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"Everyone is too busy enjoying the weekend to shitpost on Cred Forums" edition

This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch.

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amazon.fr/Seiko-SNXS79K-Automatique-Analogique-Bracelet/dp/B000G12Y8O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474281448&sr=8-1&keywords=seiko automatique

Also, did any of you vote on gphg? they got a prize for a random voter, week long cruise for two

>First for independent glory

What were your picks NineBalls?

Forever jelly of that chronometre bleu.

Your Megasonic doesn't look any bad either m8. However, I think you should find its correct bracelet.

From what I could find this particular case style only came on a strap. I'm okay with keeping the speedy 1125 bracelet on it to be honest.

You only get to vote for 1, I voted for the
Slim d'Hermès in the Petite Aiguille catagory.

You're kinda right, but not entirely. Even though Omega only launched the Megasonic with a strap, some retailers actually offered with a bracelet, although I can't remember the precise reference right now. It eventually became the "unofficial" Megasonic bracelet and every now and then one pops up for sale. I think I have a pic of a mexican poster in which the Megasonic is being announced with the bracelet. If I find it I'll post it later.

>You only get to vote for 1
Well, yeah, but I'm curious about fan's choices in each categorie, including yours.

>pic not related, I just love this configuration

>some retailers actually offered with a bracelet
Neat. If that pic is useful for finding the bracelet ref number that'd be handy.

Why is the Hamilton Khaki so well regarded here?

>fan's choices in each categorie

In the men's lets go with..

in chrongraph
none really excite me

Rudis Sylva, with those two toothed balancewheels functioning in one rotating tourbillon.

the MB&F

Travel Time
not really excited

Mechanical Exception

Petite Aiguille
Hermes -- I think this will win its category.


It's hardly even talked about here

Not bad choices. Grönefeld and MB&F in particular. You should read about MCT too.

It was House's watch for a while.

Is the remontoire some meme shit? Does it make a significant difference in the time keeping?

a well-built remontoire should essentially eliminate isochronism, which can certainly be a few seconds per day.

>Does it make a significant difference in the time keeping?

Yes it does. It reduces the variations of power produced by the unwinding of the mainspring, evening the force going thru the trainwheel when it's fully wound and when it's almost out of power, thus producing a more constant reading.

When most mechanical watches are almost out of power they become erratic, the remontoire prevents that.

R8 pls

I have 50% success rate in baggin girls when I tell them I collect mechanical wrist watches

Interesting enough I have a 66% success rate in bagging girls when I tell them I have autism

>in Australia, girls come in bags


It's better than milk coming in bags, those Canadians are a weird bunch

Also post Slav watches




>Hong Kong made dial

think these will be good?

Should I pledge this kickstarter ?
Am I blinded by love ?

remember it's the things we love that hurt us the most

i think it looks ugly as fuck

Raketa Big Zero, talk to me.

What about them? I was maybe going to buy one. They have a brash communist feel to them on the dial, which is a good or a bad thing for some people. Buy it if you like it, not much other non dressy options for a Slav watch besides some ugly (yet again, good or bad) vostoks


>for two
Would you take your mother?

Are they any good reliability wise, what's the going rate for one, does anyone have any experience of ownership? Stuff like that.

I've already got a Komandirskie but the style of it really appeals for some reason. I think it's beach use the dial looks hand painted.

>beach use
*because. What the fuck auto correct?!

I was thinking about taking your mother, but I think you're right. My mom probably deserves it more.

They can Be hit and miss like most Slav watches. Someone who gets about on here is very knowledgeable about Slav movements, he should be able to tell you more about the movement. I don't know where he is from so I can't tell you what time he usually lurks

Thanks m8, I'll keep check8ng back.

You called?

That looks fucking ugly...

Eyy. I'm summoned the chosen one. Besides the slimness, what are the movements typically found on a poljot like? It's kind of hard to find much decent on them, it usually just consists of Igor the ex soviet saying how reputable they were

On the 3133 chronographs?

Sorry, I meant on the de lux. 3133 is pretty good isn't?

>tfw I took one day too long to decide on my purchase and the 15202st in stock sold on me.

Now I have to wait till the end of November for mine.

De lux models are fine mostly, the 2209 movements are great and thin and the 2415/6 are fine though they have inefficient autowinding. (Handwinding recommended)

Accuracy is mediocre at best while it should be rather stable.

Only issue are the fake/reprinted/aftermarket dials which are tricky to spot. Also varying conditions of the watch.

Same can be applied to the 3133, though much more durable and accurate.

Poll: poll-maker.com/poll815500x102747b8-32

I was just wondering what the Raketa Big Zero was like reliability wise & how much is a good price for one?

Reference 176.0012 a.k.a. Speedmaster Mark 4.5, MC Imperial Red, AP Millenary, VC Overseas Chrono, Rolex Milgauss, Tudor Black Bay Bronze, FPJ Blue Chronometre, Corum Chrono Flyback, JLC Reverso Chrono, 60's Omega, Pie Pan Omega, Speedy Moonphase, Zenith El Primero, Zeno Record... am I missing something?

Also, nice dubs.

I will get an Archimede Pilot 39 one day. What a beautiful watch and somewhat affordable too (compared to the competition)

That eternal 17:21

>By an equally suspicious freak of temporal relastatics, it is nearly always Saturday afternoon just before the beach bars close.
>No adequate explanation for this has been forthcoming from the dominant life forms on Ursa Minor Beta, who spend most of their time attempting to achieve spiritual enlightenment by running round swimming pools, and inviting Investigation Officials from the Galactic Geo-Temporal Control Board to "have a nice diurnal anomaly."

is there anything i can say to convince you to get a smaller one?

Your shit taste in expensive watches appalls me. What's next, a Richard Mille? A fucking Hublot?

The 2609 Raketa movement is alright overall, however it falls short of the movements that i mentioned earlier. Much more likely to break in case of shock.

I'd post a newer pic, but at the base and i don't have the Poljot with me.

>tfw matching watch and strap


Thanks, how much is a good price for a big zero?


I haven't been into prices for a while, but in the 50~75$ range for an excellent non franken example.

belongs on kickstarter crap

Thanks I appreciate your input.

>swiss made movement
>swiss made movement
>swiss made movement

This is what happens when idiots design a watch.
The text at the bottom of the dial is meant to tell you what movement it is, so to add "movement" to the end of such text is pointless.
>Bu-bu-bu it means the whole watch is swiss made otherwise!
If you're an idiot perhaps. My Steinhart says "Siwss Made" at the bottom, but is clearly German.

Wow. It can survive in the rain. Shocker.

>high quality steel!
316L, while not shit, is by no means "high quality" either.

>World's first
First what? Watch? Are they this braindead as to have this here? The implication alone of using "first" without any preset context in the same line just makes it sound like they're touting the world's first watch, not a thin one.

>World's thinnest!
Pic related is at 4.08mm thick. So beat by a country mile.

>We don't use dealers or middlemen!
Because you can't afford to pay them.

>World famous brand
Literally only heard of them on the reading of that pathetic attempt at begging for change.

>Cheap leathers
>Needlesley large and undecorated dial
No. It has already failed.

Honestly. This thing is trying to compete directly with Chinkshit DW knockoffs, and is failing at doing so.

If you pull the trigger let me know how it is, I might buy one

Thanks mate


Will do!

I'm interested in that Poljot, what model is it and where can I get one?

Poljot 3133 civilian chronograph.

Thinking about ditching my Submariner for pic related. Submariner has become too flashy of my taste.. maybe I'm getting old.

Look into other brands. There's more than Steinhart

I just bought the last one of these
Did i make a mistake? Should i have gotten the older version?

Explorer is nice enough. Would definitely be worth considering.

>too flashy
u fockin wot m8

That one has been under my radar too.. I'm still very indecisive about which one I should get. Or maybe the date just II?
It's kind of very in your face.. I often notice people watching at it but I have the kind of feeling that it's a negative Lamborghini kind of look instead of a Porsche kind of look if that makes any sense to you-

Not a fan. Why couldn't you just get this one?

Datejust II just looks like Rolex let their Bargain Bin team at it. I mean, what is that, Sub case, Datejust/Explorer Bezel and Datejust dial?

If a DJ at all, get one without the edgy bezel, they're not nice in any way, and you should be set.
They look dapper as fuck with a black face, customer in work wears one, and it's gorgeous in black.

If you had to pick between the Oyster Perpetual 39 and the Explorer.. which one would you pick?

Honestly. Explorer.

The Dial, case, and hands blend too closely in colour for my liking on the 39. Them some Batons are lumed, some are not. Then the blue markings, none of it works for me. It seems, flashy, but dull.


How does one know when companies will release new watches ?

Is there a set schedule or is it random?

There are a few big shows, Baselworld being the biggest.

I've just been posting it a lot because I'm thinking of buying.
Any reason why it shouldn't be well regarded?
He actually wore a khaki king, which would be a good looking watch if it weren't for the cut 11 and 1



Feel the same about my Sub, although i'm considering a DJ, somewhere in between the Oyster Perpetual and the Sub in terms of flashiness i guess. OP is a little too bland for my taste

>am I missing something?

Nice tracking, but yes, you're missing quite a few actually: Ulysse Nardin, Oris, A. Lange & Söhne, Panerai, JLC, several more vintage Omegas, like my "faux jedi", Seiko, etc...

I haven't share my entire collection here yet, partly because that would be unnecessary bragging and also cause I'm a teaser bitch.

For example, today I'm wearing a watch I haven't posted here before:

>muh Citizen Wave Air satellite controled thermo quartz.

Hope anons here like it.

What's yours m8? Can you list your collection now?

Cheers and check my singles.

i lioe it, but it also looks stupid. its too silly for formal wear

>Any reason why it shouldn't be well regarded?
people say the watches are assembled in china or something
it's still eta though

What are u talking about you literal autist

>steinshill level 2824
>shitty case
>Not even a real onion crown design
>non heat blued hands
>Logo on dial
Get a tissel if you want a cheap nazi watch

Hey Prismo! Nice to meet you.
That looks like a neat AP, but I'm afraid I may share the opinion of other anons here that sadly it's kinda big for you.

Since this is no ordinary purchase, you should really take the time to consider it and be absolutely sure you'll be comfortable with the size in the long run.

I suggest you to try it with the bracelet properly adjusted BEFORE exchanging any money for it.

Best of lucks.

Btw, do yoy have any other watches? What's your collection m8?

>My Steinhart says "Siwss Made" at the bottom, but is clearly German
user, I...

>Order this automatic because it's cheap and looks neat
>My old Quarts Tissot breaks down and costs a fortune
>Start to think about how hard it is going to service this one once it breaks down after 5 years
>Start to think how much it will cost
>Feel like cancelling my order

Fuck. I knew I should've gone for a brand that has their own service instead of this no-name microbrand.

Nice combo user. I like it.

I'm guessing Hamilton, like all swatch source their shit from chinkland and assemble them in mountain-jew land.

The khaki field, speedypro and non cuckaxial omega divers are the only swatches even remotely worth the money anyway.

If anyone owns this and could comment about it I'd really appreciate it by the way. Can't really find any reviews on the 38mm khaki field on bracelet.


very cool dial, I don't like the communist roots

I would also prefer the Explorer. If you're looking for more understated Rolex that is also not too boring, that's your choice.

Is it normal to have a watch imprint on your wrist when you take off your wristwatch or is that too tight?

The jealousy shows

It's mainly because of how expensive most mechanicals are relative to the cost of making them.
The low end relies on hipsters.
Mid tier like Tissot, Mido etc. are mostly reliant on malls with idiot middle class woman buying gifts.
High end is for upper middle class people.
An omega for example can cost only a few hundred to make, but they'll sell it for thousands.
Same goes for rolex etc.

Then you have the "dressed by the internet" faggots.
These idiots usually but whatever watch is trending on tumblr. It used to the movando muesem, now it's the gold plated casios.
The market is fucked anyway, and the industry will never be like it was before the 70s

why is the 4'o clock so fucked up?
Nice chinkshit faggot


It's a reflection you sperg

Why do most TAG owners feel they are above everyone else? most of them are arrogant fucks

(me trying on a TAG and thinking to myself the build quality is doggu whilst the salesperson is trying to convince me how great they are)

>the date window cuts into the 6 subdial, but not the 3
the dial was must have been designed using drag and drop in powerpoint

Took the Lord Marvel off my NATO strap and threw it on the cheap krautleather one. Still looks perfect for tomorrow's business meeting. For some reason it seems to be running slower, after servicing it was doing +5 per day and now it's down at around -18.

My girlfriend thinks I'm weird for collecting mechanical watches, because "why is six seconds a day supposed to be good" and "why do you need more than one watch?"

The conversation usually ends after I ask "why do you need more than one pair of heels?"

Microbrands, FYI, will usually never use their own in-house movement unless they're extremely high-end. More often than not, they'll buy off-the-shelf movements from Seiko, Citizen and sometimes ETA or Sellita if they want to be part of the Swiss made meme. Either way, servicing should not be an issue for anything inside the case.

They believe the hype.

>wearing it on the inside
Literally a fag

Also I remember you from a few months ago. Kindly fuck off, you've gotten enough replies.

Please don't reply to this faggot anons

extremely common seiko movement, it shouldn't be hard.

Man love watches.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I wonder...how old are you? You sound like a rant of a person who actually was alive and growned up in the 70's

It just hasn't been fitted yet. The camera angles make every watch look huge on my small wrists.

It's always the people who have no money who claim to know what watches other people should buy. But to answer your question, no, I have zero interest in Hublot or RM watches.

Hello, I've actually tried the watch on and had it fitted just didn't take a picture at the time it's only 39mm. In fact I had doubts about it because it felt so slim and small in person. I actually have disproportionately small wrists compared to my hands and arms. I'm pretty stocky in real life, any smaller than 39mm and going much smaller would personally feel too tiny.

I currently own a Rolex Yachtmaster 40mm as a daily wear watch for the past 15 years. 2 weeks ago I bought a huge toaster DSSD and my AP should arrive in 2 months.

I had my eye on a Calatrava 5196P or a 5296, originally wanted a Nautilus but didn't want to wait years for one and didn't want to pay a premium for one on the grey market. Years ago I told myself I needed an ice blue Rolex DD. I know my tastes are unconventional when it comes to watches, but I am not one to follow the norm nor be too concerned with how others feel about my watch. Certain watches just speak to me and that's what I find is important. It's a very personal purchase in my eyes.

Here's a pic of a 40mm RO Chrono on my wrists.

They're the same sort of people who buy a BMW 3-series, but don't bother with the manual transmission 335i (or 340i now, I guess). Nope, these are the people who got the automatic F30 328i with the shitty little four-pot because it was the most respectable BMW they could afford, they wanted to show a veneer of success to their friends, and the wife couldn't be bothered to learn stick.


should i ???

>Same goes for rolex etc.

Having known someone who works on the inside at Rolex, they actually cost a few grand to make. The markups are still ridiculous, since a submariner will sell for $8k and costs $2k to manufacture, but the substance is still there.

Just so i could give u the finger and show the watch dumbass

My age aside:
>You can buy a Rolex even as a lower middle-class guy, and it won't come anywhere near breaking the bank
>Everyone owns and relies on at least 1 mechanical watch, so your local watchmaker doesn't have an incentive to jew you when service time comes.
>Pocket watches are dirt cheap to collect, yet brands like Hamilton and Elgin are making top tier wrist watches that rival what the swiss were doing at the time.
>No jewing

>Basically the only way not to get fucked is buying a Casio, Seiko 5 or Orient.
>Marketing out the ass, with all the cost passed on the consumer.
>Servicing is essentially a jew plot these days, people would literally rather let their watches die then to be subjected to a watchmaker.
>Rich faggots buy the gaudiest watches, creating a market of trash like Hublot and panerai, prompting other brands to oversize their watches and charge thousands for basic 3 hand movements due to the "muh in-house" meme.

The industry really is fucked sadly.

>costs $2k to manufacture
Unless you're talking about a pure gold watch, and even then I would be skeptical.

Rolex, more than any other independent swiss brand, has the lowest product costs due to their economy of scale.
The quality is there, but you're massively overpaying for it.

you arent considering labour costs pleb

This is what I'm counting on. That I'll find some shop that can service it reasonably well. It helps that I live in a country that produces excellent watchmakers/horologists or whatever they are called, so there shouldn't be a lack of skilled people. I just wonder if they can get the parts for fixing it if it breaks.

It looks like it's at least 3 years old.
So you're gonna have to pay for a service in two or so years.
a 2824 would run you about 150 US, so you need to factor that in.
I would say it's a decent deal. Check page and cooper if you're a britcuck to see what new prices are like in bondland.

They're not employing doctors user
It's an assembly line type manufacture, despite what their marketing will have you believe.
Labor costs should not make my 1-2k watch cost 8k.

The quartz crisis really screwed the industry.

Little labour, high levels of automation. Have seen it with my own eyes in Cartier's factory in Neuchatel.

that would be La Chaux de Fonds

Can't remember exactly, but one of the threads on TRF quoted Submariner production cost to be about $200 - $500 all things considered, due to the mass production and efficiency of their operation.

>The quartz crisis really screwed the industry.
The swiss-jews reaction to quartz is what ruined the industry.
You have to remember that people were not anywhere near as consumerist back then as they are now. If they held steady, even dropped prices a little they would have turned quartz into a passing fad.
Quartz watches were more expensive than your typical swiss and american mechanical back then.

are smartwatches worth it?

Not a bad small collection. You need a dress watch also, that's for sure. I suppose that's why you're looking at a Calatrava. If you like it, go ahead and please share pics in here when you get it.

However, if you claim you have unconventional taste in watches, you should first look around more and be satisfied with the Calatrava design. Imho, although most Calatravas are beautiful, they are also a bit too much boring; that's why when I was in the market for one, I ended up buying a Lange and to this day I couldn't be happier with the desicion. Like I said before, my Journe is my Calatrava.

Also, how come you people struggle so much to buy a new watch to the point that they make you wait two months?
Is it that I'm a prefered costumer of my AD's without knowing?

With the exception of independents, I can normally buy any watch I want in less than a month, tops.

The watch is german.
The movement is swiss.

That's the point senpai.

>The watch is german.
>The movement is swiss.
Go a little more east user...

>i'm troubling myself about getting a 500 dollars automatic
>its a big one for me
>lawyerfag shows up with a 25 hundred dollars quartz Citizen
Goddamit I hate being poor.

We need a pic with your entire collection Avocado plis


I find this kind of fucking hilarious.
Seiko fanboys were outright shitposting on how all homages are complete shit (Especially the OVM) for these past few weeks, always saying people should get a Turtle instead of an OVM, because it's not a homage. I point out that the SRP777 is infact a homage to the original 6309.
The next thread, suddenly seiko fanboys are crying

Honestly, it's pretty pathetic.
Get over yourselves, homage or not, the OVM is great for the money, a damned sight more accurate than anything Seiko can offer in the price range, and rated for 100m deeper.

If you people don't like the styling, then fine, don't buy one, but to go full autism every time Stienhart are mentioned?

Hell. Even this shite ()
>>steinshill level 2824

Equating an Elaboré grade 2824 to only being used in Steinhart products, this is the level of autism we're looking at here.

We're all over 18 here, can we atleast act like it at some point?

Fuck you Bulova, why won't you let me buy this chronograph. The black one is nice enough but this is enormously cooler.

Production costs for quartz watches were lower than that of mechanicals due to less labour, which means that quartzes would end up as the low-cost segment.

Rolex did the smart thing when marketing their watches as luxuries (the same can be said for AP with the Royal Oak). The other brands that tried to maintain sales volumes of mid-priced watches found themselves losing out.

Don't do it, the value on these things drop like a ton of bricks.

>satellite controled thermo quartz
>my dick

I feel better when I see you don't only wear mechanicals.
You're a true appassionato, lawyer.

Not until they get around the need for daily recharge.

Basically the smartwatch manufacturers pander to the low grade programmers with GHz rate 64 bit processors and enormous memory. Mechanical watches operate on "clocks" of 1 - 6 Hz and good programmers should have been able to animate a nice watch face on a 1 - 10 MHz clock. That would leave you with 10 - 100 days on a charge.


circuit boards weren't cheap to make back then
The Astron was one of the most expensive watches in its day

Thanks for your input, much obliged lads. But do you think the Submariner is too flashy or is it just me?

>SRP777 is infact a homage to the original 6309
It's a little different when a company continues to remix, refine and fall back on their own designs. This is not what we would normally think of of as a "homage watch."

That's an amazing amount of anal-pain you got there.
There's no human wrist big enough to make it look good sadly

Quartz was actually highly desirable in the 1970s. It was a big deal to have "QUARTZ" written on your watch, since it signified that you could afford near-perfect accuracy and reliability (look through the 1970s Seiko catalogues- 36,000 bph Lord Marvels were being sold off at 1/2 to 1/4 the price of quartz dress watches, and the most expensive items in the catalogue were quartz). Rolex even made "Oysterquartz" watches, which were incredibly good movements, but unfortunately they were discontinued as Swiss manufacturers found increasing success with marketing mechanical movements as "luxury" goods.

It depends on the crowd really.

Owner of a toyshop in the town I work just got himself a Sub because he just had a really good summer. I tend to notice it simply because I enjoy watches, as do a few other customers.

As a watch though, it's not flashy at all, people just tend to gawp when they see

Rolex, having the reputation they do, will always seem like wearing one is "showing off" but only once people notice it is actually a Rolex. Normies don't care for watches beyond what keeps time and wears well.
Those who do care for watches that will notice, and might mention something, well, you can have a nice conversation with and not feel like an autist doing so.

It's 43mm and the shrouded lugs should help it wear smaller, I think I could easily pull it off on my 7.5 inch wrists.

I need to take my whole collection from the bank's vault to do that. Not an easy task.

Why can't you?
How big is it?

>You're a true appassionato, lawyer.
Thanks m8. That's not my only quartz btw.

If you aren't enjoying it and you feel uncomfortable wearing it then it's you, but what matters the most is that you feel good with it. Make the change.

The Secret Homage List Revealed


tfw was gonna buy an oysterquartz :(

I can't buy it because they aren't selling it but only showed it off at Baselworld last year. It's 43.5mm diameter and 51.2mm lug to lug from what I've found. Big, but not as big as my largest watch.

>but what matters the most is that you feel good with it
Guess you're right. I'll probably go for the Explorer.

These don't even look alike other than having three panda subdials

I think your eyes dont look alike

that's an impressive list

>implying Sinn is a B&R homage
otherwise very well done

It's not even a homage list, the link didn't say homage, just user.

Like look at this. This isn't a homage, they're so different it would be hard to list all the differences. But for non-watchfags looking for something big, ugly, gold and black they may look similar.

Hence homage instead of clone?

Not all of them are very good, but are more like style homages, kinda look like the same watch.

But a lot of them are good homages, but the list is ofcourse not exhaustive.

-op of that link

"Homage," in the watch world, generally has nothing to do with paying homage. A homage is generally just a complete copy or fake of a watch but doesn't actually copy the name or logos, and therefor gets the nice term of "homage" applied, instead of fake.

Using one superficial feature does not make a homage, especially if it isn't distinctive. Tons of fucking watches have the same color scheme and layout.

Great list. And it really makes you appreciate the originals. Don't get why people buy cheap homages. They lack all the great design and attention to detail that made the original.

They're just similar watches then. But yeah people will still use homage even if its not the right word cause homage is easier to say than similar watch.

According to watch term pedants, those aren't even homages, they just have a set of similar traits.

>faggot doesn't understand common terms of a hobby
>everyone else is a pendant

What's your ultimate flieger watch?
Any brand, past or present model

>tfw no no-date Mk18 IWC

wew, makes me wanna get a Timex Waterbury desu.

Opinions on the Certina DS Action? It's thermo-compensated.


Stop, you're triggering stienshill

New orient watch to replace my 3 year old seiko

Too late, just ordered this beauty for like 60€.
I'm usually a quartz hater but m8, you can't just resist that explorer look.

what do you think of replicas?
Is this Invicta a good replica for Submariner?

I would go for the mkii nassau or a steinshit

I got a lovely Wenger watch, 200m watertight, blue.

I love that watch, I take it diving all the time.

What other diving watch would you recommend?

Actually looks way better on in nonstockphotos

Its not a replica but an very close homage. Replicas have the same branding as the real ones. But yes the 8926ob is an exceptional watch at 100$

Amazon link?

nice dui

What's the best place to get Vostok bezels and inserts frome?

I live in Germany and bought it from watchshop.de (they also have a UK store afaik) since they were by far the cheapest option.
Just google TW2P75100AB and you should be able to find the cheapest place to get it from.

Any e/g/perience on deployment buckles/clasps? Are they good? Im thinking of adding one onto my nylon strap.

Is the lume good on that?

Any watch with a grey sunburst for

Who the fuck puts their feet together like that?
I really hope thats not your pic user

>Like third of the posters on this threads keep coming here to argue that mechanicals aren't technology anymore and that we should only discuss quartz and smartwatches.
>The resident richfag comes and posts one of the most modern quartz un producción right now.
>He is almost totally ignored.

it's a shit citizen, who cares

>From a features perspective, the Satellite Wave-Air has the time, perpetual calendar information, and a world time function. That of course is in addition to the features that allow you to connect with GPS satellites. You also have the ability to check the battery charge level. Default calendar information on the dial includes the date and day of the week. You also have a 24 hour AM/PM indicator. The periphery of the dial contains city codes for the world time features.
>it's a shit citizen, who cares

You are an idiot

Forgot link:


You haven't disproven him.

It's like a worse Astron.

Dear lord, and I though those Casios were bad.

Hopefully Seiko can push an Astron down to or below 42mm.

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oh snap, actually 49.5mm. Some sites list it at 50mm

Except the 2500€ model Astrons don't syncronizes automatically daily.
Only this Citizen and the Astron I mentioned do it automatically, both costs the same.
>like a worse Astron.

Ninefag useless as always.

Why even sync when thermo-compensated quartz are usually +/- 10 seconds per year? If anything it should sync once a year, not every day.

>Only this Citizen and the Astron I mentioned
You mentioned a specific Aston?

Also none of the current Astrons are 2500 EUR unless you're buying one of the limited or boutique editions. Even the Astron Chronographs are 2,300 or less USD at MSRP.

pic related is 1800 USD at MSRP.

And the Astron will adjust whenever exposed to bright light or by triggering it manually. It does it once per day at minimum.

part of what its syncing is your geographic location to see if you changed time zone.

>pic related is 1800 USD at MSRP.

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

Sinn 358 DIAPAL

Sinn 6060

Which one would you get ?

Or an alternative in that price range.

What last gen quartz do you anons own?
>I thought so.

I got a small shock from a cap while wearing my watch, should I be worried about it getting magnetized?

Is it running fast?

No, probably not. But you could always monitor its performance.

It just happened.
If it did get affected, is there a way to fix it myself?
It's a Seiko 5

crt monitor degausser?

For stores they sell watches they often will demagnetize it for free if you do any business with them because it takes almost no effort

yeah I wouldn't expect it's magnetized from a capacitor shock, but if it starts running fast you should be able to talk any decent watch store into demagnetizing it for free.

Vintage Seiko LM Special 5206 , even with a crystal change and a service, should make it under that mark.

Of course, you'd have to learn enough about vintage Seikos not to get ripped off though.

Unless you live or regularly travel to locations not covered by atomic clock radio transmissions, I don't see much functional benefit over any Casio with multiband 6 and tough solar.

Aesthetically, I'd also prefer a Casio Oceanus to that Citizen

Atomic isn't even 1/8th as useful as GPS. It's nearly pointless.

This would be awesome if it wasn't so huge.

or this

Or this. Why do all gps watches have to be so big? Reeee

The tech, including the GPS antenna, take up quite a bit of space. The Astrons with the new 8X movement is down to 44.6mm cases. Hopefully they'll push in down further in the future.

same here

what watch is that?

What's the best sub-$100 digital one can get

user, I...

it's 800 polish money
so like $4

It's been like 3 hours now and it's keeping time just fine
Guess I have nothing to worry about?

i have small wrists and small girly hands, even though im 6'3

what will not make me look like im trying on my fathers watch? was thinking pic related

Since it has been brought up, are there any digitals that don't look like dog shit?


That still has an analog output.
Anything with a mostly electrically generated face?




ya but where the fuck do you buy this from in North America, googling it just gives me a bunch of polish links

yeah you buy it from poland

also those red leds look like shit, sorry to say. is this watch from the 80s?


gross. those old led displays are so shitty

so retro shitty
so cool

not useful though. i asked for the best digital watch under $100, not the most retro



It performs every function a watch should, and will continue to do so for an extremely long time with no almost no maintenance required.
Seems like the perfect watch for under $100 to me.

same here

anyone know a good digital watch that isn't a sports watch. I don't need anything fancy but I don't want absolute shit, I work in healthcare so I don't want to look like an autist. Every digital watch I see is some sort of rugged sports watch.

>memeing on Cred Forums
i thought this place was humorless

My fat friend from Toronto, is that you? Are you alive and shilling the Lord Matic meme?

5216 reporting in

It's a wristshot I found on Instagram. I ordered the watch like 6h ago.

You honestly could have put the money towards a better watch. Have fun though

/wt/ help me out, I want to get into mechanical watches but I am so spoiled by my phones and casio. I am looking for:

-100% mechanical no fucking kinetic or solar
-radio that sync with the atomic clock your time/date
-sapphire crystal
-at least 300m water resistant
-preferably Seiko or Citizen

Money is no object but I do want to keep it around $350-$450.

I don't believe there are currently any watches that would qualify as mechanical that sync over radio.

>-100% mechanical no fucking kinetic or solar
>-radio that sync with the atomic clock your time/date

The radio synching isn't possible with a completely mechanical watch

A 300m water resistance is a bit superfluous. 200m will do fine for most situations outside of literal scuba diving to a substansial depth

Have a look at seikos diver range, they get shilled here a lot of but they undeniably have the best range of diver watches from $200-$1.5k

>Money is no object
>I do want to keep it around $350-$450.

>-at least 300m

Okay no radio syncing then, but I do want 300m and sapphire crystal. I want it also to have some sort of certification like how Rolex and Tag has them like Chronograph certified.

Seiko divers are iso certified. The chronometer certification that you are talking about will only come on a very expensive watch

The iso certification on seikos have to do with the water resistance

I am not a big fan of Seiko divers where the spinner thing is slanted or diagnal. I want it to be on the side. Is there a Seiko divers where the spinner thing is on the side?

thank you mr. skeletal

>Chronograph certified
>radio that sync with the atomic clock your time/date
This is a troll post people.

This is Cred Forums, a troll post would be a bit better than misinformation about a niche topic, at least I hope it would be

Where do i get a band like that?

Amazon/ebay/etsy--it's called a cuff bracelet

Just put a bid on this sucker right now its at $5, what can I expect if I win?

>spinner thing

I got mine on eBay, search for bund strap.

You may be right. And I already own a SARB033, which is already a good quality stainless steel black dial automatic. But somehow got attracted by the explorer 1 homage design of it and I'm quite an impulsive buyer.
Anyway I see myself returning the watch if I don't like it enough. The classic timex loud ticking worries me.


What do you lads think of smart watches. I'm not talking the iMeme watch that apple makes i mean the ones that look like proper watches like the Moto 360 and the Huawei watch.

I Have never had ANYONE notice my submariner in the 5 or 6 years I have owned it

They may have notices but not said anything. Unless you keep it under your cuff

Opinions on Alpha's explorer one automatic homage?

I ordered last night this quartz timex and regret it now. I was thinking about calling to the shop's customer support to cancel my order before they send it.
I don't actually see myself wearing a quartz loud-ticking timex and really want a Explorer I homage.



I'm a total noob wanting an affordable good watch.

Is the seiko sk007 a good choice. It looks pretty and is automatic (I think), but I'm not a diver. Maybe there are non diver but still waterproof cheper alternatives?

here, what about this one?

amazon.fr/Seiko-SNXS79K-Automatique-Analogique-Bracelet/dp/B000G12Y8O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474281448&sr=8-1&keywords=seiko automatique

Pretty much any Seiko 5 is fine.


Any watch that looks exactly like that desu. Stowas, lacos, archimedes, turbys.

The SN809 looks better desu.

>steinshill level 2824
I want you to find a flieger with a better movement than this in this price range.
>shitty case
How so?
>Not even a real onion crown design
I like it more than the classic also I don't care bout MUH NAZI WATCH I just like how it looks.
>non heat blued hands
Same problem as first question plus I personally like the black hands more.
>Logo on dial
I could go for the non logo on dial but I find it looks way too empty.

The iWatch is the best one right now.

But smart watches are just nowhere ready for prime time. They simply aren't useful enough at the moment.

I had a Pebble Steel for a few weeks and most of the time I would simply use it to tell time.

>save up for a $1500 watch
>ready to pull the trigger.
>i realize if i save a little bit more i can buy some of the better watches in the $2500 range
>save $2500
>suddenly i realize that if i continue saving i could get a watch in the $3/4k range

I'm stuck in a fucking loop.

Save more and buy something useful

I'd suggest you keep going until you can buy a $10 Casio and a house.

I'd save 300€ more and get a good quality Swiss homage like the Zeno Explorer.
Don't fall for the chinkshit meme.

Buy an Amphibia, some Superluminova and a watchmakers lathe. Mod the Amphibia into a 36000bph, hacking, date-quicksetting monster.

This nigga knows.

Read over your post and tell me how retarded you are.

Stop being a nigger and answer if you have an objection. If not go fuck yourself with a rake my man.

You clearly know nothing about watches, why are you even trying to argue with me?
There's simply no point in talking with a retard.

here, I'm going for this:


Great watches stop at 5k (Rolex 16610, the older Submariner, or Speedmaster at 3k) and legendary watches start at 50k+.

Good waches stop at 500$

>posts a fake
Ya blew it.

Ignore the haters, you're hot.

You still haven't answered him.

Honestly, you're crying about missing features on a $500 watch. While trying to directly compare it to it's $3500 counterpart.

How is that? The only utility I want from a radio controlled watch is for it to keep itself correct for time/date/day/DST to within a fraction of a second until the battery will no longer recharge.

Solar multiband 6 Casios do that just fine.

you cant expect to win at $5

I'm alive, and still wearing my 52xxs fairly regularly. Been getting more into radio controlled Casios lately, but I still love my vintage mechanicals.

>The chronometer certification that you are talking about will only come on a very expensive watch
There are a couple of affordable COSC mechanicals but the selection sucks.

A LOT of those watches don't even look alike.

Don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person

This one is nicer looking but uses an unconventional movement with no adjustment levers.

Nice defence mechanism there m8. Just insinuate samefagging to avoid answering a question. Real mature.

No get the Smiths everest:
under 300 with high beat miyota 9015


at the bottom of the page

Also gonna shill their nato deluxe for 12£, best nato currently available at any price.

And here it is on my mememaster

This would be great if the indices weren't so long
Well if you weren't anal pained it would be harder to out you.

Again. Implying samefagging, not answering the question.

oh boy, asspain

All of the asspain.

>44mm including crown

Fashion trash, explorer inspired watches should be 38mm including crown.

this picture only goes to show how great the explorer looks, and how bad the SMITHS looks.

>tfw when you're getting rid of the overalls soon

Still thinking whether i should get a khaki nato or a navy blue one. Bracelet ain't comfy enough.

Is it really better than phoenix?

DST is handled by your watch, and not using the atomic sync. And the Casio will also keep the correct day and date without the atomic sync. The only thing that the atomic sync is doing is making it so you never have to adjust the time r accuracy. But chances are you're avoiding maybe a couple adjustments a year or less.

And it still needs to be adjusted every time you change timezones.

Never really noticed this till a few days ago that my watch runs slow and every few days i lose a second. By end of the month im about 10-15 seconds behind. Just common to have to sync it every week or so?

Its really comfy seatbelt material with high quality craftmanship, higher than omegas own 300$ one

>looks 99% alike except from slightly larger size
Fuck off

new thread

>DST is handled by your watch, and not the atomic sync.

Wrong. All radio sync Casios have an auto DST function that sets DST on or off based on the radio signal.

>Correct day and date

Oh? Where do you set the month on the module for the Oceanus or Lineage models with date displays?

Hmm, perhaps those models have perpetual calendars by way of atomic sync?


Yes, I prefer my watches to tell me the time rather than the reverse. Radio sync accomplished that well.

>All radio sync Casios have an auto DST function that sets DST on or off based on the radio signal.
That doesn't make any sense.

What is there to understand? With DST set to "Auto" the watch will automatically adjust for the beginning and end of DST based upon the radio sync signal.

>the watch will automatically adjust

>based upon the radio sync signal.

Alright, let me add more:

The radio sync signal contains no daylight savings information for the watch to work off of. This is why I said "DST is handled by your watch, and not the atomic sync."

And I know I've talked about it before, but for the benefit of anyone new who might be reading this:

Lets say you're in the US with an atomic watch. Your watch syncs up to the radio signal coming from Fort Collins, Colorado, assuming you're within range (you may not get sync in Maine or thereabouts, you wont get it in alaska or hawaii,) The further you are away the less accurate it will be, but it will still be a matter of ms.

So that radio signal gives you the current time UTC. Then you manually tell the watch which timezone you're in (-6, -7, whatever) and then you also tell your watch if you are observing daylight savings time in your area (yes/no.) and then the watch itself makes those adjustments to UTC to give you the correct time.

So if you are in New Mexico and then you dive over to Dallas, Texas you'll be off by 1 hour until you adjust your time zone setting. Meanwhile if you are in New Mexico and walk over to Arizona you may be off one hour, because New Mexico observes DST and Arizona doesn't, so you'll adjust for that by changing the setting in your watch Nothing about the signal coming from Colorado tells your watch to adjust as you move thru states or thru locations that do or do not observe DST.

That type of function is in GPS watches. GPS watches can use your current location on earth to determine which timezone you're in and if that area observes DST or not and can adjust that for you.

You are still wrong.






>Threads about how the function sucks/doesnt work

Ah, so the signal does contain data information. And it fucks you over if you use the auto setting and the places you travel to it live in dont match up with it.

>data information
DST information*

DCF-77 for comparison.

So, once again, you were wrong about auto DST, and wrong about radio sync based perpetual calendar

Also, I do live in a place where it works just fine, and I'm not likely to move to a place where it doesn't, so why should I pay more for an uglier dinner plate sized GPS watch when any solar multiband 6 Casio from a 5610 to an Oceanus will do everything I want while being cheaper, smaller and less hideous?

The watch still has its own calendar, even if it's syncing. It's just that they haven't actually provided you a method to adjust the full calendar without a radio signal. That's not a plus. If you bought a different watch that didn't sync they'd allow you to actually set the calandar and it can still be perpetual. So no, I wasn't wrong about that. Just look at DW5600 or something. It also has the same perpetual calendar, you just set it and then it goes. How many times do you have to set a perpetual calendar in a watch like that? I suppose every time you change the battery or or need to fix the solar component if you get a solar one. Wow, atomic is really paying off here.

And I never said you should buy a GPS watch. All I said is atomic really doesn't do much for you.

And as for bitching about the size of watches, was it you who posted this? This shit is literally bigger than even GPS Astron watches. It's fucking massive for a watch that doesn't even have a GPS antenna. Oceanus are KNOWN for being big, ugly, dinner plates. Dogshit.

That being said, if you want to go for some gshock with atomic then by all means. But as I mentioned, your benefit will be nearly non-existent. There's not much to gain.