Cred Forums is filled with freetards

>Cred Forums is filled with freetards
>Cred Forums is not filled with communists, socialists, or marxists.


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>Cred Forums is not filled with communists, socialists, or marxists.
It is. We just dont discuss it because this is a technology board. So stop spamming ideology threads. Go to or or something.

Learn the definition of communism.


Mods delete the thread now

Why would I support an ideology that killed 300 million? Liberal democracy is the only system proven to work.

You like Windows 10?

You enjoy it's price?

Well last time i had a soda it was shit and warm and i paid it 2 eurodollars. mfw..

Choose one

>>Cred Forums is not filled with communists, socialists, or marxists.
So socialist fascists, true socialists, or socialist fascists that idolize a hopeless idealist?

None of them work, just some are less destructive than others.

>implying it works
>implying the US hasnt already entered the oligarchal stages of capitalism
>implying it matters which system of government you choose because they all reduce to the same few people in power

fucking hell stop replying to this off topic thread

technology is not governed by political ideology

but rather philosophy

How can you claim that Democracy "doesn't work" when your mummy goes to work every day on public roads, while you leech off your town's regulated utilities?

Take a good look at Hillary Clinton and her voters and tell me again that democracy "works"

>technology is not governed by political ideology
>but rather philosophy

Those aren't different things.

Granted, I'm getting 0 responses about the philosophy of technology and like 8 seperate bait replies.

Yeah and Trump is a raging moron buoyed by pencil-dicked hardcore racists. What's your point?

Ok. It works.

What do you think is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Thank you for correcting the record

Everything. She's corrupt and paid for by the jewish elites who own this country. You have no say or influence in this country. The only time you'll see change is if your owners want change. It's a special club with the elites and you and me, we're not in it. Trump is the one chance we have at ending this because he cannot be bought or paid for, he will end the elites control over this country.

Cred Forums is a minor colony of Cred Forums

Don't take the bait.

Trump was born and raised and lives in the same elite class, and the fact that you actually bought into his "outsider" narrative explains why you're dumb enough to vote for him.

Go back to reddi.t or whatever cancerous site you came from.

Sorry friend, Trump is bought and paid for too. He has lost his influence within the wealthy elite. His empire is crumbling. He is desperate to remain relevant.

He's made you and every other fool on the right believe that it's all rigged, and that he'll change it, but he is never going to allow a 3rd-party candidate on-stage because it doesn't benefit him.

>but he is never going to allow a 3rd-party candidate on-stage because it doesn't benefit him.
Actually, trump has considered allowing gary johnson to join the debate with him vs hillary along with jill stein.

Free and open software has actual tangible benefits. Communism does not.

are you dumb? nobody decides who is in the debates, its based on national polling numbers

Trump has said he wasn't going to do the debate unless gary and maybe jill join him. He would be forcing them to allow them to join and gary has the numbers to join, not sure about jill.


Trump is a fat old crybaby who throws a tantrum at anything.

Jill & Gary already failed to meet the numbers. They're not in no matter how many threats Trump makes. That would be funny if he didn't show and Hillary had the stage to herself though.

you guys have a strange definition of "work".

>things are not perfect, there are problems

as long as the system doesn't collapse... it's "working"... with all the illnesses it has.


yeah of course this wouldn't happen. Trump was also unhappy about the dates because apparently N.F.L. games play at the same time and he feels like they're trying to schedule the debate in the shadows. Also that it would be better without any moderator because moderators will be biased.
These are typical Trump attempts to try get a better position at no cost.

Philosophy and political ideology are not different things? This is a tech board but what the hell... Not everyone ascribes to Machiavellian platonic philosopher king tendencies, please lurk more.

I've been here since 2006, friend.

reminder that fascism and capitalism are incompatible with free software

And why is that exactly? The government wouldn't care about whatever hobbyshit code you write and give away.

Apparently democracy and whatever blended capitalism/free market socialism we have now isn't compatible with free software either.

The only reason someone would confuse pro-FOSS sentiments with communism or socialism is if that person believed the concept of freedom was a distinctly leftist concept. It is not a partisan issue, but if a pro-FOSS sentiment was to be vaguely attributed to a political ideology, it would be libertarian

Nope. You are allowed to sell if you wish. Free as in beer is different to free as in dom.

Too busy riding your delicious mom.

>killed 300 million

>Cred Forums is not filled with communists, socialists, or marxists

Doesn't matter. Fuck off.

Trump is stupid as fuck. Racists go back to pol


>muh communism is government control
Nice cold war era meme, amerifat

Intellectual property and normal physical private property are two different things. Intellectual property is a limitation to physical property eg. you are not allowed to use your device the way you want even though you own the device. People here love private property and the only reason they they oppose intellectual property is because the way it takes away from their private property.

>People here love private property
Speak for yourself m7

Because freetards aren't about ethics or principles, despite stallman constantly saying "rights", "freedom", "libre", and other buzzwords

"Free software" is an entirely practical pursuit. It doesn't apply to all data, it doesn't apply to all things that are practically similar to source code. It has no basis in ethics and has the moral basis of a random Cred Forums rant. It applies to source code and only source code for wholly pragmatic reasons that are specific to source code, the people who can write and change it, and the people who use the result.

Stallman says otherwise and has very little gray matter dedicated to well thought out ethics, but for sane people, it is in fact a tool, rather than a way of life, said to be the single best way of making and even monetizing digital machinery in the modern age.

Are not the fastest growing tech businesses built on free code and copyrighted and exclusive content? You can host your GNU/twitter clone, but you'll never get the users, the ads, or that oh-so-valuable data that pops up when the two meet.

Addendum: and because it's free, all your basic infrastructure is being constantly fixed and upgraded by unpaid laborers who do it as a hobby, because they figure they make enough money doing something else and don't want the stress of more supplier-client relationships, in addition to professional programmers who work for you, and your competitors who use the exact same software

Because the sort of freetards that inhabit Cred Forums are the free as in freedom sort, no the free as in free beer sort.

Its a very classically liberal ideology. Communism is for teenagers and poors.

You don't know what you're talking about.

>sell binaries infected with drm, adware and backdoors
>sell binaries and distribute it with source so you may freely change its functionality
What is the difference again?
>inb4 most linux software is free as in free beer
Proprietary freeware for windows exists and nobody shouts communism about it.

the sort of freetards that inhabit the rest of the world are the free as in free programming sort

>we sell support and services. you nerds write our software so you can use it to host your anime porn.
>and the government touches it up because they're too jewish to pay for proprietary OS licenses
>win/win/fuck you :^)

Kek same for me I don't give a shit.

>> 56657340
Here's another Pehpay for you faggot

You're retarded.

>>Cred Forums is not filled with communists, socialists, or marxists.
>It is.
everything is politics, comrade

it's working great, isn't it? I'm sure it works even with all those wars in africa, the middle east, etc... have you ever thought that the poiltical stability of your country, this liberal "democracy" depends on THEIR wars?