really bad in this field?

It's literally the WalMart of the northwest.

Wow all them digits in one thread

All this autism in one thread.


Holy shit I am so fucked fucked fucked, no one understands how fucked I am.

My CV is shit because I am a lazy fuck who never did any jobs besides farm work so I have no legit experience or references.

I am in my final year of computing and information technology degree and I do not want to be here.
The modules are all fucking shit because they are made up crap, the lectures are retarded or fucking worse the lectures are savant that just don't bother with teaching and just have the job as a nice wage while they work on their own projects.
The main aspect of this year is a major project I make up myself and I am too retarded to do anything because I lack creativity.

I never wanted to go to college because I am too lazy, I just want to work in a shop and jerk off and play video games but now I am 22 and fucked.
Think I might an hero.

Edumuhcation: 2 year vocational """"degree"""" in Computer Networks and Systems Administration.

Title: IT Technician

Experience: 4 years

Salary: 40K US (this is actually a decent salary here)

>he thinks all salaried employees have to work 50+ hours

Few people are gonna give a shit unless you're incompetent.

>I just want to work in a shop and jerk off and play video games

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
I work for Sikorsky on control systems

It's not too bad. Everyone I interact with at work is also an engineer. Even when they're in a completely different discipline, there's a mutual respect for each other and each other's work. No HR bullshit, partly because our HR rep isn't allowed to know what exactly we do thanks to an essential personnel only clause in our current contract.

I make more than you and I work at a fucking Starbucks
user pls...

A place that I interned at put me in as an IT grunt lewrnibg as I went alongside being an educator and front desk greeter. Turned out to be a good combo for support. No real qualifications besides that.


The one time my phone decides not to autocorrect.

I work night shift on a farm for a big supermarket

its pretty cool we have a decent PC i5 ect and 4G internet

all I have to do is check on the animals every 3 hours of my 12hr shift

a part from that all I do is shitpost on 4chin and watch my Chinese cartoons.

Comfy desu

no degree
started at one startup after highschool doing simple cms in php
then some office nonsence for corporate world for 1 year
now im half year at nice global company working at front end, i love my job at this point of life, it was a huge challange and step forward, had to learn modern way of doing web, loving what SASS offers, we have real devices to test frontend on, and i also like that im just 21, the other youngest guy is still much older but they still takes me equally.

Thanks! This gives me hope. Should I get another BS or work on certs? What languages should I get into?


>Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?
I don't have a wage, I'm salaried.

>Where do you work,
PHD student

>how much do you hate it?
I love it, actually.

pls livestream it

That's sounds ok

can you fug the animals?

>Work in a hospital
>"Did you reset you computer? if so, not sure. I'll call my supervisor."
... Please tell me where so I can avoid.

Well I fucked up back when I was going for an AA in Electrical engineering.

1) I went to ITT Tech to get it
2) I wasn't as commited as I should've been

Now with them shut down and my degree pretty much meaning jack shit, I'm deciding to adult the fuck up and go for a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering.

HELP ME Cred Forums, I need advice.

I have two competing offers right now. I'm 24, fresh out of Grad School from a good CS university. My thesis, and background are all Computer Vision and Machine learning based.

I just got in offer in my small Wyoming hometown for 90k, at a local defense contractor. This is more than 4x what my parents make and if I'm smart I could probably retire in 10 years.

My other offer is from an Elon Musk company as a Machine Learning / Telemetry engineer. The pay is 140k, starting. I would have to live in Palo Alto, and probably want to kill myself everyday from being overworked.

CNN's cost of living calculator says 90k in WY > 140k in Palo Alto, but only barley.


What is the UK version of A+ Network +

I'm currently doing my Higher National Degree in networking.

>BSc Comp Sci
>work in web agency as back-end dev
>write shit tier ezy c# crap all day

Pay is ok and office life is nice, but actual programming is mindnumbingly.

I kinda miss my job for accountancy software house. Code was an abstract kind of hell, unhol;y mix of c, c++ and c# all just slapped together over 20 years, but it was fun. Actual office lfie was hell and too corporate for me.

>this whole thread
>not one entrepreneur

Id get the Wyoming gig, be smart n retire early

$70k with 2 years xp.

I like my job. I get to work on the full stack, every single part of the project. The project is neat, and genuinely useful. The environment is low-stress. I go for a walk whenever I want, listen to music, I have some flexibility with my hours.

I could probably make more money, but I'm more concerned with enjoying what I'm doing, how much I'm learning, and being in a relaxed environment.

I am the most junior dev there, by far, which worried me at first, but turned out fine. I keep up with the senior devs. They're supportive and respect me.

Basically, everything worked out as planned.

>The environment is low-stress. I go for a walk whenever I want, listen to music, I have some flexibility with my hours.
>I could probably make more money, but I'm more concerned with enjoying what I'm doing, how much I'm learning, and being in a relaxed environment.
This is exactly what I'm looking for when I finish my BS. Any advice on how to find a job like this?

>New pendulum

Not much advice I can give, except to research the places you are applying, and to handle the application process well. Ask questions and don't be afraid to walk away.

You don't want to work in a place that cuts corners or has heavy-handed management. I would stay away from start-ups and any place that employs a lot of H-1Bs or has high turn-over. If they mention being on-call, ask for specifics. You do not want to be on-call a lot.

>math degree
>any job I want
>300k starting

Business Management, Information Systems

Title: Lord of the Flies (manage IT fags)
EXP: 2 years
Salary: 116K

No job. My country is fucked.

I'm thinking of ways to make money as a web developer, but I don't even know how much should I charge others for the things I know. Probably a shitload.

Should I finish my associates and try to apply for a ~50k position that i might have a good chance at? But I would give up hope of moving somewhere that i want to apply for, and would be forced to do online only courses or commute, and never live the university life. Though i would have to apply forfor student loans/financial aid/ to be able to afford it....

Forget about your associates and focus on transferring to a uni to get your BS.

What are you talking about? Sitting a computer lab all day getting paid to do whatever you want, and only occasionally refill some paper and help retards that can't figure out how to print something, despite all the signs posted with step-by-step instructions, is awesome.

You could literally be getting paid to shit-post on Cred Forums 24/7.

>settling for mediocrity

>letting the man brainwash you
Why spend all that time and effort trying to become a "success," just because society tells you that is what you should want. What's the point in making $200k a year and having a hot wife if you don't have time to enjoy it, and your wife is fucking your neighbor instead?

Some startup you've never heard of. $120k, plus 2 meals catered every day (value around $30 total), plus full benefits, 0 years of experience.

Fuck society, and fuck money.

I want to become a master of my craft and find some truth in this world full of shit. The fact that you instantly look at your job as a means to measure success or to make money to live goes to show how much of a sheep you truly are. The average person works 40 hours per week, that's 1/3 of their life - you should be spending that time working on something meaningful to you. If not, then you should at least be striving to find something meaningful. 90% of faggots don't make it, you're part of that percentage.

>Forget about associates
Well...there's no point not to get it, im about a class or two away from it. The main question is should i stop at my associates and try for a position which is more money than i have ever made.... or go poor fag it and transfer in somewhere desirable.

Nothing is to say that i can't go to the university by me while i work, but there is only one choice available, and I have lived here for over a decade, a change of scenery would be welcome.

I'm kind of at odds with it, because to take on this position would mean that I can take steps towards the future, but with the cost of feeling like I would never advance, always living out education as secondary or just OnthejobTraining, struggling to fill the shoes in a a field I am not keen on stepping into, and awkwardly trying to fit in with people twice my age.

Poor fag easily.

You spend 5 years of your life working with an associates at a company that gives you 50K. A spot above you opens up, you've been with the company for half a decade so you're experienced, the position would increase your pay by 30k. You apply for the position and when the time comes to fill in those shoes, the position goes to Pepe, who has only been with the company for 1 year, but he has completed his masters degree. This is a common scenario in the corporate world.

Remember this and always go for a higher education, even if you have to poorfag along the way, in the long run it will always be worth it.

Depends. You can often get the company you work for to pay for your higher education, so it would be worth working for them first. In some fields, education doesn't mean shit. In others, education means everything.

>You can often get the company you work for to pay for your higher education
This is typical for your MASTERS. Not your bachelors. Please bear that in mind.

Yeah that's the feeling I'm getting. The position has been open for about 4-5 days now and one of the sr people there has been asking if I applied yet, and if it was something i was still interested in. It is, and I really want to continue on, but...

I have been poorfagging it for so long that it hurts, and some ground underneath my feet could really help me out. Plus even if I transfer... I have little to no money for tution, the well has run dry there with the AS, and if I'm looking bad now, I'll be in terrible shape if I go farther, but... the hope is I transfer, live somewhere else, feel happy while i bury myself in debt. Or i take the job, and I live by myself, every night to an empty place, but at least doing so with cash in hand and in the bank.
>pay for your higher education
yeah but i doubt it. its federal sector, as are most jobs here, and what then... if they do? They just paid for my education, kind of obligated to stay on for some time after that...

> Automation engineer
My nigga

> Work at a successful Boston startup
> Automation engineer 1 year, manual qa one year
> 60k salary

Automation is the good life. With experience comes the money as well.

>2 years of experience
>60k salary
>good life
One of these is not like the others.

Australian trolley pusher
No qualifications necessary
Experience 2 years
45hr work week

74k plus 5k bonus and 2k overtime, plus another 5k tuition assistance once I start my MS in computer engineering.

Software engineer in aerospace/defense. I love my job.

>Dev at Experian
>3 year experiance
>19k salary
Somewhat a "high" salary for my country, but job is pretty chill and have 1 wfh day a week.

Any ones in particular I should look into?

I was about to say that that's about standard for a third world country, until I realized that rent alone in my third world country costs about $400 a month.

CEO of my own company

Please contain the jellyness

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks!

>fellow IBMer shit posting here
My blue brother
Get on the DaaS meme train with me nigga

Degree-still completing degree in Information Tech.
Title- Best Buy inventory specialist
Experience- 6months
Salary- lol

>BA in history
>work as a high school history teacher
>earn $48k a year

I'd say it's not too bad for rural Nebraska.

5 mexican pesos a year?

Where do you live? The average network engineer pay in ms is like $22/hr

>Student helper
Study physics, help in department of experimental economics with programming and data analysis.
>20$ / hour, plus pension
It is not a great pay, but its nice to have on the side.

Degree: EE
Emphasis: Construction
What I'm going for atm: PE

Earning around 90k atm, probably gonna go up to the 6 digits after I get my goddamn PE. Its tearing me apart.


BSc Comp Sci
Java Developer
about 3 years exp

didnt even go to uni and went straight to TAFE, got a diploma in Network Administration and now earn 55K a year doing helpdesk and working my way up to team leader.

I got a friend who I caught forcing an AGP graphics card in to a PCI. He came out of Devry with his BS in CS started working in a hospital for 70k in desktop support then took a Desktop support manager position for 85k. I know its desktop support but for a guy getting 85k he still can't build a computer. I have full working knowledge, years of experience and getting 58k because I don't have a degree.

Stop laughing at me.

for the comp sci fags, what did you specialize in?

I imagine some specializations lead to better/more lucrative jobs than others

disregard this if your country doesn't do specializations

You lie on the internet often user?

I didn't study hard. I dropped out after 6 months because I tried to hang myself in my Dorms communal Bathroom.

>100k a year
>For doing what I'm teaching highschoolers

Kill me.

Electrical engineer. Just graduated, BS and started, working for the government. 56k a year with some insanely good benefits and great flex schedule. Work is not repetitive either, do something new everyday.

What are a couple good first certifications to get a Cred Forums-related job?

Currently working in a completely unrelated field.

>not milking that Saudi oil baron

>He thinks everyone works at a startup


I work at a startup and our workweeks are 40 hours. What now faggot?

>Degree - BS in EE
>Title - Software developer
>Experience - 0 years
>Salary - 50k
>Location - Houston, Texas

I love it. Who doesn't dream of writing proprietary, enterprise software. God bless

Pretty much any Comptia. Net+, A+, Sec+

> Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?
I needed that money, won't say for what.
> how much do you hate it?
Not much, it's just boring now. Need a new job to make it interesting again.

Why would anyone want to watch a livestream of a guy managing a department?

I work the service counter in a big electronics store. Geeksquad tier shit. I hate my life and I want to die. Customers who thinks fucking up the software on their computer by installing every piece of malware available is covered by warranty. They treat me like some jew when I tell them it'll be 99 dollars for me to fix it (most likely reinstall, without wiping their documents). Some even told me I should do it for free since I get paid by my boss anyways.

I have no degree.

Think i'll get one next year. And apply for sysadmin positions and/or internal support/service jobs at bigger companies. I really want to get away from customers (and sales people). They're some of the most evil people possible.

Programmer at company developing web shops. Its boring but an alright entry level job.
Underpaid, ~40k/year.
1 year experience.

3 years of university courses behind me but getting a degree seems pointless. I would get one if I wanted to but I see no reason to.
Only took courses I found interesting, lots of fun AI programming for example.

>You've studied so hard for your "kamputah" degree.
No. career changer, was industrial mechanic before.
>Why are you just a measly wage slave, Cred Forums?
I'm not. I don't know how much i get but it's enough.
>Where do you work,
CIO of a german automotive company
>and how much do you hate it?
Fuck i love it.

Same boat, pretty comfy for a cheap young person

i bet you work at telenetwork contracting for centurylink. you're a faggot

>gun shop employee
>former *nix systems admin / data center technician
>hate current job but has some perks
>only temporary
>fantasize about joining army infantry

Enjoy wasting your 1 life as a corporate drone.

should i take classes for certs or just self study? and if so how would I go about that?

>get ccna & cissp
>get paid