Webcam thread

We test out our webcams and post the results
>thinkpad yoga 260

>having a webcam

>muh privacy
>NSA is watching me jerk off to lolis
Ok faggot

>using an ancient version of apt

When the top goy abuser Zukerburger tapes up his cam, you know shit's real.


Sexy guy. Would have sex with.

>calling apt-get ancient
>something ancient needs to change because its old
>The air needs to change because its old

I mean with all the nigerian and asian people he hired recently , i wouldn't be suprised if he did

Alienware 17 r3

What a sexy man. Blue eyes and amazing beard.

A fat, balding, ugly glassed ginger is the only person that would create a /soc/ thread in Cred Forums.

Brian Posehn?

t. gamer manchild

>its 2009
>t.[insert edgy name here]
>gets praise
Your stuck in the past

Yeah but Zucc is a target, joe schmo is not. It would be unlikely that anyone is actively hacking into your webcam and watching what you do.

Is this the daily /soc/ thread?
Chromebook Pixel 2013

what OS are you running on that thing? How do you like it?

You have to be 18 and over to be on this site you fucking child.

I-is that a CD case stuck to your ceiling?

Yes, it was my solution to having a cave cricket fall out of a broken tile onto me when I was trying to go to sleep.

That jewel case has been there since 2005 lol.


why do you have those utilitarian tiles

idk I did not design this basement

Hardly ugly, really the only thing you can pin him for is being fat, you can't control male pattern balding or being ginger you are just being edgy.

But your worst offense is replying to a bait thread that isn't even real.

microsoft surface book