Trojans, rats, key loggers, etc

So my school has a bunch of high traffic unsecured computers, and I want to teach them a lesson about security and test my skills. Where do modern hackers get their tools for infecting? (Viruses, etc.) Google ain't returning shit for results.

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>a bunch of unsecured computers
Install Gentoo.

They make them.

They get them from White Nationalist Terrorist sites like Cred Forums

if you wanna do hollywoord style "hacking" look into kali linux (metasploit)

>and test my skills

what skills?


Just browse whatever clone sites are pretending to be, I'm sure they'll send something your way.

penetration skills

I'd like to test my penetration skills, if you catch my drift

Give them a detailed report how to secure them and cc your mentor

>I want to test my skills
>Where do I download someone else's tools to do the work for me

Clearly you have no skills otherwise you wouldn't be asking how ti get tools for "hacking".

Simple answer is

First tool to get is lube.
Trust me you will need it.

What school/uni?

Write your own malware, it's piss easy.



If you're that desperate you can look around github for opensource keyloggers.

NEVER use the executable of something meant for keylogging without its source code.

>teach them a lesson about security
and then they'll teach you a lesson about improper use of school computers, and you'll get kicked out.

Don't make your mother cry, stick to playing Cred Forumsidya and posting in battlestation threads

OP is a skiddie

It's worse than that, he's doesn't even know how to become one.

Whatever happened to Poison Ivy? I'd do damage with that as a kid.

No idea how to do anything but Cred Forums probably isn't the place to ask.

Try that

Write them

just search "free games" on google and download the first exe you find in a russian page

Those sites are the shit.

>t. FBI pimping their inflated budget needs

you do know character defamation is a crime, right?

>Google ain't returning shit for results

try harder

Go on GitHub and search for "RAT".

Have fun.

fags been watchin too much mr.robot

Google harder, skiddie