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BTN > literal shit > MTV > everything else edition

Old thread: >New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions

>If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

>What.CD interview info:
whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

>Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:

Use as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time and you should just interview at What.cd

Other urls found in this thread:

pronaturalia.eu/download2.php?title= Chage.&.Aska..1980.-.1990.

>day 5 of waiting for eligibility of ptp invite

>not being on PTP and BTN already

Are you a Mexican?

pls help

Why does MTV trigger everyone lol

It's not my fault everyone wants old accounts

The /ptg/ Leecher's guide to easy private leeching!!

Don't feel like seeding long term? Want to just download and be done with like you did on TPB? Want quality stuff without fucking up your PTP/WCD/BTN stats? The following sites/trackers are good for downloading quality content without seeding long term, if at all.

>1) MorethanTV (MTV) - Lots of TV shows and few movies. Ratioless unless you want higher userclass. No HnR at all. Serves as a minimal BTN backup for popular and somewhat-popular content. Rare stuff has to be requested. Has recently suspended recruitment.

>2) Torrentshack (TSH) - Ratioless general tracker with minimal HnR and no stats are recorded except upload. Well-known as a BTN mirror thanks to their bot which grabs new episodes from BTN within minutes. Movies come from the scene, p2p, and internal encodes. Great for new stuff. Retention here is poor as with any general ratioless tracker, but they make up for it with volunteers who fill requests quickly. Easy to join from most major private trackers.

>3) Baconbits (bB) - Ratio-based, but no HnR at all. Good for downloading movies, TV seasons, books and music from other trackers. Not great for bleeding edge stuff unless it's popular. Excellent request fill rate since members are also on top trackers. Tons of freeleech, anything over 20GB is FL, and BP can be exchanged to FL the torrent of your choice. Their invite forums are as effective as WCD's as well. Used to recruit from reddit and all top trackers, but currently closed.

>4) SoItGoes (SIG) - Not a torrent tracker, but a Mega linksharing site. No seeding at all and very few dead links. Lots of internal movie encodes from HDB/AHD/PTP, tons of TV seasons, some books, and plenty of music. Not great for bleeding edge new stuff because of the relatively small userbase - better used as an archive for stuff older than a week. Use with Jdownloader or Megatools to make downloading even faster and easier. Recruits from bB, BiB, TPS, and their IRC.

They should specify after a certain amount of time when you should reply. Sometimes they say after one week you should bump the message.

Just wait another day or so then remind him

MTV doesn't trigger anybody. It's just a shit tracker compared to BTN.

So literally just keep bumping it until they respond?

I wonder why. I'm assuming BTN has less users, yet more content. MTV is fine though for current stuff.

how do I join a private tracker?

Do I keep that up for every subsequent week?

>without fucking up your BTN stats?

If they say in their forums post "wait one week to ask again" and then don't after one week, then maybe wait a week and a half.

>Ratioless general tracker with minimal HnR and no stats are recorded except upload.
This isn't true anymore also MTV mirrors BTN

>I'm assuming BTN has less users

BTN has 30k users you dumb nigger.

Which one specifically?

Oh okay you dumb nigger.

>he doesn't know about how having a low-average seed time makes you look really bad if you want higher level trackers.

My ptp account expired like 3 years ago due to inactivity. Is it a hassle for them to reactivate it?

>MTV mirrors BTN

Torrentshack mirrors BTN better than MTV.

Literally the only tracker whose recruitment requires a high seed time is HDB

If you're on BTN you're already at the top of the pyramid.
>inb4 HDB meme

Well you just gave it away here so now you have to wait a few weeks or months until at least 20 others have gotten it reactivated because they won't do it if they know you're from /ptg/

HDB is the only tracker you'd want if you're in BTN
It's not a meme you dumbass

>I'm assuming BTN has less users

I would expect this kind of ignorance from a retard like you.

See pic.

BTN isn't the only route to HDB though, there's also PTP and Bib, sometimes AHD as well.

No, it's not. Go to their IRC and get it back, quick. They won't give you a 2nd chance.

>Torrentshack mirrors BTN better than MTV.
No it does not.

Yeah but getting higher ranks on BTN is easier because you don't need any uploads.
I guess Bib would be pretty easy if you have access to an online library though.

>If you're on BTN you're already at the top of the pyramid.

The pyramid is a meme. HDBits will get you into more places than BTN.

>I would expect this kind of ignorance from a retard like you.

Geez take it easy. I don't know so I was making a guess. Why all the hostility. It's like you base your entire existence on getting into the most exclusive trackers possible. Go outside, go to the park, take a walk, see a movie, get some fresh air.

>tfw got invited to bB by an user a few months back

Does PTP Elite have any recruitment threads that PU doesn't?

HD only trackers are a meme. All the good shit are only available in SD.

HDB is the very top senpai, there's literally nothing you'd want from there except trackers which serve no purpose except expanding your epeen.

PTP is the best route to HDBits most of the time, but BIB is the only one that is up right now and you have to make Elite.

SDBits :^)

Yes, it does. They have a bot just for that purpose.

Stop assuming things, you dumb nigger.

This kind of dumb logic is why you think MTV is anywhere close to BTN.

Not right now.

Has it had anything in the past?

Isn't HDB in PTP TM right now?

HDBits. A bunch of us got in when it was happening. They shut it down when we kept making that information public.

What kind of codec is this?

No I'm going to keep assuming things if you are. Do you have a personal vendetta against MTV or something? Did they rape your mother?

Standard mpeg4 from microsoft.

MTV is crap

I just like to tell the truth about things, especially when it makes pajeets like you mad since you actually think MTV is good.

Good compared to other trackers for TV, bad compared to BTN

BTN >>>>>>>> Freshon > MTV

Still wrong. BTN is the only TV tracker worth joining. The only reason to get an MTV account is to abuse the fuck out of it.

So where should I go to download TV shows if im not on BTN


step 1. get ahd account, make HD-lover, wait for account to hit 6 months
step 2. obtain your official BTN account by applying through postal mail

You don't.


Can't I just do the BTN Skype sibling interview

Where they interview a sister or brother privately?

McFucking blow me faggots

We don't like MTV, user. There is a reason for that. It's a complete waste of time, you dumb nigger.

For the Skype interview you'll either need to provide a woman between the ages of 18 and 35, and she needs to submit proof of at least 5000 likes on Tinder.

>It's a complete waste of time, you dumb nigger
Well I wouldn't say that. I mean, you browse for the TV show you want to watch, download it, then watch it.

Eazy peezy :D

You can do the same shit on the Pirate Bay.

BTN is the only unique TV tracker.

This is still true


>You can do the same shit on the Pirate Bay
Well yea, TPB is a tracker just like any other tracker.

I uh what? Not sure how you claim TvT is better than MTV for TV shows when MTV has neary 25% more torrents.


This is now the most toxic subreddit on Cred Forums

fuck off shitface


MTV still fucking sucks you dumb nigger.

Nah it's okay. Works for me

Please at least tell me the only requirement you don't fill for getting invited to BTN is the time requirement

I don't fill me have no life requirement. Although this may change.

It works for dumb niggers, sure. But not for people with standards.

That's not a requirement, you have no excuse.
I guess what you mean is you're restricted on WCD

You really made me think

>you have no excuse
I recently made PU on WCD so I'm starting to try and climb the pyramid. I suppose that is an excuse considering I don't know anyone IRL that has an account.

What trackers are you currently a member of?

Your standard is that you must download from BTN or you eyes will start to bleed eh?


Even if you knew somebody who has an accuont they wouldn't have an invite, those are auctioned out among the very top members.
Also have fun waiting 6 months to get into PTP while I only had to wait 3 with no effort at all :^)

Replied to the wrong pearson

>not watching anime

Why would it take 6 months to get recruited?

What's some good anime? I like Miyazaki and One Punch Man.

I don't waste my time with any TV tracker unless it's BTN. MTV is the most unpolished piece of shit ever.

>Why would it take 6 months to get recruited?
Because they list 6 month old account as a requirement
>What's some good anime? I like Miyazaki and One Punch Man.
Steins;Gate is the best anime ever made
Sakamoto desu ga? is pretty funny (XD)
Oh and the Monogatari series (reddit.com/r/anime/wiki/watch_order#wiki_-monogatari_.2F_bakemonogatari)

>Because they list 6 month old account as a requirement
Oh, I've had my WCD account for more than 6 months. I thought you meant it takes the recuiter 6 months to respond.

Lol so you took more than 6 months to get to PU?

Yeah I didn't have any sort of auto snatch set up and didn't rent a seedbox, or fill requests. I only recently downloaded the 2 summer freeleeches and that set me to the limit.

Personally I filled a really large request that was only 2500¥ to buy :DDDDDDDDDD

Yeah nice. I didn't really pay attention to my WCD account.

Is PTP easier to get upload on? I mean whenever there is a new movie release and I were to DL it, would I get a nice return?

>Is PTP easier to get upload on?

Of course

>What's some good anime?

Yes it's easier because you actually get upload from freeleech, I wouldn't download non-freeleech if I were you unless you want it or if you have a really good home connetion (like 250Mbps at least).


Do you have to go to Google Translate just so you can feel like a special snowflake? Fuck off you freak


海外 :^)


where is Lain?

Middle left.


In the trash where that whore belongs

>107 posts
>9 IPs


really makes you think



It's because of the faggot shilling MTV, if we keep this up there'll be a new thread in like 3 hours instead of the normal 21 hours it takes

Just fucking kill yourself. I've seen you two going at the entire time and tbqh you're both pathetic.

It's because of that guy who was shilling MTV in the last thread. I made the OP image make fun of MTV and he's in here posting like a madcunt to try to get the thread killed fast.

He's getting triggered so fucking hard lol

It's not only me, probably at least one other person.
Also is this your first post in this thread lmaooooooo

This is the guy getting triggered

How was that even remotely triggered?

Anytime anyone mentions MTV he loses he cries to himself and then jacks himself off to his BTN account

My post is fucking identical to

and yet you posted it anyway

No. The BTN guy made an anti-MTV OP image and now the MTV guy is getting triggered and is making tons of posts to make the thread burn out much faster than normal.

The MTV guy is the one getting triggered.

I posted it before him you fucking retard

No, you are wrong. I am right. I have never lost an internet argument before and I do not intend to start now.

Actually I'm one of the BTN guys and I made 25% of the posts in this thread

when one post number is smaller than another it means the first one was posted first

How do you know it's a guy? Us girls are into the underground torrenting scene too ya know

please get out roastie

You just proved my point.
I made this post which was posted before .

trannies don't count faggot

>current year
>not being on BTN

Is there a better CLI torrent client for Linux than Transmission?

Tits or gtfo

I'm not as cool as you are D:

Can someone give an invite to me? The only thing is I don't seed so you might need to cover my tracks for me so we don't get kicked



>I don't seed
what the fuck are you doing on /ptg/ then?

I've said it before and I'll say it again... This general has turned into this most toxic of the generals on this subreddit. It should get banned like the Desktop threads.

Account isn't old enough yet
>not even trying to be convincing

sent :^)

>Made a dedicated torrent and FTP (with request) server
>30TB of space
>Really stimulates my edick when people thank me for keeping things alive as the only seeder
>ISP instates bandwidth limits without feeling the need to tell me
>Internet bill is fucking 2,000 dollars

Its been real lads.

Also can I fight this somehow?

thank you come again

Are you perchance autistic?

Are you fucking retarded?

i want into btn

i keep a healthy 1.5 ratio on ptp with 3+ TB each direction, i pay for a seedbox and use it. i only download the fuckhuge blu ray remuxes so i want a place that i can pull nothing but the big files from.

tell me how to do it, and no i am not going to add a torrent to ptp

Why would you use an ISP with bandwidth limits you dumbass
>living in corporate freedom land of america
lmaoing@your life

Lawyer up buddy

please exit immediately

What are you asking?

The only way into BTN is through the Skype interview currently. do you have a mother or sister you live with, or if you're really desperate a young girl that live in your neighborhood

>he thinks he can into BTN

Did you read it?

They didn't have any for the first 12 years I've had them.

>and no i am not going to add a torrent to ptp
why not?

BTN recruits from PTP PU 6 months.
PU requires at least one upload
I got in from AHD HD-Pro which potentially does not require any upload

When is FLAC for this gonna drop?
Gonna be /pyramid/ as fuck

>Big Boat
>not Lil Boat
kys my man

What are the AHD HD PRO class requirments

>he fell for the /pyramid/ meme

I don't give a fuck about this artist or the genre they play. I only care about upload. Like everyone else on WCD I just want to have a good userclass to get into other trackers.

neo-/ptg/ is shit

Stop responding to people who refuse to lurk and read the op.

literally check the website asshole

I've never seen anyone call /pyramid/ a meme. How the fuck is it a meme when it works?

Don't tell me what to do you fucking fascist

because i have nothing to put up there and i dont want to upload some file that is 50mb larger to trump another one that is fucking greasy

i have a buddy who is in btn but i dont think he can invite. i know that you can get into it via ptp if you upload but meh that isnt really an option

>pic related
Shut up spaghetti

I don't have an AHD account so I can't

>I've never seen anyone call /pyramid/ a meme
Then you're a hell of a newfag

who here /FSC/?

So what if I am, still doesn't make /pyramid/ a meme

Who /beer/ here?


Ugh, so do also need an upload just like on PTP....

oh yeah great porn tracker for scat fetishists such as myself



Did you read the fucking image? It says "Alternate class upgrade route" right there.

Heh Heh.. I remember this meme

Delete this. Now. I'm warning you, the cabal will be after you, I can assure you.

No I didn't read the "fucking image"

I prefer fuckshitcuck myself, for cuckold fetishists.

then read the whole thing jfc

That may be a dumb question.

I recently made my way onto IPT and I see a lot of torrents marked with [FreeLeech]. I know a little about them, and I would love to be able to take advantage of the freeleech, but I'm pretty sure I have to pay for it on IPT. Is that true, or is there something I'm missing out on?

Then don't complain faggot. You can do it without an upload.


>I recently made my way onto IPT
i bet that was challenging for you :^)

Lmao I literally just came up with that domain and typed it in without checking if it existed first and apparently it does.

I wasn't complaining.

freeleech is free


You received an answer on reddit, fuck off.
How is "Ugh, so do also need an upload just like on PTP...." not complaining? Read the fucking alternate requirements.

yeah you're fucking dumb

I was sad at first, but I wasn't complaining

Anyone know where to go for buying a BTN account? I don't feel like doing that what CD cuckery shit and just want to be a part of the elite, by getting a BTN and PTP account (the best of the best, Le creme de le creme, the cream of the crop)

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

please optimize images sir...
my internet is very slow...


where can I download a daddy bf?


can't even tell what is ironic and what is pure retardation anymore


Reminder that Pedro's open signups will be on 2024.05.20

Reminder that e***o is the true patrician tracker.

Nobody gives a fuck about that autistic beaner


>E****o: Exigo, one of those super ultra sekrit trackers that are incredibly hard to join (they even censor their own name) and are absolutely not worth it. Basically a subset of What for lossless content, with a dead community.


AB is being awfully slow tonight

Heh Heh... Le "DELET" meme


Can you post AB invites on HDS PU forum thanks I don't want to wait

you cant tell me what to do :^)

Is this true?


It's literally in the OP

I always see this thread going around but never bothered to read it or the wiki until today.

Holy shit, is it really worth it all this trouble? Can't you just grab your chink cartoons and faggy music from somewhere else? What incredible, obscure and super amazing stuff the private trackers have that warrant going under so much shit?

You realise you talk about MTV & BTN while 97% all you have it's IPT, right ? They run the trackers, doesn't give a shit about you and you will remain just the last piece of shit from PT. The free time of c312. I think i will make a banner for this on new thread. " Cred Forums : The free time of 312c. "

I'm sure there's at least one chink cartoon or some faggy music that you haven't been able to find. And if not that just means you're a normie :^)
And if you did find it, chances are it was sub-1080p or sub-FLAC.

Nier Replicant with the English patch.


30 secs google search

PinocchioP - Shibou (FLAC)
Utada Hikaru - Michi
Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life (2016) [EPUB]
Ghostbusters 2160p remaster

And good luck finding a torrent for pretty much any anime that aired before 2005.

Can someone who's on BTN please post the Twilight Zone page? I'm curious what they have available.

Black Angel en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Angel_(1980_film)
The Electric Piper en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Electric_Piper
A good torrent for Game of Thrones season 1 with proper fucking subtitles is hard to find as well.


How the fuck is that even possible

Noice. Thanks, user.

How is what possible?

Having 1080p from 60 years ago

Are you for real?
Because it was shot on film.

Meh, I have/had the entire season 1 of GoT on 1080p here, but didn't like the show and stopped watching it.

Can't recall if I deleted it, though, oughta search in my files.

Also, The Electric Piper is here: archive.org/download/electricPiperNick2003/electricPiperNick2003_archive.torrent

Black Angel didn't show with a 30 sec search, mostly because it gets confused with a 1946 noir film, but still that's not enough to convince me it's worth the time and effort spent doing interviews, begging for invites, sucking admin cock and worrying about ratios.

No, it's an expression of surprise that anyone would care enough to make a 1080p remaster and then for someone to purchase it and upload to a torrent site. Just shows how good BTN is.

It's nice how you conveniently ignored everything else.
Try finding anything on this list on a public tracker.

I use private trackers for the quality control and retention. Everything is so well organized too as you can see here

Read the wiki

This pretty much A good private tracker is very well-organized and does not allow 10 different torrents of the same movie or program or whatever.

By anything else, did you mean the things from this I'll tell you that I took a quick look at the first 3 itens and didn't really want to search for a download of it.

I found torrents both for "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" and Ghostbusters 4K, but Cred Forums is being a little bitch and saying my post looks like spam if I try to paste the links here.

As for your new list, I'm really not in the mood for looking for faggy j-pop right now.

>I'll tell you that I took a quick look at the first 3 itens and didn't really want to search for a download of it.
>As for your new list, I'm really not in the mood for looking for faggy j-pop right now.
in other words you got blown the fuck out
good job

3 seconds search. Pick your CHAGE and ASKA faggotry and shove up your ass.

pronaturalia.eu/download2.php?title= Chage.&.Aska..1980.-.1990.

The point still is that you can't find it. Calling it "faggy jpop" doesn't change the fact that it's not available on public trackers.
Public trackers are unorganized as fuck and even if something is available, it's not easy to find.

>join hdb
>die from autism

Have you seen , where I put a download link for the only download in that list that I bothered searching, and was presented with the full discography from the band?

I'm not saying private trackers are the scourge of the humanity, it's just that after reading the wiki, it seemed to me it is more trouble than it's worth.

That's not a valid link you retard. And even if it was, that's just one artist.
Maybe if you pretend hard enough, public trackers will actually suit your needs.

wtf is up with this triggered autist?

What is up with this retarded public tracker pleb?

Meh, I have a valid magnet link for that file, but Cred Forums yells at me if I try to post it.

But OK, just keep sucking admin cock and risking getting banned because you commited the horrible crime of "browsing /ptg"

Post the info hash
Oh and have fun

kys autist

>he's not in hdb

>getting banned because you commited the horrible crime of "browsing /ptg"
>letting anyone know you browse Cred Forums

why would I be interested in an HD-only tracker? most of the shit I watch is in SD.
HDB is a meme.

Ok then
>not being in sdb
And it's not a meme you retard, it has the best internals.

sdbits is garbage.
>it has the best internals.
they get reuploaded to PTP so why bother?

>they get reuploaded to PTP so why bother?
Not the older ones. Bother because it's faster.

>tfw fell for the MTV meme and it's worse than TSH for TV

Have to wait 4 more months and I'll join the best television tracker on earth.

>the best
the only

>he's not on HDbits.org

>watching mostly SD
haha goddamn you have to be fucking poor

>calling other people poor
>torrenting stuff

You wot?

oh m8, why would i spend my hard earned money on physical copies?

>not watching King of the Hill all day everyday
pleb. call me when they have that on HDB.

>physical media is sometimes unavailable in your country or at all anymore

Makes you think...

I would be in debt if I paid for everything I torrent.

thank goodness i'm also a member on BTN :^)

I don't torrent because I'm poor, I torrent because I don't want hundreds of boxes lying around in my house.

Can anyone post some interesting invites in pornbay PU forum

bB is so fucking based, amazing invite forum with most trackers doing 3 month requirement and chill staff

Is THC's invite forum any good?


It's their illegal tracker branch. :^)

Re-read my post

>it's their imaginary tracker branch :^)

Does whatcd have lossless indigo jam unit, takako okamura, and ritsuko okazaki tracks?


look and see :^)

Join and see for yourself


What's with all the shitposting today? These generals are usually better above this.

>implying /ptg/ is ever any good

does someone have the script on hand with which you could auto-convert FLACs to MP3 V2, V0 and

Specify "auto"

write one yourself
im sure you're clever enough :^)

For Perfect Dark, should you open TCP or UDP ports?

This isn't techsupport

It's not like people are talking here. I just wanted to know but I guess it's TCP

get the fuck outta here and open your own thread you weeb

its called whatbetter. You should learn to search the forums you cuck.


Holy shit


someone gib a jpopsuki invite
I need it for my obscure touhou music

just ask on /r/invites. Asked yesterday, got one today.

And nobody gave a shit about this post.

Mob Psycho 100

damn i'm late

picking releases for anime can be the worst fucking thing
so many are garbage/inconsistent/stupid
>BD transcode
>shit bitrate
>bloated with fucking FLAC + dual audio
i know fuck all about video encoding/transcoding but i can tell this is dumb as shit.
5+ releases of this same shit, where is the bd remux w/ aac jp only audio + subs without a shit font

I'm having trouble understanding some of What.cd's rules, the Multiple IPs FAQ tells me
>you may log in and browse the site from as many IP addresses as you wish
Meanwhile the Proxy/VPN rules tell me that I should not use the site with any dynamic VPN/proxy.

How would they know the difference between using a VPN/proxy with a dynamic adress compared to me just logging in from different places?
Feels like I'm missing something.

Because weebs have always been shit at this. They forced 10bit onto themselves and continue to eat up bloated garbage like CoalGirls releases. They only care about subs, not quality.

Who here lucky?

>not just taking a screenshot and asking /ptg/ like how I always do when concerned of which release to grab

building dat buffer


>not even bump limit

>where is the bd remux
You've never seen an anime BD before, have you?


all I need is 30,000 more snatches on BTN to make overlord.

is it worth it? I don't think even my fairly high level of autism is enough to bother.

>using the smiley with a carat nose

Most of these are trash. As ex[ected from neo Cred Forums.

No. You already have access to everything interesting at Master.

Unless you just want to fatten your e-chode I guess.

Princess Tutu.


>TorrentMaster here I come

Don't know if this would go in stupid questions maybe I'll post there as well.

I had a best buy gift card and I was looking to burn it on something. Long story short I got an 8TB external for $100. I want to torrent and seed on this.

I've been experimenting with it all day, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've heard of people using external drives to torrent from so there has to be a way right?

I feel like I'm retarded.

you are retarded

I'm sorry user but externals are literal shit.

What stylesheet is that?


What trackers are non-nazi when it comes to ratio? I don't need super exclusive shit cuz I have shit internet, so I can't seed unlimited without my home network tearing itself apart. I have to limit uploads to 50kB/s, then it's stable.

Anyone know a name so I can do further research? That would be great.

Try Bigboyz