Getting my first PS3 in a week

Getting my first PS3 in a week
Tell me about this system, Cred Forums
Yeah I know whats a PS3, but give me those tips and tricks only you know, like Cred Forums approved mods, hacks, iso sites, you know, everything PS3
Also I know nothing about jailbreaking

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ps3 pro tip: ps3's are the perfect size to be thrown away and replaced with a superior x box 360

You need to buy one released before 2010 if you want to install custom firmware on it.

If buying new bad idea. If used and old hesd over to /vg/, they have an approved thread.

this is bait
im still bumping it though

is this a pasta?
Actually I might, if you give solid arguments
Planned on getting a super slim, is all hope lost?

I'm in eastern europe and poor as fuck, is it hard to believe not everyone can afford a ps4

>is all hope lost?
If you want to do anything other than gaming, yes.

/hbg/ on /vg/ may be able to help

But you can downgrade, right?
So I'll just get a super slim and downgrade it so I can jailbreak it
that works, no?

Found a /hbg/ thread, thanks

this is harder bait but im replying

yeah but I can't play jojo games on PC, can I now?

You want to downgrade it to firmware 3.55 which predates the super slim. You'll need an e3 flasher to downgrade the super slim.

>solid arguments
Well supported by 3rd part communities, piracy is easier than your mom.

Can you use online without paying?

yes online is free on the ps3


You can't downgrade to a firmware older than the factory pack-in one so CFW only works on the Phat and first gen Slims (stock 120gb and 250gb MW2 edition).

You can't do shit with a super slim, maybe you can run some pirated games with ODEs, but I think even these don't work anymore.

ODE was blocked on 4.55 and up, it's shit.

Install Universal Media Server to stream movies music and other shit to your ps3. If you've got a decent sound system, it supports lossless playback.

Oh yeah, not really a mod but ps3 can play super audio bluray too, if your into that

You literally cannot.

That's what you get a PC for. Also Sony exclusives are far better than every Haloshit Xbox got.

>disgusting live transcoding unsupported codecs

God the PS3 was such a horrible multimedia machine.

So glad Android TV boxes are a thing now.

>Well supported by 3rd part communities
PS3 scene is still alive

>piracy is easier

>download iso
>extract the iso
>put it on a folder

too hard

PS3 ISOs never caught on, people just shared zips of extracted dev BD-emu game packages with additional languages and video files stripped out to upload/download faster.

Clean rips are almost impossible to find.

Private trackers

I have a PS3 Slim
Jailbroken/Softmodded (4.55 Rogero or some shit)
Swapped hard drive with SSD
Installed Retroarch
Have pirated GTA5
Gave pirated Gran Turismo 6

I never use the thing

The interface is absolute shit to use.

Literally collecting dust

The only reason I keep it is in case I decide to watch a Blu Ray

Also, the controller is only good for the tiny hands of a Japanese girl.

>Swapped hard drive with SSD

What the fuck, why. Some games don't even work with an SSD.

Get one on 3.55 firmware or lower so you can install a CFW on it.

Also, dont listen to this faggot, PS3s are far better, it also has better exclusives since you pretty much can play everything from xbox on PC, but not everything (TLOU, heavy rain...) from the PS3 on a PC.

>I got my PS3 on 2013 just to play GTA V, it was a piece of shit but TLOU is great
I dont use it anymore but i dont regret getting it either

Thats fine, I got it for TLOU, Heavy rain and some nip games, I'm fine with that
Honestly, as long as it doesn't lag
I'm playing Dark Souls 3 on HD6670...

>What the fuck, why. Some games don't even work with an SSD.

It was an older SATA2 SSD that I removed from a computer. Same 120GB size. I updated the firmware before, and zeroed out the drive before I installed it in the PS3

That being said, it's barely faster than the hard drive was... but meh, less moving parts and I don't want a drive to die.

GTA5 and GT6 work fine from the SSD
Not sure how anything would not work.

Like I said, I never use the damn thing.

>Get one on 3.55 firmware or lower so you can install a CFW on it.

The only reason I was able to jailbreak/softmod my PS3 slim is because after Gran Turismo 5 came out, I was so mad about how bad it sucked and didn't turn it on for 3 years. I was at 3.41 or thereabouts. My point is that anyone who uses their PS3 is going to be on a newer firmware. You're going to pay about $40 extra for one that can be softmodded/jailbroken.

>Some games don't even work with an SSD.

Please cite some because I never heard about that.