Moto Cred Forums4 Play seems to be Cred Forums's perfect phone

>REMOVABLE 2800 mAh Battery
>MicroSD slot
>5 inch screen
>will be updated to Android 7.0
>works on all carriers in the US
>$99 with Prime ads that will probably get removed by XDA
>came out Sept 15th

Is the Moto Cred Forums Play 4th Gen going to become the official phone of Cred Forums?

I don't think Cred Forums could ask for more Cred Forums-appropriate phone at this price range.

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>2gb ram


2GB on Android is more than enough you faggot

>muh games

uh, where is my 16GiB w/ removable GPU

Where is the fingerprint reader?

>wanting a fingerjew reader

I'm totally sure that it's a coincidence that all these threads look very similar

I'm totally sure you don't even own a smartphone

>literally reposting the same thread as 5 days ago
Kill yourself, retard

ZTE ZMAX2 at BestBuy for $49.99

Beat that.

This really doesn't seem any better than the 1st generation Moto G I have now.

You paid $200 for that and it has a shit camera, no LTE, non-removable battery and 1GB of RAM.

It's what the 1st gen should have been.


My $30 moto e has the same cpu

>Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels
>Storage: 8/16 GB
>RAM: 1/2 GB
>in 2016

$99 is too much!

Name a better phone for $100

Doesn't ZTE sell a snap dragon 617 and 1080p phone with near stock android for $99?

Wileyfox swift would be better

Way better and no ads

asus zenfone 2e

Sorry, I'm not blind.

>snap dragon 617

You mean the processor that overheats and shuts off the phone when it gets too hot?

iPhone 7.

Ugh. Get the non-prime version. The 4gb ver is absolutely solid.
The prime version has its bootloader locked...
Also, battery isn't removable...
screen is 1080p
Also, 617 is the lower end version of the 810v2 and its successor... Think of it as something in-between


>Also, battery isn't removable...
>screen is 1080p

That's the G4 regular, not the G4 Play you dumb nigger.

>getting a phone contract

sorry I'm not a housewife or nigger.

You can't expect to get a good phone unlocked for under $399.

>what are Nexus devices

Out of stock, that's what.

>what is nexus
>what are the dozen unlocked phones better than most phones

What is oneplus

It's awful being an unwilling NEET. You're stuck with cheap phones that can't go five seconds without freezing.

What kind of shit phones did you buy you dumb NEET?

You'd have to buy the shittiest of the shit to have your phone actually freeze on you.

Loaded with temp job bullshit

Moto G. 8 GB. Not even the LTE version. The swap process is CONSTANTLY working and I rarely ever have more than 200 MB free RAM left.

It's a $150 phone.

Or you need to have prime AND get ads, apparently.

No thanks. I'll go Chink despite absence of removable battery this time around.

Flash the identity crisis rom. That fixes the swap issue. Other roms also fix it, but ID crisis is the best.

It's a Verizon CDMA model and there's no known way to root it. I already checked XDA. It sucks, man. :(

You shilled this phone even faster than I was going to.

Oh shit. You got the worst one. The GSM versions still run perfectly and we flash roms all day on it.

It's time for you to get a job, NEET boy.

still no nfc

all my future phones need at least nfc and fingerprinylt scanner so i will be able to use Android pay (that if it comes to my country, otherwise I'll have to buy a samexplodesung phone since there is samsung pay support in my country)

They give you work history, connections, references, etc. You'll have a much easier time finding a permanent job with these things than without.

Before I started accepting temp jobs no interviewer would look at me. Now I can land jobs with shocking ease.

It's not more than enough. It's just enough. 6GB would be though.

I got the 32gb for less than the price of the 16gb off amazon earlier this summer.

>your Android phone only has 1GB RAM
>you didn't invest in Bitcoin back in 2013

No, it's really more than enough. Anybody who wants 6GB is a gaymur retard.

I can buy it and then install CM on it to remove all the amazon ads, correct?

That's what I'm saying. 6GB is more than enough. You can do pretty anything with at least 3gb ram.

I made $2000 in Bitcoin investing and I wish I had bought more. Even my shitty college job would have given me an amazing return.

>You can do pretty anything with at least 3gb ram.

You mean 2GB ram.

>4 gb in 2016
No thanks.

I use 3 GB and it's definitely not enough. 6 would be my minimum and if I gave up my laptop, then it would be far more. I don't even play games.

No 3 GB is the way to go. Android is smooth on 2gb ram but there's sometime stutters and lags. It also depends on the device. It took samshit 4gb ram and a blazing fast CPU just to run touchjizz. While, an a nexus 6P you can get a away with a 3gb ram butter smooth experience.

>I use 3 GB and it's definitely not enough.

For what? What needs more than 3GB?

Heavy multitasking. Right now I'm trying to find a way to force each app to use less RAM but the kernel settings I am using don't seem to change anything. This is CM and not touchjizz either.

Got an unlocked bootloader and is lenovorola still doing drivers?

The official Cred Forums phone has already been decided, newfag

>Heavy multitasking.

Of what? I have never had a problem with the 2GB on my Nexus.

>3g talk time
what is this, 2010?

Google apps, business apps, apps that use lots of images and audio. Clover is actually the most memory heavy app I have.

I have never had a problem with Clover and the dozen other apps I use and this is on a 2GB ram phone. You are just memeing at this point.

But I use over 100 apps.

Forgot pic

Ok yeah you are fucking retarded. I have 80 apps installed and I never get more than 1GB of usage. Your Cyanogenmod ROM is fucked up.

The fact that you install more than 100 apps means you are just plain weird and spend too much time on your phone installing shit that probably doesn't even matter.

I use these apps. Sometimes it's a couple times a year but I don't have the time or patience to reinstall it.

I just noticed that when I sort memory by max use instead of average use, Chrome takes up 1 GB. Good bye Chrome.

Stop running apps in background. Like Clover doesn't need to be im the background. Install Greenify. All will be well

No way. You're fucking something up. Nobody has 2.8/2.8GB usage on their phone. You need to manage that shit better. Use a ROM that isn't complete shit or install Greenify.

Ok this guy is fucking retarded. What the fuck are you even doing here?

Xiaomi Mi4C? Of course not :^)

>$120 is too much hurrdurr

The battery is removable. Just depends on how much trouble you want to go through to remove it.

Still doing great with Moto G LTE. Still no other Moto has been made that have alternate back covers. This padded cover is the balls. My phone is the cellphone equivalent of a bunker.

>>$99 with Prime ads that will probably get removed by XDA
Won't be possible btw.

Says you

I think you're wrong about the whole ram thing, user.

It's pretty god tier desu senpai

I go a bit higher and get a Nexus because I want the best and most reliable for my work, but for a budget or personal use the Moto Cred Forums is damn good

>2.8GB usage
I think you spend too much time loading useless, poorly coded, resource-heavy apps on your phone. Perhaps you should get a life.


>paying more because you can't afford the phones full price upfront

Sorry you live with your mom, projecting NEET

Is the bootloader unlockable and does rooting void the warranty? I have an HTC 10 in my cart, but I'd consider this instead for $500 less if so.

We don't know yet

2 GB ram is enough, but the SD 410 is a shit, and if you try running any demanding gaymes you will be severely let down.

Suitable for your day2day stuff though.

Also I'd get a Xiaomi or a BLU.

>if you try running any demanding gaymes you will be severely let down.

good thing im not a gaymurtard

Could someone help me choose a phone? My LG G4 bricked and it was the perfect phone for me. LG G5 is a shit upgrade as they're nearly the same. Don't really want to buy another LG G4.

I loved the camera quality of the LG G4 and everything else was really great.

Is there anything out there that could be the same wihout it being some meme S7 edge for £500000?

I've tried looking at every single phone and they all seem trash compared to LG G4.

>Sony: shitty cameras
>Samsung: overpriced trash with a button at front
>Nexus: 2big4me
>Nokia: shitty OS design (personally4me)
>OnePlus 3: looks like a meme + button at front

pls help
do I really have to buy an LG G5 when It's pretty much an LG G4 with a better processor :(

pic related masterrace phone

Dear Motorola/Lenovo shill




>Tfw my Moto G LTE died on me a couple of weeks ago

There's something so comfy about a device that fits your needs like a glove.
May you rip in piece, Peregrine.
(At least until I learn how to JTAG flash that nigga.)

Whatever you say fampai. 512mb ram with Android 6.0.1.

Nexus 5X is arguably the best smartphone available and it's only $300 unlocked

>$300 unlocked
huh? I got mine for 250 Eurinos (32gb model)


>720p screen

into the trash

you're either baiting or extremely retarded


>$99 with Prime ads that will probably get removed by XDA

No NFC is a deal breaker

720p is perfect for a phone under 5".

what do you mean by prime ads?

is this deal temporary?

>2GB ram

Why is it so high for you guys?

Peregrine is such a great phone, with CM13 I'm confident I can get another year or more of comfortable use.
I recently got a Nexus 5X only because I wanted a phone with NFC and good ROM support. Sadly no Motorola phone available now fit my criteria. Closest one was the Moto Z Play, but I couldn't get over that ugly camera bump and it costs 150EUR more than the 5X here.

Don't you have to buy Sunshine to unlock HTC phones?

ive bought the 1gb ram moto g3 2015 and now I am suffering with the low performance of it.

any recommended roms for it?


shit's got ads on your lockscreen, holy smoly

Pepsi P1S

LG V20

No roms will make your 1GB phone go faster
t. Moto E user

Temp job bullshit is enough to buy you a smartphone
If you NEET then it's perfect because you won't be there forever and the work shouldn't cut into whatever benefits you receive because you won't make a lot in the first place

>6" display
Absolute trash

>in 2016
>at all

> tfw my 768mb ram Galaxy S advance with CM11 was faster than my stock moto g3 with 6.0


I wish I could roll back to 5.0, it felt much more fast and stable.

>Not watching your favorite mid 2000s TV shows in 720p because the remaster hasn't come out yet

Something is broken with Android My Moto G (3rd gen) felt much faster when I first got it, then shit became slower by time.

My most used apps are

Facebook Lite

Or maybe the app makers intentionally adds bloat to their products, so eventually the phone can't handle shit.

the motog3 was good a year ago.

now shit is slow, I wonder if it´s googles bullshit doing it.


>As a trade-off for the $50 discount, buyers will have to contend with personalized offers and ads displayed on the phone's lockscreen


>$100 android

You don't value responsiveness do you?

Who's the semen demon?

ZTE is garbage. Last phone I got from them restarted randomly between once every few days and 6 times a day, and took 5-15 minutes to do it depending on how many apps i had installed. LCD backlight died after about a year and if you tried to use the camera flash as a flashlight it would freeze the whole phone and you'd have to force a reboot by removing the battery and waiting another 10 minutes for your phone to become usable. It would pick phone numbers at random that I'd become unable to text. Whenever I tried to text one of those numbers I'd just get an error text from Sprint saying that I needed to enter a valid phone number. Battery life was terrible, couldn't last 8 hours away from a charger unless you turned on airplane mode and let it sit in your pocket.

My Xiaomi redmi 3s Pro cost 115€ when i bought

>using the smiley with a carat nose

People who don't know about chinkphones.

Can I play love live on it without lags?

>tfw moto g 4 costs like $400 here

I'm sorry senpai but I need to be able to upgrade/expand the RAM and GPU.
Really, just start making after-market discrete phone components and let me upgrade my phone like my desktop. Stop being fags.

Any superior =

That looks like Milan

My galaxy s3 is still going strong and has similar specs

>$99 with Prime ads

You almost got me shillmeister.

what game is that?

Better stock up on parts. The max life on most of the components is only a year and LG stops manufacturing them after a year and a half.

Lack of replacement components just made me buy a used iPhone 6 to replace my Nexus 5.

>"what did you do for the X year time period missing from your resume?"

Why are there so many Xiaomi shills everywhere?

NVM, I found it. It's Advance Wars

What's the process like getting Cyanogenmod onto it?

Amazon brands of Android are horrendously bad, you see that they're upfront about the "offers & ads" on it and you will be bombarded with them on a daily basis if you stay stock.

>I was nursing my ailing mother who had breast cancer. She passed last April.

There you go, get out of jail free.

>Prime ads
Nice botnet, senpai

Do watch Youtube, porn, check your email, facebook, and have 50 tabs open in FireFox at the same time?

For any of you tards wondering, you can easily remove the ads with the android debloater (google it).


>tried to find a job in a shit economy with elitist companies that think getting a job is equal to getting into a highly exclusive club these days, that's what I was fucking doing, you snobby piles of shit

Richard Stallman, can't you read?


Bootloader is still locked.

>lists "Adware" as a fucking FEATURE

IF you buy this, you deserve to be slowly tortured to death. Stop being retarded and making tech worse for everyone by buying this GARBAGE

discussion of products related to videogames is not forbidden on Cred Forums, fuck off

>immediately resorts to nonsensical personal attacks

Proving the point

because chinese companies are unethical and spam websites regularly

I feel you on that one. Moto G 2014 with 1gb of ram and cm13

It's the 2013 Verizon model. No one at XDA has found a way to root it. I can't even put a custom ROM on it to give it a little speed boost. :(


Bartender, I'll take the strongest drink you have. I don't even care anymore...

That's what you get for using Verizon.

It was the only Moto G I could find for less than $100 on Amazon! I was just a poor kid! I had no better choice!

Y-You would have done the same thing!

>why is this 2 year old phone out of stock

Gee I wonder

gee I gotta tell you it sounds pretty nice for 99 dolla-



Build quality a shit, it won't last a year. Something happened with Motorola, but ever since the moto g2 they started making literally disposable phones. A fucking Moto X 3rd gen died on me for hitting the floor from a god damn coffeee table. Moto g's 2nd and 3rd gen died on me as well literally just because, mobos/internal storages fried because of reasons. I stopped buying motorola a while ago and I'm happy with my decision. Never again.

>captchka is "premier samsung"

What happens if I play a 1080p video on a 720p screen phone

it blows up

So an iphone 7 essentially?

Not necessarily. It finds your Samsung, and sets it on fire.

It would be extremely painful.

There's alot of improvements over the Moto g, are you autist

I agree user

> 5", 720p
> 2gb ram
what the fuck?
literally got no future
> 2800mAh
Average for 5"
> SD 410
Oh my fucking god.
What the fuck were they thinking?


The Moto G4 Plus would look good, IF.
> they added bigger battery
> they used a proper SoC


I have a Z3 Compact, same 720p, 2gb ram.
It works OK, but multitasking is NOT a thing on it.

3GB would be OK.
LG V10 is a good example, 4GB for that resolution, makes an awesome multitasking experience.

> inb4 who needs multitasking
Just get a Windows Phone or a feature phone then.
I liked multitasking on my Nokia Symbian phone, and I liked it on my 3GS, and I like it on Android. Fuck off.

Nothing, more taxing on CPU/GPU/battery.
And it's more storage.

But it works ofc.
Though the SD410 is a very weak SoC.
(The SoC in the G4 Play.)

How would this be an upgrade over the Galaxy S3 or other older flagships?

2 gigs is barely enough to browse the web with chrome on android. Marshmallow is terrible at ram management

lel no, its ads bro.
use Firefox Beta + ABP.

or if you have a Samsung, you are blessed, since it's got "Internet" and it can use AdBlock Plus as a filter. It's fucking fast, since it's literally a Chrome build.

Opera would be an option, but Turbo adds so much lag, since even if you don't compress a page, it will proxy it. Shit sucks.

>no keyboard
>runs Android
No thank you.

Just 1GB RAM on most models (including the Europe/UK version), no NFC, no USB-C, and the bootloader is not unlockable on versions purchased from Amazon, even if they're the non-ads version.

I thought about it, then I did the research. Huge shame. Yet again, so near yet so far away. For its spec it should be £50 less.


Nexus devices are going to rise in price (again) with the new pixel phones


do you even know what that retarded buzzword means you fucking normie?

Just get a galaxy S5, unlock the bootloader (xda) then add all frequencies to the chip via the qualcomm tool.
Also S5 is water resistant where as the moto not so much.,Samsung-Galaxy-S5/phones/9554,8202

>2 gigs is barely enough to browse the web with chrome on android. Marshmallow is terrible at ram management


why does this have a removable battery while all other moto shit phones don't ?

just because penis

is the cpu a downgrade or upgrade from my aging note 2 on CM13 ?

Some of use like having more than 10 tabs open

or you could shell out a little more and get something close to flagship level buy buying a chinkphone.

174 isn't even a lot of apps, and I partly agree with you.

Damn, I remember when I was trying to find a KitKat ROM for that thing. Used it up until it croaked in 2014. How does Marshmallow run on it?

>RMS as semen demon
Aaaaww yes sir, right at my sides

>Something happened with Motorola
Lenovo took over. That's what happened. They're ruining the brand just like they did with ThinkPads.

iPhone 6S is the greatest phone ever made

Using a smartphone without UFS or NVMe in 2016 is fucking stupid, which leaves Apple and Samshit as the only contenders

>tfw your galaxy s5 has a better screen than the new iPhone

>generic slab of glass
>generic size
>generic specs

and what's ecaxtly so Cred Forums about this phone? removable battery and microsd slot?

I love my S5 and I only got it this year
This is staying with me until the bitter end

Galaxy a3

I have Chrome installed on my Note 5. Should I just start using the "Internet"? Sounds pretty good.

That is a good one haha

Good luck with that one

>Just get a galaxy S5, unlock the bootloader (xda) then add all frequencies to the chip via the qualcomm tool.

>just buy a $200 phone instead

missing the point

I got letv one - bigger batter faster chipset, 3 gigs of ram, great 1080p screen, better camera, better sound, only downside is its stuck on android 5.1. I get it for its 121$, I don't get why everyone is drooling on some lenovo produced motorola. Lenovo are shit.

>Snapdragon 410
>5 inch screen not 5.5 or 5.7
>2gb of ram
Are you fuckin kidding me? you can get better hardware if gaming is your concern for the same price.

Use any browser but Chrome.

Absolute Buy

>if gaming is your concern

Nobody here is an Android gaymurtard, user

If it bootlooped, lg will fix it for free.

God i know android gaming is fucking terrible.

On mobile? Are you literally retarded? Get a fucking laptop at that point.

The Nexus 5 was goat and even with based CM it is still goat and it only has 2gb of RAM.

Internet IS Chrome, same engine, same everything, it's just compiled by Samsung.

There is this:

These two are fucking A.

Multitasking in my vocabulary is when you can switch between 4-6 apps without swapping.

My Note 4 can swap between 3 small apps, but one bigger already makes it swap.

>2800 mAh Battery
into the trash it goes

too little for android


Why the fuck would i buy that piece of shit when a superior Xiaomi Redmi note 3 is only $50 more?

>is still a botnet
>still uses retarded phoneapps which are 90% dumbed down re-implemented webpages because shitphones suck at browsers
>still uses a horrible, inaccurate, terrible touchscreen
>still tracks you everywhere you go
The official phone of Cred Forums is to have no phone at all. I can't wait until Cred Forums finally realizes this and the smartphone fad era finally comes to a close.

One example is XDA.
On Chrome / Firefox, it takes about 6 seconds to render, then even more seconds to load pages.

On Internet with ABP, it takes 0.2 seconds roughly to load.
Not kidding.

The only downside is that you will not have Chrome Sync, so your shit won't be synced. But honestly, ever since I switched from Firefox to Chrome, and it's got that dumb history thing (can't search history that well), I just bookmark everything.

why dont you just unbrick it?

The moto g4 play is a mot g 2nd gen with 1gb extra ram.

I own a 2nd gen, its a durable little phone with a good screen and jerky stuttery UI that takes FUCKING FORVER TO TURN ON
you sit there waiting on that shitty moto logo to go away and it doesnt IT JUST FUCKING KEEPS KNITTING THE FUCK OUTTA THAT MOTO LOGO,
then when its finally on its one thing at a time. Instagram AND facebook you say,
It's forever crashing despite what i do to it, the cached memory reaches unbelievably high amounts
to the point that just because of cache some apps wont install.
Marshmallow has SD card integration into internal you say?
I have probably the best 32gb card you can get and no avergae app will run of the sd card.

Its a great phone, that had its run in the park and boy it was good.

Don't get this phone, get the actual moto g4.


AT&T is gifting it too in mexico.
>Removable battery
Not sure if i want that.

why not spic ?

Because if the phone gets stolen i can wipe/fuck/track it with Cerberus but a smart thief will just remove the battery.

Also doesn't it affects how water resistant a phone is?